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|14|•|gymnastics|•|freshman| http://ask.fm/amanda_034
#tbt with babes😍 but I also wanted to use the calendar emoji bc July 17th so..📅📆📅📆📅
42 8 2 5 d ago
As always😏 @emily__hannon
13 1 5 d ago
confession: I hated you in 6th grade haha. but you know that. tbh the gun chain. tbh Darien lake in sixth grade tbh I can't make this long because there's to many people. tbh I miss you! tbh your perfect
this is how GSA does it😍😂👌
46 5 4 1 weeks ago
Love your bow
This scares me
Bæ 😛😛
37 2 1 3 weeks ago
um i thought i was your bae
Tbh: I CANT WAIT UNTIL I CAN SEE YOU NEXT MONTH ❤️ but you are my cousin who is amazing and I miss you 😁 Rate: BMS
So he refused to take a good picture with me.. But today one of my inspirations graduated today! And in less than one month, he leaves to go to South Carolina and Virginia for 5 months for basic and specialized training to enroll in the United States Army. Congratulations Garrett I love you🎓✨💕
56 1 3 weeks ago
My #mcm This cute little model👌😍
51 3 1 1 month ago
Ik😍😍 @paige_vincheski
#nationalbestfriend I love you all😘
29 14 12 1 month ago
we need to take some! @amanda_marafino
Hey can you oovoo really quickly?
Post tfios had us like😂😳
39 11 1 1 month ago
hahah okay I wanna see it super bad
✨I've got one less problem without you✨
37 13 1 month ago
Thanks bæ😘 @hailey_lauber
tbh your perfect tbh we should talk more tbh your nice tbh your funny confession idk haha
My #wcw☺Nicolle! I'm so proud of you, you look gorgeous! And I'm so happy I was able to help cut your hair, ilysm😘💕
63 4 1 5/22/2014
thank you😘😘 @hayley.gabrielli
welcome 😘 @nicolle_hrehovcik
The fault in our stars✨
37 4 4/6/2014
227 @hailey_rospierzki
Ikk😍 @its_annabellee
3rd on vault, 6th on bars, 2nd on beam, 1st on floor and 2nd place all around💕✨🏆 #states
54 12 3/30/2014
Great job
Thank you😍☺ @e_lorenz
And this would mean my season is finally over. I love you guys and now we just have to move up to level 8! #states
40 3 3/30/2014
Great job today Julia ilysm😘 #level7 #states
54 1 3 3/29/2014
Awesome season guys, Now lets go kick ass at states!
45 3 2 3/24/2014
😑 @juliacolvin
Zayyyuuuummm #wcw😂😂
22 3 1 3/20/2014
I know I do 👅 @julia1513
I didn't like the ones on your account。。。😍 @julia1513
72 38 3/13/2014
Thank you, you too!
Awe we wear footies to gymmastics..
58 3 2/14/2014
Um what?¿ 😂 so I decided to let go in the middle of my clearhip...
46 8 2/11/2014
Ik😂 @mcastlevania
Stfu😂😐 @juliaa__nicole
Please don't pay attention at how retarded I look😂 but, 1st place all around ☺
64 20 1/6/2014
😘 K imma go shower and try to keep my hand of the water and soap! Fuck haha #gymnastprobs showering with one hand @abbey_loves_hunter_hayes
put it in a plastic bag and duck tape!💁😂