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Con mis gorditas bellas 🎀 el tío @kingcurro de visita pero no deja el cell 😄📱
7880 90 2 hours ago
Que hermosas sus dos niñas y la mayor tiene unas pestañas muy bonitas que Diosito se las bendiga :)
Que bellezas de niñas dios las bendiga siempre
Hufflepuff 💛💛 . Everything in my shop (@ThePerksShop) is 20% off today only! Use the code "20PERKS" to celebrate Harry Potter and JK Rowling's birthday.
5455 76 54 minutes ago
Happy Birthday, JK Rowling ♡
Haha I tried on a sorting hat and it said hufflepuff😂😂
😩😭We're squeezing every last drop out of ☀️ #WeNotDoneYet #ootd
10985 59 1 hours ago
@lizzette_eunice quiero la blusaaa😔
OMG need this shirt @itty_bitty_cupcake
My boyfriend has the best taste in shoes! Thanks @jwshua ♠️♣️
3995 36 1 hours ago
❤️❤️❤️👌 gooo on josh!!! X
These shoes are banging, I want, where can I get.
Hanging out with one if my favorite cousins @Sisaundra xoxo - GloZell
6317 43 1 26 minutes ago
Citrus Club
I.think her cousin is off of the voice
#tbt to when I went through this phase... 😝 haha
5942 175 1 hours ago
Still perfect. <3
كلنا مرينا بمعاصي محد فينا معصوم من الغلط نروح نسوي معصيه سواء كانت صغيره او كبيره ونقول محد بيشوفنا كل من خالي بنفسه لكن ما فكرنا بكلام ربي ونحن أقرب إليه من حبل الوريد صح..محد بيشوفك من البشر بتكون انت ونفسك لكن..هل فكرنا مره أن ربي عليم بكل شي ألم يعلم بأن الله يرى سبحان الله...صج عيونه قويه ساعات نستحي نسوي شي يفشل جدام الناس...نخاف الناس تشوفنا نستحي من الناس...وما نستحي من ربنا الي شايف كل شي لو نخشينا بكل مكان قبل لا تسوي اي شي يغضب ربك تخيل...ربي قاعد يشوفك وانت تعصيه الله يا كبرها نعصي وندري أن ربنا يشوفنا ربي سبحانه يقول: ومن يتقي الله يجعل له مخرجا اتقيت ربك..ربي بيجعل لك من كل هم فرج ومخرج وتذكر زيييييين أن اذا خفت من ربك لك جنتان ربي يقول: ولمن خاف مقام ربه جنتان سبحان الله كل هالكلام وهم عيونه قويه ونعصي #فهد_البشاره
7771 202 2 hours ago
احبك في الله.
#GetSpring in the Summer. Summer in the city. So proud of you @arakatz ❤️ @spring (tap for credits)
37730 381 4 1 hours ago
@valeonmars I deserve nothing! Sophia just deserves only love from us so that's what we true fans are gonna do 😊
Obsessed with the @BaubleBar jewelry I wore in my #ChasingTheSun music video! You can shop here: http://bauble.it/1nUGD9L
24770 269 35 minutes ago
Where is her swimsuit from?! @hilaryduff
@malcolm_x_jr her body though 😍😍😍
When someone tells you how to live your life- listen, smile, and then do whatever the fuck you were going to do anyway.
4055 78 10 minutes ago
@chuckapotamus15 the caption
@vincentw0 noooo Tienes que ir a meterle duro
Countdown to the Weighted video premier on Monday August 4th! Here is a behind the scenes look at the Gradyville Funeral Home! "A Beautiful Place to Say Farewell! Since 1981" #GradyvilleGrowlers
3486 81 30 minutes ago
I want my house to look like that.
I really really can't wait, Frank!
CALIFORNIA GIRL - @francescaaiello @mpkaynephoto
2134 20 2 32 minutes ago
@francescaaiello you are stunning! Keep doin what your doin girl!! 💛
Well if you remember that base line we rated you at to set the standard for other women? That would just be totally irrelevant here because she's just in a whole other league @tayrenard
It makes a good slow song too #1D #haha #nobodywatchesvideoonIG #wherestheselfie
4373 438 2 hours ago
I'm fangirling so hard!
Hey, Chicago.... D.Rose's gotta message for ya! August 16th: ticketmaster.com/usab
12095 341 11 minutes ago
@jayossh @mibe911
I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me.
98123 1246 2 hours ago
I feel like its temporary 😂
@__grumps__ *sentence *actually,
Uma coisa de louco.... #meninaewbankgagliasso
12453 161 7 48 minutes ago
Segue @patycica protetora de animais
I'm going to be in Philly, D.C., Nashville, and Atlanta for @SunsationTour! 😊 Tickets: www.sunsationtour.com
80177 1204 32 minutes ago
AHHH! But it's sold out someone said😭
Ok I will try @_faithespinosa1
By @naildesignsbyjulie follow her for amazing videos tutorial and follow my other account @Nailsarttut for videos tutorials nails art 💅 @Nailsarttut💅 @Nailsarttut💅 @Nailsarttut💅
3899 64 23 minutes ago
:3 Bang bang
احسه بايخ
Mommy, your cutie pie needs kisses. give me kisses please 😽 www.nalacat.com
30381 350 4 2 hours ago
@m.ozegovic hahaha
@staarstuff check this !!! :D
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8145 47 1 hours ago
@tiff these are the pants I talked about making into shorts. I'd want me like wrist length
@kavis17 hott🔥