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Allissa D Ray is mine💕"Now I'm a warrior, and my armor, is made of steel, you can't get in, I'm a warrior, and you can never hurt me again"💕 http://www.z100.com/pages/devrij/mpoll/?asda#/b
Hey I've been gone forever I'm coming home tonight🎶 first flight home😍 #millertarymonday#jakemiller#loveyou#noticemejake 😍
28 1 1 d ago
31 2 d ago
Playtime with my boy☺️
21 2 d ago
Ain't nobody messin with my clique🙌
34 2 1 weeks ago
The Purple Urchin Restaurant
15 5'7.5" Blonde Steak Panda Morgan, Jordin, Ana, Ashley Water
20 6 20 2 weeks ago
Im lazy as well @ethan_yazdanpanah
Ahh I don't wanna repost
#tbt age 1😁✌️
28 2 weeks ago
I love this video😱❤️😍 #amnesia#5sos
18 2 weeks ago
#mcm this knuckle head❤️😘
25 1 3 weeks ago
I'm so bored...20 mins of waiting and still no doctor😐🔫
27 1 3 weeks ago
We kinda made a mess.......😁 GLOWSTICKS FOR THE WIN (it's ok to be a glowstick, sometimes you have to break before you can shine)
29 6 3 weeks ago
What house is everyone in?!?!!!?
18 6 3 weeks ago
8am? That seems kinda early
I've lost track of how many pictures I have of her on Instagram😹 but I never can be in them cause our last picture together was a long time ago in a awkward time😁😹 love you Caitlyn❤️😘 #wcw ery' day😍
22 1 1 3 weeks ago
Aweeeee😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 Love u bby! And lmao see there that's an excuse to chill soon! Haha like meet me at da beach or somthing or take me with u!
Somehow she's always there💕💕
53 2 1 1 month ago
Awe love you liss ❤️ I'll always be here
Love you too meg❤️ @megsmith921
Bye PCS✌️ @jordin_laraia14 @sarah_berryman18 @camillewheelerr @juliaawoodward @aserrato77_ @ana14072 @raypickett @m_e_g08 Imma miss seeing my girls everyday💔😩😭
38 1 month ago
#wcw Chanel West Coast😍😍
21 1 1 month ago
Love me some Sarah❤️
35 1 1 1 month ago
This is too cute
RIP to the greatest👼✌️ #tonygwynn#rip#riptonygwynn
33 1 month ago
Red Sox-Fenway Park Boston
Red Sox game✌️✌️
22 2 1 month ago
25 2 1 month ago
Thanks for the spam! Lol miss you!
Miss you too💔 @highitskattt_
2 months today💕💕
38 1 1 1 month ago