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He makes all things beautiful in His time ♥
Never lose hope ♥ Live your fairy tale and slay 'em dragons!:) Goodnight from sleepy preggy momma ♥
736 6 8h
Check us out guys👈☺️💚
Godbless always @dimplesromana ;)
I love sunsets ♥ Brings me peace all the time... How amazing is Your power Oh God ♥
1643 11 12h
Parang doom na dun sa red part haha
sobrang relate ako dyan😃
Mais con hielo on a hot afternoon ♥ Kain tayo!:) Sinong nakakamiss nito?:) #BCDfoodventures
1794 24 15h
fav ko po yan :)
How serene our workplace ♥ Hosting mode on today for #preggyworkingmomma ♥ Shoot for #SwakNaSwak ♥
848 7 17h
Ganda ng view!
No worries! ♥♡♥ have a beautiful Tuesday!:)
1677 22 1d
Hello Ms. Dimples. I know you have a kind heart.. Sorry to disturb you.. But can you please help me by liking the first three photos in my instagram account please help. :( that's for our Art appreciation project help me please :( Thank you so much in advance!!! :)
Oh my gosh. Thank you so much for your help Ms Dimples. Super thanks po. Huhu. Thank you again and God bless you always po!!! 💋💋💋
Galing! This was sent to me via twitter by James Arvin Domingo @RedShirt20 :) Thank u sooo much for this beautiful digital art! I love it!
1453 14 2d
With two SUPERMOMS I admire and love @mommymaricel @piamagalona ♥ #CavityFreeFuture
1155 10 2d
Hello @mommymaricel ❤️ Great seeing you too!
Such a joy to be around a chill mama like you @piamagalona !
#preggyworkingmomma today! My baby bump saying hello ♥ A NEW technology in winning the fight against cavities is about to be launched! #CavityFreeFuture :)
689 6 2d
@hylher83 yes that's true 👍
@rissamananquil soooo happy meeting u! Na-starstruck ako when I saw u! I dont even remember what we talked about haha Ive always admired your beauty ♥
♥♡♥♡♥ My grateful heart is full ♥♡♥♡♥ To God be all the glory! Goodnight!
1457 19 3d
Hello @dimplesromana . I am selling health,beauty and wellness products and would really love to send you some of them. I hope you can send me your shipping address so I can send some to you right away. You can reach me thru my email thisisfrontrowbymichelle . Hope to hear from you soon,doll!
Mitsuyado Sei Men's Karashi Tsukemen is definitely a must try ♥ My hubby who LOVES noodles swears its one of the best he's ever tasted ♥ #BCDfoodventures
1212 14 3d
Thanks miss @dimplesromana. Balik po kau:)
Must be sun noodles then
Happy Family SunDate ♥ Someone is enjoying the outdoors so much :) @callieahmee ♥
1450 14 3d
Looks like my daughter maxin 👍👍👍😍😍😍
Nice Kicks 🏀😎👍👟
Stay updated with the latest news from #breezeph by visiting the new website!:) ♥
415 6 3d
Have a blessed day Ms @dimplesromana 🙏
Can't wait for Monday! Great news about to unfold ♥
806 7 4d
Aaaaww thats one of the sweetest messages ive received so far ♥ What is your nationality @rhm_xo ?:)
@prelydah thank u!! You take care too!
Because no #SigeSabado is complete without seeing your beautiful face ate @callieahmee ♥♡♥ Love you forever...
1532 12 4d
Ang pretty nya. 💋
Baby Callie!!! sooo pretty :) @callieahmee
Starting my day with @gardeniaph ♥ Thank u for sending these over! #HappyBreadDay
779 2 4d
I Love it @dimplesromana ;)
@callieahmee sent me this direct message on Instagram, natunaw ang puso ko ♥ Kay sarap maging ina ♥ Love u anak ♥
1172 9 5d
I have simples to
A truly special teacher is very wise, and sees tomorrow in every child's eyes. ~Author Unknown Thank you Google Education Group and Galileo Learning Enrichment Program for having me speak to these awesome educators today! Mabuhay po kayo mahal namin mga guro!♥ #educationadvocate #google #galileolearning
523 5d
Thank u @rowiejuanmatti for inviting me to speak today for the Google Education Group and @galileoenrichment event ♥ #educationadvocate By @carsioson "a very insightful take on netiquette for teachers, parents and students at the #gegmakaticbd meet up this morning. You surely made your teacher very proud today @dimplesromana" via @PhotoRepost_app
469 3 5d
Daghang salamat @pingolluz . I hope in the future i get the chance. Ganahan ko ana ♥
Nice to see u in person ms dimple... Such a a great talk in deed....👏👏👏
Delicious Chicken Adobo sa Gata of Commune Cafe for lunch! #communeph ♥ I'll try to remake this at home! Ansarap! Ill share the recipe pag naperfect ko na!:) Kaon ta!
791 10 5d
@ranzkif Thank u! I really had a great time!
Sabay nadin te adobong pusit sa gata! Hehe
Uy!!! Si Ate V happyng happy!! She's been with us for more than a decade now ( dont worry Ate V di ko irereveal ang real age mo promise! Stick tayo sa screen age mo hehe ) and her family in Zamboanga is like family to us na din. Kaya heto we bought her Pure It Excella Water Purifier from Unilever to send to her family in the province :) (I got mine from True Value Rockwell for only 4,998.00) Poso ang gamit nilang water dun. Bukod sa mas makakatipid na sila ngayon dun dahil NO ELECTRICITY NEEDED ang Pure it Excella, sure pa sila na safe drinking water na ang kanilang iinumin ♥ From the poso they just need to run the water through their Pure It Water Purifier and presto! May safe drinking water na sila agad ♥ So many other great qualities of Pure It I'll share with u every now and then! Pero this is one of them. And alam naman natin na sa dami ng sakit ngayon, isa sa mga paraan para maiwasan ang mga ito is to make sure our families have access to safe drinking water. :) This is available in SM Dept Stores, Sm Appliance Centers, Ansons, Abensons, Handyman, True Value and Automatic Center! *Pureit water from poso is safe for adults and children - But for babies, use Pureit water taken from Manila Water or Maynilad. *Reason is that Pureit retains the mineral content (calcium, magnesium, sodium) in the source water, and the mineral content of water used for infant formula should mimic that of breastmilk (150-200ppm). Water from Manila Water / Maynilad is within that threshold. But poso water may have higher mineral content that is acceptable for children but not recommended for babies. ♥ Hope these info were helpful ♥ #PureIt #PureItPH #Unilever #UnileverPH #WaterPurifier
753 18 5d
im also from zamboanga ms @dimplesromana id love to have one.but how can i avail this po?mern ba sa zamboanga nyan?