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Brock O'Hurn LA Private Trainer Business : Exclusive videos/pictures Click Below
Do 60 of these after squats and dead lifts and tell me how you feel! Light work with the 120lb DB 3 hour leg workout never felt better. My body is responding great to the new meal and training plan I designed for myself. Somehow still managed to be too tall for the frame tho 😂 Make a plan. Stick to it. Results Will come! #ThickyThick #Beefy6ft7 #ICameToGain
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@yzzyx3 omg he squats 😍😍
@richyrobbo2 #yourturn 😂
New York City in 3 weekends! Where are all my New York Locals! And whose going to say hi if they see me! A little work and a lot of play! First time out there so I'm bringing my A game! Going to make it a great one!
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Le mec ta3 Olympia @chahinez_tbt
@im_foxy_ 23
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And im not that person😔
Do you travel?
Sometimes you just have to get outside and be active! Started where all those little white buildings are and made it to the top.. Not the hardest hike but when you add sprints and squats it really pics up! Hope everyone had a great day! Stay Blessed! #Runyon
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@ngohoe HAHAHAH ! I can see it, but no. Just no.
How I wake up after a long night of cardio.. #BedHeadLevelPro
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Wish my hair was this sexy 🙍 @_melody21_
@adhtobe lol sexy mufasa
My Saturday night. On my 10th set of 2-4 intervals. I jog 2 sprint 4 repeat.. somewhat of a pyramid fashion in terms of speed and not finished yet. By this point I am dripping sweat. Hitting the wall.. But I remember what I'm fighting for.. What I'm working so damn hard for.. And that no matter what I won't give up.. Never Settle. Even on a Saturday night.. Fight until your dream becomes Reality...
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His titties bounce 😍😍
Headphones in. World off. The only way I like to train! I've been getting a lot of emails regarding online training and the answer is Yes! I still offer online training. and Yes they are completely custom plans! Email me at to get more info Hope everyone has a great night! Work Hard and Stay Blessed!
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This time around I'm bringing everything I've got.. There's only one of me and I plan on being the best man I know possible.. That includes my health.. No excuses. Just hard work and results. #NeverSettle
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@danaemccutcheon holy shit
Right. Can I marry him. LOOK HOW TALL HE IS!!!!! @masha_gar
Why do they grow so fast?! Missin my little nugget nephew being this size
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@julialmeidan APX
See you at the Top ☝️
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That you will. 😊
Hard work will always speak for itself. Waist no time while building your empire. If you have a dream, a vision or a goal.. Do not sell yourself short. Do everything in your power to make it all a reality. While they sleep you work. They may make fun of you along the way.. For being different, for whatever reason it is.. Don't give up. and one day.. They will also ask you how you did it.. Never Settle
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@_melody21_ explorer page never fails lol
Lmao no shame!! @adhtobe haha jk that's how I find a lot of funny profiles to follow.
I don't know how someone who is 5'1" makes me look small.. 😳 This girl is the youngest Ifbb pro. Only 21 years old and she has one of the most impressive physiques you will ever see.. Living proof that hard work pays off.. And is still the sweetest most humble person I met at the Olympia expo this entire weekend. It was great meeting you Kelcie and Thank you for the motivation!!! Everyone who is looking for motivation.. Needs to follow her! Show her your support and Follow @ifbbprokelcie @ifbbprokelcie
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A veces me pregunto si @adriandr_28 será así de alto... Este Man mide 2.02 metros! La muchacha frente a él mide 1.80!! Y él se sigue viendo grandote! @karolc_01 @letze_13
Oooh por Dios!!! Yo digo que si @katherinec1189 noa veremos enanas y más yo ajajaja
Life doesn't always happen as planned. It's just... Happens. We live day to day it seems hoping a situation will change.. If we just brush it off for "another day" Hoping that dream will come true and if it didn't today.. It will tomorrow. But there comes a point where we need to realize life.. Is happening in this moment. Everyday. And what we do Now.. Determines how our life will be. Don't accept things that do not make you utterly undoubtably happy. The moment you realize how precious and important each moment you live is.. And how important each life you encounter is.. Well in that moment you will spark the change you have been looking for. To touch the lives of others. To help. To inspire. To become a better person. Create the Change. Be the Change. You have the power to positively impact every. single. person. You encounter. They say Perfect isn't possible.. But if you ask me... Isn't it worth fighting for? Striving for? Do better and Be better. and watch.. As each moment your life improves.. Hope everyone has a great day! Stay Blessed!
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@aaron_leventis @rileygarner1234 god...
5 hours on the road and 7 hours of sleep in 72 hours.. And I bet your road trips back home from Vegas still aren't as good as ours.. 😂😂 w/ @kyle_berman
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Inspiration comes in many forms.. Spending the day with a like minded brother like Kyle that drive and inspiration only multiplies.. We are running on minimal sleep and little food but know that if we want something we have to go out and earn it! 10pm in Vegas and we just finished lifting. Now it's time for a great night out with good friends @kyle_berman
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@dylancoleman___ @scosta2904
Olympia!!! Come say hi if you can find me and @kyle_berman I'm a hard target to spot!
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@maisam_attar tawel bsss eee3333 😓😓
Eee3 3lekee 💩 @lara_almouzain
Is that Olympia I see in the distance?!? ⛅️⚡️ Vegas.. We have arrived Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Expo tomorrow !! Come find us!
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Why didn't we go to Vegas this weekend? @st_effie @gabberrz13 @ravendelia
We had a deal man. I drew you. It's $60- and I gave you it for free in exchange for a post. Can you post it already, it's been a week. Don't steal from me like that
That moment you meet Jesus at the coffee shop... I just happen to leave out I'm on my way to Vegas... 🙏😈😏
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@mlleadrianne hey Jesus can have fun too!
I was being serious, because if you ever visit Seattle, there's a place called Beth's Cafe. It's good as hell. They serve the best breakfast entrees around, and they have a challenge if you eat their dozen egg omelette in one sitting, the meal is free. And they're open until 3am because people like to eat breakfast when they're drunk haha get a free meal man!
I'm not a singer aside from my truck and my shower but for some reason when I heard this song tonight I had to try and cover it. One of my favorites by Chris Young : The Man I Want To Be Hope Everyone has a Great night! Goodnight!
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good lord I think I'm in love
Name your favorite place to hike and where it's at!? Hope everyone is having a great day! Stay Blessed
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You would actually be really attractive if u cut ur hair