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James McVey I like cars and cats. Fitness addict. http://www.facebook.com/thevampsofficial
Awesome hanging with @bellabongiovii
19632 141 2 hours ago
@bradleywillsimpson 's face haha
@thatzshxra @ottxvia Moh trop mignon 🙈
23584 607 4 hours ago
I'm dying this is to funny hahaha 😂
Lol so funny😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤
24745 124 7 hours ago
I know I'm so excited!!! Yayy!!! @rebecccafoote
36072 338 7 hours ago
Do you love the vamps??! Click on the name and give us a dollow
Malditamente bueno *--*
19766 173 7 hours ago
Hahaha I was right by the window!!!😂😍
Just ordered these for when I'm chilling at homeeeeeee
20839 279 7 hours ago
airmax are definitely a must have although they're too good to be worn only at home
24294 107 7 hours ago
Yass @elena_perse @_hollyradley
Con's dream
28455 195 8 hours ago
Good morning Los Angeles
28941 182 9 hours ago
@alyssa.dgaf -_-
@shoutout1us got me 1k
Biggest box of frosties I've ever seen
34072 399 21 hours ago
i get those from costco every week omg
Amazing Phoenix fans! You guys rule
36427 214 23 hours ago
39831 1784 1 d ago
Follame como Christián Grey a Anastasia <3
Wow ❤❤👌
Tour bus leg raises
38946 1053 1 d ago
woow hermoso
Too hot in Phoenix Arizona
41656 569 1 d ago
It's always hot here wish I could live last night over again
Follame como Christián Grey a Anastasia <3
32218 255 1 d ago
@voodoodollsimpson the girl saying wtf you don't, and you're just like, calm down 😂😂
So sexy
Parents just sent me this from Knutsford. I beg
29277 210 1 d ago
I like it
35800 247 1 d ago
Connor 😚 James 😍
Lovely welcome in Phoenix !!!
28277 92 1 d ago
I was there
Mr white!
26637 128 1 d ago
@juan_cebolla sos increíble...Yo intento hacer eso & primero me quiebro una pierna xd .-,
@wethehepcats uhm no? this was in Arizona
44062 513 1 d ago
He is so handsome
I may or may not be in love with this photo @wearethevamps