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Ade Fadjrianti Kariem ● Instanusantara People ● 2nd account @ade.fadjrianti Malang - Semarang, Indonesia
Hutan, (sawah), Gunung, Lautan, simpanan kekayaan Loc : Ternate, Maluku Utara, Indonesia Upload bersama @instanusantara #instanusantara #inub7257
171 37 11h
Ternate, Maluku Utara
Weeeh Ternate emang bikin pingin balik
W <3 W
Strings Lullaby Goodnight fellas #musicphotography #violin #musicismylife #musicislife
104 9 1d
Ntik jumpa jangan lupak dimainin ini iyaah akuuuh
Nais bingiiiits 😍😍😍
Kuda poni suka apel, loh Cc @swastikasari @fredylegend #instanusantara #inub8526 #instanusantaramalang #instanusantarasemarang #instanusantaraDIY #jengjeng
132 35 3d
Pantai Parangtritis, Yogyakarta
Makanya ojok galau terus samean @fredylegend hahah
@delfadjrianti hahahah punk dee
karena Putih itu Kamu. Upload bersama @instanusantara #inub7958 #instanusantara #instanusantarasemarang #instanusantaramalang
113 24 4d
Makasih selalu om @diyan_fadani :)
The days that will never come #instanusantara #instanusantarasemarang #instanusantaramalang #inub9269
184 29 5d
Yiruma - The Days That'll Never Come ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮
Makasih mas budi @putubudi28
Makasih mas wahyu yg keren juga @wahyu_2030
One of the most telling things about a person is how they say "Hello". Hello folks ! Photo by @guegetu Follow his ig for more wonderful photos Makasih fotonya, Koh :D #folkindonesia #wanderfolk #liveauthentic #livefolk #lifeofadventure
104 16 1 6d
Thank you @wouterboerphoto
"Saya percaya bahwa di dunia ini tidak ada yang sia-sia. Membiarkan hidup dengan caranya sendiri menggiring kita menuju sebuah jawaban." - Akar, @deelestari • • • Upload bersama @instanusantara #inub0707 #instanusantara #instanusantarasemarang #instanusantaramalang
146 16 6d
Makasih neh om idola @benedictusvenus
And history books forgot about us and any holy books in whole world didn't mention us, not even once. @fujifilm_id #gofujifilm #xt10creativityeveryday #flowerphotography #flowercandy
102 8 1w
Mamacih cayi.. you more tikli and lopeliiiih :* @swastikasari
How about we just see where life takes us for awhile? Loc : Limboto Lake, Gorontalo - Indonesia #instanusantara #instanusantaramalang #instanusantarasemarang #inub0266 #instanusantaragorontalo
159 22 1w
Makasih selalu om vino @benedictusvenus selamat pagi. Have a great day
To live a wonderful life, create more, buy less, hug more, scold less, give more, take less, forgive more, worry less and be grateful everyday for life. Good morning from Indonesia.. Rise, shine, and be blessed, Igers! #instanusantara #srs_sunshine #sunrise #liveauthentic #livefolk #vscocamphotos #vscomoment
136 15 1w
Keceeeee kak
Makasih kakak kece @arichaniago
If you playing with the fire, you gonna get burned. So watch out, practice safety! #instanusantara #inubJKT488 #instanusantaramalang #instanusantarasemarang #steelwool
173 20 1w
@delfadjrianti keren
Maacih sayanku @juliadjailani
You tucked me in, turned out the lights, kept me safe and sound at night. Little girls depend on things like that. Brushed my teeth and combed my hair, had to drive me everywhere, you were always there when I looked back. You had to do it all alone, make a livin', make a home. Must have been as hard as it could be. And when I couldn't sleep at night, scared things wouldn't turn out right You would hold my hand and sing to me : "Caterpillar in the tree how you wonder who you'll be. Can't go far but you can always dream. Wish you may and wish you might, don't you worry hold in tight. I promise you there will come a day; Butterfly fly away" HAPPY FATHER's DAY to the Man who I can't live without ! Thank you for being the coolest Father in the whole world. I love you more than anything, Pa ! May Allah always bless you Fokus k Papany aja. Jgn k muka sy yak* #fathersday
112 26 1w
Hahaha begitulah sur hehe @gde_as
@delfadjrianti 👍
Jika kita mau menengok dan memberi kesempatan, setiap saat alam menyampaikan cintanya pada kita, dan membiarkan dirinya ibarat merpati pos yang sudi menyampaikan cinta kita pada siapa pun, di mana pun. Sehalus udara, air hujan, dan cahaya mentari. Selamat pagi dari kaki Gunung Ungaran, Semarang, Jawa Tengah. Selamat hari minggu dan selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa hari ke 4 bagi yang menjalankan. #instanusantara #instanusantarasemarang #jengjeng #exploresemarang #indonesia_photography
100 26 1w
Indah banget mba
Makasih banget kang @bionicdroid main ke semarang kapan2 hehe
I say, Love, it don't mean nothing. Unless there's something worth fighting for.It's a beautiful war. -Kings of Leon, Beautiful War Selamat malam minggu, mbloo Upload bersama @instanusantara #inub2006 #instanusantaramalang #instanusantarasemarang
164 27 1w
Makasih banget om vino yg keren jg @benedictusvenus
@delfadjrianti follback
Sepi tidak berarti hampa Selamat sore :)
110 7 1w
Luarr biasaa mbak
Makasih selalu ya mas yg luarr biasaa jg @tom_hendry :)
Travel is a food and Love is a desert. (Quote Bokap of the day) I LOVE YOU and I'll see you soon, Papa ! Upload bersama @instanusantara #inub5386 #instanusantaramalang #instanusantarasemarang
141 32 1w
Ahaa siaap next trip ya hehe
Malang ngangenin yaa.. 😄 @delfadjrianti
June, 19 In these place so many objects, so many memories. Each was being labelled and packed away in bags just as it was in my mind. To be stored in an area that would sometime be called upon to teach and help in future life. Now I wish, life will always full of joy and happiness. No more tears, no more drama. Just a happy smile like it was. :)
122 8 1w
Makasih selalu om idola @benedictusvenus
See the sunrise, know it's time for us to pack up all the past and find what truly lasts. Upload bersama @instanusantara #inub9169 #instanusantara #instanusantaramalang #instanusantarasemarang
149 26 2w
Gunung Bromo Jawa Timur
Waaaa apik iki mba
Makasih mbak cantik :* @najmutsaqib
Senja Kinnara #instanusantara #inub5432 #instanusantaramalang #instanusantarasemarang
174 26 2w
Pantai Kota Ternate Maluku Utara
Makasih selalu master master idola @arichaniago @benedictusvenus
Ready for Ad"F"enture? Happy Monday ! Loc : Sulamadaha, Ternate, North Moluccas #instanusantara #instanusantaraamboina #exploreternate #vscocamphotos #vscophile #vscoaward #vsco_hub #vscocam #lifeofadventure #lifeonthemove #liveauthentic #livefolk #wanderfolk #wanderlust
126 21 2w
Maksih mas dokter @arichaniago