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Buddy Valastro
Let's help out my nephew @rob_faugno and his fraternity brothers win their Instagram contest! Go to rob's profile and like this picture!
8049 35 1 hours ago
Haggin with my South African fans @sammiemet @laradelange07 @biancamaryfraser @jess_metcalfe
15981 110 9 hours ago
Come to AUSTRALIA BUDDY!!!! :)))
Best day getting to meet you !!! 🍰🍰 love from SA !
How's the rhino cake we made to help save the rhino thanks to chef paul at cake extreme and the ewt for all they do to help saving the rhino
24321 409 11 hours ago
Wow you are just a huge hero of mine and I love your work!😊😍😉👍
@camiilaaguiar isso é um bolo ou eu sou muito lerda?
I'm very proud to be here with such wonderful chefs Reza Mahammad and Jenny Morris at the good food and wine show in South Africa
14527 58 13 hours ago
Would love to meet in person or have a fresh canolli but yet my mom already had a canolli and might also get to meet you
Today was one if the best days ! Got to meet one of my favourite ppl ! Buddy thanx for all the laughs 😂😂😂🙌🙌🎂🎂
13039 64 14 hours ago
I love you buddy your what inspires me to be like you when im older x
sua limha de produtos esta a venda!!! qria comprar
Haggin with my friends @leannemanas on @morninglivesabc @mattpreston
14528 88 16 hours ago
Ah si @isabolivarm
You're in South Africa!???!!! I wanna see you!!!!!
Haggin out with my man @djfreshSA loving South Africa
14313 135 17 hours ago
Loved meeting you today @buddyvalastro be sure to visit South Africa again 🙌🙌🍰🍰🍰😱
I on my way to see all my friends in South Africa I can't wait to meet all the fans I love you guys
16071 478 2 d ago
Come to Nigeria
Air daddy baby
18712 79 2 d ago
I've been there with my husband once, it's awesome isn't it?
Where werebyou @buddyvalastro
Air buddy baby
16437 42 2 d ago
And I'm a big fan
Please visit me in milan
Like his dad
28455 244 2 d ago
Is there a connection*
I love roller coasters how about you guys
23490 335 3 d ago
Chip off the old block
21848 343 3 d ago
Luke father Like son♡ love this
Vegas baby
24099 265 3 d ago
@hannamang132 @lesneakers132 he knows man that knows a man #humble #jk
@buddyvalastro can you do a video where you speak in italian? I like when you do that in TV :) :)
Nice gondola ride at the Venetian with @deminaleA
25827 246 3 d ago
@deminale stop it right now.
Me and my boy are eating in Vegas at @buddyvs
21795 164 3 d ago
Saludos desde VENEZUELA😘😘😘 me encanta tus pasteles....@buddyvalastro
Besos Buddy desde Argentinaaaa!!!!!! 💜💜💜💜
She is a great cake decorator how do you like her cake
34249 683 4 d ago
Nice designer
I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ her cake
Making cakes with my good friend Carolina follow her at @ayala_1997 @makeawishamerica #makeawish
20711 354 4 d ago
Me and my son are off to LA baby
24666 268 4 d ago
@sarah_alotaibi1 تذكرينه ؟😭😂💜
Photo bomb!!!! Top left corner
Valastro family reunion! I love my famiglia
24061 249 13 4 d ago
Family is all!!!
bellisssima famiglia!!!!!!!!!!