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Twitter: alexiaraye
WATCH THIS 👇 http://youtu.be/kKWnTe1SL6I
I'll be at @thedigitour this coming weekend in birmingham am I going to see any of y'all there?!
14587 91 1 d ago
Maya liked my pic😍😍😍💕
Go subscribe to my YouTube and tweet me (@/alexiaraye) a screenshot and I'll follow and dm you ❤️❤️❤️ link in bio Youtube.com/alexiarayee
7104 39 1 d ago
Do you remember me??
answer dm ily
Love the app @spring to find clothes! Go follow them :)
12091 29 2 d ago
Tatted up😈 jk they're fake but I had some people ask if they were real😂 thank you @tattify #tattify
13945 86 4 d ago
your nails omg 😍😍😍
Back to school with my fav tea @matefitme :) walking around campus can be exhausting but at least I'm staying hydrated! #matefit
11125 46 5 d ago
Those little specks are dolphins 🐬
10434 30 5 d ago
Even the ones in the sky? Wow
Love the app @spring :) everyone go follow them 💕 I find all my cute clothes there!
14775 63 6 d ago
We have the same fone
13375 34 2 6 d ago
Read My last Post
I like to keep my style simple when I go back to school, a cute shirt and shorts from @JCPenney is exactly that :) What're you getting for #bts? #LoveItForSchool #sp
16282 145 6 d ago
That body tho @manarsamra
Thought u go to college
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANNER! Everyone go follow @itsdanner and spam him with happy birthday please ❤️
10442 41 6 d ago
@hernandezz098 lol dieing
@alexiarayee make a you tube vid on hate comments
Back for the afternoon bc danner's birthday is tomorrow ☺️
11820 37 2 1 weeks ago
It's my birthday today
Good night 🙈
13839 75 1 weeks ago
@samar_hussain She looks like you maan!!!!xx
Noo haha @ammaarah_patelxo put ur glasses on beb xxxx
Wishing I could be watching the sunset in Florida again
9352 32 1 weeks ago
Come back to Florida I live there 😍
🔴🔵Like all my pics and ill like all yours🔴🔵
Normally love flying but today I didn't :(
10841 41 1 weeks ago
Look at my flying in my insta😛❤️@alexiarayee
Candids pc: @mattwaldenmusic
11436 28 1 weeks ago
this is nice
"He was gonna take a picture of the pretty sunset, but he thought she was prettier." ❤️😊
Nature is beautiful 🌅
9772 29 1 weeks ago
Then you must be nature 😍😍😍😘
I miss my twins :(
13774 38 2 1 weeks ago
Zo een foto moeten we ook maken😍 @newzailand
JAHHH @wavesmaaike
Little puppy ☺️
11791 56 1 weeks ago
Cutiepies :)
Who's cuter? 😍
11668 45 1 weeks ago
No it's a snow cone😂😂😂 @kimonastsilias
Is that frosty's cum?
Getting my @matefitme metabolic boost tea ready before a long day at the beach! Keeps me on track and healthy :) #AD
10589 49 1 weeks ago
@its_johanaaa dude this chick looks a lot like you