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On Instagram straight.. Taking awkward photos cause the naked dude behind me was making me uncomfortable 😳😁 Hard work demands results no matter which way you spin it!! Keep on Keeping on and hope you all have a great night!! 💪
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@nathalyhilleke @stefanyhilleke pra voces
Stay Focused. Keep Working and most importantly Keep Dreaming. Great things are coming. Stay Humble. Stay Grounded. And above all else always do good. You never know whose life you could impact in a single moment.. Wouldn't you want to leave a positive impression?
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Holy smokes, why aren't you on the cover of cheesy Romance novels? You're like a new and improved Fabio hahahahaha.
@almarobercy he's gonna crush your skull with one arm lolz
Favorite movie is Troy.. So this helmet trumps all May have to forget Halloween and bring back the Roman Empire days year round!!! 💪 Whose with me?! And who would fight on my side!?!
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@amandauhila I found another guy just as gorge as Jason momoa!! Haha
Farrrrrk the marmidens coming in strong @cseverino_ @nathkontis
These Naps > Everything
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This is beautiful
Two hours apart and we both happen to randomly be wearing glasses at the same time Like Uncle like Nephew 😂 He wore it better tho 👓
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@july_anninha eu quero 30
Somebody asked me why I put myself through this kind of pain daily.. My Answer : Because I would rather put myself through this temporary pain to achieve an ultimate pleasure. That I will beat myself up repeatedly in order to build myself back up Stronger, Smarter and Better than I was before. I have goals and dreams and I plan to see them through so I will give my all in order to see that I make it there and achieve all I set out to. To Never Give Up. To Never Settle. This video was towards the end of my four hour leg workout (fun little tri set) and I couldn't walk out so I laid in front of the fan while I attempted to recover. What I'm trying to say is sometimes things aren't handed to us.. But no one can stop us if we go out and Earn It!!!
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The pain ain't that bad. People are just lazy
#tbt An amazing experience in NYC I will never forget. Can't wait to go back.. Now it's time for Europe 😎
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Haha I was just about to mention you in this @tretick22 😍😍
Your my favorite. ❤️
Progress is progress now matter how you put it. When you work hard and earn it there's no better feeling because no one can take that away from you. Enjoy yourself along the way and it'll make it that much better when you arrive! Stay Blessed Everyone and have a Great night!
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Ahahaha 😂 @arianecomtois
Took this literal bathroom selfie at 3:45 am. Up and ready to go. Heading to the airport and back to LA. A beyond amazing experience in NY but I'm excited to see my bed. The best thing about being single is I get to sleep around... I can sleep All over that bed of mine. I can sleep on the left, the right, the middle.. Wherever Haha Hope everyone has a great day and a great start to their day!! Think, Live and Be Positive! Stay Blessed 😘
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@ms_mari08 OMG 😍
Always Have HOPE #NYC Just climbing all the local art. No big deal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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When you have nothing... You can start with Hope... Thanks for this advice @brockohurn #hoping
Why did I have to be a few days late in coming here??????? Totally could've ran into you and snapped a pic. Hope all is well ya giant man~
Best view of the city 🌃🗽😎
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@click_doomsday I know!! But I cant get over it be jealous of a hat is ridiculous right! ?
@tenngurl nothing's ridiculous when it comes to Brock
They told me this thing was supposed to be bigger.. (Oh! Come on! Do you think I'm a gulla-bull? Or even a gulla-calf?) - Name that quote and we can be best friends 😂😄 P.s. Watch til the end. I found the big one haha
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Omg Wayne's World 2 😄 Love that movie! @brockohurn
You actually look like you're average height haha!
We paint a picture in our head of how our we wish our lives to be.. It is then our choice to make that vision a reality or not. I am here painting my life.. Not with a brush.. But with my actions. I choose to live life to the fullest at any and every chance I get. And I am thankful for everyone and everything along the way! I hope everyone is having and amazing day that will only get better! 🗽
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@hair_stories_by_lori I love this song too! Artist: Deptford Goth- For Real. Enjoy!
Thank you @instajennypenny
Live from the chopper 🚁 Currently still in the air 😍😍
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@ntravaglia um bom dia pra vc.
@riosariane bom dia, bem
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Muito lindo
I tried to be serious during the duration of this video and just couldn't keep it together haha Even on vacation had to stay on track and keep working forward! Minus the Pizza 😳 haha Time to Enjoy the city! And thank you all for the food suggestions! I am enjoying them to the fullest while I'm here! I'm aiming to gain 10 lbs before I leave 😁😂
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@brittanyduhsilva 🙈🙈🙈
@madimad1234 i just don't understand why he's so beautiful 😍😍
I'm excited for food! What are the best places to Eat in New York City?! 🍔🍟🍗🍖🍕🗽
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Holy @fereshtaaa_alii
VEEEEEEEI @_bellalopes
New York here I come ✈️
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VEEEEI @_bellalopes
I'm so Essited!!!!! 😍😍😍😂😂😂😂
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@geezcee @saraseis
You can spend your whole life waiting for your Dreams to come true.. Or you can Go out and Make them happen!
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@brazaon obrigada por essa imagem pela manha ❤️