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Grandma Betty 👵•Grandma Betty•👵 💪•Cancer Defeater •💪 🙏•Happily in Heaven•🙏 ❤•Born: October 23, 1933•❤ 😇•Died: August 2, 2014•😇
We hope you like Grandma's updated Bio 😊
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sorry to hear that…love grandma😭😭
Heaven has gained one hell of a grandma! R.I.P.
😊 @harley_dog33
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Save the music :) @merlinmoonmusic
Miss y @grandmabetty33
She was stinkin' adorable I yell ya! 😊
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Miss miss miss her.
Cute 😊
For more info on The Happiness Project, go to the link in Grandma's Bio and follow @rparida @teamachilleus
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rip my angle
R.I.P. Grandma Betty. We love you. ❤
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Rest in peace :')
#FlashbackFriday to Grandma Betty's favorite picture with her husband Clarence. I think I can say with confidence that they're enjoying their time together. 😊
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#TheHappinessProject is going really well so far! Ron had the chance to shoot some footage with Killy having fun on the beach. #ALifeWorthLiving *FOLLOW THE LINK IN THE BIO FOR MORE UPDATES*
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wish you to be heathy!😄😄
How did you find out about Grandma? Comment below!
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WOW! We got 379 likes within the first 24 hours!!! | Follow the link in Grandma's Bio to go be a part of something that we hope to be as big as Grandma's page 😊
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Where is grandma's bio?
This was from when Grandma wanted us to post about her feeling better. Haha, she loved all of her followers!
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Hello grsndma betty"u look BYEATIFULL
Wanting to spark a change in the world, Filmmaker & Visual Artist Ron Parida created The Happiness Project, a video series designed to look into the lives of many people who struggle every day with unrelenting disease & illness. But what do they all have in common? A plethora of smiles fill their faces each and every day despite their life struggles. The Happiness Project aims to share the stories of many to inspire, to raise awareness, and to give the world a reason to smile. After all, A Life Full of Happiness is #ALifeWorthLiving. ***FOLLOW THE LINK IN MY INSTAGRAM BIO TO JOIN THE FACEBOOK PAGE AND SEE THE FIRST STORY***
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We are so excited to announce something that we are sure grandma is smiling about right now :) @rparida #ALifeWorthLiving
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Amazing 👵👼👴👼
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Grandma has been gone for 3 months now. Just like most things, it feels like it's been so long since it happened, but it feels like only yesterday we were taking her picture.
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Guys she died😭😭😭 @abby02riz @samuel_roach1
Have A #Happy Day Everyone!
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My grandma had this cookie jar. Her name was Betty, too. :-)
@cindybutlerhernandez Remember this?!
@biancasings got together with a bunch of people and made a #Happy music video and dedicated it to Grandma Betty! TAG @pharrell AND MAYBE HE WILL SEE! 😊
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A repost for those in need of a #Smile today 😊
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We would like to give a huge thank you to these three people for supporting grandma and participating in our #ISupportedGrandma idea! You 3 were one of many who helped make grandma #Happy Thank you. 😊
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kisses from Brazil!!!
Every day, we get the chance to restart. To fix our mistakes. Today is a new day. A new start. Hey...Grandma Betty would be proud of you. Yeah, you, the one having a bad day. #Smile like you know she would want you to.
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Omg this breaks mi heart 💔😭
Grandma Betty, We miss you more and more everyday. We think of all the times you made us smile, you made us laugh. We think of all the things you taught us, like small life lessons, or just to be happy no matter what. We cherish all those times when you helped us when we needed a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to, or someone to just sit with. We love you. We remember you. And we'll never forget what you've done for us and the thousands of other people on Instagram. Happy 81st Birthday, Grandma Betty, you still have an eternity of life in heaven. 😊
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So sad 😔 @ckrosexx heaven gained an angel ❤️
Ik 😔 @joefosterrr ❤
Grandma Betty absolutely LOVED red birds...Guess who would have turned 81 years old tomorrow?
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