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My eyes are the wrong color 🌚
14514 162 22 hours ago
Fav flannel
9281 41 1 d ago
Looks good!
@010k_shoutout_u got me to 1k
11549 82 3 d ago
Bae stop playin, lemme get that follow
What I really do during shoots
16743 140 3 d ago
We reveal apps that youtubers use!! Follow us (:
Lavender bath
12052 201 4 d ago
bubbly xD :3
@alexiarares has your rares
Cool contest going on! Win a pair of Toms from Oink App! Just regram this pic to #OinkInstaDeal #SweepsEntry and follow @Oinkapp
8568 28 5 d ago
Damm I thought you were pretty......I was wrong! :0~
HAHAHAHA @bmwincorpiration
9572 106 1 5 d ago
I said hi in snapchat : tysontran247
your smile is th exact same told ya ;)
Snapchat me if you're cool: alexiarayee
12998 216 5 d ago
Excuse my face but happy birthday Tyler 😊❤️ you da bomb ilysm everyone go show him some love idk tell him happy birthday and follow him if you like cute boys with dimples @itylerhd
10014 35 1 6 d ago
15099 135 6 d ago
@aryanajacura you look like her
Oldie with trev ft destin
15202 96 1 1 weeks ago
Tbt to the Hollister house (photo credit: @hollisterco )
13835 113 1 weeks ago
you should do a photo shoot for holister! @alexiarayee
Have that shirt
Miss you brotha @thehuntergeurink
11664 84 1 1 weeks ago
Uh nah. @rickyy_le
R u trying to grow out your bangs? @alexiarayee
My beautiful mom 😊 (pc: Dana Mixer)
11232 61 1 weeks ago
Who does the mom look like? @doomcrusher40
What? @olliesid8766
early mornings
9481 37 1 weeks ago
@joshweidus @lucas.b.prudhomme Panama City ,Fl
Where do you get your clothes
Best sister ever @ayy_its_erin (pc: Dana Mixer)
11123 45 1 weeks ago
@ayy_its_erin you got the fans too lol
@iam_shanelle 😏
Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more than my selfies😏 YouTube.com/alexiarayee I make videos every Thursday!
4822 36 1 weeks ago
Where do you get your clothes
My eyes almost look red😳
13967 119 1 weeks ago
Hey do you want to play xbox? @alexiarayee
Hey can i have ur snapchat?
Not my picture but I love meeting you guys 😻
11500 76 1 weeks ago
@alexiarares has your rates
Suntan city ✌️
14897 160 1 weeks ago
@renee.zoppi she gets her clothes from Hollister
Why you trying to tan in jeans wtf everything is wrong with this picture and caption 😂