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angel EAT CLEAN . BE LEAN. TRAIN MEAN. | stress is caused by giving a fuck 👌😘| 15 | single | ️
Love this girlie to bits 💗 @juliagiann
19 2 2 d ago
Love you too gurlll ❤️
Ew hehehe 💗@juliagiann
If I see you I'd probs slap you #soznotsoz
22 2 3 d ago
Hahaha @yasmin_amituanai
My best friend is > than yours Love this fuck wit so much 💗💗💗💖💖😘😘 @aly_woods
22 5 d ago
Love useeee
41 1 weeks ago
True shit
37 8 1 weeks ago
Throwing it back to the cruise. #thisguywassofunny #missthis
26 1 weeks ago
23 1 weeks ago
Elegance are very rare to find in a women. When you find that girl you respect her and once you respect hey you'll learn how to love her
34 5 2 weeks ago
nawwz thanks boo @tnguyxn
Let's slow dance in the moon light ♥#weddingtime
40 6 2 weeks ago
nawws shanks guys @natkay1999 @elleristevski @marinahana_mh
whats luv?♥ ~ Ashanti ft Fat Joe
27 3 weeks ago
I love it when they try to get intimate Even though they know I really ain't into it (You're not into it?) I'm not into it I already know the game and I've been through it See I buy my own bags, my boots, my jeans Wear La Rok with my Rebel Yell underneath You wanna step to me? Said you gotta long way 2 go (Rock wit me now) You claim that you're so hot And you say you got skills in the bedroom You try to flirt when you're so not Had a chance you still never come through You say you wanna come and see me Cause you know your girlfriend wanna be me (Uh) I'ma tell you why you can't Said you gotta long way 2 go ~ Cassie #longway2go #myjam #lovethesong
27 2 3 weeks ago
I think you copied pasted the description tbh
fucken oath @juliagiann
24 2 3 weeks ago
Hahahahah #true
nice to nice to know ya, lets do it again , like we did it on a one night stand ... I wanna be more then a friend... do ya? ~ J boog
20 1 month ago
ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TAMAR !!!YOU SO UGLY AND OLD ♥ I love you so much more have been my supporter, my big sister, my guidence. I couldnt thank u enough for how much support u have given me ... even if sometimes I don't show it ♥ You are crazy, loud , a pain in the ass ... but I love every inch of ur ugly face ♥ Everytime I see you , your always smiling not matter what state it is.. we have had our ups and our downs but it has only made us closer.. you are like my big sister , you are my little sister ... I hope God keeps guiding you and protecting through your years to come . love always Angel ♥ xoxoxxoxo @liz_m_94
22 4 1 month ago
@driftnugget that hand though
ur in the photo at least @liz_m_94
confusion with life ♥
33 1 month ago
You gotta act like a women and think like a man 😘✌️
37 1 month ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U xox OMG U OLD BITCH, NO LONGER A 12VIE ANYMORE.... I love u so much .... to the moon and back words cant discribe how much I love u ... you are the cutest thing in the world!!!! I always see u with a smile ... ur never upset and ur crazy but dw ill always be crazier love u girl have the best birthday ♥♥ @georgina_agia
29 3 1 month ago
Hope u have a wonderful birthday
trust and belive me ... shell never be me ~ Keyshia Cole ♥xo #christening #love #outfit #trust
41 1 month ago
Sometimes we fall and we get trapped ... Sometime we think we trust people but then we realize it was all a lie .... Sometimes we are lost and can't find our way out ... This is all a sometimes but what we always have is a future that we can change , the past will not come back unless it's for a good reason ... The past that is bad god has put it behind us for a reason 😘😘❤️ #feelinginspired #fuckeveryonewhoaregoingtowreckurfuture #keeppeoplewhocareaboutu #twincollage #squaready
31 1 month ago
How I wash cars ✌️😂 @beckkkymooussa
33 1 month ago