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Brittany Selfie I love rainbows and sunsets and I love galaxy patterns and I want to be a youtuber
I love my whole family and I love all of my friend and I am so thankful for every thing I got and I want to give back to the ones who are less fortunate than others and I hope that you will to I thank my mommy and daddy because without them I would not have any thing in this world with out them and my brother Jesse and my sister crystal made me the person I am today and it may not seam that I love the as much as I say but I love them so much and without the family and friends I have I would be nothing
14 1 14 2w
I taged 15 of you
7 2w
crap did I did something wrong
2 1 month ago
After da ice bath
5 1 month ago
Why do I does dis
4 1 month ago
So dame cold
4 1 month ago
Please do dis so fracking cold
1 1 1 month ago
I'm sore an I want autumn snow and star gymnast (Isabel fraser) to do this
2 3 1 month ago
I don't understand what's happening 😂✋🏼
Painting meh bros room for free😇😩
9 1 1 month ago
Destroy it after
Thank u so much for sticking by my side and loving me so much no matter what. I love you so much daddy and I a always will
12 1 1 month ago
Dude your hair is sooo long now
#hacked by da whale 💩🐋 #werfab
10 1 1 month ago
EXTREME PING PONG TOURIMENT (caption by whale🐋🐳)
8 1 1 month ago
My mouth frucking herts
8 2 1 month ago
Watch yo language
That's strange
The scared the living crap out of me please don't true this at home
13 8 6/2/2015
This is the end result I am ok
10 6/2/2015
8 2 5/20/2015
Is dat yo cousin lol
5 2 5/15/2015
Jacksepticeye is awesome
Best rain no ever
8 5/15/2015
Love you Nemo baby boy
8 5/14/2015
My baby boy sleeping
7 5/14/2015