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James McVey I like cars and cats. Fitness addict. http://www.facebook.com/thevampsofficial
Pic by @itsdeansherwood
41739 462 17 hours ago
Stay strong james ♥
Is there anyone else who just sits for hours in their towel after a shower??
54555 1837 1 d ago
@luma_amorim @mariacps13 😳😳😳😳😳😍😍😍😍
😫😫😫😫 be mine @hannahrcollis
Start the day right 👊
47114 404 1 d ago
I'm with you @geniallissimex #JamesMcveyDontLeaveTwitter
❤💙💛fan account!!💛💙❤
The three things that helped me reduce my stomach fat and overall abdominal muscles... 1- FOOD- abs are made in the kitchen. 2- TRAINING- abs are muscles too... Don't forget them WITH WEIGHTS. 3- BCAA's from @i_supp ... BCAA's are digested extremely quickly and help keep your body anabolic, which is important if you're slimming. Still trying to reduce that lower stomach body fat in order to reveal those lower abs. That's not easy.
50892 1296 1 d ago
❤💙💛fan account!!💛💙❤
Help me ahhh😍😍 @hannahrcollis
Nice to meet youuuuu
44634 292 1 d ago
Ilurveyou xx
❤💙💛fan account!!💛💙❤
No idea where I am
33879 207 1 d ago
I love u guys👍
❤💙💛fan account!!💛💙❤
Tru gainz for @imcalledconnor
31369 589 1 d ago
That just made me blind and keep them bats in the cave
❤💙💛fan account!!💛💙❤
Please have kittens now @fizgigthecat
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❤💙💛fan account!!💛💙❤
Thanks to everyone who comes to meet us at radio stations. It means so much to us. You're awesome. See you soon Boston.
42177 261 2 d ago
Very lucky! -.-
❤💙💛fan account!!💛💙❤
Bye Boston
42785 309 2 d ago
#weloveyoujames 💕
Ily guys
#regram training in the dressing room. Ha
55959 724 2 d ago
44633 372 2 d ago
I want James.Ok?
'staj ben
Boston was sick.
40876 215 2 d ago
Looks it, hope your having a great time, but I can't wait for you to come back home x
Hanging with @shawnmendes ❤️
58220 1274 2 d ago
My two favourite people together! Ahhh
We are here.
37388 202 3 d ago
You should get @shots
First time training in a week. No strength
40890 310 3 d ago
Planet fitness knob
Nearly known this one for 3 years.
65246 1049 3 d ago
Brad&James ow i am died!!Fangirl!!
This however, this wasn't cool.
48990 528 3 d ago
That was an amazing night JAMES💕 you made it even better LY
Tonight was amazing. Thanks Manchester
45516 255 3 d ago
I love you, Love the vamps and love a show You -a vamp Brazil
Tris got a new kit
36018 870 3 d ago