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Allissa D WRHS '18✌️"Me and you stoppin time, all of the stars align, this is what it feels like, when we collide" Jake Harris Miller💕 http://youtu.be/7FgqY_x56fE
Laser Tag at Roll on America today✌️
45 5 7 hours ago
I can't lie this was good. I'm waiting for the sequel😍
35 1 6 d ago
Ha..... I knew you liked it!
Can't believe it's already been 5 months💕 that cover frame picture was the start to it all at the spring dance last year💕 just wow💕
31 4 1 weeks ago
😊😊💘 @aserrato77_
Happy Birthday Nikki💕 your 20😨 I can't even believe it! 4 years and 4 months after you were born I was and it was peaceful with me and you❤️ then 'it' was born and she's ok I guess😉😂😋 but I do like u better😊 anyway soon ur gunna end up moving away and I'm not gunna see u but I'm gunna just like show up and sleep over😂 have a good rest of the day❤️ love you❤️😘
20 1 2 weeks ago
Haha "it" was born 😂😂😂 @_xo.erin.xo_
Fair with some goofballs last night😋✌️
36 2 4 2 weeks ago
Love that ride 😍
Yes! @karting_girl16
Just because I miss them✌️🙌💕
37 8 2 3 weeks ago
Text me your schedule zkraner@icloud.com
Okie😊 @zoe_eee223
#flashbackfriday with my sisters❤️✌️
34 2 3 weeks ago
"Your actions speak louder than your words and you're about to break from all you've heard"
39 1 month ago
4 months with this crazy❤️
47 5 1 1 month ago
TBH i dont kniw u that well. ur pretty u came iver my house for the halloween party. ur dog is adorbz. plus u were on the yearbook commite. Ps u look great in this pic
Thanks😊 @_emma_n_m
I accept @nicole09xox's ALS ice bucket challenge. I nominate @lilyantonio @_rawwwwrie_ and @kellyann1574 you have 24 hours or donate $100
40 3 1 month ago
Yw😘😘😂 @lilyantonio
The crew🙌✌️💕
27 2 3 1 month ago
Love u bby! 🙈😘😘😘 @215_sarah_love
Love u❤️😘😘 @xoxo_caitiebabe1314_xoxo
Luke and Lee😍
25 1 month ago
Gillette Stadium
Cole Swindle, Lee Brice, Dierks Bently, and Luke Bryan last night😍😍 I Drive Your Truck was just amazing😍❤️ ran into my best friend...good to see here after a year of not @xoxo_caitiebabe1314_xoxo ❤️
27 2 1 month ago
Gillette Stadium
Love u babygirl! I missed u so much
We can plan somethin💕❤️😘
My eyes r shut🙈😂 #tbt to the World Series trophy✌️
37 1 month ago
My favorite in his while story😂😂😂 add him if u want funny snapchat stories > @jeromejarre <
19 1 1 month ago
The #wcws My dysfunctional best friends❤️
31 5 1 month ago
Hey I've been gone forever I'm coming home tonight🎶 first flight home😍 #millertarymonday#jakemiller#loveyou#noticemejake 😍
30 1 7/22/2014
39 1 7/21/2014
😍❤️😘 @shannon_r43
Playtime with my boy☺️
22 7/21/2014
Ain't nobody messin with my clique🙌
35 2 7/15/2014
The Purple Urchin Restaurant