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Emily Taylor 💋🍸💕 Twitter - emilytayor222 Snapchat - emzt123
Hot tub☀️🌈 #summer
144 24 4 d ago
Thanks Ellyn! So jealous of yours!!💞💞 @ellynlightbody_
nothing to be jealous of if you have one like yours but thank uu😘
Greece ☀️👪 #holidays #summer #dinner #family
133 26 2 weeks ago
Ino😈 aw miss you too I guess..😋
Yeah, definitely😘 @freyaleggatex
Happy birthday Evie😘👭 I hope you have a great birthday, see you later today☺️ I love you so so much❤️
58 8 1 3 weeks ago
Happy birthday!😘 @_eviebrown
Thanks so much lucy😘 @lucygreigxx
Miss my fave people😭 #family #lovethem #missthem #missingoutpeople #woops
73 14 5 3 weeks ago
I hope you like it, it's on twitter☺️ @caaaaaaarrrrllllll
I love it so much I wanna cry @emilytaylor222
☀️🎉 #France #Summer
146 25 1 month ago
Awww thankssss @ellathomas_
Happy birthday Lily, I love you so much and I hope you have a great day and get everything you want😘❤️🎁🎉🎈💞💋💖
48 5 1 month ago
Emily I miss you so much come home soon!!!!
I miss you too!! I'll see you very soon X @_eviebrown
Fab weekend☀️😎 #bestfriends #summer #family #thestart
86 10 6 1 month ago
I could come over to Hutchie on Wednesday cos I have a half day @emilytaylor222
Yeah I'll text you x @freyaleggatex
Lily's💐🌸🌷 #summer
116 9 1 month ago
Thank you all❤️❤️ @realmollycampbell @freyaleggatex @zazzy01 @alexbirniexo @katieebaxterr @hannahmcomish
Happy birthday Lauz😘 I've known you since we were very young, I still remember the first time we met😂👭 We have so many hilarious memories but I'm not going to list them and annoy everyone. You're gorgeous, so funny and a lovely person so I hope you have a great birthday and get everything you want🎁 I love you so so much, to the moon and back 100 times🌚❤️ I'll see you tonight😋 #happybirthday #lauz #bestfriends #loveher
44 5 1 month ago
Thanks Sophie☺️ yeah, need to see you soon! Miss you loads! Love you lots❤️❤️xx @sophie_grabiner
Happy Birthday Lauren ♥ @laurenmcewanxo
Aunties 40th #party #bestfriendday
82 1 1 month ago
Another one💫 #lastnight
161 33 1 month ago
Unicornnn u look amazingg ♥
Thanks hunnaayy❤️❤️ @zazzy01
Hannah didn't wanna be in the photo😭 #bestfriends #Handan #22jumpstreet #dinnerdate
124 6 1 1 month ago
Thanks ladies😘xxx @laurenmcewanxo @bethanymoffat
Cool shot
Throw🔙ing to Louis 🎉 #party #mygirls #lovethem
116 10 2 1 month ago
Oops🙊😏 @laurenmcewanxo
Aw thank you💕 @zazzy01
Louis⭐️ #evie #loveher
138 11 1 1 month ago
Haha of course! Thanks so much xx
Partyyy 🎈🎉 #sofunny #Miami
106 4 5/31/2014
You look amazzingg ♥ #unicorrnnn
Thanks Zaz😘❤️ @zazzy01
Aunties birthday🎈🎁💙 #lastnight #blue
130 17 5/25/2014
Looking reem ;) ♥
Prince 🎵😍 #thursdaynight #bestnightofmylife #kiss #liveitup #1999
125 20 5/24/2014
Thank you☺️💖 @kate_13xox
Love u too❤️
Cinema🎥💋 #BadNeighbours #ZacEfron #DaveFranco #beautiful #sofunny #bestmovie
106 8 5/7/2014
Thank you Erin X @erinmccomish
Ooo cheeky wee mirror pic
Ella's🎈🍸 #happybirthday #bestfriends #lovethesepeople #sofunny #omgthatsmymusic #heynina #bestnight
100 7 6 5/6/2014
I have no idea when that photo was taken 😂
Neither, I don't remember any of them😂 @_annabreckenridge_
Happy birthday Vaz!💢🎈I hope you have a fab day and get everything you wanted because you deserve it. You're one of my favourite people in the world🌍 And I honestly don't know what I'd do without you, I tell you mostly everything and go to you for most things☺️ I love you so much, you're the most hilarious person I know and you know exactly how to cheer me up. You give the bestest advice ever which is one of my favourite things about you☺️ Can't wait to give you your present🎁 Not going to make it too long because you'll probably get so many paras so happy birthday bitch!😋😘❤️ #happybirthday #bestfriend #loveyou
57 5 1 4/27/2014
Thank victits love you 💞💞💞💞❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊 @victoriahamiltonxo
love uuu😘💋💋 @mhairicraig