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8028 76 2 hours ago
Haha yup @shea_coston
@bigtibb evry color!
7011 230 2 hours ago
@katelynwendling thanks! Maybe I'll try sometime. 😉
Bruh. Can I have one? @_alana.cruz_
3500 131 2 hours ago
I hope your doing better. I hate to see you cry. Stay strong :) we are here for you
Wore one of my fave band t shirts ever to work today.... Reppin' the dynamic duo. #HallAndOatesFan4lyfe
75481 514 2 hours ago
Wow 3 million followers! ! What the fuck did you do?
#NewMusic #NewVideo #TakeOver #StayTuned
5364 101 4 2 hours ago
@xoxo_alanna_30 ikr! I ship it… I ship it hard 😐 #jorsonforlife
Facts about this picture in hashtags: #SkateBoardIsMadeFromAWineBarrel Sold by: @hepcatco #MyBunGameStrong #ThoseAreGirlsShoes #SizeEleven #StandingOnRailRoadsMakeYouLookCool #ThoseAreMyDadSocks #ISkipLegsDays #Sometimes #MyBellyButtonWasSweating #HieuTookThisPicture #TheyCallMeLilDookie #CauseImTheShit #NoOneCallMeLilDookie
9802 72 2 hours ago
@maramy1991 🍉
bun game too strong
Abby Wambach did an appearance tonight at a local Chevrolet dealership where she once again showed love, and vice-versa, for the good folks of her hometown of Rochester, N.Y.
6014 26 1 hours ago
Lol amazing role model is a bunch of bullshit showed up to her college games and fans were waiting for her to sign stuff walked away and didn't even wave or say thank you for coming out she's a bitch
“…while the water about the canoe and beneath the canoe was churned by thousands of fins into silver fire… (so many) that food to last a month or two may thus be procured in less than an hour is a striking illustration of the fruitfulness of these Alaskan waters.” - John Muir’s Travels in Alaska. Salmon are the lifeblood of southeast Alaska. Returning to where they were spawned after spending up to two years growing in the open ocean, salmon bring the nutrients from their time at sea back inland where their lifecycle not only feeds the bears, but also feeds the forest and nourishes the next generation of fish. Video by @jonathankingston #ngexpeditions #fish #salmon #underwater #alaska #johnmuir
2827 32 1 hours ago
Experiencing this now in Ketchikan. It smelllllllssssss.
Pretty lil' thing 🌹🌹 Our Rosebud Bralette has arrived at @soleil_blue #forloveandlemons #downtoyourskivvies
10806 150 3 hours ago
@buckyyy13 good color
Would u model it for me?😉 @hillbeeee
Joey Badass had us in a zone this morning....
5583 255 2 hours ago
@im_in_thecut #coolin
You gonna be at the lakefront Saturday homie?
Cut Crease Creation by @samiras_makeup💎 how pretty is this @motivescosmetics Glitters in " Diamond " sparkles so beautiful💓✨ #vegas_nay #makeup by #amiras_makeup #cutcrease #glittereyes
24929 318 1 hours ago
That is so pretty💎💎💎
Bonne Nuit😀🌺 Beautiful shot by my dear sista @bihterelis 😀🙌 Check her feed for more😘 @bihterelis
9303 110 1 3 hours ago
@Bihterelis Amazing👏😃 sis
Uau! @karinnereis ... Que lindaaaaa!
Probable NBD from @tonyhamlin's recent @kinkbikes edit. Search out the full edit on ridebmx.com if you haven't seen it yet! #bmx #kinkbmx
2297 66 1 hours ago
@bmxin_bryan we know where that's at
Yeah @_mauricebaham_
[4x01] Haha! Tag a friend!😂
17346 1341 2 hours ago
@annagrams_ 🙊
Post #DigiTourJackandJack depression😭? Relive it all thanks to the @xsories #MeShot 😍😍 WATCH IT NOW and get all the feels all over again 🙌🎉 #DigiTour #Xsories #JackandJack
5689 134 2 hours ago
@live.love.ride_ THIS GOT ME CRYING
@stevengerrard ! Yes ! Good start guys! Thanks supporters! YOU WERE AMAZING!
126088 2531 4 hours ago
Forza Balo!!!
Fail💀😂 by mauricioo 👉@bestviideo
17732 1029 2 hours ago
@acasimir5 @willygunz @duffmann lmaooo RIP the wing
Oh shit @kenya_nawt
My four monkeys fishing... #Troutdale
7563 56 3 hours ago
This reminds me so much of my four children. They are almost the same ages (7,5,2 & 4mths) and I have two boys and two girls too. Its chaos but amazing! Cheers to big families ♥
all u feeds is so best!
12697 124 3 hours ago
Damn them biceps
Dem Panthers looking like best in the NFC
Diamond Nail Art 💎 All polishes used are from @maybelline's Color Show line. Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel iTrendyPolish (link in bio) where you can find all my nail tutorials✨😘
17400 102 1 hours ago
I am going to try to do that to my nails
@oliviarieman @alisaharbaugh @megansheipline diamond or die 💎🔫