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I'm going to be on YouNow in 10 minutes come watch me link will be in my bio!
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@_ryancramer_ 😂
What I really do during shoots
16123 128 20 hours ago
Lavender bath
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Ahh he cute but not cutter than my niece
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Please add me on snapchat my username starts with aide... 🙏
Damm I thought you were pretty......I was wrong! :0~
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@ms.kylay 😂😂😂 it's coo
This picture is seriously the cutest thing ever!!
Snapchat me if you're cool: alexiarayee
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That's what I thought.. @_sameoldstories
Ikr 😝@kaylaiscool5
Excuse my face but happy birthday Tyler 😊❤️ you da bomb ilysm everyone go show him some love idk tell him happy birthday and follow him if you like cute boys with dimples @itylerhd
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You could be a model I don't see why your not your gorgeous :)
Oldie with trev ft destin
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@grace_adrianne !!!
Tbt to the Hollister house (photo credit: @hollisterco )
13703 111 5 d ago
Miss you brotha @thehuntergeurink
11556 83 1 6 d ago
Uh nah. @rickyy_le
My beautiful mom 😊 (pc: Dana Mixer)
11164 61 6 d ago
Who does the mom look like? @doomcrusher40
What? @olliesid8766
early mornings
9431 37 6 d ago
@joshweidus @lucas.b.prudhomme Panama City ,Fl
Where do you get your clothes
Best sister ever @ayy_its_erin (pc: Dana Mixer)
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@ayy_its_erin you got the fans too lol
@iam_shanelle 😏
Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more than my selfies😏 YouTube.com/alexiarayee I make videos every Thursday!
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@masterthieff why
Where do you get your clothes
My eyes almost look red😳
13889 115 1 weeks ago
@alexiarares has your rares😂
Not my picture but I love meeting you guys 😻
11435 76 1 weeks ago
@alexiarares has your rates
Suntan city ✌️
14809 159 1 weeks ago
Why can't you just add me back on snapchat @alexiarayee
@renee.zoppi she gets her clothes from Hollister
NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO! Are you smarter than a fifth grader challenge feat. @justinescalona 😈 link in my bio go watch and make sure to THUMBS UP and SUBSCRIBE :)
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Where do you get your clothes
Sand, sea and #InHollisterJeans love the comfy stretchy fit ! Get any pair of @hollisterco jeans for $20 by following this link www.hollisterco.com/hcojeans #HCoStylist
15663 195 1 weeks ago
Does anyone know where the top is from? I'm in love
Dam u r good looking s***