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Grandma Betty 👵•Grandma Betty•👵
👊•Cancer Fighter•👊
🙏•Follower of Jesus•🙏
✉•P.O. Box #383•✉
Jeffersonville, Indiana
47131 http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MH2hIGo0QMk#
The video played at Grandma's funeral, "Grandmabetty33 Memorial" is now uploaded to YouTube. It'll help remind you to #Smile, #BeHappy, and #StayHappy!
55445 3142 1 weeks ago
Hvil i fred (RIP) ❤️😪
RIP ms Betty 🙏🙌💜
We would like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for helping us make Grandma’s last days nothing but Happy days. The amount of joy that grandma had was indescribable, and her followers played a big role in helping her achieve that. **Grandma’s P.O. Box for mail will still be open for at least 6 more months, so any letters sent will still be received.**
58545 3216 4 1 weeks ago
I thank God for you guys . U all are wonderful thank you for allowing your beautiful grandmabetty to be apart of our lives as well. She was a our insta grandmabetty and when I had a bad day , I would come on her page and she would make me smile.. I'm happy that you are with Jesus watching over us all thank you for sharing such a precious soul with the world .. She made a difference...
Thank you all to share a little of GrandmaBetty with us! God bless each one of you! Thank you again!!
82885 14573 2 weeks ago
After a much needed night of rest , Grandma has come to peace with her battle of Lung Cancer. Although Grandma Betty is no longer physically with us, she will forever be in the hearts of the millions of people she touches every single day. Grandma Betty did not lose her battle to cancer, because her legacy she has left behind will inspire millions of people to #Smile, #BeHappy, and #StayHappy no matter what. The fight has ended. The battle is won.
109094 30245 2 weeks ago
Rest is Paradise Grandma Betty😭💘🙏We will always love you
This is photo is making me cry so much 😥😥😪😪
49891 2914 2 weeks ago
Don't forget that Grandma loves all of you! 😊 | GrandmaBetty33.com
45260 3049 2 weeks ago
She past away peacefully,the angels lead her up to heaven to meet with our lord and savior,we all miss her so much,she will be waiting for all of us.
RIH Grandma Betty
Grandma Betty enjoys looking at her mail when we bring it to her! Grandma Betty P.O. Box #383 Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA 47131 | GrandmaBetty33.com
45963 508 3 weeks ago
RIP 😢😢
1. Take a picture with someone or something that makes you Happy. 2. Use #Happy and #GrandmaBetty33 3. Tag @GrandmaBetty33 4. You now have a chance to be featured in one of Grandma's pictures!😊 | GrandmaBetty33.com
25310 148 3 weeks ago
@helpful_shoutz got me to 1k
Grandma loves reading her mail!😊 Grandma Betty P.O. Box #383 Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA 47131 | GrandmaBetty33.com
46660 640 3 weeks ago
@thefakeskipper got me 1K
I Love you
Happy #ThrowbackThursday! We hope this video makes you #Smile ear to ear! 😊 #TBT | GrandmaBetty33.com
74486 5781 3 weeks ago
Wous @c.razyboy13
#Chocolate makes grandma #Happy! 1. Post a picture with you and something or someone that makes you Happy! 2. Tag @grandmabetty33 3. Use #Happy AND #GrandmaBetty33 You might be featured in one of our pictures! 😊 | GrandmaBetty33.com
51700 1128 3 weeks ago
Te extraño bella
@rmsm1412 @rmsm1412 @meem1190 @madmozelkhawlh @n0n020102011 شوفو حسابهه وخخخ 😩💜💜
#Smiling is something grandma does a lot these past couple of days! Below, comment something that you've done recently to make someone #Smile to inspire others to do the same! 😊 | GrandmaBetty33.com
59655 1917 3 weeks ago
#GoodMorning from your favorite Grandma Betty! Grandma has been going through a lot lately, but she's been able to feel better and get over it! Tag someone who's been going through a hard time to show them they can get over their hardship just like Grandma! 😊 | GrandmaBetty33.com
62196 2168 1 month ago
@helpful_shoutz got me 1k
@siham_zh بالعكس تجنن😍
Grandma was eating a Butter Cookie today. That's her favorite kind! Don't forget to #Smile today and #BeHappy. That's what Grandma would want after all 😊 | GrandmaBetty33.com
44986 751 1 month ago
@grandmabetty33 We love you grand ma 😘😘
سبحان الله احس جسمها رجع رقيق و ناعم زي الأطفال بالضبط 😢 @siham_zh
We as a family would love to thank Kathleen, one of Grandma's wonderful followers, for making and sending us these beautiful coasters made from pictures we have posted! Thank you! 😊 Grandma is feeling well today, but she is currently in some minor pain. She's eating some chicken noodle soup now!
34279 404 1 month ago
rip. 💙👅 love y'all!!
Grandma, Hope, and Harley are tired today. Of course Hope, Dave, and Harley have had late nights with grandma lately. Please take this time to pray or think about them and thank them for what they do for frandma. It's stressful and emotional. It's getting the best of some of us here in the Belden household, and it's difficult to do frequent updates. Again, thank you all for all the support. It helps so much more than you could ever imagine! :) | GrandmaBetty33.com
54606 2529 1 month ago
But in case you were wondering...Grandma Betty is doing great today, talking in the phone and going about her business like nothing is wrong. This makes us happy. Very happy. :) | GrandmaBetty33.com
62128 1680 1 month ago
الله يشفيها🌸 @lenan1301
@rozrnaa آمين اجمعين😞💔
Who would like to see THIS on a T-shirt? @dagmara_cielecka_art *COMMENT BELOW*
38761 1028 1 month ago
@alyssa_mattera will this make you feel better
Who would want to see THIS on a shirt with a quote from Grandma? *COMMENT BELOW*
34924 1886 1 month ago
Let us know as soon as possible. :) | GrandmaBetty33.com
13908 320 1 month ago
I really want a grandma Betty t-shirt. Where can i Get it? 😊 @grandmabetty33