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Brock O'Hurn LA Private Trainer
Business : Brock.fitness@yahoo.com
Exclusive videos/pictures Click Below http://facebook.com/brockhurn
"Won't you stay with me.. Cause you're all I need 🎶 👉🍪 What I really do in the gym 😂
4407 468 1 d ago
😂😂😂 ahahahah
New progress video coming soon. Little older vid during a heavier bulk. Work hard and it'll all pay off The reason I like working out is because it translates to physical proof of your hard work. Have a great day everyone!
3887 245 1 d ago
Pathetically obsessed
A year ago. Crazy to see time fly. If you work towards your goal everyday.. You'll be there before you even realize it. It takes Effort, Determination, Dedication, Self-Discipline and Faith We all have dreams.. The difference between seeing them come true or not is what we do Now. Have a great day Everyone!
8637 472 2 d ago
@yoitsme83 haha, why were you looking for him
@stefanielr to show Nikki. I searched #manbun and there he was. Haha!
In case you're as big of a dork as I am.. Here's a clip to remind you who I was kicking it with today We go way back 😏😉
4713 99 3 d ago
Thor is my fav! So cool u got to see that!
Oh gosh he looks more like Thor than the guy that played him.
Protectors of Asgard ⚡️ Blessed to be able to come see all the magic behind the scenes Heimdall is lucky he's standing on that snow.. Making me look short 😒 Haha have a great day everyone!
7389 150 3 d ago
@love_moe mmmmmmmhm
Had to come visit my nephew Jayden and my brother for Jayden's 1st birthday today Family First ❤️
6608 87 1 4 d ago
@isadoraseabra aff o maravilhoso ainda tem um bro maravilhoso
I was asked why I am the way I am. Why I want to help so many people, even those I don't know.. And this was my answer : When you look at a person, any person, remember that everyone has a story. Everyone has something that has changed them. So be Kinder than Necessary.. because everyone is fighting some kind of battle you know nothing about. It is not my place to judge another. I don't know what they are going through. I would only want to lighten someone's load.. Not make heavier. Tell someone how thankful you are for them today. Do something unexpectedly kind for someone you do or don't know. That one thing.. Can make an impact to change their entire reality for the better. And if you had the power to do that.. Wouldn't you?
9272 396 5 d ago
@cecardenas @dlayer4u look at the comment 3 above. I agree
You are beautiful
That moment you realize you are to big for this gym...
5925 164 6 d ago
Srsly! You get this! @abchenji
Agh! How big are you? I'm 5'2, I can imagine you tower over me.
We decided to do each other's hair.. 😏 Me and my little sister Irish . She just turned ten this weekend and she is growing way to fast!
6877 97 1 weeks ago
@bae.mar he is precious
Everybody meet Mikey! My little brother. I told him to take a photo with me and last minute he snuck that little tongue in there Sneaky lil guy
6192 81 1 weeks ago
Could have been worse. Last time I made my little sister take a photo with me she put steak knife at my throat as the camera went off 😳😂
Nothing like a New Toy 😏 Have a great day everyone!
5575 719 1 weeks ago
This = perfect.
I have been taking my training to the next level lately and literally could barely walk to the jacuzzi today as a result haha Sitting at 255lbs. Legs two days ago so time to jacuzzi and stretch.. Take care of your body and the rest of your life will follow! Have a Great night everyone!
5800 988 1 weeks ago
#risa! @fabivargas7
I think the Top Bun is what makes me look so tall.. Yeah.. The top bun 🙈🙆 #7FootTallWithATopBun
9040 388 1 weeks ago
@mailab13 @marchiorimariana MAGYA BABADO CONFUSÃO E GRITARIA
🌌 Make a Difference 🌌
4125 58 2 weeks ago
@jerin_joshua man crush Monday every monday
@brockohurn I'm amazes at the fact you don't have a girlfriend you claim to be kindhearted respectful and everything any woman would want ? you claim to look for more the just a beautiful face but I wonder if it's really true or you just use those words for attention . I bet you only want to date famous and supermodels
Change your Stars 🌌 135 lbs to 255 lbs Never stop believing in yourself. The only person who can stop you from achieving anything you believe in is yourself.. Don't allow yourself to do so.. Always Believe. Never Settle
7355 236 2 weeks ago
What a transformation!! You are a role model, I need your motivation!!!!
View from my apartment . Just reflecting how blessed I am to lead the life that I do and to achieve l that I am going to.. No matter how great or small my life amounts to.. I am thankful for every moment Hope Everyone has a great night!
5251 469 2 weeks ago
@natcampeau sweet dreams😘
Beautiful. I miss LA.
That face you make when you hit the wall.. Right before fight or flight kicks in.. And you choose Fight.. Everytime!
8217 331 2 weeks ago
Ele parece Jesus @_gustavoqueiroz
thor doppelgänger
We All Have Two Lives, The Second Begins When You Realize You Only Have One
6920 184 2 weeks ago
Love ya💋 @brockohurn
It's strange to think that I went full blown man in under 3-4 years haha.. Here's me at one of the only times I've ever had short hair and no beard. Crazy how time flies.. Enjoy life. Chase your Dreams. Then Live them! Have a great night everyone!!
7023 303 3 weeks ago
Love the short hair. But long hair is so manly and I prefer it!!!!
I have spent every minute of everyday believing in myself. As I believe each one of us should as well.. It is not easy to believe in yourself all the time. What is easy is to make excuses, to give up, to say I can't.. When all you have to do, is never give up on yourself. Say and believe "I Can." To believe when it seems impossible.. So much so, it becomes possible. When you take action each day to make it so.. and just like that each day you are one day closer. A dream doesn't always happen overnight (ironically enough) but it does happen eventually if you work and work harder for it. Your future depends on your choices today.. Choose a better future.. Choose to Change your life for the better.. Choose to Believe.. Never Settle
8745 368 3 weeks ago
@aslavin1 😳