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Grandma Betty 👵•Grandma Betty•👵 💪•Cancer Defeater•💪 🙏•Happily in Heaven•🙏 ❤•Born: October 23, 1933•❤ 😇•Went Home: August 2, 2014•😇
In honor of Memorial Day, join Grandma and her family in recognizing the many troops who lost their lives serving in the military. Clarence Simpson, Grandma's husband, served in the army. Below, comment a name of a friend or loved one you would like to recognize this Memorial Day, whether they lost their life fighting for your country, or they are actively serving. Thank you.
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My great grandfather - Alfred Stand- army Air Force - World War II
My Papaw Glenmore David Clifford US Navy WWII RIP
In honor of the #KentuckyDerby, here's Grandma Betty one year ago with her #DerbyHat on, dressed to impress! ------------------------- Have a #Happy day, everyone! 😊
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@fefeto olha o instagram dela japa ️HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Oloookooo!! @cassmascarenhas seguindo!
KNOCK KNOCK! Need a good laugh? Grandma can take care of that... TAG SOMEONE who needs to smile! 😂 Have a #Happy Monday! ☺️
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@elizamcknight_ omg I forgot all about her
Have a wonderful Easter Sunday in Heaven, Grandma! Happy Easter!🐰🐣 #HappyEaster #Easter #Sunday #Smile #BeHappy #StayHappy
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@zoeecraftt 😍😭
I cant believe it. Its been an entire year since Grandma's first interview with @sarahhaeberle. PLEASE go to her profile and show her some #LOVE for sharing Grandma's story! 😊 #Smile #BeHappy #StayHappy
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RIP beautiful, love u❤️
Grandma, you've been gone for just over 7 months. Here's to your new life in Heaven. 😊
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We miss you more and more everyday, Grandma. 😙
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Miss you😭💙see you soon👼🏽
@therhettbull has been fighting a tough battle with Leukemia for awhile now. At only 4 years old, he and his family dream of a cure. Let's come together and help support @therhettbull and his family! Right now, he only has 237 supporters on his Instagram Page. Let's support him and his family by paying a visit to his page and saying a few kind words to BRIGHTEN HIS DAY!! 😊
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Poor thing
God well come and bless you
Today, February 4th, is World Cancer Day. Please look below to see how you can spread awareness: 1. Repost this picture OR take a picture of your own candle. 2. Use #CandleForCancer 3. Leave the name(s) of someone you know who has fought Cancer. In the next couple days, we will make a collage of all the pictures you post, and we will list the names of the people. Thank you for participating & spreading Awareness of Cancer! ☺️
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my grandpa
One of my friends in my middle school "Sam the Man" died of cancer when he just graduated 8th grade. #bringsamtoellen
ONE MORE QUESTION: What message would you give Grandma to tell your loved ones who are in Heaven with her?
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@grandmabetty33 My Grandfathers
I have never even talked to you in person but you have already inspired me and I hope you know we love you
If you could say one thing to Grandma right now, what would it be?
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You made every day count but, we all know your in a better place now wishing you the best of all
I miss you Grandma:(
Many of you have been asking about Harley. He's adjusting to Grandma being gone better than we thought, but with the absence of Grandma, he never leaves @hopebelden 's side.
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Good to know Harley is ok. ❤️
Harley ??????
Hey you. Yes YOU! Wouldn't Grandma want to know that you have a #Smile on your face? Wouldn't Grandma want you to #BeHappy? Well, don't just sit there. Smile. Why? Because you can 😊
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ودي اكل لغودها @walo_77 @anwrasseri @thebesteis @art201043
when ur a 100 years old but still on fleek😂 @elaina.kay.m
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I have 3⃣
Grandma you're so lucky to have these people love you so much! To me you represent every grandmother out there that's left behind their legacy and wisdom and laughter and unconditional love. I certainly see my grandmother in you and love you even though I don't know you. My heart breaks every time I think of her but I'm glad to see a little bit of her in you. Thank you and keep doing what your doing! I'm a lifelong follower of u! ❤️
One year ago today, I created something that would change not only my life, not only my family's life, and not only grandma Betty's life, but the lives of many thousands of people. On January 3rd, 2014, I created Grandma's Instagram account. What would happen in the coming months would baffle our entire family. A woman with cancer would take the internet head on. She'd post selfies. She'd tell you how much she loves you. She'd tell you to keep your head up and smile no matter what. She would dance her little butt off. She would make us all laugh, smile, and be happy. She wouldn't judge you no matter what. She wouldn't take her Instagram - Famous life for granted. After all she was just "...plain old Grandma Betty." One year ago today, I created something that would change my life, and 8 months later, it would come to a much anticipated end. Did Grandma help you with anything? Please take a second to tell me below if Grandma ever made you #Smile, #Laugh, or just #BeHappy. I WANNA HEAR IT!!!!!
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Her posts made my day. No matter how bad they were going. RIP grandma❤️
Zach here. I wanted to post this picture, because I know grandma would think "This is just so purdy" (pretty) I miss her a lot lately, and everyone on Grandma's Instagram reminds me how much of an impact she had on so many people's lives. All in all, that makes me happy more than anything.
25315 331 1 12/31/2014
That's grandma Betty probably trying to give you a hello and telling you she is still watching over you and she is ok up in heaven.
Grandma's family is doing okay. We're doing our best to keep our heads up, because it's especially hard to during the Holiday season. We would like to thank everyone who has continued to follow Grandma's account in support of her and our family.☺
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❤️grandma Betty is blessed & had a real heart❤️😊
The dude in the blue is fat as a horuse
I know we've posted this a couple times, but this is very fitting for today. This Christmas was different than any other christmas I've experienced.. Going to family dinners and opening presents without Grandma was probably one of the hardest things I've done. It's hard. It's hard to fight back the tears when you're reminded that she's not here. We miss her, and it's hard to get past that this holiday season. Remind yourself to #Smile and #BeHappy just as we do everyday, because that's what Grandma would want. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone!
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itzchen 她去了一個美麗的地方😊😊
奶奶,我們永遠愛您,不管您在哪裏Grandma,we love you forever,wherever you are.
Grandma Betty and her daughter Lana watching our Harlem Shake video. Grandma loved to dance so much😊
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Well that is not a nice thing to say @jarrhettharkness34 .....
Grandma and her best friend @harley_dog33 :)
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Hahaha 🐶 @cehorse
@leafrances søt as!