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SunStarKid Fitness is a Lifestyle, Living is a Privilege, and Music Is My Religion...aciehighmusic@gmail.com https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/none-realer/id909868056?i=909868058
Put @only1houston and @maliah_michel thru some light work 2nite... #notreallyligjt #thewasGbotittho #notreallytho #lol
47 6 2 hours ago
I love me some @maliah_michel
Captain D's by my damn self....
42 1 8 hours ago
I'm always eating myself too homeboy #den feels
My filming set for the nite....
61 2 3 d ago
Happy belated bday!! 🎉🎁🍦
@inezysabel thank u
Get this RIGHT now on iTunes...link is in bio...
70 4 5 d ago
Say grindz tell booger head I copped this jawn. Now go cop #eitherway
@theblackshark lol u woWild
@jmac979 and @Letoyalluckett improving at her Workshop
29 2 5 d ago
@jmac979 boyz in south beaches ?
ON GAWD!!!!! Priceless Album H.A.T.E Hell As The Earth coming 10/31 HallowEVE's
34 3 5 d ago
I love u guys so much!!!!!!
Video coming soon for None Realer...get song NOW on ITunes... Priceless- None Realer...H.A.T.E Hell As The Earth!! #dropsHalloween
41 2 5 d ago
#ImpatientlyWaiting homie...... #FollowBack?! . #LongLive #Aqualeo
Birthday stee's
110 17 6 d ago
@aciehighlife Happy Belated Birthday!
My Nigga My Nigga #SokulWeBe
Got some dope visuals coming real soon.....finally!!!
58 6 1 weeks ago
deangelo lol
@aciehighlife ... Having their shirts off does NOT affect their mic skills. They could be wearing clown outfits looking like Ronald McDonald and still murder half the rap game. Lol. #AQUALIENSRISE
Lil silly lol
44 2 1 weeks ago
lmao. So cute..!
She is so cute!!!
With my Lay at that cheese Chuckie house!
56 1 1 weeks ago
Beauty 😘
I mean this doesn't apply for today's time but I thought it was a nice read....
121 7 2 weeks ago
@aciehighlife im sure it happens, its just rare as fuck.
PRICELESS FINISHING UP H.a.T.e....#shits #crazystupidevil
65 7 2 weeks ago
No seriously... Fuck Canada ! Lol I'm maaaaaaad jealous ! Lol @techn9cian4l
@jessiebaybe87 I was being totally serious
Album cover for TV WATCHERS back in 2007, never dropped it, might leak some songs from it tho....
99 5 2 weeks ago
Nigga you look like 2002 chingy. No you didn't think you were safe. You been having the same hairstyle for a decade now. Kill yourself
U need a whole texture of hair, and u can't kill urself cuz u been dead weak ass face u got, ant bead ass face boy, Amarillo skin ass face boy, pan of brownies face ass boy, @john_gillon2
@mskaetee and @miss_thibodeaux grinding....or NAH!!!
34 2 2 weeks ago
@aciehighlife @miss_thibodeaux @mskaetee or NAH
@energizerthadj 😒 or YES!
Full body core day...
53 5 2 weeks ago
Y'all need to fall back!
My partner in crime is dropping his solo Ep on HallowEVE's nite 10/31/2014.... H.A.T.E #HellAsTheEarth. #anditcontinues
118 7 2 weeks ago
Ima Finna parasite on ur souls energy lyk a fiend for the muzik #thisDamBiblesMakinMy3rdEyeTwitch #iftheykillmeimajizzreincarnate
Studio steez!!
29 2 weeks ago
We got to have some of the livest fans!!!! #AqualieanNation #Aqualiotic #thinkAnewThought
81 2 2 weeks ago
Close all the doors y'all want and watch them bitches get kicked down! #Thanks @aciehighlife #AcieHigh #Aquarius #AqualiensRise #Aqualeo #ThinkAnewThought
Stepping out....
84 4 2 weeks ago