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Brock O'Hurn LA Private Trainer Online training inquire below Business : Exclusive videos/pictures Click Below
People ask me where I get my motivation.. How I keep pushing forward no matter what. It is because I know and I remind myself daily, That "I was not born to be mediocre.. I was created for greatness." and above all odds.. I seek to make that true. If you want something.. Go get it!
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When are you coming to NYC?
This is admirable. I love the caption.
Me and the Homie just chillin 😏 Baby J and Uncle B #FutureBabyBunner #SheDontWantNoneUnlessHeGotBunsSon #BunPuns
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Sexy jesus. @aba_scrabs_
Never let anything stand in your way. Never let anything slow you down when chasing your dream. Do everything in your power to make it a reality until it eventually becomes your reality. Happy Monday! #bungang #NeverSettle
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100% serious you got the face and bone structure of a god, your hair color is better than this dudes blonde>brunette, u just gotta work get the muscles now and get like this guy haha @ziggynw
@rastafairyyyy thanks
Beard Gang vs Bun Gang The ultimate show down Met @trig_perez yesterday on set for @blitzkidsofficial and he has by far the best beard in the industry! Question is : Fight to the death? or Join forces.. Stay tuned for what comes next 😎
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Sexy Jesus. @aba_scrabs_
Behind the scenes yesterday shooting an amazing fight scene. More than looking forward to the end result! And more than blessed to live the life that I do! But besides all that.. Who do you think won?! 😉 haha
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Sexy Jesus. @aba_scrabs_
Once I helped an old mean clean his entire back yard.. I found a nest of thousands of spiders and yet I continued to clean because I knew he could not.. I then after asked this old man for some advice if he had any for me.. He then preceded to say to me "Be true to thine own self" And ever since that day that's what I've been doing... Even at 2am.. driving my Chevy. Blasting my favorite country songs and singing them just as loud because I can't sleep. The world can judge me. But that day I became happy with who I am. The good and the bad. All my imperfections. I realized I wouldn't change them.. Not for anything.. And then all of the sudden the worlds judgements faded away and meant nothing to me. I became happy. With who I am and who I'm becoming. And just like that.. One small moment.. Impacted my life for the rest of my life. And I can only hope that someday each person who reads this has a moment like that.. Because no matter what.. Everyone deserves to be happy..
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I'm in love
Currently soaking wet driving around LA from the pool shoot today.. I'll trade a hug for a towel if anyone's got one...
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@hmputnam04 pool shoot!? Oh yeah baby
Sexy Jesus. @aba_scrabs_
This is where I build the foundation that is my future.. Never Settling #TopNotchTopKnot
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Haha okay Brock guilty confession... I had a sex dream about you (totally out of the blue and not on purpose) two nights ago and it ended damn well...... Can't imagine what you could do in real life... 👌 hope you're having a good night. Xoxo
I have already claimed him @lauren_fitz
You guys have me working over time with all those emails! I'll try to get back to everyone by tonight! Hope everyone is having a great night!
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I honestly just fell in deep love @msjetty @lenotorious
Sexy Jesus. @kay_la_la20
I work hard to achieve the body I am currently working for. I don't cut corners and I don't cheat and yes I still enjoy pancakes and crepes 🙊 - I keep getting asked if I offer online training. And I do! 👐 - (Email me at for your custom plan!) I'd be more than happy to help you work towards your goal also! °Male and Female° - Hope everyone has a great night!!
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Sexy Jesus. @kay_la_la20
Insomnia.. 3am.. I see we meet again...
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God is so good @prncestoya327
Sexy Jesus. @kay_la_la20
Word on the street is "If you eat something and nobody sees it, it has no calories" and looks like I'm allllll alone 😏 #NutellaCrepes # Food>Abs #OnePancakeADayKeepsTheDoctorAway #IDontLikeGoingToTheDoctors #SoImEatingThree
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@brockohurn do you even read all the comments?!?! If you do, I will give you my secret tasty vanilla bean custard recipe specific for crepes!
Lol funny BOY #hothot#likeacakefromdaoven🔫💣
Man Bun Monday. No Shave November. and Missing Shirt Monday 🙈 I got a lot of requests for this so in thanks for all your support the last few weeks the shirt came off! Hope everyone has a great night!
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Sleeping in > Thanks for all the love and support! Hope everyone is having a great day! p.s. The beards still there #throwbackonamonday
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Eyyy dios mio 😍🙈
Made in Movember! Only half way through the month and I've already lost any chance of seeing what was my jawline from this moment on.. Now back to work! Hope everyone is having a great night!!
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@batrevisan não tem mais gato
Forget all the reasons why it won't work and start believing All the reasons why it will...
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@dina_attia dayum
Never Settle
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@missalyssacruz @chelseablair_beauty I'm dying
The position is now open. Whose in?
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@oliviaholliday @emilythevisionary 🙋
Beard and Bun Gang #IBetYouThoughtIShaved #AprilFools #OnATuesday
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Lol I already follow this man @amandaasenraa
Sweet Jesus 😍😍 and he lifts 🙌🙌 @jummzr
Focus on your dreams.. Until you Make them a reality! Hope everyone has a great night or morning wherever you are!!
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