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SunStarKid Fitness is a Lifestyle, Living is a Privilege, and Music Is My Religion...aciehighmusic@gmail.com https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/none-realer/id909868056?i=909868058
Pyramid push-ups @vinofit @miss_thibodeaux super strong chicks
26 9 hours ago
Double trouble @miss_thibodeaux and @vinofit killing it
30 1 9 hours ago
Abs coming soon......
42 3 13 hours ago
I want abs😒
Damn what stripper is that lol
Kicking ass with the @only1houston
41 5 13 hours ago
@laddiali 😂😂
Bruh 😩😂😂
With my boo thang....#thatgirllay
110 2 d ago
@only1houston doing what it takes, if you need to get right email me, don't wait to be great
73 1 2 d ago
Them feet lol🐦
84 6 1 weeks ago
What's good fam its been a min
And Ima punch Hoes like Ray Rice...
Mirror mirror on the wall....
44 5 1 weeks ago
@mzcocolatte1 I did
Ok got it thanks
😂 the Michael Jackson lol that girl lay is a trip @hermc3 gotta help her bruh
82 4 1 weeks ago
She got the Bad scoot, the Billie Jean kick, the Smooth Criminal spin, the AH/AG epic fail.....and the J5 point. She good.....
Now who in they feelings @miss_thibodeaux
25 2 1 weeks ago
@tasmitchell74 😁🙌
My jones beyond turnt up, her and this laylay girl 😳😂
66 14 1 weeks ago
Bot to get this good chop...if @_devonparker show up
59 2 1 weeks ago
Have a good day :)
I'm gone surprise you!!
No ⛽️ needed.... Super win
82 12 1 weeks ago
Hey I sell exotic n foriegns @aciehighlife hmu
Nice.. Come pick me up in Cali lol
Kicking ass.....
63 11 1 weeks ago
@hendrick420 sent u my num
@billysorrells out here killing shit at the arena theater 😂
29 2 weeks ago
@djmrrogers up next...this hoe stupid...
25 2 weeks ago
@godjhic doing his thang at this Hughs Hanger...the livest shit I been 2 this yr...
22 4 2 weeks ago
Y'all so cute☝️@antanique
✋Stop it @hermc3
Annnnnd go....
85 5 2 weeks ago
No one will participate. Lol
33 2 weeks ago
If you are aware of energy, and it's importance, then you know that every blue moon a super natural entity is manifested, completely divine, embodying something you can't teach nor explain, from generation to generation, land to land you will know it's name Michael (which means whom is like God) Jackson is the definite definition of this. #MJWYJ #BOI
60 2 2 weeks ago
And @greeneyedbandit80 Prince is for sure special, but he is NOT that 👆not even close.
I never denied his greatness. And I will let you make it because it's his birthday.