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Iloɴα Izαвellα mommy | urban explorer | fitgirl vintage cameras and high heels Amsterdam | @igersamsterdam ♡ @dutchie
Amstergramming, part VI #Amsterdam | One More Time 🎶🎶🎶
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@ilonaizabella uhmm no no, I know from tomorrow when I can have my freedays, obliviously when I plan my trip I remember that dates, I write you to know if you guys are free for an afternoon/evening :) for now good evening to you and Dennis @dutchie
Amstergramming, part IV #Amsterdam | Rock the boat!
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👌 love it Ilona
Amstergramming, part IV #Amsterdam | Why are you so beautiful?
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You're welcome! 😊
Oh yeah
Amstergramming, part III #gramthedam | #myhandinframe ✋📱
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Beautiful city. 👌
Amstergramming, part II #gramthedam | From the ferris wheel. 🎡
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Deze heb ik even gemist maar wat een topper 🙌
Amstergramming, part I #gramthedam | Good morning! 👋☕️
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@shootxmextwice Thank you, beautiful! 🙏😘
City of bikes and bridges #nightgrammingthedam #igersamsterdam
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✨Nighttime reflecti◌◌◌ns✨ #nightgrammingthedam #igersamsterdam
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@ilonaizabella oh ya ? you must go to indonesia, my country ✈ the much beautifull place 😊 #TobaLake #LakeToba
Beautiful 😍👍
A #latergram of some night shooting in Amsterdam I did with @dutchie and @brian_sweet a couple of weeks ago.
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#ThalysExplorer #Amsterdam
This view on Lower Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of my favourites too. Good night everyone! 👋🌃
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The best view of New York City if you ask me. 👌🌃
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I still have these long exposure nightshots from (months ago in) New York City to share. I don't like to crop them to squares, so here's a night view of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge for ya in 16x9. ✌️🌃
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What am I thinking of? (Last one, I promise). 😅 PhotoRights© by Mark Brandau.
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Prachtig @ilonaizabella
Where words fail, music speaks. ♫♩♭♬ PhotoRights© by Mark Brandau.
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I've been nominated by my girl, Deb (@_soliveyourlife_), to share 10 random facts about myself. So here it goes: ① I'm a small girl on high heels. ② I'm also the clumsiest person you'll ever meet. Please don't ask about the "waterbottle" story or the "poffertjes" (small, Dutch pancakes) story, or any story at all. ③ I have two sons, aged 5 and 4. (And I bought them both a camera 🙈). ④ I'm an urban explorer. I started this hobby in 2007, but I took a break when I became a mommy. Since 2011 I'm back in "business" and my hobby became an addiction. ⑤ I love vintage camera's. I have a Polaroid 1000 and a Polaroid 103 Land Camera and that, I know, is the start of what is gonna be a big collection. ⑥ I have always loved photography. I had my own small analog camera when I was a kid and I have always loved both being behind the camera or in front of it. Since Instagram, my love for photography became even bigger. It really inspired me and I love that I have made so many new friends because of this app. #communityfirst ⑦ I even met my bf on Instagram. ♡ ⑧ With four friends I manage @igersamsterdam. ⑨ Shake those hips. I have always loved to dance and I can't stand still whenever I hear music. I take Zumba classes like 3 to 5 times a week and I'm thinking about becoming a Zumba Instructor myself. Next thing I want to (need to) learn is Salsa dancing. ⑩ I am a true thrillseeker. Urban exploring of course is one thing that proves it, but I'm also a big fan of rollercoasters. They can never be too high, too fast or too radical for me. I guess when it comes to amusement parks, I'll never grow up. PhotoRights© by Mark Brandau.
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Salsa, ik heb 10 jaar les gegeven, we kunnen beginnen met n kleine workshop 😃
Leuke facts ✨😄✨
Empty streets of Riva, part III #digitalgarda2014 #tonellihotels
311 15 1w
@_satisfymysoul_ Thanks so much, Tiffany. Beautiful little streets in Riva del Garda. Totally worth getting up early, to catch them without a crowd. 🙏☺️
Very nice work!
Empty streets of Riva, part II #digitalgarda2014 #tonellihotels
457 12 1w
@nvchris73 emangnya es batu,, cool 😅😅😅 😛
Full Nice!!!
Empty streets of Riva, part I #digitalgarda2014 #tonellihotels
442 31 1w
@vektorg Thanks, Victor! 🙏☺️
Great shot 👌
Reached 5K last night. Thank you so much for all the love! ❤️🙏 This is beautiful Torbole, as seen from a boat on Lake Garda. Taken during the #digitalgarda2014 meet, by @tonellihotels #tonellihotels.
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@ohnotje hahaha! 🎶They see me rollin, they hatin' 🎤🎶
Fun at Lake Garda with @dutchie @saaggo and @love_and_life_images. 💦 Photo by @saaggo, edit by yours truly. #digitalgarda2014 #tonellihotels
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