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He makes all things beautiful in His time ♥
Hey you gorgeous ♥ @callieahmee and mom planning our next #SigeSabado @breezeph #SigeSaMantsa activity ♥ Ang sarap maging #SigeMom , were giving our kids something to look forward to over the weekend! May chance pa to win a trip to LEGOLAND Malaysia resort! Share nyo lang ang #SigeSabado moments nyo dito: http://on.fb.me/1lRQuvL #SigeSaMantsa @breezeph
1135 11 9 hours ago
She resembles daenerys from #gameofthrones. She's a queen in the making. :) @dimplesromana
@callieahmee 's eyes so beautiful :) brown eyes signifies a sweet fun loving person and loyalty ♥
My happy Easter egg hunters! ♥ @bamromana and @callieahmee ♥ @gelogelobee eto yung laman ng huge eggs ♥ #spreadjustlove #BCDsummer2014
949 13 10 hours ago
Grabe yung yan yung laman ng eggs! Kalurks! :-)
@akosila sama ako sayo! Hehehe (feeling close lang ako ah!)
Yup! The fox Uncle @bamromana and our little bunny @callieahmee found the eggs I happily hid in our home. Ang totoo, my brother and I have never really gone Easter Egg hunting. My sister Pebbles had leukemia then (for about 3 years, basically covered our childhood years) and we were pretty much all confined in our home. At ngayon Bam got to experience for the first time too, just like my daughter Callie the fun and excitement of egg hunting. Kahit sa bahay lang. At sobrang saya! Simple joys of life when shared with your loved ones truly become magical ♥ Its never too late to rewrite and live our childhood kahit na malalaki na tayo ♥
1118 17 10 hours ago
Bam!!! Hahaha di ko alam pano ko explain itchura mo dito hahaha super funny ng vid :)) haha Happy Easter from our family to yours @bamromana @dimplesromana
Version ng Easter egg hunt sa bahay namin ♥ ang kulit nyo @bamromana @callieahmee :p
702 11 12 hours ago
soo funny 👌😄👍
Ang galing naman ms @dimplesromana, I love ur concept ^_^ God bless po
Happy news!!! Moms and kids, you can now go to LEGOLAND Malaysia resort! Just share your #SigeSabado moments here: http://on.fb.me/1lRQuvL #SigeSaMantsa @breezeph ♥♥♥
283 2 13 hours ago
Hi Ms Dimple, ur so beautiful and so good in hosting, i saw you at ASAP. I remember watching you guys at Tabing Ilog and your role.
@ranzkif thank you :) the hosting on ASAP today is for the promo of our upcoming show on Abscbn , Promil Preschool iShine Talent Camp now on our 3rd season :)
What a pleasant surprise too to meet the lovely young couple Cielo and Jutes - owners of Gino's Brick Oven Pizza! They were very humble and so accommodating ♥ Everything on their menu is a must try ♥ Families will surely love the ambiance and the food ♥ Great way to celebrate our Easter Sunday ♥
529 17 14 hours ago
Thank you also @dimplesromana and @boyetahmee ! :)
Welcome @jutey_boy @cellost! I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing you guys pretty soon :)
Happy Easter everyone! #GinosBrickOvenPizza lunch with my family ♥ Kain tayo! The super divine Burrata Caprese of Gino's is worth the drive to Makati ♥
850 20 15 hours ago
Gino's Brick Oven Pizza
Hello & welcome
Bakit kailangan ko tong makita ngayong gabi? Paki-explain.
This ♥ Take everything in me and use it for your glory ♥ And everyone will see, will hear, will know that You are Lord of all ♥
1233 10 1 d ago
Jesus is alive
Its a beautiful day ♥ @callieahmee
767 11 1 d ago
@dimplesromana ..ganda ng eye lashes nya.. Pretty lass :) @callieahmee
soo cute 😚👍
Having a #SigeSabado moment with @callieahmee! Stay the same baby girl @BreezePH #SigeSaMantsa ♥♥♥
1615 21 1 d ago
Superlike! Happy Easter to you and Callie! @dimplesromana
@doublejaygo Thanks Sir! Happy easter to you and your whole family too!
