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Philippians 4:13 💋Knorr 💚 Pure It 💙 Domex 💙 Breeze 💛 Cif 💚 Diana Stalder 💚 Premena Salon 💗 Chic Nails 💙 Revlon ❤️
Finally! New hair color to welcome the new work lined up for me for the coming weeks ☺️ Thank you @premenasalon Ms Pearl for my #bayalage do! 😘 @akohosikusieho @thessgubi @anatabatina
2145 50 5h
Ganda ganda parin po ninyo! Mwah!
ate dims, pashare naman ng beauty tips moh.. Ang fresh fresh pa rin ng face mo, at prng mas nagbloom k after ng pregnancy mo ☺️
Prayer for our kids today 💋🙏
1779 30 7h
Can't wait to welcome #AlonzoRomeoJose to the Christian world! got to give out some of the invitations for our select guests and godparents 🙏 @boyetahmee and I picked the ones we hold really close to our hearts, many of them touched our lives one way or another and all of them are people we look up to and genuinely adore 😘 Alonzo is blessed with his godparents 🙏 p.s. BIG thank you to @miketestonetwo who designed our chic invite for this very special day (the Alonzo Romeo Jose is in his handwriting then digitized! 👍 for that extra personal touch) and @chicnails_spa for my newly manicured nails with Gel Nail Polish! #countryclubgelnailpolish
1409 45 20 20h
Can't can't wait! I'm as excited to be his ninang as I am to see one direction that night and that means I'm VERY EXCITED.
@dimplesromana thank you. Sooo excited😊 Give my hugs to my new godson👶❤️Alonzo.
#dimpsmommytips for today's @tfc_connect shoot I chose @revlonph Ultra HD Lipstick in 875 Gladiolus 💋💄 Thank you talking me into choosing this shade! Love!
1502 14 20h
Sarap pa rin niyang ligawAn....
Which shade of pink are you? Azalea? 💋 Geranium? 💄 Or Gladiolus? 😍 get your pick of smooch color from @revlonph Ultra HD Lipstick from Watsons 💋 #dimpsmommytips
852 12 1d
Sample po sa lips nio ung 875 @dimplesromana
Give me one please.. :)
What a blessing meeting these two 💙 my guests on @tfc_connect taping today! Abangan sila Kapamilya as we talk ALL ABOUT LOVE 💋 #hostingmode P.S. Ang Astig ng love nyo Yan and @yengconstantino 😍Keep rocking on!
1541 6 1d
hi luis @luckymanzano where did you get all your super duper hilarious videos. I and my co-workers like it much!
Yep! He did 😂 Good morning my son! (Kilig moment 😍 still getting used to the fact that I already have one) Cutie onesie from @babysteeckies 💋
2609 20 1d
Hi mommy @dimplesromana I hope you got the #hoothat I sent over :) God bless you and congrats in the new baby
On set now! With our sipag crew and staff of #SwakNaSwak #hostingmode on with Kuya @yan_bobby @iamedm #dennis
992 5 1d
Azumi Boutique Hotel
working already
Parang d po kau nanganak ano po ang sekreto niyo...
Quick hosting shoot today for #SwakNaSwak 😘 Thank you @dianastalder For my skin care, @revlonph for my make up, @premenasalon for my hair and @mags_ph for my top! #happymommy
1598 13 1d
Ganda tlga. Greet us from montreal canada.
@charmeander oo nga bebe no ehe ang ganda ni dimples 😘
Ay angsaya naman ng umaga ni mommy!!!! 😍Good morning daw po from the happiest baby in the world!!!! #AlonzoRomeoJose
4322 45 2d
Kelan pa, that was fasted
Make up we used for our fun make up challenge last night 😘@revlonph @callieahmee
1009 1 2d
Good choice ms. @dimplesromana
So this is the other side of the challenge 😘 my Ate @callieahmee doing mommy's make up! Aguy! Kaluoy Si mommy, napaglaruan 😁 #dimpsmommytips go with the flooooow 😂😂😂 #pardonmybareface #ichurangwalangmakeup #bagonggisingmommy
1850 46 2d
Guapa gid @dimplesromana
@dimplesromana what app po ito . Tnx☺ stay pretty and stay cute alonzo 😊😊👼
Soooo naglambing ang aming ate ng Bonding with mommy! At Dahil game naman ako for everything, she wanted to have a makeup challenge! (Waaaaah dalagingding naaaaa 😁😂😂😱) haha #dimpsmommytips always be open to your kiddos ideas of having fun! Kaya here goes nothin'!!!! 💄💋 @callieahmee
1413 17 2d
@lyreshnhing "Back the base po"
thanks po... @shirlyatanacio41
Goodnight ladies 😘 from my little dapper in his custom pajamas from PJs sleepwear 😍 email: #AlonzoRomeoJose
3576 51 3d
Baby palang gwapo na, ano pa kaya pag laki? Hihi 😍
Wow kuha nya ung dimple ni nanay
Yes!! Im baaaack on @tfc_connect mga kapamilya! Namiss ko kayo!! Thank u to our sweet viewer @beinglilamarie3722 for tagging me these photos!!! Sending u all warm hugs and love from Manila to all TFC regions all over the world!!! Middle East, America, Europe, Australia, Japan, Honkong at sa inyong lahat!!! 😘😘😘
829 5 3d
Love you idol @dimplesromana 😘😘😘
Yeheey ! You're back! Hindi ako sanay na wala kayo sa tfc connect Ms. Dimples. Sanay kami na nakikita kayo saka si jelo.
Don't ever worry! 😘 Happy Monday beautiful people! 😘
2476 38 4d
@iam_lhang nganong nakadumdum ka lhang? Muling ibalik? Haha 😋 hay life buhay
Resting like a boss!!! #AlonzoRomeoJose
4041 66 4d
Hes just simply adorable....
Tangos ng ilong!
Yung iba smile WITH TEETH eto namang baby ko #AlonzoRomeoJose mas uso sa kanya ang SMILE WITH NO TEEEEEETH!!!! 😁😂😂😂 Pakagat ng cheeks please?????
2595 26 4d
hi ms. dimples congrats on your new bundle of joy... we would like to ask where can we send baby products for your new baby. thank you
ang cute ng dimples ni alonzo...
Fish balls anyone? 😁 na miss ko to!!!!! #BCDfoodventures
1688 21 5d
sarap naman nyan! :)
It's a blessing to find someone who gets you in all your weirdness and quirks. It's an even bigger blessing to find someone and keep them for the rest of your life. #11yearsofmarriageandcounting #nakspacinnamonrollskanamanmyluv
1411 5 5d
Ur sooo luck dimzz for having a good husband....not like me!!!!
Super agree!