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Philippians 4:13 💋Knorr 💚 Pure It 💙 Domex 💙 Breeze 💛 Cif 💚 Diana Stalder 💚 Premena Salon 💗 Chic Nails 💙 Revlon ❤️
Thanks daddy @boyetahmee for watching over #AlonzoRomeoJose during the @smartparenting cover shoot ❤️❤️❤️ we missed u ate @callieahmee
3029 12 19h
Can't wait for the issue to come out @smartparenting @dimplesromana :)
Make up by my dear @akohosikusieho for the cover shoot of @smartparenting April 2015 issue 😘
2230 11 19h
So pretty @dimplesromana may I ask Anong color yong lippie nyo please!!! Super pretty TLAGA... I LOVE IT ❤️
Cover shoot for @smartparenting April 2015 issue , styling by @sidney_yap 😘😘😘 Thanks dear!!
1753 10 19h
Luv the dress dimps! @dimplesromana mishyu! 😘
I like and I love your dress...
It's out!!!! Grab the latest issue of @smartparenting 😍 Proud mom moment as I share with u my baby #AlonzoRomeoJose 's first magazine cover shared of course with the two lovely mommas, LJ and Ciara and with their little ones Keona and Crixus 😘 #spreadthelove Thank you so much Smart Parenting Magazine 💙 shot by the "baby whisperer" 😄 @stanongphotog !!!
2046 22 20 22h
@iamfifig 👆👆👆
I want a copy of this :) @doris_bee
Kita kita po tayo this Sunday!!! #Repost @alanmreal Catch them on April 5, Easter Sunday at the Market Market Activity Center. See you there!!! @starmagicphils @dimplesromana @imjaysongainza @lhabsyu @marcosjuancastillo @deejayecuadrado #bidabestkids @acasinay
744 5 1d
Thank you
Sibling love in the morning! Thank u ate @callieahmee for assembling #AlonzoRomeoJose 's play pen 😍😘 #liwatsaamahan
2719 18 1d
maayo kay kabalo ka mag binisaya ms. @dimplesromana at least makasabot ka sa mga comments dire bilib kaayo ko nimo i know na you're a nice person….
Nice person jud na si ms.@dimplesromana .na meet nako sya 1 time super bait..maau unta mo balik pa sya sa renegadefolk store..☺☺☺
New read habang chill si sir #AlonzoRomeoJose #harukimurakami
2485 13 1d
Im always watching TFC CONNECT please say hi to joy and jr sarno sa Bremerton Washington, please ate @dimplesromana 😊
Spending as much time as I can with this charming angel before I go back to work next week 😍 #AlonzoRomeoJose
4269 64 2d
Siga at may dimples pa...mana sa Mother
Guapo Alonzo @dimplesromana 😊
Kung pwedeng pigilan ang panahon... 😔 senti Tuesday @boyetahmee
3118 28 2d
We African we do the same to ours but it's all wooly and short @aduna1021
👏 "hot"
Favorite ko pa rin yung @mcdo_ph #McTollbooth 😘Great job McDonald’s! #imlovinit
2061 9 2d
@dimplesromana may food ba dyan?
Hi Ms Dimples! Hope you could check our h&m and KS bags. Thank you 💋
Thank you so much McDonald’s for these 24 acts of surprise! #imlovinit so much! CHECK OUT: @mcdo_ph
717 10 2d
Hi @dimplesromana , we are very picky of the celebrities who we should send our bottled fragrances because we produce in very small batches unfortunately😭. Our team has been waiting for you to give birth because we feel that you may avoid wearing perfume (al though our perfumer said, it's okay... but we want you to be safe...ST) . Ms. Dimps, it will be an honor if you may allow us for you take a whiff of our perfumes that we handcraft meticulously with passion. Our oils are some of the finest oils from Grasse, France yet we made it affordable. Some claim that our scent can even last for days 🙈.We would love you to try our Spring Floral Drops (best for baby to smell too as we don't use synthetic oils but only natural ones) and experience the magic as it turns into Citrus-y on first hit 🍎, then after few minutes turns into floral 🌺 , and then the dry run is powdery baby finish 🍼. All 3 notes in one. Should you like to Experience it , we would be very glad to send you. We don't know where to contact / email you 🙈🙉😢 . But here's ours if in case you find us (Good Luck to us 🙏) here 09174465555 We would be glad to send you 🍃🌺🌷. Have a blessed sweet smelling scent ahead of you! Nobela Levels na, our persistence!
Gandang umaga!!! From my bunso #AlonzoRomeoJose 😍😘 happy vibes to start your day!
2888 52 3d
ang cute kakagigil...
Ayan gusto ko tuloy ng ganyan. Lol
On this very couch I pray in the morning and this little one is my companion. I pray with him and pray over him 😘😍 We wish the Angels will all guard you today 😊 #AlonzoRomeoJose
4566 24 4d
Chubby face! Ang cute nyo sobra @dimplesromana
God bless you child. So handsome!!! Preloved stuff here.
#timehop just last year I only had one heart beating outside of me. Now there's two 😍👶 I love you ate @callieahmee and #AlonzoRomeoJose
2699 13 4d
Mum n child looking gd
Hi ms @dimplesromana we would love to send u a gift. Please let us know how at Thank u:-)
We love how our friends come in batches visiting our baby #AlonzoRomeoJose at home 😊 we've been blessed with so much love around us, Thank you Panaligans, Reys, Gamboas and Quiros' 😘😘😘 #thankfulheart #countyourblessings
2082 6 4d
Morning pa-pogi courtesy of my bunso for you today 😜 #AlonzoRomeoJose
3564 105 5d
Ang cute shemay haha
#timehop exactly one year ago we were in Manaoag to pray, now all my prayers have already been answered 😍 about to start my morning prayers, please let me know if there's anything you'd like me to pray for and id gladly include your prayer intentions to mine 😘
1792 168 5d
pls help me pray for my whole family good health always , world peace & most of all sana mgkababy na ako , am really praying hard that God will grant my request to have a baby very soon . thanks @dimplesromana ur such a good God's Angel 🙏🙏🙏
Pls help me pray that God will grant success for my husband's exam.. Thank you miss dimples and God Bless your beautiful family
The mark of strong, genuine friendships is when the relationship multiplies. Meet our beloved Peñalozas. We've been friends for a decade now and they're the reason why we come by Singapore often. After years of friendship and travels, even their parents and siblings have all grown really close to us and would spend time with us just as if we're part of their family! Kaya Salamat po Nanay and Tatay for sharing your kids (Merwille, Joyce, Nel, Grace, Weng and Jessa) with us! We love you 😘😘😘 #thankfulheart #countyourblessings
1581 4 5d
Yay naka Barça si tito :)
#imlovin all these surprises from @mcdo_ph 😍😍😍 McDonald's all around the world! Look at this! #imlovinit
1547 4 5d
Sana meron din dto
sana kasali si Juls sa Mcdo TVC!
My ate @callieahmee had so much fun buying her grad gift at @soleacademy today!! Excellent customer service and such wide selection of sneaker brands and latest releases!!! Behind her is the #Supercolor #superstar #adidas release!!! 😍😘 they have branches in B2 of Bonifacio Highstreet and Alabang Town Center 😘
1918 3 6d
See you again ma'am dimples :) so simple yet so beautiful in person at sobrang bait :) @dimplesromana