Happiness on a plate ♥ Thank you my dear @callieahmee for making our kitchen a huge mess and smelling oh so gooood ♥ Love you ♥ #chunkydoublechocolatecookies #BCDsummer2014
917 11 2 d ago
@dimplesromana, recipe pls
@dc9048 Yes!:) soon we will be sharing our ulam recipes, baking recipes of @callieahmee ♥♥♥
Si @callieahmee excited for our #SigeSabado moments together. Bukas pa yun anak pero ngayon pa lang #SigeSaMantsa na shirt mo ♥ Yes in our home, we advocate messy, crazy, silly fun ♥
1083 16 2 d ago
@iamwenzyong : yes bff😘
@maraban @nikkiuabella @doublejaygo ♥♥♥
The kitchen smells awesome, and a messy and chocolatey mixer is always a good sign ♥ @callieahmee bonding with brianna while playing minecraft waiting for her yummy chunky double chocolate cookies to bake ♥ #homesweethome #BCDsummer2014
1268 13 2 d ago
Does she do mods?
Pop page!
Just finished our Visita Iglesia with our family and this is our 7th and final church. This is where you lead us Father, Shrine of St Therese. We humbly ask as a family, that you forgive our sins and hear all our prayers of thanksgiving and petition. I cant wait for all the blessings and miracles that are on their way ♥ Welcoming You Father with open hearts ♥
1238 13 3 d ago
@dimplesromana blessed lenten season to you and your family
Happy 43rd Wedding anniversary Mommy and Papa ♥ You continue to inspire me and @boyetahmee to love each other unconditionally, be strong for one another, protect each other and choose to be together everyday for the rest of our lives. You are a true testament of God's grace and power over all marriage and vows made. Praying for more fun and crazy moments with you two ♥ #familyislove
1067 7 3 d ago
happy anniversary tita beth!!! ❤️ more anniversaries to come God bless
My dear Jesus, I offer up to you this week, to be with You and pray with and for You.. May my lips utter only of goodness coming from You.. May my heart carry only love and gratitude. May your gift to me be a blessing and inspiration to others.... I humbly pray for all those who seek You and yearn for your love and grace ♥ Have a blessed and meaningful Holy Week everyone ♥
929 3 4 d ago
..and may you remain an inspiration to those who needed it and your light continue to shine even brighter all your life. Have a blessed week Dimples! <3
Yes He will. :)
My little wednesdate ♥ #thanksgiving #familyprayer #faith #commitment @callieahmee May recruit na tayo @cresmaullon :)
894 7 4 d ago
@xianlimm @mateoguidicelli CALLING all mommies & daddies!!! The show that develops your children's talent to mastery ay mapapanuod na muli sa ABSCBN ngayong summer!! #Ishine3 season na naman! Kaya if you have exceptionally talented kids 4-7 years old mag-audition na!! Just bring Promil Preschool proof of purchase, your kids' Birth Certificate and ID with Date of Birth ♥♥♥ Kita kita tayo sa Davao, Cebu at Trinoma ♥ Over 1 Million Pesos in prizes will be given away!! #nurturethegift
475 12 4 d ago
@arnelnatividad :) direk!!:)
Yes daddy!! @minemommyjules next week na Davao leg :)
And because @callieahmee wanted to do a full Magnum Manila experience, she tried out the make your own Magnum ♥ Hers is a chocolate coated vanilla Magnum with Choco Crunch Balls and Roasted Almonds with Dark Chocolate drizzle ♥ #palagaykohypertomamaya ♥ #BCDsummer2014
1404 14 5 d ago
Magnum Manila
how much po? Ms @dimplesromana
Si @callieahmee ang pasimuno sa shot na ito :) mala- Got Milk and peg pero ito Magnum version ♥ at dahil madali akong kausap o ayan anak ♥ #utoutosimommy ♥ #deadmasadumisafacebastahappysibagets
1286 7 5 d ago
Magnum Manila
Hahaha ang cute nyo mag ina ♡ @callieahmee @dimplesromana ♡