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#2 واضح اني مطلعه الهارد درسك 😁🙈
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Fff? U first ,then I'll return, ask for turn 😊
ي حليكك 😘
Hoodies sind wieder auf Lager! 🎉
46342 1361 23h
Thank you Blackpool last night was epic!!
120038 383 23h
Wish I could've been there man
107879 335 23h
• • • في درب الساعي .. شفت لي طير حرّ مع راعيه .. استاذنته وشليت الطير على يدي .. ولا شعوريا .. جات على لساني قصيدتي ( برقع الصقر ) .. • •
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@abrar_alsubiae @fatimh_4 نحفان😣
تعالو اسمعوني بليز ابي دعم ♥
daqui a pouco temmmmm. mais tarde é o ultimo do ano ne? #FlyNoCariocaClub
19589 315 23h
Paulo me manda Parabéns em um vídeo, hj é meu aniversário e eu te amo muito, realiza esse sonho ♥
ههههههههههه وتبن ببعد
Awesome photo by Patrick @africatracks Please kindly visit his gallery for more ✔️ @africatracks ✔️
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Im here! Im so excited to meet you all! (Watch my latest video for santo domingo meetup details!)
32423 340 23h
@yamilakohan holy shit we fucking missed it i cant
Peaceful Sunday morning at home 🙏💕
23284 220 1d
Nice ♥♥
.. "غلق قضائي" يأتي من نصيب شركة اوريدو للاتصالات فرع المطار . . الراعي الرسمي لأكاونت تفتيش الكويت هذا الاسبوع: @customtintq8 للتظليل الالكتروني على المباني والسيارت
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اووووخ صااارت 😳😳 @mryoom87
😂😂😂😂😂😂 ان شاءالله ايي دور النصابين رقم ١ عقبال فيفا لو يحصلي اخذ الراوتر مالهم واروح فرعهم واقطه بويوهم
Dateng ke ulangtahun mantan tapi salah kostum? Yang penting kehadiran nya, bukan penampilan nya. Siapa tau doi minta balik lagi? Mendingan di #NikmatinAja lah bareng #Futami17. Punya situasi yang enaknya di #NikmatinAja sama #Futami17? Ayo bikin video selucu dan sekreatif mungkin, terus upload dengan hashtag #Futami17 #NikmatinAja #indovidgram. Hadiahnya ada iphone 5C atau 5 voucher MAP @500.000! Jangan lupa follow @Futami17 juga yaaa! Periode 9-22 Desember 2014
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Ka marlo share lg dong vidionya
Tetep ganteng bang
حسب طلب المتابعين لطلبة المدارس طريقة بسيطة وسريعه اذا كنتي متاخر وماعندج وقت وتبين تسريحة لشعرج تكون حلوه 😻 شنو تبون الفيديو القادم؟ amazing tutorial for hairstyle ❤️ crd: by @fashioniconir ❤️
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Photo // @jimmy_chin Evening location scout w @shawn_corrigan in @jacksonhole. More often then not, the best shot of the day isn't the one you were looking for. @thephotosociety
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Photo by @jonathankingston | A cargo ship leaves the port of Honolulu, while two catamarans ply the shores of Waikiki at sunset.
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Honolulu, Hawaii
Worst dive of the season? Tag a pussy 😂 ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ @by433 • @433skills • @433lifestyle @433FIFA • @433fans • @bybalr Your post on one of our accounts? Share awesomeness using #TEAM433
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"A mother tries to tell her five year old daughter, "Maybe another time, Sweetheart," with a smile on her face to conceal the disappointment in her own heart when her little girl asks for a dollhouse with puppy eyes, a big old wide smile on her face. Years pass by and the same cycle is repeated over and over with that one word lingering in their household that's transformed from a townhouse to an apartment on the edge of town. They live on paycheck to paycheck, and sometimes the electricity gets cut off unexpectedly. If her father isn't passed out on the couch with a beer bottle in his hand when she comes home, he's down the street spending money he doesn't have in a rundown bar. It takes her another ten years when she becomes a mother to realize, that the word "maybe" was code for "I'm sorry, we just can't afford it right now." And she starts to understand the conflicted emotions that she saw in her mother's face as a child when she has to do the deny her son of the latest video game in the store. She realizes that no matter how disappointed she was when she didn't see the dollhouse under the Christmas tree, her disappointment then couldn't compare to her mother's because as time went on, there were far too many things to be concerned with. They didn't speak of the dollhouse after that Christmas, but the mother was reminded of it every single time her daughter asked for something they couldn't afford. The list kept growing."
14995 184 23h
@gurkanwal_bhullar 👏👏
Istanbul'u izlemek mi, dinlemek mi daha guzel..
27100 282 1 23h
@hipster_inside 😻я поняла
I love istanbul! One of the best city in the world. The people are nice.
Derby day!
10229 191 23h
dirty Geordie scum bag
Yassi and Nadine 01.01.15 🎬🎶
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Like barbie doll
Last 10 days to grab one of my pompom dresses!! Find them @charlotteandmoon :D
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Your so pretty