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Throw back to that time me and Jay were clearly bulking. Coincidentally the same time we realized he likes my truck more than me.. #ButImCoolWitIt #RespectTheWhip On another note.. By a raise of hands.. Who wants to see baby J grow out a mini man bun?! ✋ #BecauseMyMiniManNeedsABun
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Omg 😍 @katelynkovarcik
If I look tired, I'm actually wide awake.. Its just that I'm very concentrated.. Its now 4am and I'm having a staring contest with my wall.. Which by the way.. I'm definitely winning 🙊 #PeopleThinkSleepingIsFun #TryThis #StareDeeplyIntoMyEyes #FiveHoursDeep #NoStoppingMeNow #SleepingWithMyEyesWideOpen #InstaSleeping
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@jeeeennayyy @ayocaptainjack
So there's about a 900% chance that I'm going to own a horse at some point in my life.. Just something about that animal that is indescribable. #ItsOkThatIWasBlinkingBecauseMyHorseWasBusyFlirting #HeWasSmilingBefore #ISeentIt #CantWaitToRideAgain #HomeboyWasStubborn #IShowedHimWhosDaddyTho
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Love horses but never have been up close to one I really really want to 😍😍😍love these Hashtags
😂😂😂 @brockohurn
If only there were two of me.. Then I would have someone to wear this ridiculous sweater set up I have going on with.. 😏 (Side Note : Ask me how I stay motivated? I'll tell you. It's not always easy.. But pain is temporary. Whether it lasts a minute, a day, a month or year. It will subside and something greater will come as a result. If I don't allow the temporary pain to have a place in my life I will suffer something much greater.. Because the pain of giving up.. quitting.. Will last a lifetime. And I will Never allow myself to Settle) Have a great night Everyone! #ChaseYourDreams #BuildYourEmpire #NeverSettle
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@jeeeennayyy @ayocaptainjack like what
@apotesta you're welcome lol
Some men have beards. Some men have buns.. But combined, a man can do anything.. #TrueStory #CanYouSmellWhatTheBrockIsCookin #ItsSmellsNice #LikeBaconInBed #IWouldSayBreakfast #ButBaconIsBetter #HappyMonday
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The truth is if it has anything to do with outdoors I'm there. Offroading, camping, hiking, rock climbing or sky diving (which I have not had the pleasure of doing yet) And I love to travel which I'm about to take full advantage of here shortly! If it challenges me and makes me grow.. mentally, physically or spiritually . I'm there! The truth is I want to find something I can't do because I started believing a long time ago I can do anything! Just bought a new survival bow. Can't wait to get out of a backyard and really let those arrows fly. Figure I'm going to start showing a lot more me. And not just that man bun (; Any suggestions of favorite peaks to hike?! I'm dying for that challenge! 😏
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Wow. He rides AND shoots arrows.
Top of Kenter Canyon in Los Angeles. Off Sunset. Where I learned to ride. The fire trail goes all the way to the Bu.
Happy Man Bun Monday Everyone Have a great day! 👋
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@1142vanessa welll.....😍😏
The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams 🌌
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@justjonaa lækker minus skæg 👌
Pretty much sums me up haha Have a great Sunday everyone! #TimeForASundayRide #RoomForOneMore #WhoseWantsToCome?
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Sounds like my kind of man. Haha
Eiitaaa Senhor,que hombre
I fell in love with fitness a long time ago. By challenging myself everyday. Pushing myself beyond my limits. I learned what I am capable of.. That if I just believed in myself, I could achieve anything I believed in. #NeverSettling
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Gurrrrllllllll. @chardonnay_vernon
So I've got a twitter now! 😏 Feel free to follow me on there if you dare 👉 @Brockohurn Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 😘
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@wallin_mikael så långt hår med skägg borde du ha 😂😃👌
@ssarahh1989 eyebrow game
A little yard work never hurt nobody 😏 Hope everyone is having a great day!
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Give Uncle Brock some daps! Mission Complete 😎
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I wish you were my uncle
There's a 30% chance of rain and a 400% chance of Naps in the air 😴 #FavoritePastime #SeeYouIn20minutes #HopeYoureHavingAGoodDay #IfNot #NapItOut
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Como uma deusa @thamyabreu_
Passando mal aqui, n consigo sair desse insta, garota kkkkkkkkk @veronicareis_
The only way to surprise your mama is with some flowers.. 🌻 Its safe to say I've always been a mama's boy. And I will gladly admit that haha #ITookThisAwkwardSelfieForYouMom #IHadNoTime #YouWereRightAtTheDoor #ILY #RealMenBuyFlowers #AtLeastISmiled #NotNotSarcastic #ImStillDuckingThroughDoors @paigehurn
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You're beautiful
None of your pics beat THIS 😍 @aliadoyon
Paradise 🌅 Wouldn't mind being there right now.. Would you?
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@brockohurn This looks a lot like my trip to Greece. I highly recommend it! The mountains and islands are lovely.
So who wants to come run sprints with me? 😏 #HappyMonday #ManBunMonday #WishForItAndWorkForIt #SoNiceIWannaTouchTheBun #WannaRace? #DreamChaser #TheFasterISprintTheCloserIGet #IHoldGallonJugsLikeTheyreWaterBottles
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@andallas I still wouldn't run sprints
^Ya could we just walk @jessicaerynmac
Goodnight Everyone 😴
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@mihaela_loina ne valja
I used to be able to put my thumb and middle finger around my arm and touch. That's how skinny my arms were and I wanted to change that. And at 6'7" I looked even skinnier. So I hit the Iron. I learned and adapted. 😏 Quick tips. Go to failure. Try this. 3 sets : Tricep ext. and Bicep curls to failure. Only rest as long as it takes you to work the antagonist. (I was doing half reps to keep tension on that muscle to keep it active the entire lift) Switch it up and try something new!
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Holy sweet mother of cthulu ♥♥♥♥
Thought we were the only ones who work out to the weeknd @mister_greenwood
That moment you turn on the tv and it's your face.. Lol Unexpected but hilarious! Shoutout to this tv show for making me their mcm haha thank you all for the love and support! Couldn't feel more blessed! #WhoNeedsAHairTie #IveGotYou #ICanTeachYou #TheTrickIsItsAllInTheWrists #OrIsItTheHips #GuessYoullHaveToAsk #WinkyFace
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