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I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me ☀️
Encourage your kids to use handkerchief or tissue whenever they’re out or at school because germs are everywhere. #Domex #keepthemsafe #mommytips
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@kathleenkayetorres thank u!
⬅⬅⬅Please follow 😘😘
Thank you so much @reeserubin for the flawless styling for yesterday's shoot 💋 more importantly for the extra care you happily gave me 💗 Love working with you! #maternityportrait #preggymomma
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Relaxed and pretty face even at an awkward angle! ;)
Ur still pretty ..
Two weeks left for me before I give birth to my boy 💋 Thank you for doing my make up @rickmcalderon and my hair @marbentalanay @premenasalon my shoot yesterday 💋 I felt beautiful despite all my bloat, neck lines, linea nigra etc.. Love ya both! #preggyprobs #maternityportrait #preggymomma #almostthere
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@the__meeksoul30 @dette_daluz720 yes!!! Have safe deliveries mommas
Every pregnant woman deserves to be loved and feel beautiful 💙 to all my preggy mommas out there, I feel your joy, fear, excitement and anxiety. Praying for your happy pregnancy and safe delivery 💋 Don't be afraid to share with your families how you feel so you can go through your pregnancy smoothly and be able to enjoy the experience with your loved ones. love this photo by my dear @markednicdao Styling by @reeserubin Make up by @rickmcalderon Hair by @marbentalanay @premenasalon
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Inspiring thoughts for all women which has a unconditional love from almighty god who give a precious gift #baby @dimplesromana
Very beautiful @dimplesromana also the dress... super like.... :-D
BTS from today's shoot 😘 Dreams do come true 💙 shot by the Master 😊 @markednicdao Styling by @reeserubin Make up by @rickmcalderon Hair by @marbentalanay @premenasalon #stylethebump #maternityportrait
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Woww the most beautiful preggy!
#Fallen44 #NationalDayOfMourning Saludo po kami sainyo! Aming pakikiramay sa mga pamilya 😔
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Salamat sa inyong kagitingan. Kayo ay aming mga bayani. #Fallen44
Always and forever 💙
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Hi @dimplesromana you are one pretty preggy momma.
Done with shoot for today 💋 blessed to have my #TFCconnect family! We air daily in all TFC regions all over the world 💗 Our main goal is to connect our hardworking Kapamilyas abroad to their loved ones here in the Philippines 💋 Hosting the show has been one of my heart's fondest blessings 💛 To our viewers follow our new Twitter account @Tfc_connect 💋💋💋
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Hardworking mommy @dimplesromana super pretty mom :)
Hi ms @dimplesromana always watch you over TFC here in every bit of you. You've been my favorite since my college days.
Second preggy #OOTD is this timeless piece from @elin_ph 😘 I love how their dresses are so comfy, perfect even after my pregnancy 💋 #stylethebump
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U look great @dimplesromana
@dimplesromana welcome......
Preggy #OOTD for first episode shoot of my #TFCconnect show today 💋 Blue long top from @mags_ph / Preggy black pants from SM/ Neckpiece by @heyjowph/ Purse by @hermes and ballet flats from @zaneashoes / Hair by @premenasalon / Make up from @revlonph #stylethebump
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Hi,, dimple di na kta napapanood sa tv,,,, my swak na swak pangkabuhayan pa ba? Godbless
Pretty preggy! thanks @dimplesromana 😘
Big Pinoy breakfast for preggy momma! Tapa, Bangus, Longganisa, Tocino, tomatoes and eggs 💗💗💗 Before heading out to hosting work today 😘😍 #TFCconnect shoot
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Bizu Patisserie & Cafe
keep posting photos with good shots. hihi it seems to be a "blogger's post" I love you! ❤️
Yup! Can I get an "uh huh" from my ladies??? 👠👡👢😁😘😂😍
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@joanni_martin 👏👏👏
K fine @chieyk_xiao
Can't wait to watch it this weekend with the whole family!!!! Heard so many great things about u and the film bebe @montesjulia08 So proud!!! love u! #repost @montesjulia08 with @repostapp. ・・・ Guys wag na kaung magpahuli ... 😉
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Char @crucified1382
Grabe ganda ng movie
Stop the endless search for missing sponges and toilet cleaner, and concentrate all of your cleaning supplies in one area. #domex Mommy tips for a more organized home 😘😘😘
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@iamshellagirl29sopranovoice thank you 💗
@reyndgensoli for
An 8 cuts burger kind of craving for the buntis today 😊☺️ Kaon ta! Mangan tamu! #BCDfoodventures
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sharrappppp nmn po...
For women like me who have to remember a gazillion of things in a day, its good to have a fabric magnetic board like this to post my lists on, circular letters from kids school, thank you cards etc 💋 @boarditup 💗 p.s. They come in happy colors and designs too 💋 #365thingsiswearby
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👈 Cath Kidston Stationery 👈
😍😘 Good morning 💙💚
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@theresa221b Amen :)
#preggymomma told to rest up today as Alonzo is getting more active and stronger each day! ( two weeks and 3 days na Lang!!! 😁😃😊 ) and here is my sweet Ate @callieahmee goofing around trying to make mom feel comfortable and happy 😘 ah! Motherhood 😍😍😍
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@dimplesromana how many weeks kana po this week?
soooo sweet and pretty ate @callieahmee @dimplesromana #excitedtoseebabyboy
😍😘 #preggymommathoughts Have a beautiful night!
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So true! 💫💫💫
Pretty mommy @dimplesromana sna mgka project k ulit sa kapamilya after ur preggy moments 😁😁😉 godbless ms.dimple and more power 😘
Simple yet fun celebration for Baby Alonzo's coming with my @asiaslashes and @dimplesromanateam2010 family 😘😍😉 Thank you so much Ate Leah and Ate Cez for putting this together 😘
1020 7 5d
Congrats! again Ms. @dimplesromana and to your family :) for the upcoming baby boy of the gorgeous #fahmeely :) you will always have our support, maybe we were not your side but dimplenians will always behind your back & we love you much! mommy dimps :) kuya @boyetahmee and our baby @callieahmee ♡♡♡
Can't wait for your baby boy Mommy @dimplesromana! Missing you & @callieahmee 💋