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Alex Wassabi Twitter & Vine: @AlexWassabi New #WassabiWednesday every week! :) http://tinyurl.com/kx2s9ef
Improv singing in our newest WassabiVlog! :) YouTube.com/WassabiVlogs
8775 94 1 11 hours ago
<<<<<33333 I LOVE U!!! 0.0 um 😅 who said that?!?!
If you are the real Alex I love you
Tuesdays WassabiVlog! Got picked up by @lazyronstudios :) #rapbattle
9928 104 1 2 d ago
I watched you on YouTube everyday
loves your vids ;)
Mondays WassabiVlog! 😳#beanboozled
9143 138 2 2 d ago
Ron was so shy in that video 😉
i know right ;)
Caption this! Ready, Set, Go!
11803 448 2 3 d ago
booty had me like
wierd faces
Thinking about you everyday Jeremy. Can't wait till you wake up & make a full recovery! #prayforjeremy
12094 204 2 1 weeks ago
What happens to jeremy😥
My bestfriend @jeremytaylor08 was involved in an accident recently & is in the hospital. Please pray for him, his family, & friends.
13950 420 1 1 weeks ago
Feel better!🙏
I have been praying since Christopher told me it happened. It's very sad. But I heard he is getting better. He is moving and he blinks a lot. But I'm praying for Jeremy everyday @alexwassabi
About to get airborne! 🚁
14597 243 1 weeks ago
Great Smoky Mountains
Plz follow us plz
Hey whats rios account name
Have you seen all of this weeks #WassabiVlogs?! Which one is your favorite of the week? :)
11931 307 1 1 weeks ago
Smokey Mountains
Yes the emoji challenge is awesome
The first one was ugly
Front porch chillin w/ lil bro
14137 289 1 weeks ago
Great Smoky Mountains
Two bros chillin biggest fan
Pssssst... subscribe! :)
9779 225 1 2 weeks ago
My new obsession :)
8768 160 1 2 weeks ago
cool obsession
What is it
Have you seen today's WassabiVlogs?! Check it out & comment which one is your favorite so far! YouTube.com/WassabiVlogs #subscribe
12595 275 1 2 weeks ago
Lol the "not my arms challenge" you were laughing so much😂😂😂😂
Hey can you do bloody mary please it will make me very hapy :)
Have you seen the first 3 vlogs yet?! Check them out at YouTube.com/WassabiVlogs :)
13619 245 1 2 weeks ago
Ive seened most of ur vids nd yall are sooo funny and alex ur my favorite😹😋👌😏 but we should chill some time
U should do a collab w/smash! That's my dream
New Wassabi on our 2nd channel! Check it out! :) www.youtube.com/WassabiVlogs
13620 323 1 3 weeks ago
I laughed until I couldn't breathe when I watched this video
I love this one
Just met the cutest little Wassabians at my layover in Atlanta :)
13823 371 3 weeks ago
Atlanta International Airport-Delta Airlines
@assyrian_gymnast12 we all are :)
Yeah we all are
Have you met Richards little brother yet? Check him out on our last parody of #MusicMarch! :) (link in bio)
12682 267 3 weeks ago
Yeah I think so @velvetcupcake22
Check out my bros new vid! He gave me my first surprise party ever! :) YouTube.com/LazyRonStudios #IWasntCrying!
13741 532 2 3 weeks ago
In this photo
Happy birthday @alexwassabi hope u had fun
Real men get pedicures 👊
16671 696 3 weeks ago
13055 260 3 3 weeks ago
haha Butt Sign..
Missin this guy already! #playlistliveorlando
11970 124 2 1 month ago
Ahhhh simply spoons