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เรียม .... @plaekao2014 12 สิงหาคม นี้ ไปดูกันนะคะ
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สวยยยย #ขายเสื้อนะ #เสื้อยืดแนวแนว #สองตัว300
#ขอฝากร้านนะคะ #เสื้อผ้ารองเท้ามือสองคร้า
#WesKremer has a heavy interview in the latest issue of @thrashermag. This backside flip is just a sample. Stay tuned for a Wes video part dropping soon. Photo: @blabacphoto #CrustyByNature #YesOnWes #DCshoes
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Le trophée pour #Paris : victoire 6-2 contre #kitchee #asiasummertour
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Hong Kong Stadium
Damn time zone! I lost the game! ici c'est paris \o/
#AudiFCBTour #FCBayern goes USA
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Like my Last pic and i like youre Last :)
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Those brows are on point
محل ايتالي داخل دبي مول .. عندهم كورنر نوتيلا حده يشوق .. . . منشن الناس اللي هناك و عشاق النوتيلا 😋😋
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@ahla_roooh @jnoonek
On this day in history a legend was born. Happy 89th Birthday to hockey legend Ted Lindsay! #terribleted #actuallyagreatguy #redwings #alumnishowdown
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Happy B-Day TED
Happy birthday ted
Come #SummerSlam I'll be #WWETransformed
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How do you know? @patty_cakes30
You got this Brie! BRIEMODE! Take her down for all the crap she did to your man Daniel and your sister NIKKI! Give her a Brie beat down!!!
Take us back! Another clip from when we surprised our 2014 California Kisses Model Search Winner, @kaylynslevin, at @dancerpalooza this past weekend 💐 @sophialucia5678 @haydenhopkins | Looking forward to an exciting new year ahead! #californiakisses #ckgirl #ckmodelsearch #CKxPALOOZA #dancerpalooza #takemebacktuesday
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Oh :( @sophiakathryyn
It's jordyn gone then ? :'(
@showoffmotorsports11 #truckdaily
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@bonilla_mario one of these days
OMG MUST READ! 😭 •••••• It's a normal Monday morning for Mia. Maths class first, the worst class of all. As Mia walks into class she notices a new boy sitting by himself. Mia can hear the girls behind her giggle and talk quietly about how hot the new boy is. 5 minutes later Mr Smith walks in. He tells everyone to pair up. Mia and the new boy are the only two without partners and Mr Smith tells Mia to sit next to the new boy. • Mia: hi, I'm Mia. • New boy: hey I'm jake. • Mia: so you just moved here? • Jake: yeah. This is my 6th school in a year. • Mia: wow! you move a lot. • Jake: yeah I know. It's because of my dad's work. • Mia: oh fair enough. • Mia and jake become close even though Mia has a boyfriend. Everyday they talk in maths. Jake tells Mia his problems and Mia tells Jake hers. Mia feels herself starting to fall in love with Jake. How could she not? Jake knows all her secrets and flaws. He knows that both her parents are absent from her life. For the first time Mia feels like she has someone who cares about her. One Friday afternoon after school Jake comes to Mia's house. They lay on the backyard grass and talk. • Jake: I love hanging with you Mia. • Mia: and I love hanging with you too. • Jake: I love you Mia. • Mia: I know. But I have a boyfriend. • Jake: break up with him. • Mia: I can't. I'm afraid of what he will do. • Jake: I can protect you. I need to be with you Mia. I promise I will keep you safe. • Mia: pinky promise? • Jake: yes, I pinky promise. • Mia: okay, I will break up with him tomorrow. • Mia and Jake spend 'the' 😏 night together. Jake leaves the next morning to go home. On Monday morning when everyone goes back to school Mia skips because she is feeling unwell. After a week of still not feeling any better Mia decided to go to the hospital. What the doctor tells Mia changes her whole life... • WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO MIA Click on the blue word to read the rest of the story. ITS ON THEIR MOST RECENT POST! I SAW IT! 😱█►@_luhmexico1k
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I went on a jet ski last week
Caught of guard. #primerDiaDeTrabajo en #LaVozMexico #Ready #entusiasmado #lookingfortalent #coach #EnBuscaDeUnaEstrella #EnBuscaDeTalento #MexicoLindoYQuerido
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@ricky_martin que manera de viajar,que energía la tuya. Disfruta
4416 31 1 hours ago
@_hellokatie @kathykong331 @lo0_say @giau1009
@moni1516 keep reminding me...
- @Godzilladdiction On the run _______________________________ • Follow | @Godzilladdiction _______________________________ • Via: @marcel_lech Tag: #amazing_cars
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My car lovee
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Hey do u want to be friends
@nicolas2997 Lol if you think The show was actually real you're a dumbass
Empreendimento ÚNICO!!! Valeu @metaincorporadora @souzalima
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وانا امس يت ودي ايي مرة ثانية والله
Sup Skyline #superstreet #bloxevolution #nissan #skykinegtr Coverage by @jofeltolosa
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@phatedd @ibxelau