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Grandma Betty 👵•Grandma Betty•👵
👊•Cancer Fighter•👊
🙏•Follower of Jesus•🙏
✉•P.O. Box #383•✉
Jeffersonville, Indiana
47131 http://youtu.be/NBe5vAtSlY8?list=UUmSSlfCvYbkVhKIQjFKvW2g
I'm sorry for the low-quality photo, but I had to share. I was getting ready to go out and I just started thinking about grandma a lot..before I knew it, @pharrell 's song '#Happy' came on. Some days are better than others. This one just got a whole lot better. #InstantSmile ☺ **What puts an Instant Smile on your face?**
19654 192 1 3 d ago
I ❤️it😍
A HUGE thank you goes out to the people who have been sending cards and flowers to support our family! 😊 Family of Grandma Betty P.O. Box #383 Jeffersonville IN 47131 *The P.O. Box will be open for another 5 months*
26109 229 5 d ago
Wow! @biancasings , @roddajones and many other people got together and made a '#Happy' video dedicated to Grandma Betty! Be sure to check it out if you're in need of a #Smile! 😊 **LINK IS ON GRANDMA'S PROFILE * *
22089 380 6 d ago
Awww @m.h.j !
r.i.p.will yyou post some pics of grandma betty
Grandma Betty really loved @sarahhaeberle, the news reporter who did Grandma's first news story! 😊
36107 288 1 1 weeks ago
Miss her smiling face...
Подписывайтесь ко мне)
Thanks for all the submissions...we hope they made you #Smile! P.S. - we loved the one of grandma in her younger days!
27406 208 1 weeks ago
I think you will find I said I'm not gonna leave.And there was no hate involved in the comment @freyaxking ,so yeah.
We're sure you've heard of the Faceq app, and we made one of grandma! 😊 1.Make your own version of Grandma 2. Tag @grandmabetty33 3. Use #GrandmaBetty33 4. Your version might be featured!!
28333 232 1 weeks ago
I love U!!!! So very very beautiful♡♡
Aw cute
Shortly after grandma passed away, I left for college. It's hard. Feeling alone through a lot of this. But family is always there, and Grandma's followers are always here for reassurance that it's all better now. That she's okay. Thank you for the support you give me and my family.
43907 1047 1 1 weeks ago
Saludos desde Venezuela. Un abrazo
I'm crying😫 I'm so sorry for your lost..She was amazing. Rest in peace🙏
@harley_dog33 never left Grandma's side. He was always with her, and he cared about her just as much as we did. He gave grandma a reason to #Smile. 😊
52243 864 1 2 weeks ago
Aw, she's so adorable. 👵💕
So cute @eceol
Every single on of Grandma's followers changed her life. You made her #Smile and #BeHappy! Did Grandma change your life or make you smile? Let us know below, and have a great day!
54507 1647 2 weeks ago
@sannaperlborn detta är du, när du är gammal
Ey @mathilda_holm
There were so many people asking, so we just had to do it- @harley_dog33 now has his own instagram profile. Grandma Betty would be so proud 😊
48808 601 1 2 weeks ago
I love this picture. May you rest in peace Grandma Betty.
Yayyyyyyy ❤️
#FlashbackFriday to last Christmas when we got grandma the Russell Stover chocolate she loved so much!
34122 1101 2 weeks ago
How old was she?
The family and @harley_dog33 really miss grandma, that's certain, but one thing is for sure- we are forever grateful that her pain is no more. #Smile for grandma today. 😊
45243 683 1 2 weeks ago
Its okay i lost my grandfather 1 week ago he was a huge part of me i still cant stop crying
@grandmabetty33 the tears are the memories of all the happy times. My grandma Betty died several years ago, and I still cry every now and then, but it reminds me of all the joy and love and the woman it am today because of her. Thank you for sharing your grandma Betty with us.
One last reminder! Voting ends in a few hours and @dagmara_cielecka_art needs all the support she can get. Go vote for her piece Of art because she deserves to smile - she always made grandma happy and we are grateful for that. **FOLLOW THE LINK ON HER PROFILE!!**
11556 86 2 weeks ago
free palestine
What do you think Grandma is doing up there high up above?
47312 1705 3 weeks ago
High up...❤️👼🙏
#Smile for grandma today. She's watching over you 😊 To see the rest of this video, follow the link in Grandma's bio!
73439 5495 3 weeks ago
The video played at Grandma's funeral, "Grandmabetty33 Memorial" is now uploaded to YouTube. It'll help remind you to #Smile, #BeHappy, and #StayHappy!
60303 3463 1 month ago
@anooosah2008 هههه مب اهي غير ذي
ادري @hnood__37
We would like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for helping us make Grandma’s last days nothing but Happy days. The amount of joy that grandma had was indescribable, and her followers played a big role in helping her achieve that. **Grandma’s P.O. Box for mail will still be open for at least 6 more months, so any letters sent will still be received.**
62281 3328 4 1 month ago
Awww. RIP grandma Betty. You wil be remembered 😭😘👼💕
R.I.P Grandma Betty 😭I'm very sad, she was adorable and so cute! Rip! You will always be remembered 😭😕💘
88085 15171 1 month ago
R.I.P ♥♡
After a much needed night of rest , Grandma has come to peace with her battle of Lung Cancer. Although Grandma Betty is no longer physically with us, she will forever be in the hearts of the millions of people she touches every single day. Grandma Betty did not lose her battle to cancer, because her legacy she has left behind will inspire millions of people to #Smile, #BeHappy, and #StayHappy no matter what. The fight has ended. The battle is won.
116760 31278 1 month ago
I literally just cried so hard 😭 rip grandma betty you will be forever in our hearts 💘
R.I.P 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
51645 3013 1 month ago
Rip sweatheart we all miss u 😭💘🙏