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Are you guys ready for round 2? #waxenshire
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Poor jovie..
But yaaassss totally!!
Ahhh man S/O to @brokenwindowtheoryclothing for this dope spray painting thanks man...
7256 150 1 hours ago
Already following him @loetterman
my bad mr sec @jasondeckher
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★★★NOVIDADE MENINAS★★★ Convido todas para conhecer o meu insta, são várias inspirações para esmaltação e dicas super legais de cuidado com as unhas. Visitem lá e comentem o que acharam...
Vc n sabe quanto doi, ver q vc segue alguns amigos meus e não me segue, uns amigos meus q vc segue, ate me ajudaram pra que vc me seguisse, mas vejo que n ta dando muito certo, sei que vc pode n ver os meus bilhões de comentario no meio de tanta gente, mas tbm sei q se vc ver esse texto sera paciente e vai ler tudinho, como esta fazendo agora, mari, so quero te pedir q me siga, so isso, n tenha uma sombra de duvida, q se vc me seguir eu vou ser o cara mais feliz do mundo, do planeta, mari, saiba q vc é uma das coisas mais importante da minha vida, isso é vc ja entrou na minha vida a 3 anos e meio, podem me chamar de babão de dramatico, do que quiserem, não vou ligar pra opinião de vcs, se a unica q ta no jogo é a minha e a dela, então é isso mari, saiba q eu te amo demais, e que vou ralar muito ate vc me seguir, vou conseguir um dia, conte comigo pra te defender dos invejosos, e de qualquer coisa, minha Nolasco perfeita, ❤👑 e de novo eu te amo ❤ @maarinolasco
Here's a few clips from the other day... This is @mathewhouck doing a nothing and me getting a flat.. Good times! Filmed by @wrathofphil
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I never knew :0 @oh_its_gabriel
Me either wtf @oh_its_gabriel
Meu parceiro @thiagozanlucas sempre deitando nas fotos! Olha la a que ele acabou de postar ⚡️ queria aproveitar pra agradecer os fã clubes que têm surgido, também, aqui no insta e dar um toque pra eles darem uma olhada quem que eu to começando a seguir heheh ⚡️❤️😜
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Q isso Bia grande presenteee @annabeatrizcm
Me segue leo pf pf pf
Repost from @modern_domestic Hi ladies hope you're enjoying your Labor Day festivities. Labor Day is always bitter sweet because it marks the end of summer and beginning of busier schedules for most of us. This year I've promised myself that the family will be more organized and I'm kicking things off with a family message center that I made myself😍😍 Do you want to learn how to make this super cute super easy #DIY message center for under $20? Follow @modern_domestic for a step by step tutorial. I am sooooooo exited about @modern_domestic and so happy to see that so many of you share the same hobbies and Interests as me. I have sooooo many fun things in store this year Stay Tuned... special thanks to @themuakb (MUA) and @rashadhassan (Director) for working hard on set yesterday #egl #egl2014 #everythinggl #everythinggl2014 #moderndomestic #moderndomesticegl #lifestyle
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I here you have to get things done with a busy schedule
Loving life every minute every second! And so should you! 💋
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Is she a p-star?
@helpfulteamm got me 1k
What to do in Alabama ..
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meet dem white boyz
What part @nicole_goncer
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@boii_z @ayy_its_berny @amarisbrooke @shaun__8 @miguel_kid @thebest_nzzy_
@makeabella is pretty in shades of purple this Labor Day weekend 💜💜💜 she's also our winner for our Makeup Artist Crush Monday! send us a DM to claim your NYX goodies. Don't forget to use the hashtag #nyxmuacm to be featured 💖 || #nyxcosmetics #nyxmuacm
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@alemorenorosas wedding makeup for MOH??
@suzanna_loves_joseph ur fav color this would look purrfffect on ya:)
TAG A FRIEND WHO WOULD WEAR THIS!! **************************************************** SUCH an awesome shirt from our favorite apparel company @AnimalHearted! They donate 25% of proceeds to no kill animal shelters! **************************************************** Order TODAY and get 15% off your ENTIRE order with the code: ‘LABORDAY’! **************************************************** The link to their store is in their profile!     @AnimalHearted @AnimalHearted @AnimalHearted
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@maddykeasling this is for us 😻😻
@tfcstevie #truestory 🐱
I can seriously eat mango everyday 😍😍 Heels: @lolashoetiquedolls #ninaootd
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What is that thing in the middle @ninzeey
Bend and Snap #USOpen
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😂😂😂 best movie ever! #legallyblonde #workseverytime
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Just a bunch of blondies hangin' out on a mountain
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@catwamer glad you tear other women down instead of building them up. Pretty sure you wouldn't want someone saying those things to you. Empower each other, ladies!!
Gorgeous ❤️
#freedom #goodmorning have a great day 😘😘😘
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#ขออนุญาตฝากร้านอาหารเสริมอยากขาวอยากผอมเชิญทางนี้ค่ะ 🙏
"" So cute!! from @beuniki Tag your friends @beuniki @beuniki visits them online for more awesome jewelry and watches don't forget to follow! @beuniki @beuniki @beuniki www.beuniki.com"
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If you're that girls husband hand she slaps you boy your face is gonna turn to dust by the size of them hands
@luciagrace2 nails 😍
These seats are terrible and I'm furious about it.
4637 107 19 minutes ago
Sucks being rich and famous! 😂😂 just work on your live show! And life will get better!
Any seats at a dodger game are terrible
Recuerden que ya está el nuevo video en mi canal @guayngtips www.youtube.com/guayngtips #nenaguzman @milanicosmetics #milani
1651 17 58 minutes ago
Oh oh! Matando la liga la nena. Dios me la siga bendiciendo 👍
Взаимные Лайки
🏀🎥 Too Similar 😳 KOBE OR MJ??? #nba #ballup #ballislife #basketball #hoopfilms #hoopmixtape #michaeljordan #kobebryant
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