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Dannica We rise by lifting others...🎈 https://twitter.com/dannica_raye
Preliminaries in gorgeous dresses with gorgeous women! ❤️ #mcgp
30 4 1 3 hours ago
You look amaze'n! 😍😍😍
So excited to receive the Petite Bikini Queen! It's a "just for fun" award but I still love love LOVE it 😊👑😍 #mcgp #bikiniqueen #pageant #fun
51 14 hours ago
Toronto, Ontario
Ready for some karaoke with my sister queens!! 🎤 #mcgp #selfie
57 3 2 d ago
Ellen's Place Restaurant & Karaoke Bar
Caricatures with my pageant sister Queen!! 👑💁👑 #mcgp #caricature #sisterqueen #sistersforreal
34 1 2 d ago
Canada's Wonderland
Just before @amie.lacharite and I tackled The Behemoth at Canada's Wonderland!! What an amazing day! 😝😱 #mcgp #pageantweek #everythingisawesome
58 2 1 2 d ago
Canada's Wonderland
It was so awesome @cassandrabakes 😻😻
Already an amazing first day of National Pageant Week with all my lovely #MCGP sister queens and the gorgeous Amie 😍👸 #allyoucaneat #canadian #pageant
60 1 3 d ago
Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse Adelaide
@candie_freakiefitt asleep already? Turn down for Candice naps #candicenaps
26 1 1 3 d ago
@candie_freakiefitt awe candiee !! Xo
Regionals were AMAZING! I'm very excited to officially announce my title as Miss Petite Alberta! I had some very strong competition and am looking forward to Nationals.👑👑👑 #mcgp My other photo is the beautiful ladies holding the Alberta title in the Teen, Petite and Miss category. 😍👸 #albertapride #Canada #beautypageant
85 6 1 4 d ago
Toronto, Ontario
Just amazing, very proud of you :)
Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all the love and support! 😊😊 @legendoftea @austinparksss @madelinemar @shelby.kasc @sterling_hammy
Couldn't be more true 😍😍 Ready for Miss Canada Globe 2014!! #shoes #quote #misscanada
57 1 1 weeks ago
She's soaking up the sun, getting next to nothing done☀️☀️☀️Cause she's working on her tan 😎
80 1 2 weeks ago
Peace ✌️
Where gave you been
Mom: Don't look at me. That's not my kid 👀 Me: When I want your opinion I'll remove the duct tape 🙊 Missed hanging out with my mommy! Never a dull moment 😘 #motheranddaughter #matching #lakelife
57 1 2 weeks ago
Mara Lake
Today is the birthday of an amazing woman that I have become very close with in a very short time. She inspires those around her everyday with her upbeat personality and never ending support. She continues to find new ways to have a good time with her Titanic references, quirky nerd-ness, and hilarious outlook on life. Happy birthday to my favorite human "bean" @cindynovy 🎉❤️👸❤️🎉 #happybirthday #bestharleyever #cantwaitforthegreattimesahead
33 3 weeks ago
Just another gorgeous summer with my gorgeous sister @jennaxog !! 😍😎 #sisterlylove #beautiful #sister #summer #shuswap
72 1 1 3 weeks ago
Sicamous Bc
Nice suit #bright
"Captain floaty duck" 🚤 #summer #fun #captain #duck #ineededthis
67 1 3 weeks ago
Shuswap Lake Provincial Park
OMG bae 😍
One of my first photo shoots and I LOVED it!! 😍 Can't wait for the next one 😊👙 #bikini #photoshoot #sunset #toomuchfun #tbt
104 9 3 weeks ago
{ 🍷flawless🍷 }
29 2 1 month ago
Love that spot !
It's one of my new favorites @ooc_euge !
What a perfect day for a HOUSE party!! #stampshouse better be filled with our amazing fans for a great game against the Ti-cats. See you all there! 🏈👀🎉 #gostampsgo
91 5 1 month ago
This is so cool!! Congrats on making it :)
Just killin it beb 😍
"I'm Dannica, but you have to call me... Dragon"🐲"Well then.. You have to call me... Nighthawk" #nonighthawkemoji So happy to have had @jaredw21 as one of my best friends for so many years! Why are we so amazing?!! #matchinghats #dragon #nighthawk
49 1 1 month ago
Look at what I found! This sexy outlaw 😻😱 #stampede2014 #newfriends & #bestfriends
58 4 1 month ago
That's why I did that @rhianneroo !! Haha cause you were there.. The other pics were... 😳🍻 #ohrhianneyouresofunnywhenyouredrunk 😉
Oh yay! @dannicaraye I thought about posting some too but yeah ... 😳
🎶🎸Dirt road poison Ivy League of campfires, guitars and river swings 🎸🎶 Infield for the chucks and a hell of a great night with my blonde twin 😘 #stampede2014 #chuckwagons #stampede #greatnights #yyc @shelbypostlewaite
47 2 1 month ago
Calgary Stampede Infield
Great seats!!!
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