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He makes all things beautiful in His time ♥ http://dimplesromana.ph
Motherhood is the BEST role ever given to me ♥ And I'm loving every moment of it ♥ ( Here with my first born @callieahmee giving me and her baby sibling in my tummy a big tight hug ♥)
2265 12 1 d ago
Hi Ms @dimplesromana ! I wanted to make your recipe of the mug cake again but I cant find it anymore. If you have the time can you please post it? Thank you sooo much!! 😘😘😘😊😊😊
That's correct po ✔👍😊
"A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost." -Marion C. Garretty #SisterhoodOfTheCuriousMinds @bernardokath @danix8 @callieahmee @montesjulia08 ♥
2092 20 1 d ago
Hello Dimples thanks for loving Kath. I appreciate your bonding time put to a good cause and purpose. I can't wait for your next bonding time. We her fans in the US love her so much because she is such a role good model to the youth. We love you too and your family. Congrats to your new addition to your family. I hope Kath and Julia will be the Godparents. Please don't forget to post your next bonding time. Thanks.
Superb 👍
Doing something new every chance we get is rewarding. It brings us feelings of excitement, happiness and fulfillment ♥ Sharing with you my artwork from yesterday's bonding with my dearest @danix8 @bernardokath and @callieahmee Dont miss the next one @montesjulia08 So proud of Callie ♥ She's always been so focused and creative. I picked the Mother & child theme since its very timely for my pregnancy now and Calllie picked the Koi theme because she's a big fan of fish and all sorts of animals. Im.guessing her next one would be of a dog :)
1407 12 1 d ago
Galing ni callie!
napaka talented mo naman
#SisterhoodOfTheCuriousMinds bonding with @danix8 @callieahmee @bernardokath here finishing up my Mother & Child painting last night ♥
1397 6 1 d ago
post @callieahmee work ms. Dimple pls. hehehe
Wow galing niyo naman po ms. @dimplesromana ganda love it
Gandang umaga! Gumising ng extra early today to fix up this not so little one for her school presentation ♥ @callieahmee ♥ #preggymommaduties ♥
1277 13 1 d ago
Hello grabe super natutuwa po ako sa inyo @dimplesromana . You're treating us nicely ❤. You always entertain your fans. Kung lahat po ng artists kagaya nyo grabe nakakatouch. I admire you so much tita 💙😍. More blessings and projects to come. Always take care. 💋💋
Yes! its happy Sepetember!!! @dimplesromana ♥♥♥another year to celebrate for us♥ more fun adventures for us :) more blessings!
Habang busy kaming magchikahan over dinner, I look over to @callieahmee at ito ang kinabubusyhan nya ♥ #bookworm ♥
1205 9 2 d ago
Anu pong libro yn?? Muka po kseng diary of a wimpy kid :D
Oo nga po please. Maganda naman yan sigurado 👍👍❤❤
Effortless beauty @bernardokath working on her masterpiece today! #SisterhoodOfTheCuriousMinds Nakaka-pressure kang katabi bebe, competitive ako bwhahahha
5566 75 2 d ago
Nice one :)
@jayp_from_the_future i wanna paint
Learning something new again today!! Ready to paint with these awesome two @bernardokath @danix8 #SisterhoodOfTheCuriousMinds we missed u today @montesjulia08
2773 13 2 d ago
@vim_dy kailan na tayo punta dito? set na natin..i waaaaannntttt!! 😁
@trishangtunay tara naaa! San ba to?
Welcome to the Christian world, Joaquin Mateo ♥♥♥ with the beautiful mom, ate @maangeli ♥
1166 7 2 d ago
Very soon you will have your send baby.
I meant second baby lol
Mga mommies!!! Show me who your number 1 detergent is by posting your own #Breeze1Laba pose with a @breezeph pack! Stand a chance to win a washing machine! #1MilyungMantsa1Laba #preggymommahomeessentials
1120 16 2 d ago
Game for all BreezePh users ♥ @mmo_calisthenics_
Spending my #SigeSabado with the awesome two! @callieahmee @boyetahmee Family is forever ♥
1131 13 3 d ago
I see you kanina po idol @dimplesromana sa may resort world..super npaka simply mo.. Very down to earth.. God Bless You Lage
Oh that pretty Magnum plate ♥♡♥
2402 25 4 d ago
@kimchiulovee @melf94xo
Wow sarap naman
Pasalubong from our dearest mama @kittygirl_joyce and papa @merwille ♥ thank u!!!! Welcome home!! So excited, First time to try!
567 12 4 d ago
@therealkathryna oh
May pork flakes pa yan sooooo yummy ysn Dimples*****
Week almost over but the Lord's blessings never stop pouring in for all of us ♥ Have a fun friday!
636 6 4 d ago
good morning idol ;)
Kahit wala kayo dito sa #Breeze1Laba event, you still can win a washing machine! Tweet: “Tanggal ang 1M mantsa sa Breeze 1 LABA day. #Breeze1Laba #1milyungmantsa” now! Contest ends at 5pm!
827 10 5 d ago
@pisceanrat you're super duper right po :). She's beautiful inside and out :))) @dimplesromana
@kathnielteam_online 👍👍👍
Ang saya saya dito sa @breezeph #Breeze1Laba day! Nandito ang ating #sigemoms para tanggalin ang 1milyung na mantsa! #1milyungmantsa
421 2 5 d ago
See you @dimplesromana 😘😊
Please check your DM 🙏 Thank you in advance & Godbless! ❤️
Thank you @revlonph for my make up @premenasalon for my hair @dianastalder for my skincare and my baby in my tummy for the "preggy glow" haha #hostingmode
1501 25 5 d ago
You're so beautiful po
Hello my tiny baby bump! All set for hosting the Mobile Money Hub Launch of Qualcomm Wireless Reach and Hapinoy this morning ♥ #workingpreggymomma #hostingmode
1287 16 5 d ago
@erikatatad ate!!! Accept my request haha
Ang sexy nmn ng preggy mommy...:)
Busy #preggymomma today! Off to my first hosting today then later joining my #breezeph family for the #breeze1laba day!!! So excited :) Have a beautiful and productive day ahead gorgeous mommas!
462 1 5 d ago
Ingat my kumare. For sure my inaanak will be really smart.😊
Home from Swak Na Swak shoot and now about to enjoy this ♥ I swear ansarap ng lahat ng lumalabas sa kusina namin :p #feedingthebabyinmytummy ♥ #dimpskitchen
1765 29 6 d ago
Sarap din to add cinnamon & tapioca. Yup, iba sa saba yan. Yummy!
srap nman huhu nakaka miss ang. pagkain ng pinas