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Grandma Betty 👵•Grandma Betty•👵 👊•Cancer Fighter•👊 🙏•Follower of Jesus•🙏 ✉•P.O. Box #383•✉ Jeffersonville, Indiana 47131
Together, wr can make a difference! #SmileForASmile
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@stacia1010 I know you will kick cancers butt!
I miss you grandma Bettie.
Most of you know Ellie, a tough little cancer fighter who has went through 7 rounds of chemo and 7 brain surgeries! Grandma loved looking at pictures of her, because it gave her support. To learn more about childhood cancer, visit @prayersforellie and maybe you can leave a sweet comment to make her and her family #Smile! 😊 ***If you know someone who is battling cancer, LET US KNOW! Tag them below!***
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Dear @prayersforellie 's family, I will be praying for sweet Ellie tonight and tomorrow and continue to ask God to give y'all strength. I had a very close friend in 1st grade with cancer and he passed away 5 years ago. I understand a small portion of what your family has to deal with. Again, sweet prayers being sent your way and I hope everything goes alright with Ellie💙💖😘
Jesus with us a little angel!!!, payers for this angel
A lot of people have been asking about @harley_dog33 , Grandma's loyal doggie companion! A lot of questions are answered on his Instagram page, so give him a follow if you want updates on him and how he's doing!🐶 #Smile #BeHappy #StayHappy
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@mickee24 she passed a few months ago
So sorry to hear that. My dog is the same size and color as Harley best dog I have ever had!
Here's grandma with @megan.belden and @harley_dog33 after they were dancing to the Happy song. We hope everyone is having a wonderful day! 😊
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rip grandma betty, lots of love xx
عزیزمی مادربزرگ
Grandma and our good friend @rparida. Ron flew all the way from California to meet grandma and film her, with the help of his mother and friend Hunter. To see Ron's video, follow the link in Grandma's bio!
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@wowmaddie13 @melissa_gum i guarantee you @music_is_bae2014 is no child. Its someone trying to put up a front. Their comment should be reported. The was completely out of line
This woman recognized Grandma Betty from the local news station and it made Grandma's day 😁
33044 308 1w
So cute!!!
So sweet xxx
I'm sorry for the low-quality photo, but I had to share. I was getting ready to go out and I just started thinking about grandma a lot..before I knew it, @pharrell 's song '#Happy' came on. Some days are better than others. This one just got a whole lot better. #InstantSmile ☺ **What puts an Instant Smile on your face?**
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@litttledebbiee it's funny how you forgot the _ in my username so you're talking to someone else 😂😂😂
Hearing an old old gospel song!!!
A HUGE thank you goes out to the people who have been sending cards and flowers to support our family! 😊 Family of Grandma Betty P.O. Box #383 Jeffersonville IN 47131 *The P.O. Box will be open for another 5 months*
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Be nice to her
RIP ...😞
Wow! @biancasings , @roddajones and many other people got together and made a '#Happy' video dedicated to Grandma Betty! Be sure to check it out if you're in need of a #Smile! 😊 **LINK IS ON GRANDMA'S PROFILE * *
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Aawww this brought tears to my eyes 😊😅
Amooooooo!!!!!! Essa Música É 10000000!!!!!!!! ♡♡♡
Grandma Betty really loved @sarahhaeberle, the news reporter who did Grandma's first news story! 😊
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Thank you grandma Betty for all the advice you are a awesome grandma and also I love u to. Emily
Thanks for all the submissions...we hope they made you #Smile! P.S. - we loved the one of grandma in her younger days!
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Faceq @insta_stormie
Omg... You made FaceQ !?
We're sure you've heard of the Faceq app, and we made one of grandma! 😊 1.Make your own version of Grandma 2. Tag @grandmabetty33 3. Use #GrandmaBetty33 4. Your version might be featured!!
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So beatiful!
Shortly after grandma passed away, I left for college. It's hard. Feeling alone through a lot of this. But family is always there, and Grandma's followers are always here for reassurance that it's all better now. That she's okay. Thank you for the support you give me and my family.
44419 1059 1 3w
I'm literally crying. I feel so horrible. I'm so sorry u have had to lose such a phenomenal woman. #sheswithyouinspirit! #GodBlessYouAlways #NeverForgotten #RIPGRANDMABETTY
Lindinha! :-) ♡♡♡
@harley_dog33 never left Grandma's side. He was always with her, and he cared about her just as much as we did. He gave grandma a reason to #Smile. 😊
52816 888 1 3w
@korbah you and harper❤️❤️❤️
Every single on of Grandma's followers changed her life. You made her #Smile and #BeHappy! Did Grandma change your life or make you smile? Let us know below, and have a great day!
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Youre so beautiful and you inspire me everyday
There were so many people asking, so we just had to do it- @harley_dog33 now has his own instagram profile. Grandma Betty would be so proud 😊
49205 609 1 1 month ago
Rip grandma betty 😔😘
#FlashbackFriday to last Christmas when we got grandma the Russell Stover chocolate she loved so much!
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@bramtalen sorry kon t niet laten
The family and @harley_dog33 really miss grandma, that's certain, but one thing is for sure- we are forever grateful that her pain is no more. #Smile for grandma today. 😊
45513 688 1 1 month ago
My deepest condolences to you and your family. I just found out! My grandma passed away yesterday. It's been very hard because she's 3000 miles away and I'm not there to say goodbye for the last time. At the same time I know she is no longer in pain, just like your grandma. I hope your first semester at college goes super well! Your grandma will be with you in spirit, I'm certain. Thanks so much for having share so much with us. Her smiles and great personality have thought me so much. God bless you, your grandma and the rest of your family!
One last reminder! Voting ends in a few hours and @dagmara_cielecka_art needs all the support she can get. Go vote for her piece Of art because she deserves to smile - she always made grandma happy and we are grateful for that. **FOLLOW THE LINK ON HER PROFILE!!**
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free palestine
What do you think Grandma is doing up there high up above?
47489 1716 1 month ago
She is smiling and sing and dance and are so happy❤️😍😭
She rejoicing with Jesus!! Looking down at us and smiling