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Twitter: alexiaraye
WATCH THIS 👇 http://youtu.be/fODYo8KU4gw
Missing you
12480 147 18 hours ago
Yes please @darth_venatious
Is this car is hunday?
Just finished watching the @MazeRunnerMovie! It was soooo good! I couldn't believe what happened to Thomas the first night he spent in the maze. What was your favorite scene?? #MazeRunner #sp
9127 42 2 d ago
You finished to watch a movie with the bag of popcorn almost full?
Throwback to Florida when I saw this cute Lil couple taking wedding pics
8918 17 2 d ago
I love here
Just finished studying and about to make some @matefitme tea #matefit 💞
11976 27 3 d ago
check out my acc love?👽👄 (Ily btw)
Throwin it back to digi birmingham 😈
12215 246 3 d ago
Free queso day at moes 😍 @moessouthwestgrill dont forget to go get some!
8652 42 3 d ago
😭 @rachel_krajicek @margaret.kane @ry.ma @maggie.clunn
Edited this inside the photos app so that's cool I don't even need other apps now☺️
12167 57 1 3 d ago
Marry meh
I love this dress and everything
Finishing #MazeRunner so I can go see it in theaters tomorrow! Who else is going?! @MazeRunnerMovie #sp
7854 36 3 d ago
@bserra5 ahhhh yas.
i finished all four a year ago.
My skirt looks like a curtain but I think it's a cute curtain so whateva
11880 38 5 d ago
Love your outfit
You look amazing as always please check dm❤️
Self portrait ft. @alyceparis dress 😍
14005 100 6 d ago
Please check dm❤️❤️
wearing this to hc next week!!!!!!!!!!!!
What was I doing 😂
13218 84 6 d ago
This photo says "Don't touch me I'm scared"
Lol ^^😂😂😂
15662 144 1 weeks ago
Total diff kind of cute
Bae 😍😘
The best way to fall asleep
10081 57 1 weeks ago
I actually think that is her room @haseeb_100200
It's a type of like night light and it's goes on the ceiling you can get it in waves(etc.) too
A big happy birthday to my fav sister on this planet @ayy_its_erin 💞 cya tomorrow 😋 y'all go wish her a happy bday
10667 25 1 1 weeks ago
Like my two last pics for spam
My face when you haven't watched my new YouTube video yet (link in my bio💞)
11149 29 1 weeks ago
konfu @jdecl26
@too.much.homework i have a major girl crush on her!!! 😍😍😍
New YouTube video in my bio tweet me a screenshot of giving it a thumbs up for a follow/dm LINK IN BIO ♡
14912 73 1 weeks ago
About to run home to watch #Maroon5 at the #iTunesFestival because 😍😍!! You better #WatchWithMe k bye 😘
12224 32 2 1 weeks ago
Your smile 😍😫❤️
New YouTube video in an hour be on the look out :)
13215 82 1 weeks ago
@lawrence_lee8 😍
Got some reading done and now I'm gonna make my favorite @matefitme tea to relax then study :) #matefit
7522 17 1 weeks ago
Everyone tag Alexia in my drawing of her please!!
Fav flannel
14090 86 1 weeks ago