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angel EAT CLEAN . BE LEAN. TRAIN MEAN. | stress is caused by giving a fuck 👌😘| 15 |Single Pringle 🙌☺ | Coptic orthodox ️
Enough said 👌
24 2 3d
This is what I call a man ... Where he be at?
15 8 4d
Abz u man have broke us girls as well it's a 2 way street @shukkss
Indeed it is @driftnugget
Don't be mad at me if u get replaced
27 6d
My Asian x 💖💕@t.heresaa
34 2 1 3w
ma niggah 💘🎉
Love you babies @t.heresaa
My girls 💕
31 1 3w
Be careful I'll eat you x
29 3w
Eyes of an Egyptian... Lips of a African 🙌🙊💖💋✌
41 2 3w
Thanks bby xx @elleristevski
We're to blurry for you @aly_woods
25 1 month ago
Work hard to succeed 🙌💪
35 2 1 month ago
Looking good gurl, proud of u💖 @driftnugget
Thanks sweetie... Need to catch up soon xx @yogurlemzz
My chicka 😚😚 @elleristevski
41 2 1 month ago
Love you girlie xx @elleristevski
Keep happy. Stay strong. Be wise. xx
35 1 1 month ago
Life isn't about finding your Prince and having a happily ever after but it's finding your own happy xx #independence #happiernotbiengtieddown #dontlookletthemcometoyou #smiles #loveyourself
21 1 month ago
18 1 9/12/2014
That's an ICE CHALLENGE @official_maxecutioner
My nominations are @natkay1999 Clair lynch Charlie Tadros @liz_m_94 (your name cut out) @raphael_dumlao @aly_woods
21 4 9/12/2014
Bc u nominated me u dum fuck @juliagiann
IK and check your spelling. Dumb** @driftnugget
My favourites 💖💖💗 @liz_m_94
37 9/9/2014
Whats Luv got to got to with it
48 4 9/6/2014
Look who's talking 😘😘💗@elleristevski
To the most amazing twin ever 💖💖💖 Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to CHUB CHUBS happy birthday to you OMG your no longer a 12vie!!! You are the most cutest, funniest, dumbest little cusion I know!!! But somehow I love and tearsure every moment I am with you and I am so glad that we are so close. 💗😚 You know how to make people laugh and sometimes u don't mean to make people laugh but u do... You are the most kindest person I know. You always want to give and never ask for anything in return I honestly don't know what I would do without u You are the most annoyingest person I know and u love to piss me off especially when I am stressed out. You never stop trying and u have that sparkle in your eye that makes people attractted to you. God has blessed you in many ways because u are such a beautiful girl.. I hope a guardian angel is watching over u princess and I hope u have a lovely birthday filled with love and joy Happy 15 birthday bby girl 😚💗💖 #flipagram made with @flipagram ♫ Music: Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass @beckkkymooussa @sexayblackbiatch
25 2 9/1/2014
Haha thank you!! 😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ im not annoying
You are annoying but dw I have no choice but to love u 😆💗😜😜😜😚😚😚💗💗 @beckkkymooussa
Sleep. Eat. Rave. Repeat
37 8/31/2014
Love my bby girl so much 💗💗💖
32 2 1 8/30/2014
bby go to work 💕
Nooooooooo @tnguyxn 😜😜
1. No 2. No 3. Don't have a middle name 4.single 5. Charlie 6. Or Nah - the weekend 7. 49
10 3 11 8/27/2014
Thanks bestiieee :\
I did this before I followed u