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Isabella Farrell Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee💋 Chicago via NYC. One.1 model management
By @adamreyna ❤️❤️ miss you! #chicagotakeover
694 14 1 d ago
Necessary impromptu silly dance break today! 🎥 by @benfinkshapiro my moves so sesi 👯
375 17 3 d ago
🍷 @shehroze_tariq
#truth ! All red on set today 💋
579 16 3 d ago
Less seductive
908 14 1 4 d ago
Gorgeous look...
An angel
Nice meeting @benfinkshapiro today! #neighbors
870 14 6 d ago
@ballerinafarrell I have a special project for you and it involves the tallest ballet dancer in the world. Holla!! You will love this!! 😉
@ballerinafarrell let's shoot 👍
365 9 2 1 weeks ago
@bustoutbenny yes
The gorgeous @stephaniecamcam everyone 👏👏 much love for my boriqua mami
696 9 1 weeks ago
Thanks @3x1 for the post :) I love my new jeans ☺️😍
427 8 1 weeks ago
The margielas though
It's a wrap with 🎯 today #kittyshirtmeow
976 18 1 weeks ago
Lovely eyes! 👀
❤️❤️❤️❤️ the best crew ever! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #stupidfaceohwell
541 7 4 1 weeks ago
U r shining.
Yea girl
@xobetseyjohnson today 🙈
914 21 1 weeks ago
#perfect #perfecteyes #perfectgirl
Muhehe the only one in the pool #nyc #bewareofgators
475 9 1 weeks ago
So pretty!
One last one by @sir_neave #daydreamin
595 6 1 weeks ago
Love it! You're beautiful!
By @scottlipps outside of the agency today
826 17 2 weeks ago
@barispector you are awesome. @ballerinafarrell you seem pretty awesome too.
Let's 📷
See I picks my friends like I pick my fruit & Ganny told me that when I was only a youth I don't walk around trying to be what I'm not I don't waste my time trying ta get what you got I work at pleasin' me cause I can't please you and that's why I do what I do
1008 16 1 2 weeks ago
Such a pretty picture, everytime I scroll by it makes me stop. Stunnah! 😍
Fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee. What about farting, what should it be like?
717 11 1 2 weeks ago
@meggierix yes let's make a mood board in google docs for all our Photoshoot inspirations
Wonderful model
Sunsets on the roof #nyc
666 11 2 weeks ago
Ich liebe Deutschland!! #weltmeisterschaft
607 15 1 2 weeks ago
Hahaha! Wie kann man Deutschland über alles lieben 😂
Sehr hübsches Bild 👍
Me by @gregorykeith a play on #Celine
517 6 2 weeks ago
Omg I'm obsessed this is my favorite photo of you ever!!! @ballerinafarrell and amazing work @gregorykeith 👍👏
Argentina vs Netherlands!! Who are you voting for?!? #cheers #rosealways
420 17 1 3 weeks ago