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AJP The MC 96 To Infinity // 10.6.14
We out here 🏈 #NYJ
511 1 1 2d
J E T S jets jets jets
#HawaiianShirtFriday & A Puppy! 🐶🌺
145 1 5d
Ohmygosh I want the puppy
The first 25 people to comment on this will get a FREE 96 To Infinity t-shirt! Comment your size.
47 27 5d
Mark your calendars. #96ToInfinity 10.6.14
264 4 6d
Congrats, you pretty good we should do a collaboration sometime
That one song was dope still wanna battle doe hmu.
Go check out my new music video! Link is in my bio. 😁
89 1w
100 1 1w
Working on the music video for the first single off "96 To Infinity" called "32 Bars". The video drops tomorrow at 6pm! 😁 There's a surprise at the end too! 🐰
Guess what day it is??? #HawaiianShirtFriday
262 1 1w
dm me ya number bruh
Haven't mixed in a few months. Might start doing the podcast again...😏
250 1w
My new mixtape "96 To Infinity" drops 10.6.14. Stay tuned! 😁
567 1 2w
What a hunk! ♡
It's Friday! So you know what that means... #HawaiianShirtFriday 😁👌🌺
267 2 2w
@ajp_the_mc #DressLikeAFagFriday
My mom giving me play by play of the Jets game 😂😂😂
67 1 1 month ago
I love my new hat! ✌️☀️
456 3 1 month ago
@ajpsiphone so do I !
Ayo bruh I'm tryna set up a battle with you I think your music is good but my squads a lil better you lemme know ima drop a couple bars on ya pictures to get you good angry and motivated dm when you ready.
Fort Lauderdale 👌🌆⛵️
251 1 month ago
View from the hotel 👌☀️
285 1 month ago
👌 #Seaside
115 1 month ago
Balloon Fest 🎈
165 3 2 7/27/2014
U know NJ has the largest balloon festival in the world?
Loveee this
Whaddup 😏
246 2 7/10/2014
Look you known for your raps and you lil smooth but me I abuse anybody so please don't get this confused I'm not coming at you to start up some beef I like your music but homie you not fucking with me and you can deny the battle and start ducking from me it see ya girl she cute don't get mad when she start fucking with me we not on the same page you not bucking with me I'm on the next level my shit is cluckin you'll see no matter how bad none of ya bitches is fucking for free so come thru And beg for remorse like sav please cuz I will really tighten up and choke squeez grab a pair of plyers and start plucking ya teeth grab a hammer and nails and start poking thru ya eyeballs people started calling you a god well I guess they gon have to see there god fall when it come to re money I'm really what it's worth I go hard I spaz I murk trash you bring you down to the dirt I'm not even hyped I will really start going Beserk play god or a minuet and pull ya body straight off of this earth she suck my dick and lick my balls for dessert. This battle prolly not even going to happen cuz I will really mash you like I'm running up on a squad and bitch smackin the captain. Lemme know when you ready cuz my shit razor sharp like the end of that machete I'll go Fourth of July on ya ass an really blow up pop confetti cut ya body up and leave your insides stringy spaghetti. -youngboyysavage
My girlfriend thinks that I don't like to post pics of her. Well that's not true! I love her so much!<3 She's my best friend! ❤️
290 5 1 7/10/2014
Tbh hi you and your girlfriend are cute together but i don't really know you
#tbt Me & @ScottyK96 little league days ⚾️
55 6/27/2014
We've all been there! lol
117 6 6/19/2014
@chelsaewagner hahahaha can you relate or nah?
@leash_howard 😀