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Francesco Fondi I'm a geek magazine publisher. Collaborate with WIRED, XL, La Repubblica... I love RC TOYS! #FuckCancer https://www.twitter.com/frankiebit
Bar Plastic Mode #goldengai
4 17 hours ago
Sharknado #TVTokyo
3 2 23 hours ago
Preparing for the sequel?
Popcorn #breakfast
10 1 d ago
@arduino meets manga!
8 1 d ago
F*ck yes!! I've been lucky again! #Doughnut #lottery #fuckcancer
17 1 2 d ago
Chilling out in Shinjuku
9 2 d ago
Doughnuts day!! #fuckcancer
8 3 d ago
Boobs!! #wonfes
8 3 d ago
This feels like summer! #scifi #bmovies
3 3 d ago
Today I met an old friend! #godzilla
22 2 4 d ago
Awesome pic.
@serkantoto thank you sensei!
The coolest coffee machine I ever seen!! #japan #cyber
7 4 d ago
Disneyland after Wonfes #nofilter
6 4 d ago
Gakken's latest "Otona no kagaku" magazine!
10 2 6 d ago
Lo adoro sono 5anni che tento di far pubblicare la sua storia... Abbiamo pure fatto un meraviglioso servizio fotografico con video...
@davoelmoro è un genio!
Shibuya 5:25am
7 6 d ago
I love Shibuya!
6 1 6 d ago
Celebrating summer with friends from Gakken's Otona no kagaku #shinagawa
11 6 d ago
Gakken party #Shinagawa
9 6 d ago
Good morning Tokyo!
12 2 1 weeks ago
Im in same place ww
@xrukix are you in Tokyo?! Let's drink together!!!
My 2D girlfriend #selfportrait
6 1 weeks ago
Bad Taste #vhs #shibuya
3 1 weeks ago