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SunStarKid Fitness is a Lifestyle, Living is a Privilege, and Music Is My Religion...aciehighmusic@gmail.com http://aqualeo.com
54 3 1 d ago
"Sexy chocolate" -reapers coming
The selfie Queen!!! #thatgirllay
103 1 3 d ago
So cute!!!
She just thinks she's an adult....I need help lol
46 3 6 d ago
"Mannnnnn no." Hahahha, she's so cute!
Airport stee's...
78 7 6 d ago
Atlanta International Airport - Gate D4
😂😂 who do they think they r... The baby tho lol...
71 7 1 weeks ago
I love it haha
What is this?! I can't take it!
Tbt for dat ass.... For those that have forgotten.... #Freedom or #FreeDOME
44 2 1 weeks ago
That's crazy seeing is believing
And the difference between black and "quite black"is?..... smh
Getting edible arrangements everywhere... #damnlaylaygirl
77 2 1 weeks ago
Can't be mad at that face 💌
Tbt..."Fake Love" promo shirt for the L.O.V.E album I never wore...
69 10 2 weeks ago
Already know fuck you tho
Hey acie help me out bro!! Pls lol @aciehighlife how come when I go to your aqualeo page and I go to by this Badass sweater yall have and it takes me straight to pay pal?? I got a debit card.. do I need a PayPal to buy it?!?!
Doing what I do best.... Who one test?
62 2 2 weeks ago
@aciehighlife cookin up some of that patented @therealaqualeo fire!?! 🔥🔥🔥
Thanks to snoop I haven't seen a post from you In a long time including others to lol... I'm unfollowing him now
All ull ever need to read. Aqualeo.com ForgetWhatWasTaughtAndThinkANewThought. 🙌
69 7 2 weeks ago
Shoot me email bro been cooking for ya lost info @aciehighlife
Rick James on Skates, Dat girl Lay, and Soul train line on wheels... #rollbounce #me? #nothingforit
42 2 weeks ago
Good hes-o tho...but to no avail... @kirkobangz713 they linked us up 2 late
43 2 weeks ago
Did no work at @propain713 charity game lol...got suckered to play
81 5 2 weeks ago
Well you're just a modern day MacGyver!!! a GREAT dad, damn good rapper, personal trainer, athlete, what's next ????? Lol love you !!!!
a nigga will work out on u bro
Get off ya ass and come support the homie @propain713 bball event
19 3 2 weeks ago
You playing scrub ?
@dontcountdotout nawl I'm retired cheese
On my lunch blast, would tell y'all where but I don't won't niggas at my shit...
40 15 2 weeks ago
@northwest_texan nope, wrong cheese!
On the J, (double entendre) know u dumb mofo's are lost but what else is new..
62 8 2 weeks ago
@leresaleshea Meyerland
Still showing off I see LOL
@9.79thabox @hardbodykiotti getting live
28 1 2 weeks ago
Damn big bro
Horse riding at the family reunion...since @bellaboy713 don't wanna put a nigga in the basic
56 3 3 weeks ago
@aciehighlife Can't wait until the next post when Priceless is throwing salt on a live cattle #woodwheel2014
One of them kinda days...all dis hur smh #thatgirllay
71 1 1 month ago
At least now I know where to come for help...#avaleigh
My real life nasty rasta blood brothers....Koko, Chuku, & Chimo Cheese....
48 1 1 month ago
Tell them gavyne and i said haaayyyyyyyyyyy