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Brock O'Hurn LA Private Trainer
Business : Brock.fitness@yahoo.com
Exclusive videos/pictures Click Below http://facebook.com/brockhurn
I think the Top Bun is what makes me look so tall.. Yeah.. The top bun 🙈🙆 #7FootTallWithATopBun
6307 263 4 hours ago
@gabekuper top bunz
@smoore0415 yea I had to take a nap afterward... Looking at him makes me sleepy lol
🌌 Make a Difference 🌌
3903 55 1 d ago
Love this quote and totally reposted it. Thank you !
Change your Stars 🌌 135 lbs to 255 lbs Never stop believing in yourself. The only person who can stop you from achieving anything you believe in is yourself.. Don't allow yourself to do so.. Always Believe. Never Settle
6866 208 2 d ago
This may sound odd but Your quads are perfect sir 🙊
View from my apartment . Just reflecting how blessed I am to lead the life that I do and to achieve l that I am going to.. No matter how great or small my life amounts to.. I am thankful for every moment Hope Everyone has a great night!
4922 411 4 d ago
@thejoaopp 😍
Absolutely love.... The hair 😍😍😍
That face you make when you hit the wall.. Right before fight or flight kicks in.. And you choose Fight.. Everytime!
7813 279 5 d ago
@mah_perin mostra pro Lucas.. O cabelo
@lk604 fabio
We All Have Two Lives, The Second Begins When You Realize You Only Have One
6702 168 1 weeks ago
@brockohurn we want to interview u! Answer email
@per_fection read this caption, damn.
It's strange to think that I went full blown man in under 3-4 years haha.. Here's me at one of the only times I've ever had short hair and no beard. Crazy how time flies.. Enjoy life. Chase your Dreams. Then Live them! Have a great night everyone!!
6834 296 1 weeks ago
@fernandafilgueira ele me lembra o thor
I have spent every minute of everyday believing in myself. As I believe each one of us should as well.. It is not easy to believe in yourself all the time. What is easy is to make excuses, to give up, to say I can't.. When all you have to do, is never give up on yourself. Say and believe "I Can." To believe when it seems impossible.. So much so, it becomes possible. When you take action each day to make it so.. and just like that each day you are one day closer. A dream doesn't always happen overnight (ironically enough) but it does happen eventually if you work and work harder for it. Your future depends on your choices today.. Choose a better future.. Choose to Change your life for the better.. Choose to Believe.. Never Settle
8319 288 1 weeks ago
You would be sexy if u shaved and cuz ur hair...
Back when I used to be buff and throw around 100lb weights like they ain't nothin.. Strong Mind. Strong Body. Strong Will. Never Settle. (I can still throw those hundreds like they're nothin 😉)
4357 264 1 weeks ago
@amazinggracey22 Check it
@romanchalot_10 MONSTER 😍😉
My #ALSicebucketchallenge and I am donating! Full video is on my Facebook. Links in my bio. I believe in charity so I voiced my opinion. I don't want anyone to wait until it becomes a fad to give to charity. Plan.. Once a month to give to a charity of your choice. Make it a routine. Make a Difference!
5912 952 1 weeks ago
@saranbrito 😍
Thanks for all the birthday wishes You all made my day! Hope everyone has a great night!
8103 430 1 weeks ago
Your eyes :)
@kjala007 this is more beautiful than us
Sometimes we just have to take a step back to see how blessed we truly are.. I turn 23 tomorrow and I already want to say thank you to all the friends and family that have shown me so much love in this life. I'm thankful for everyone and all their support! And to everyone who follows and supports me! You don't know how much of an impact it makes on my life and I hope I can return the favor in some way! Can't wait to see what I will accomplish this year. #NeverSettle Have a great night Everyone!
6901 468 2 weeks ago
@estefaniapuga este la mía hahahaha
@dmstefanie jajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja
I saw this and loved the message it spreads! For everyone awake, Spread a little positivity to a stranger. You may never know the impact it has on someone. 😊 Make someone's day!
1580 1353 2 weeks ago
@yogawithkarina you're so positive and upbeat in your posts, inspiring!😃 -Maddie
PS- I love that everyone is still playing 16 days later, clearly we are all spending some down time stalking his feed haha😄
The only picture I took today. Focused. Very Focused in LA traffic. 😅😏 Hope everyone had a great day and has a great night! Goodnight Everyone!
8101 245 2 weeks ago
@forevertocatchdreams this fella will probs be a man crush for you , he's quite beautiful 😍
One of my favorite quotes; "I was not made for mediocrity, I was created for greatness" I remind myself this every time things get tough, or I want to give in or give up. So I won't allow myself to give up or quit. I've got big plans and I aim to see them through! Work Hard. Stay Humble. Never Settle.
9452 560 2 weeks ago
@catalinacorrea93 la versión flaca, flácida, gorda.
@thejoaopp @renanperussi
Believe in yourself so strongly that the world can't help but to believe in you too..
10173 806 2 weeks ago
@millinayyar get ur hair like this
"Hair tips with Brock O'Hurn" 😂😂 Haha have a good night everyone!
4785 539 3 weeks ago
Still blows my mind when I see this.. Remembering not to long ago I used to weigh 135 lbs soaking wet. Going from that.. to a 255 lb man If you want somethjng.. Stay Hungry Stay Humble Evolution . Still blows my mind when I see this. Going from a 135 lb kid to a 255 lb man If you want somethjng.. Go Get It! and Go Get It!
9291 522 3 weeks ago
@amanda.frc :O
If we were born with no flaws and had to choose one weakness.. I would choose Pizza 🍕 100% of the time 😈😏 Have a Great day Everyone!
7492 210 3 weeks ago
@tegan25 there he is! Following now. 🙊
You. Are a hunk
By far the most humbling experience of my life. I wasn't expecting them to sing to me and you wouldn't believe how much each kid appreciated something so small. Each one of them has nothing, no family, no where to go and they were placed here as emergency placement because of it. Each child has a story and each one is as kind and sweet as the other. I'm so lucky to have been able to spend time with all of them. Share my story and hopefully inspire them. Give them hope that a better life is coming, to just stay strong and never stop believing that Dreams do come true. I'm thankful for each one. Today I changed and became a better person thanks to them. I hope I helped in some way and this is just the beginning #NeverSettle
2659 121 3 weeks ago
Que lindo!