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"有一天一定會很自然的連線" 發生的機率就如同, 某天你突然想吃大包的小熊軟糖, 於是你馬上狂奔至超市, 興奮的將小熊們砸進購物籃, 一解嘴饞與兒時記趣。 只是平常你不一定想吃, 也不會真的高機動性的奔向超市。 經歷過太多這種, 吸引力法則的例子, 只要我覺得會發生就會發生, 只是在這之前要有點耐心, 或者是你哪天都快遺忘時, 就發生了。
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@gabrieloficial3 follow ? @gabrieloficial3 follow ?
奶茶師傅爭霸戰小花絮 #笨吧
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一天一個shot 細貨黎
Buenos días!!!! Muchísimas gracias a todos por vuestras felicitaciones ayer!! 💗💗💗
4415 68 45 minutes ago
Te lo mereces pau , sigue asi siempre
Happy today photo: @poundds
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สวยย ✨Rayban 😎👜COACH แท้ถูก 🇺🇸💯
Have you seen FASTING SITUATIONS by 987TV?? if you have not, catch it on www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdIAcIL6vaY hehe. Collaborated together with the makcik makcik kewatz!! hahaha! #987TV#987Fm#radio#tv
1728 11 1 hours ago
y so prettty !!!!? @nadiahmdin
Don't love what you can't trust. Don't hate what you can't have. Don't say what you can't show. Don't judge when you don't know.
32536 146 1 hours ago
Cute! ♥♥
น่ารักอีกแล้ววว ><
Photo shoot day 2 @richardgrassie giving @dexterandthebear cuddles before the day begins.
550 4 14 minutes ago
Cute!! 😍 #awwclub
Aww so cute nd im soooooo excited 2 c ye in Dublin on de 8th!!!!:-D
※ IKL(国際かけ流し連盟 : International Kakenagashi League)の 公式発表では、今回のチャレンジでは 2滴 飲めていた、とのこと。 #Kakenagashiは世界共通用語なんや
1696 77 1 hours ago
@sara_asgn bamazze bud :d
@erfan0196 kheyliiii :D
399 3 19 minutes ago
That's awesome!
Your so cute and i love you 😍😍😘😘
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Thank you so much 🙌💓 65K🌹 65K👊 65K🌹 65K👊 Please type the name of the country you are from 💞 حبيت اشكركم علی المتابعه👍 يالله كل واحد يكتبلي هو من وين 😉 💞
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السعوديه -جده
1983 13 19 minutes ago
hi #nuest #뉴이스트 #aron #뉴이스트
3246 213 33 minutes ago
gorgeous Aron!
@nuestaron 😍❤️Nice
@ccona #flutedrop
3594 24 39 minutes ago
Mä oon tulossaa!! :3
My beloved beautiful sea 🌴💕
5315 28 1 1 hours ago
@molliebylett we're loving your #Missguided #style in the Yelena #Floral Blossom #Beach Body 🌸
8919 58 2 hours ago
Perfect outfit 🙌😍
ارجوا الرد ☺ #برنامج_اسأله_مالها_داعي 😂😂
4986 226 2 hours ago
ولايهمك تعال ع خاص وانا اعلمك كيف
@rora.al هذا الي حارق قلبج انج ماتعرفين اذا شيعي او لا
SAM SMITH NIRVANA "It's too late to run away from it all" @deenajenks @mdcdance
1172 32 1 hours ago
Mto massa olha @diamondcrew1 gostei da musica