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#Diplo talks his #KatyPerry connection, #Madonna collaboration & 8-figure lifestyle in our latest #billboardmag cover story. Read it all here: http://blbrd.cm/DiploCoverStory // Photographed by Ramona Rosales (@miss_ramona)
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Our #OnTheRoad series presented by @ToshibaUSA is making a comeback & this time with @PassengerMusic. Stay tuned! // Photo by @chris_casella
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We went #BTS with @AustinMahone. Check out the full #OnTheRoad feature on Billboard.com: blbrd.com/v91rll Presented by @ToshibaUSA
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#ArianaGrande opens about her passions, family, & #Madonna in this week’s #billboardmag! Read the entire story on billboard.com // Photographed by Austin Hargrave (@austinhargrave)
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Eww 😂 😷 👌
Like you 😂😑 @perflikejelena
#Kimbra is having a “golden” moment in the latest issue of #billboardmag! See all the photos on billboard.com // Photographed by Jeff Forney (@jeffforney)
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everyone here is like post ari and i love ari too but guys pls, this is a post dedicated to kimbra ✌️
Prayer hand emoji, the pretzel bun is here to stay! #PRETZELLOVESONGS presented by @Wendys
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.@marniethedog is loving the latest issue of #billboardmag featuring #sineadoconnor! // Photo by @yaypineapples
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@tresjolie214 ginger
Just #MarnieTheDog doing some casual #billboardmag reading today! // Photo by @yaypineapples
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I had to follow @billboard just so I could like this cute picture of #MarnieTheDog !
Thanks for hanging out with us #DillonFrancis ☺️! // Photo by @yaypineapples
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@xikiki_brain @piscespuck17
More #OutsideLands fun!! Photo by @teemoney415
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@helpful_shoutz got me 1K
Who else is at #OutsideLands this weekend!? // Photo by @teemoney415
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Just finished a great chat with IU, the all-time leader on the K-Pop Hot 100, at @kconusa! #kcon2014 @Jeff__Benjamin
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Kcon 2014 At Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena
@elliemei_store korean
45 years ago today, #IainMacmillan took the photo that became the iconic cover for #TheBeatles album #AbbeyRoad!
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Ironically there is a Volkswagen Beetle on the left 😂🚗
This week’s #billboardmag explores the second coming of #SineadOConnor. Grab your copy at shop.billboard.com & read the full cover story on billboard.com. | Photographed by Nicole Nodland
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We hung out with Becky G today! Stay tuned for the photo gallery on billboard.com | photo by @tawnibannister
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The Today Show
Thanks for stopping by with cotton candy & new music #MeghanTrainor! P.S. We are all about that bass! // Photo by @yaypineapples
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Following the adorable Becky G all over NYC today! | photo by @tawnibannister
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RCA Records
@iambeckyg i love you my angel. ❤
Hanging out with Becky G before her Today Show performance this morning 🎶
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The Today Show
Fuck you bitch
#BeckyG's living the teenage dream in the latest issue of #billboardmag! See all the pictures at billboard.com // Photographed by Brigitte Sire @brigittesire
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and the short and the hair @buteravids
Lol she is so stylish for copying Ari
#EllaHenderson stopped by to perform her new single "Ghost" for us today! // Photo by @yaypineapples
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Where's all the English speaking people at?