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Buddy Valastro
Desert baby I love lobster tails my favorite
29122 413 1 22 hours ago
Tbh everyone loves u but if u love your fans as much as you say u do I dare you to respond to any comment on any post and tag my name so I will see. People out there would die for u the least you could do is just reply to a post!! @buddyvalastro
Something about this cake I like simple but beautiful
22187 137 1 d ago
Volta ao Brasil quero aprender com você
Carlo my cutie pie enjoying the day
30588 229 3 d ago
Que bello es tu hijo
He looks like Maurizio and @lisavalastro4
Cool henna pattern on this cake
38792 400 3 d ago
So Pretty...
No problem, I understood the mistake, I just found it funny, hope you don't mind @vianmussa
Shark cake baby
47977 1549 3 d ago
Que show #adorei
I love this wedding cake we made how about you
39712 735 1 4 d ago
Love it!! 😍😍
Like father like son my buddy's working hard today
28047 205 4 d ago
@mubeen.muddasar.nisar @aamina.chaudry
@zoearana x'D
This is gonna be a cool cake can't wait to finish it up tomorrow I will post the finished product
30725 381 5 d ago
@steph_cg @irmamont11 @rominaprada
oo im about to diiiive in
Nothing like a Nutella tart to start the day
28165 494 1 6 d ago
Oh mio dio ti odio @maggioreelisaaa
Having dinner with my good friend Sebastien at Andiamo steakhouse @silvestrilv
19302 131 1 6 d ago
@sophia__33 this looks like daddy
Making custard the old fashion way in Vegas
22296 474 6 d ago
Buddy sou sua fã. Meu sonho um dia e ir na Carlo's Barks . Tudo de bom. Vcs e o mestre da confeitaria o Brasil te ama Buddy.🔝😽💕
With the best DJ in the world @tiesto
21010 191 1 1 weeks ago
Mi amorrr
To the 540 club me and the wolf pack
14716 46 1 weeks ago
I'm so happy to be back in Vegas @buddyvs it's time for lunch @venetianvegas
20162 136 1 1 weeks ago
When are you Going to make A Bakery in Los Angeles!!! @buddyvalastro hellllo!!! We need your Greatness BROUGHT OVER HERE!! 🌇💕🎂🍰🍪🍫🍫
Se ve delicioso
Enjoying the game with my boys from little ferry
19063 62 4 1 weeks ago
@buddyvalastro come to Brazil again we are big fans of their
Hello saw you make a cupcake and the lentilho can do with the whipping cream and beat until turn Mantega use the net? Because in Brazil I found thanks love you is your family bjs to all
How's this cake
42764 1197 1 weeks ago
Perfect all of your cakes @buddyvalastro
Hermosa *-*
Having fun with my friend @ajcalloway today @cakebosscafe
21068 104 1 1 weeks ago
Hi i come from Venezuela only to see you buddy i need a cake too 60 people to take the cake to Venezuela pleaseee im going on 29 august please i am your fans please dont deny yout fans pleaaaseee im libanese too
Hi Buddy!!! The cake boss!!! My name is Bibiana, i 12 years and i brazilian!!! Pleaseeee i LOVE you!!! Come to Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul!!!
We're crowning the #NGB TONIGHT! It all starts at 9pm est on TLC. Who are you rooting for?!
21035 565 2 weeks ago
Cake Boss and Next Great Baker are my favorite tv shows
Cake boss and the next great baker
baking apple pies with my buddy
28287 198 2 weeks ago
@buddyvalastro hope to work for carlos bakery...it's my DREAM!
Cake bosses ready to bake
27740 258 2 weeks ago
@jennamarie617 r u thinking what I'm thinking....😂😂
OMG Yes @mariinamae