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SunStarKid Fitness is a Lifestyle, Living is a Privilege, and Music Is My Religion...aciehighmusic@gmail.com https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/none-realer/id909868056?i=909868058
@billysorrells out here killing shit at the arena theater 😂
26 1 d ago
@djmrrogers up next...this hoe stupid...
25 1 d ago
@godjhic doing his thang at this Hughs Hanger...the livest shit I been 2 this yr...
22 4 1 d ago
Y'all so cute☝️@antanique
✋Stop it @hermc3
Annnnnd go....
77 4 1 d ago
No one will participate. Lol
32 2 d ago
If you are aware of energy, and it's importance, then you know that every blue moon a super natural entity is manifested, completely divine, embodying something you can't teach nor explain, from generation to generation, land to land you will know it's name Michael (which means whom is like God) Jackson is the definite definition of this. #MJWYJ #BOI
57 2 2 d ago
And @greeneyedbandit80 Prince is for sure special, but he is NOT that 👆not even close.
I never denied his greatness. And I will let you make it because it's his birthday.
For the chicks that's thirsting over having butts...30 regular speed then 10 slow...hold for 10 sec at full extension to end it...
37 1 2 d ago
Some grind from last night with @only1houston
26 5 2 d ago
I knew next workout I'll go harder '
Whats your info I need a trainer
Late night cardio circuit with @only1houston grinding hard....
42 3 3 d ago
Where you at Ace?
@cliff_mack I was at midtown
Easy work no sweat no sleep lost, fresh water flow no sea salt....
40 8 4 d ago
Out there givin niggas work
Next time take a better pic of me hooping nigga. Lmao
None Realer.....
81 9 4 d ago
@greeneyedbandit80 lol ok, ur slot is still open, was about to give it away tho glad u said something since u can't call nobody back
I got a new phone txt me!
Ass kicking @maliah_michel @nailsbyeva_ @only1houston r on a mission...#sotheysaylol
59 11 6 d ago
I want to take this class u with me @k1ngeek
Man hell nah @k_p_proc! I'd end up having a heart attack 😂😂
My Lay is not feeling this school crap today...baby girl had croc tears trying to get me....#hadtomanuplol
95 2 1 weeks ago
My lil girl be trying the same thing njive
Poor baby
29 1 1 weeks ago
Yo acie, where is that at? If I may ask
My shadow....
115 1 weeks ago
Seated Squat/Jump Squat circuit with @maliah_michel and @only1houston
50 6 1 weeks ago
Work on Maliah stomache
95 10 1 weeks ago
Always happened at the yard 😂 #jy #3rdward #niggas
81 14 1 weeks ago
@mr4stars yoooooooooo😂😂😂😂😂😂
Put @only1houston and @maliah_michel thru some light work 2nite... #notreallyligjt #thewasGbotittho #notreallytho #lol
94 10 1 weeks ago
I shoulda been next to them :-D
Captain D's by my damn self....
44 1 1 weeks ago
I'm always eating myself too homeboy #den feels