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Francesco Fondi I'm a geek magazine publisher. Collaborate with WIRED, XL, La Repubblica... I love RC TOYS! #FuckCancer https://www.twitter.com/frankiebit
Still my favourite place in Tokyo. #Akiba
5 6 hours ago
These days I'm having fun with new Italian friends in Tokyo!
5 2 6 hours ago
How can you guys be so cool on 鋼鉄ジーグ T-shirt?
Dobbiamo aspettarci nuove gag sul Giappone?
After the first time I saw her on stage with @juliewatai @mimori_suzuko is still my favourite Japanese artist! No one shines like her on stage! #brava #Disneyland cc @attractionsmagazine
8 2 2 d ago
I know her!!!💃
My birthday present!!! JUN WATANABE ジュンワタナベ × @TAMIYAinc TOTE BAG
7 2 2 d ago
oh! nice present! i like it!
@yanps sankiu!
Eating my birthday cake!! #Sacher #Wien #Forever39
11 1 3 d ago
Wonderful day in Tokyo!! #7.10am
5 4 d ago
Good morning Tokyo!!! #7am
10 4 d ago
Tokyo Disneyland & Disney Sea Halloween promotion! #Shibuya cc @attractionsmagazine @stitchkingdom
12 2 4 d ago
Quieeo ir...si no fuera tan caro
Cool. Where is this?
Shibuya #109
8 4 d ago
Closing my "Summer Office". Otsukaresama!
9 5 d ago
Today water temperature at my "Summer Office" is 20c. #FeelsLikeSwiss
1 5 d ago
Hunting for toys in Shinjuku
6 5 d ago
16 5 d ago
Shibuya Kaiju
5 5 d ago
Halloween monorail at Tokyo Disneyland cc @attractionsmagazine
6 5 d ago
Wow! Famitsu copied Julie Watai photos: same place and setting (after many years from the original photo).
5 3 5 d ago
Aw, that sucks
I love Japan creative scene but it's unbelievable how the rip other ppl work without respect. Like a famous Harajuku shop owner, turned artist, who blatantly copy artworks from the Tokyo colletive "Kaos Launge".
"Way to go Buckaroo!"
5 5 d ago
Halloween night! #Disneyland #tokyo
4 5 d ago
Happy Halloween!
5 6 d ago
Still the best PopCorn in Tokyo!
9 6 d ago