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Alex Wassabi Twitter & Vine: @AlexWassabi New #WassabiWednesday every week! :) http://youtube.com/WassabiProductions
Wassabi + Annoying Orange = Epic Collabs Coming Soon! 🍊
9900 75 1 10 hours ago
Hey alex u alr look like the annoying orange
Anyone notice Richards new hat this WassabiWednesday?! #swag
12967 243 1 d ago
they see him rollin, they hatin.
Omg yes @_m_kenn13
New Wassabi! Shake it off PARODY! Check it out & give it a 👍 for baby hands! :) (link in bio) #wassabiwednesday
12287 195 1 d ago
Baby hands from SNL
Hahah soooo funny
What do dis do? #geetar
11715 110 1 2 d ago
I looooooove Alex/ wasabi productions
I live in Southern California in murrieta so ya are u guys in Southern California cuz I am and I'm a fan of ur shows and my mom so ya :D
Be sure to get the October YouTube Issue of @seventeenmag! You might see some familiar faces in there! 😉 #teaminternet
11632 96 2 3 d ago
La Americana
No I'm your biggest fan I watch you every single day
I love you Alex
missin these punks 💁🐩
13752 148 5 d ago
Cute xo
You guys are so cute together😍
14056 184 1 1 weeks ago
Las Vegas, Nevada
LOL VEGAS AWESOME please txt me back i love you guys!!!!
Cool nd luckies
Working on some New Wassabi for you! 🎥
12166 135 1 1 weeks ago
Las Vegas Strip
I love your videos
Go on a tour of our new place with us in this weeks #WassabiWednesday! YouTube.com/WassabiProductions
11116 111 1 1 weeks ago
I dont have a youtube channel so im saying it here you guys need to go to bakersfield to meet fans
Our mommies came to visit us in LA! :)
14404 159 1 1 weeks ago
The Americana at Brand
U guys are amazing
U guys are sooooo awesome. U don't even know
Have you seen this weeks Wassabi Wednesday yet?! Check it out & don't forget to give it a 👍! (link in bio) #AllAboutTheChase
12682 261 1 weeks ago
👍 fock in hell
Who's excited for @playlistlive this November in Jersey?!? Get your tickets before they sell out!!!
13829 146 2 1 weeks ago
Hey alex love your vidios lolheheheeheehehehehee
Can't believe the time has finally come. Gonna miss you North Carolina! LA here we come!! ✈️ #newchapter #NCtoCA
14650 235 1 2 weeks ago
RDU Airport
Gonna miss yall in N.C, N.C will miss u guyz :''''''''"'"'"'"'"'"( @roiwassabi @alexwassabi
Can u come to Chinatown in la
Don't miss today's NEW episode! Rolanda kidnaps Alex! And I'm doing a follow spree on twitter tonight! :) #follow #wassabiwednesday
10182 241 2 weeks ago
I love that one
@roiwassabi @alexwassabi I LOVE u guy's videos especially this one
16333 408 1 2 weeks ago
😍😍😍😍 u gois look like if u aiys were not single right
I want to date ur brother <3
Hanging out with this guy before the move. See you in California brotha!
12608 131 1 2 weeks ago
I wach wassabi
She be lookin like a teddy bear 🐻
13914 325 3 weeks ago
Awwwww awwwww wooooow you're such as cute cute cute boy...!!! @alexwassabi
OMG how cute!
I finally got my rematch in a game of HORSE against Roi! Watch & see who wins! (link in bio) #wassabiwednesday
12658 162 1 3 weeks ago
I remember this vid
Please follow @_alisia_star_
All we do in most of our videos laugh 😂#fanedit
13925 222 1 3 weeks ago
Where do I get their tshirts?
I love you
Find out why we are laughing so hard in my big bros new video! SHOCK Challenge! ⚡️ YouTube.com/LazyRonStudios
13356 123 1 3 weeks ago
It was a funny challenge 😂I'm still laughing