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Dannica We rise by lifting others...🎈 https://twitter.com/dannica_raye
"Captain floaty duck" 🚤 #summer #fun #captain #duck #ineededthis
53 1 7 hours ago
Shuswap Lake Provincial Park
OMG bae 😍
One of my first photo shoots and I LOVED it!! 😍 Can't wait for the next one 😊👙 #bikini #photoshoot #sunset #toomuchfun #tbt
62 6 3 d ago
@dannicaraye YOU LOOK AMAZING! 😍😍😍😘😘👍
{ 🍷flawless🍷 }
26 2 1 weeks ago
Saltlik Steakhouse Calgary
Love that spot !
It's one of my new favorites @ooc_euge !
What a perfect day for a HOUSE party!! #stampshouse better be filled with our amazing fans for a great game against the Ti-cats. See you all there! 🏈👀🎉 #gostampsgo
81 3 1 weeks ago
Hope you enjoyed the game @lolapal0oza !!
It was a good one! We took the win, which automatically makes it a great game haha! You guys were fantastic as well.
"I'm Dannica, but you have to call me... Dragon"🐲"Well then.. You have to call me... Nighthawk" #nonighthawkemoji So happy to have had @jaredw21 as one of my best friends for so many years! Why are we so amazing?!! #matchinghats #dragon #nighthawk
47 1 1 weeks ago
Look at what I found! This sexy outlaw 😻😱 #stampede2014 #newfriends & #bestfriends
56 4 1 weeks ago
That's why I did that @rhianneroo !! Haha cause you were there.. The other pics were... 😳🍻 #ohrhianneyouresofunnywhenyouredrunk 😉
Oh yay! @dannicaraye I thought about posting some too but yeah ... 😳
🎶🎸Dirt road poison Ivy League of campfires, guitars and river swings 🎸🎶 Infield for the chucks and a hell of a great night with my blonde twin 😘 #stampede2014 #chuckwagons #stampede #greatnights #yyc @shelbypostlewaite
46 2 2 weeks ago
Calgary Stampede Infield
Great seats!!!
Siick! I dig the vibe you portray on your page. Do you keep your Business options open when it comes to making more money on the side? Lets connect :)
#stampede2014 Has been nothing but good times with amazing people! 😜😆👍 #cowboyscalgary
72 3 2 weeks ago
Cowboys Stampede Tent
Oh you 😘 @austinparksss
Stampede stage 👐🙌 #cowboyscalgary #stampede #bestnightwithmygirls #morenightstocome
44 2 2 weeks ago
What a BEAUTIFUL day for the Stampede Parade! 😎☀️ #calgary #stampede #parade @lperry24 @cindynovy @dmckerchar9 @cassandrabakes @sarahsomethin
45 3 weeks ago
Dean Brody with the BEST two stepping partner I've ever had 😘👍😘 @cassandram_11 #deanbrody #cowboyscalgary #twostepping #killingit
77 2 1 3 weeks ago
Cowboys Stampede Tent
Be right there
It's the day we've all been waiting for! The Calgary Stampeders Home Opener!! #gostampsgo 🏈😁😁🏈 Can't contain my EXCITEMENT!! #yearofthehorse
82 6 3 weeks ago
McMahon Stadium
Damn auto correct.
I get to perform there on the 9 of August with you
Wings, limo, new shoes 😱👠, dance battles, bottle service and meeting so many new friends! What a wonderful night with such amazing women! 😘 #ladiesnight #love #mygirls #clichehashtags
58 3 4 1 month ago
Cowboys Ladies Night
Give them back!! 😢 @bompin 😡
ill drop them off sunday after my orientation... like 4ish
Happy Game Day!! YAHOO!! Wish I was there to support the BEST team in the CFL with my favourite women on the sidelines! 👯👯🏈#stampeders #preseason #bestgameever #somuchrain #stampshouse
84 2 2 1 month ago
Good luck today Dannica!! You'll rock it. We miss you and the girls 😊 @baileenb @dannicaraye #gostampsgo
Can't wait to cheer you on from the sidelines tonight! ❤️😍
I'm in #Toronto ?! 😳 #funtimes #cantwait #travel ✈️
56 1 1 month ago
Toronto, Ontario
I am so unbelievably proud of one of my best friends in the entire world!🌎 @rhianneroo has been working so incredibly hard to get what she wants for herself and it is paying off! I can't even describe how amazing this woman is, and I can't wait to see how much she will achieve in the months to come. 💪🙊 #beautiful #woman #fitness #transformation #strength #commitment #prouddannica
52 2 1 1 month ago
👍great work!
Love you @dannicaraye 😘💗👍 you've helped me get there with your positivity!
Catching up with these beautiful ladies from Sweden 😘💁 @linafagrell @matildafitness
51 4 2 1 month ago
Kilt & Caber
Can't wait for the fun times ahead @matildafitness @linafagrell !! 😁😁😁
We too 😃
I've been out of high school for two years? That can't be right.. 😳 I've come so far in these two years that I feel like I've become a different person entirely. I am proud of who that person is. @ferrarimotorsport #graduation #unbelievable
68 4 1 month ago
@austinparksss friend of the family's ! 😊 Thanks @cassandrabakes ! Probably my favourite dress that I will ever wear ❤️❤️
I would wear my grad dress every day if I could!!
#iamworthit ✌️🌸 We all need to remind ourselves every once in awhile
63 1 month ago
Games night with the best! @amygrapeess @rhianneroo @cassandram_11 @jaredw21 @bolewie 😂🍕#rowdy #gamesnight #hatingonben
47 5 5/25/2014
cards against humanity