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Ilona Izabella 29 // ♀ // Dutch // mommy // urban explorer
F O R S A K E N #emptyspaces
211 22 5 d ago
Awesome! Wish I could shoot with you here! @ilonaizabella
@scottpelsphoto That would be awesome! 🙏
U R B E X S O L I T U D E #emptyspaces
237 31 6 d ago
Oh my.... Iove this one. 😍
@_soliveyourlife_ Thank you, dear! 🙏😘
D E S O L A T I O N #emptyspaces
217 22 1 weeks ago
I'm doing great thanks 😊 @ilonaizabella
@mrwins0r Good to hear you're doing great! Any plans for the summer?
If you're waiting for a sign that you should have a glass of wine, this is it! 🍷 #hotelnewyork
204 13 1 weeks ago
Thanks everyone! Cheers! 🍷✨ @valsdarkroom @my_life_in_amsterdam @lkoene @vektorg @feetapart @charofernandeztanus @erikhageman @picarus
So glad I came across this picture! Bottoms up! 🍷
My Polaroid™ ❤️ #whpmirrormirror
217 19 1 weeks ago
Green glow #whpmirrormirror
213 8 1 weeks ago
@vincentdemmenie Whoaa! Dank je, Vincent! 🙏☺️
Heel cool! 👌👌👌
⚽️🏆 3rd place! 🏆⚽️ #realmenwearorange #proudtobedutch
284 15 1 weeks ago
Wish I was there. I miss it!
#realmanwearblackredgoldnow 😂😂 congrats Ilonaizabella ur Team played awesome🏆🏆👋😘
Nooooooooooo!! 😭😭 Our boys put up a good fight and didn't deserve to lose like this. Proud of how far we've come. #realmenstillwearorange #proudtobedutch
241 11 2 weeks ago
Erg zonde!! Maar mooie foto sis!
Hele mooie Ilona✌️En ja, we mogen trots zijn⚽️
Some pictures are just not made for squares (or 16x9's). Unfortunately this is a latergram, since the weather in Amsterdam wasn't that nice today. ☔️☔️☔️ But let's hope "our boys" will shiiiiiine in São Paulo! So who is supporting "Oranje" tonight?? ⚽️🍊🎉 #nedarg #huphollandhup #realmenwearorange
308 52 2 weeks ago
Didn't work out last night! I think overall the team had a good run considering that far more talented Dutch teams in the past had a tendency to go out in the quarters
Klassieker! Mooi gedaan!👌
Beautiful Brussels ♡ #instameet_brussels #emptyspaces
300 23 2 weeks ago
Thank you :)
@charlottevandenberg at the #instameet_brussels #peopleworthmeeting
247 20 1 2 weeks ago
Love this!
@charlottevandenberg how did you manage to not levitate 😜
Where do we go when the streets are calling? How do we know when we each stop falling? #instameet_brussels #vanishingpoint
277 34 2 weeks ago
@instawalk010 Zeker! Tot zondag! 👋😊
Tot zondag! 👋
● Abandoned Monastery ●
230 22 2 weeks ago
@valsdarkroom Dankjewel! 🙏☺️
Wauw mooie dof zo! 😘
● Theatre Bizarre ●
280 46 2 weeks ago
@atpphoto Thank you, Anthony! Didn't know that tag. Thanks! 🙏😊
@matthewdoolingvisuals Thank you so much! It's a great place to shoot/explore! 🙏😊
● Church of Decay ●
218 40 3 weeks ago
@mapimi Thank you so much, Teddy! 🙏☺️
#holy_shot this is fantastic!
The first thing that reading teaches, is how to be alone.
212 21 3 weeks ago
@charlottevandenberg 🙏🙏🙏
Fairy tales are more than true. Not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.
380 37 3 weeks ago
@jesusege Glad you like it! Appreciate your comments. 🙏☺️
This is so badass I can't stand it!
One must always be careful of books and what's inside them, for words have the power to change us.
315 50 1 month ago
Phenomenal shot my friend!!
@matthewdoolingvisuals Thanks for that huge compliment! 🙏😊
Let the game begin! #NedChi ⚽️
207 11 1 month ago
Geniet je van het voetjebal?😘👏😍
👌die is cool geworden! Hoppaaa 2-0!! Die punten zijn weer binnen op werk in de poule haha 😉👌
I'm not much of a jumper, especially not on heels. But having fun is what counts, right? ☺️👠 #adamwalk21st Photo credits: @seventyninth
238 26 5 1 month ago
Ja, waar blijft t bier eigenlijk? @dutchie @brian_sweet
@annietram77 Dank je! 🙏