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Allissa Doud 2/14/15❤️ Psalm 119:28 Miss you Scott👼🏼 fly high 5/28/15
My best friend is mega talented and sang lead last night and slayed❤️😘 ilysm😘😘❤️ @bryn.jane
26 17h
emerge prep
Cause what's one more Shana appreciation post because what's one more😂 her smile makes me happy inside😊 cause I love her💛
35 1 1 1w
Words can't explain how much this one person means I me. We've hit bumps lately and it stinks but we're still good. I wish I coulda seen him today but life happens and we get busy. It's amazing how he has brought out another side of me and how he can just make me so happy❤️ somehow you've put up with me for 5 months❤️ so happy 5😊
42 1 1w
Took this when he wasn't lookin😋
Cause if this isn't family then I don't know what is anymore💕 sorry if I didn't tag u I tagged who I could tell who it was
41 6 6 2w
📷 T Cruz
Ya I'll see u there😋 remember it's water wars💦🏄🏊 @caveat_
When someone says people can't change your life and you have to be the change I tell them to look at my best friends and tell me that we haven't changed each other in some way because we have. They are the greatest friends I could ever ask for and they were brought into my life for a reason and I really do hope they never go out of it. Those who know them understand what I mean and those who don't know them should wish they do because they are two of the greatest, nicest, strongest, and most gorgeous people I know. Tonight was Shana's last official night at emerge and bryn and me are gunna miss her like mad. But it's your calling and your time. I'm beyond proud of you and I know you are going to do such great things. And I'll be on the other line of that call hearing every detail every step of the way even if u wanna ditch me😉. So you go do you and make me more proud than I already am. I love you girls so much❤️💛💜😘
42 3 2 2w
Emerge Student Ministry
@allissa_rose123 Nice Seeing You Other Night!
"This opportunity comes once in a lifetime" #goals#fuego#family#youth#love @emergeministry @timothycruz23
23 7 2w
Amen someone got those people moving @timothycruz23 😂
Hey yha we do that how we do it at Emerge
A rare close encounter with my wild baby😺 Bolt isn't the biggest fan of people😂 but dang is he a gorgeous kitten
46 2w
"Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety"| Proverbs 11:14
48 9 1 2w
We brushed our teeth together😂
Come on this is how me and Shana do😂😂😂 @xrproductions1
They're kinda losers, but they're my losers😋
68 4 2w
Hampton Beach
Ya it was wicked nice yesterday🙌 @persianprincess_92
I look nasty😂❤️ @allissa_rose123
Because he hates taking pictures but this one looks alright😋💑💕
62 4 1 3w
He's the 🍎 to my Pie
I'm watching you! 💜
I dislike how you never text me 😢😂
Awkwardly forgot it was Thursday until rn. But tbh I'm obsessed with her new hair color almost as much as I'm obsessed with her😍 I love you boo💜😘 #wcw
41 1 1 3w
She's my love💜👭
AW BABE IM JUST SEEING THIS! I love you so much babeeeee 💜
When they think ur working but instead ur just showing them a weird sound over your walkie cause being productive before service doesn't ever happen😂
40 3 2 3w
It was before emerge started tho cause you were on stage during it and killin it😋 @bryn.jane
Because I have the greatest best friends anyone could EVER have and I love all of you to the moon and back❤️💛💜 Just thought u would like to know you who don't have them as the best friends should be jealous and that they should know how much I love them because they are so great and deserve to be told constantly how much they all mean to me❤️ I love you guys💛
38 3 6 3w
Appreciate it Allissa 💙
Amazing night last night at the #xfinitycenter great performances and no rain stopped us at all🙌❤️ @maddieandtae
53 3 3w
Xfinity Center
It was Dierks Bently and Kip Moore too😋 @abby_granville
I'm glad you had a good time. The rain didn't slow @allissa_rose123 or @erindoud down a bit.
Cause Dierks Bently is tonight😋
49 4 1 month ago
Bryn said I'm basic💁
damn hottie
😋you know it😂 @thuymi53
❤️💛💚💙💜🌈#loveislove #lovewins
71 1 month ago
I only hate her sometimes😋💘
65 7 1 month ago
Moore State Park
Thats mean😥
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain☁️⚡️☔️
58 3 1 month ago
Officially done at wachu for good✌️
😂😋 @thuymi53
Tbh you're one of my best friends and you're always there for me and mike and everyone else. You're the best. Rate 10 😏😂
I hate reposts but I had to. It's crazy how he knows when you need him the most #faith
31 1 1 month ago
"Aye everybody it's Naloh in the building"
56 5 1 1 month ago
after a full day at six flags
My best friend😎✌️ @iamnaloh
Why would you be friends with him? He broke my phone screen.😥😥😥