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Boa noite !
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Fiiiiinal felizzzzz!!!!!!!
Thai Breakfast by me! #ไข่เจียวใส่โหระพา,หอมแดง,ต้นหอม,flaxseed,chia,งาดำ น้ำมันฉีด1ฟืด / กินกับผักตามชอบ / ข้าวกล้องไรซ์เบอรี่โรยงาพริกญี่ปุ่น #HealthyMary #100MaryisHappyDay
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ทำอาหาร ไม่ฝากร้านจ้ะ
@khamejitra ไข่เจียวโหระพา
You'll never guess who just walked into the building! #Raw #LadiesAndGentlemen
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Walrus on a cellphone.
Thank you!!! @myrandamanslaughter @berniesalami it's not the real aj.
I love LANA del REY So much UGHHFG
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@lolkelss @lxsnk IM DYING HELP ME 😂😂😂
@ai.natsuko HAHAA EW
Would you rock these to #SneakerCon? Next stop: Chicago, October 25th. Broadway Park Armory 5917 N Broadway Chicago, IL 60600 Tickets available on
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Hell nahhhh✌️✌️✌️✌️
@sambauer82 ur type
Finally got a chance to ride again last week. Check out my site, for a few more pics from the test. #gopro @gopro @thormxofficial @monsterenergy
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He pretty much had nothing to prove over here, he won everything you can win. So he's going to Europe to do MxGP and try to win that pretty much. @treybrodersen
Monday suck
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Big boy in the middle throwing up! It's justin! But that guys a little darker... @justinnobles @benvigdor @maxmarkothe5th @_cadelong_ @rachaeleichner
@pattripodi senior year
Mi corazón se llena de tristeza al enterarme que el Señor Oscar de la Renta ya no está con nosotros. El cielo se llena de gala con nuevos diseños. Gracias por haberme hecho sentir como una reina en un sueño el día que hiciste unas de tus obras sobre mí. #DescansaEnPaz #Duerme #OscarDeLaRenta
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Wao que mal
Young @LeoMessi 👌
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@marinette.55 wtf r u saying too many words
Y esto leo messi @juanfsf11 @miguuel_sd @raymondrodriguevara
Enjoying the #Hawks game with @todd167!
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Ahhh not at this Moment !!!!! Texans lost the lead !!!!!
ladi_sag the ATeam
T I R E D . .😶 x x x x x x x x x x x x
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Read.... Girl: am I pretty? Boy:no girl: do you even want to be with me forever? Boy:no girl: do you even like me? Boy:no girl would you cry if I walked away? Boy:no shed heard enough and was hurt... She started to walk away with tears in her eyes the boy grabbed her arm boy: you aren't pretty... Your beautiful boy: I don't need to be with you forever.... I need to be with you forever boy: I don't like you..... I love you boy I wouldn't cry if you walked away....I would DIE if you walked away the boy whispered: please stay with me girl: I will * tonight at midnight your true love will realize he/she loves you* *something good will happen to you at 1-4pm *tomorrow it's could happen anywhere!! *get ready for the shock of your life! *if you don't repost this to 5 other will have bad luck in relationships for the next 10 years WARNING IF YOU STOP READING THIS YOU WILL DIE TONING! Hi I'm Mike. I'm a 11 years old and now I'm dead now. I had no Friends... If you don't post this picture you will die tonight at 11:58pm. DONT BELIEVE ME? A guy named jake read this and laughed later that night I took a knife from his kitchen and stabbed him to death. You don't to be like jake do you? A girl named Sandra only posted 10 pictures SILLY GIRL SHES ONLY 11 BUT OH WELL. That's day she saw me and ran to her grandmas house... She asked if she could use her bathroom READ!!!!! And paste this to 10 comments in the next 10 minutes tomorrow u will have the best day of ur life. You will either get kissed or asked out, if you brake this chain you will see a dead girl in your room. In 53 someone will say I love you or I'm sorry 11mins. STEP1- kiss your hand STEP2-say your crushes name STEP3-close your hand STEP4-say a weekday STEP5-say your name STEP6-open your hand STEP7-repost this to 15 other pictures
was at a shoot yesterday in a majestic-looking park. 🌳
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And then you see the kiddy pool
Build on history. For sixty years, the @fenderguitar Stratocaster has reigned as the symbol of rock ’n' roll. On October 24th, from 6-10PM, we celebrate this sonic monument at #HurleyHQ. The #STRAT show will feature work by a collection of artists, including Tokyo Hiro (pictured), Brandon Boyd and Craig Stecyk III, among other musicians and influencers who’ve added their touch to these historical guitars. See @tokyohiro’s guitar this Friday at #HurleyHQ. See his limited edition tee collection now at
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Hurley HQ
@grilled_co very cool
Very cool!
The reviews are in and #ChanningTatum's #Foxcatcher has been certified "Fresh" at #RottenTomatoes with a whopping 91% positive review score! Find out why when it hits theaters November 14th!
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@jreik23 😍😍😍
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@paulplzz Looks 😏😍
Queen BaeZA 🙌👑😍
Just lifting things wit my fraaaaands @jeffloagz
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Skinny ass legs from both dudes
No bae you not allowed to be that strong 🙅 @abbeykadabbie
Em Belém (PA) - #AecioNeves #Aecio #Belem #Para #SimaoJatene #FafaDeBelem #Ronaldo #Fenomeno #Brasil #MudaBrasil
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O cache vai ser alto quero ver se ele perder vao levar calote!
#Aécio45 #Jatene45 4⃣5⃣✅
DOUBLE TAP AND PRESS PLAY!! 💙 amazing nail tutorial by @sloteazzy 💙tag your friends!!!😘 ________________________________________ Follow my favorite accts:👇👇 @fashiions_lifestyle @best.hairposts @stylelovesfash @inspired_nailart @cutest.animalsss @embellished.tats
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This could give a tye dye effect with the right colors! @hippiehaitian
Leo pretending to be a hunter on Saturday. Mister let's try and take out strides. This one was our decent round though. I love the pon pon. He always tries 😊
1370 34 57m
@rebecca_moore13 no I watched all of them. I squeezed them in. Last round wasn't pretty. But I got all the strides. He hasn't jumped in almost 2 weeks so he just wanted to go
I'm western so this isn't like hate. But why do you use flashes? Why do you need to tie the horses mouth shut..? I have heard that flashes are a bit mean because I mean the horse can't open it's mouth which can be a sign the bit is hurting them. I'm curious to know what you use the flash for
#Cavs defeat the @chicagobulls 107-98 behind 28pts/7asts from @k1irving #AllForOhio
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@joe_heckman37 slightly salted.