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James McVey 19, Song Writer and Musician in The Vamps. English. http://www.facebook.com/thevampsofficial
Having a great session with @jamesalexanderbate
26140 289 13 hours ago
holy shitballs
Your birthday in 10 days !
I am in my own bed, spending time with my family and enjoying my home.. This is what perfection feels like
40889 1208 21 hours ago
This is how perfection looks like! ♡ XD Enjoy it James! You deserve it everyone needs a time for themselves!
@allegraconidi holy crap
I love con 😥😥😥
37078 734 22 hours ago
Aaaawwnn ♥
Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww cutiest cutie ever
Being back home is the nicest thing. Beautiful evening by the river.
24285 258 1 d ago
James maybe like some of my pics? @iamjamesmcvey
Stop pestering, he might do it all in his free time.
Lovely spending time with @ebonyday1
27984 449 1 d ago
Fuck she's pretty @melindaseserkoo
Date each other already
Missed this munchkin
30025 437 1 d ago
Oh, you guys just came 2 in the uk official top 40 charts! I know you guys deserve number 1 but number 2 is still pretty damn good.x #wellldoneguys #proudeventhoidontknowyou @bradleywillsimpson @wearethevamps @iamjamesmcvey @imcalledconnor @thevampstris #wishingyouwouldnoticeme #followtomakemyday #yourthebestliterally
The kings of swag #serious #meetthevamily
37597 559 1 d ago
Tris 😍😍😍
Hello London!!!!!!!
19985 322 2 d ago
I was there and i was obe of the last to meet you !!
Love you guys
24941 219 2 d ago
@emmavdbracht kijk das van in london! Want die een me haar masker met de lippenstift op staat daar!
@dobbyrowling hahahahahaha tis waar
Thanks for the welcome back London
18635 190 2 d ago
@iamprincessmarcelo Follow 》》@thevampsphilippinesofficial ;)
This was me capturing condor using the hand dryer
31355 372 2 d ago
@mloughran123 it's Connors nickname ( condor ) it's meant to say that
This was me at 6:20 this morning yawning
27261 328 2 d ago
How the heck do u look good in the morning ?!?! 😍
Papping the paps
25796 258 2 d ago
@zhinatabrizchi vayyy choobmaghze ashghesham:))
I see @tashajayne_x 😏🙈
Hello 6:30 am
29308 535 3 d ago
I see you
I Love You so much @iamjamesmcvey .... <3 please come here in Philippines... :)
1 footed press ups is all I can do with my foot. Still able to work it some how.
24052 834 3 d ago
Thanks Manchester
17035 240 3 d ago
Coming Manchester. Hello dean
31974 478 3 d ago
Hot guy ❤️❤️❤️
One of the nicest roads I've ever been on. Wow
24509 207 3 d ago
@iamjamesmcvey come to Serbia to see whats beautiful ^_^
Thanks Sheffield
18099 315 3 d ago
Ha, im 'petrified'! @wearethevamps
That guy has a hair on his shoulder.
Moisturising is important
31516 417 3 d ago