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Allissa D 4/13/14💕"They Pet Bunnies With Their Elbows Not Giraffes"~Alexis~ "It's ok to be a glow stick. Sometimes you break before you shine"
Fro yo with the bæs💕💕💕
24 2 1 d ago
Dave an Busters😝
17 3 2 d ago
#mcm Cam Dallas😍😍😍😍
14 1 2 d ago
A look back...featuring @erinnnnnnn00 @nicole09xox @k_leblanc_xo @ali_marie25 @cassadeepopemusic @peachtreebeauty @jordin_laraia14 @kellytuttle1574 @just_smile_225 @meghanorciuch @sabrinadembro @allissa_rose123 @tirziee @erin_kayliegh_xox @aserrato77_ @that_fat_whale @juliaawoodward @hm518000 @camillewheelerr @ana14072 @m_e_g08 @alex_issssssss @_xomeghanno @jakemillermusic @ke11ychianese @_kenziecarl @xoxo_caitiebabe1314_xoxo @Versagram @haleighgm_ @cam_luzzo_is_such_a_boss @desrosiers_13 @ashley77_ @sfdwife @_xomeghannox_ @ali_marie_25 @angela_caiani @fitsporate @gstroop30229 @everidge23 @meagan_morin @ddlovato @emilyk1324 @graciec0717 @goldstallion8 @lindseyloo211 @keriann_l @jessewelle @frankiejgrande @katie_lee97 @drewchadwickmusic @goldstallion @maggiecarlucci_32 @jeanapvp @mindlessbehaviorcrazy @to_infinity_and_beyond_xox @truth @hannahsedares @nicole09xoxo @maxhatesmeee @_kiiara_x3 @woahjamal @katielambertxx @marebear1183 @mimi__rose @ravyn_is_soo_amazing @insta_keepcalm @bfvsgf_pvp @laaureenoxo @pwj1234 @lynns303 @erin_kaylieghxox @haleigh518 @ericaturnerr @eleanasilva16 @hannah_s_4 @woah_talley @kristenl121 @mack12_xox @zoe_eee223 @angela_679 @smithka496 @raypick @instagramkeep_REAL @prisca_sie @jennamarbles @prayforlea @arianagrande @purple_monster_353 @tipsforgames @sarah_berryman18 @_xomeghannn @brightblue1234 @arizonabeveragesofficial @stennaro1013 @raypick2k14 @shortncurlisa made with @flipagram ♫ Music: Pitbull - Wild Wild Love (feat. G.R.L.)
19 2 d ago
#tbt homework drawings😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
20 1 5 d ago
Not much has changed...#transformationtuesday
19 1 1 1 weeks ago
Send me the bottom pic
Jake miller😍😍😍😍 definitely my #mcm in honor of #millertarymonday #jakemiller #mancandymonday
25 10 1 1 weeks ago
So true!!!! @camfl
Omfg same😍😍😍😍
While composting I saw some cute little flowers☺️☺️
30 1 weeks ago
27 2 weeks ago
Last night with my mains💕@jordin_laraia14 @ana14072 @m_e_g08 @ali_marie25 @juliaawoodward @camillewheelerr @aserrato77_ @raypick @raypick2k14
24 1 2 weeks ago
#tbt softball 2013❤️💔😪 #homeiswheretheplateis
31 2 7 2 weeks ago
I wana go back
Me 2💔😓😩 @ana14072
Moms response to me saying how I wanted to inspire that little girl to play softball seeing the eighth grade softball players like I was and not being able to return the favor that I felt I needed to...she always seems to know what to say❤️
23 2 1 2 weeks ago
Keep your head up!
I love you baby! Daddy and I are so proud of you 😘
#transformationtuesday I had to...Adam Gallagher😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
18 7 3 weeks ago
mmmm . @zoe_eee223
My little guy❤️❤️ #mydogscuterthanyours
21 3 weeks ago
Gotta post a selfie✌️
32 3 1 month ago
See that's why I love you^^^❤️ lol @alombardo815
Muah! 😘
Dancing in the street with my girlsssss
21 3 1 month ago
My eyes are shut🙈 but the World Series trophy is amazing😍😍😍❤️
37 2 1 month ago
Honestly I love you girls and don't know what I would do without u...u helped me through the hardest transition of my life when I stayed back and I will be forever grateful to u all...u are the greatest best friends on the planet and I don't know where I would be without u...I love all of you😘❤️
33 13 8 1 month ago
We're staying friends in high school
Definitely😘 @camille_wheeler13
Who else cried😓😓
24 4 1 month ago
I thought you didn't watch pll @allissa_rose123
I kinda got addicted... @ali_marie25
Late #tbt
28 2 1 1 month ago
I hate you😒👿 Karma...
Tbh I don't really know u but u seem nice