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Michael Silva | 20 yrs. old
| Live in Vegas, but my home will always be Cali 👐
| Positive Vibes 🌀 |
My beautiful #WCW 😍 All mine though. All you others can't compare to her because she's one of a kind.
101 2 1 1 d ago
Aww 🙈😘😘😘😘 Thanks handsome, you're so amazing ❤️
Aw 😭😊❤️👍
Thanks lil bro @pooky_silva for nominating me, I nominate @jr_martinez818 , @redlipstickismything , & @luisperezcx . #ALSicebucketchallenge
75 4 1 d ago
Hahahaha 😆😆😆😅
YESSS PLEASE SEND ME THE VIDEO OF THEM!!! And tell prescillas bitchass to call me too! 😤 lol
Back 😎
71 3 3 d ago
@maybeitzmaybelline 😊😘
My number 1 lady, always 💯
92 2 2 weeks ago
@cripnaassty_24 ☺️😏
Every time you are not around I'm slowly drifting (drifting away) Wave after wave, wave after wave 🌊👋
93 1 3 weeks ago
My Lil Justin bieber doppelganger lol
#Throwback Thursday 😂😂
96 14 1 1 month ago
When I say MALI you say BU, MALIBU 😎
101 1 month ago
Look who came to visit me 😊👌
94 4 1 month ago
I love her lol
Happy 4th y'all, be careful & safe. 🎉
83 1 1 month ago
Just cause it's my MUTHAFUCKEN BIRTHDAY nigguhs 😏👐
110 35 1 month ago
Tbh you're my bro damn I remember partying with you back in California shit bro we need to link up when I get out there
@kaleb_from_statefarm man bro I miss yo ass!!! For real tho!!
When I met you in the summer To my heartbeat sound We fell in love As the leaves turned brown.
86 15 1 month ago
@framkyh 😊😊😊 dude you make blush so much!!
@framkyh @_michaeldsilva_ GAYYYYYY
Nigga try to lock her down, but she gon rebel Like cuffing season over nigga she out on bail.
93 6/2/2014
It's time 🙌
61 4 1 5/17/2014
@d.2.tha.j my bad bro!!! You didn't even text a Nigguh lol
@mramezquita 😏👌
Today is that relaxation day 👌
119 17 1 5/14/2014
You have no other options? Yes it is lol @__kkarennn
High budget!!!!!!! 🏊 @_michaeldsilva_
Happy Mothers Day to my beautiful momma. She's the reason I go so far, my motivator to do better. I couldn't ask for a better mother. Well momma just know I love you. ❤️ Happy Mothers Day to all the mommas out there. 👌
81 2 5/12/2014
Happy Mother's Day to my tia☺️ hope you're all doing well💕
@sett_torres thanks cousin! Tell my Tia Happy Mothers Day too! God bless & have a wonderful day.
Stay smiling 😁👌
84 6 4/26/2014
@_anthonyv24 my Nigguh imy too!!
And everybody salty, niggas stop your bitchin' Everybody makin' money 💯
99 7 4/7/2014
Lmfao^ @cripnaassty_24
@dr_phil_good11 I'm mad at you, you coulda had this too but you don't want to follow my bitch ass! You damn Mitch! (;
The day 1 Nigguh 👐💯
84 2 1 3/26/2014
R u back in Vegas?
@ariesstar28 yeah
Thirsty Thursdays 🌀
93 15 3/21/2014
@mramezquita thanks my Nigguh 😁👌
@sweetcindy_ ☺️😘
You're my end and my beginning Even when I lose I'm winning Cause I give you all of me And you give me all of you.. 🎶
87 13 3/19/2014
@_michaeldsilva_ miss you too bro ! You to got to hustle always . #nodaysoff
@jwalkrr #realshitrightthere 💯 Keep it up 👌