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Iloɴα Izαвellα mommy | urban explorer | fitgirl vintage cameras and high heels Amsterdam | @igersamsterdam ♡ @dutchie
I realize I've been so busy and travelling so much, that I haven't even been shooting in and posting my own city for weeks now. So here's lovely Amsterdam for ya. My edit of a shot taken by my love @dutchie, who is doing a Free For All. If you like to edit one of his pictures too, the link to his Dropbox is in his bio. #dutchie_ffa #communityfirst #wouldanyonecareforanilonaizabella_ffa?
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Prachtig Amsterdam
"To a gargoyle on the ramparts of Notre Dame as Esmeralda rides off with Gringoire, Quasimodo says "Why was I not made of stone like thee?" Vιcтor Hυɢo - Tнe Hυɴcнвαcĸ oғ Noтre Dαмe Notre Dame | Paris For @instagram's #whpwordstoimages
787 19 2d
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris
Love this place so much!!! ❤️
"Do you know what friendship is?' he asked. 'Yes,' replied the gypsy; 'it is to be brother and sister; two souls which touch without mingling, two fingers on one hand.' 'And love?' pursued Gringoire. 'Oh! love!' said she, and her voice trembled, and her eye beamed. 'That is to be two and to be but one. A man and a woman mingled into one angel. It is heaven." Vιcтor Hυɢo - Tнe Hυɴcнвαcĸ oғ Noтre Dαмe Jardin des Tuileries | Paris For @instagram's #whpwordstoimages
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Jardin des Tuileries
Towers and steps | Paris So sorry for my lack of replying to all of your kind comments lately. Blame my trips to London and Paris, and the fact that I'm busy busy. Promise to get back to you soon. I really appreciate your words. 🙏
457 13 1w
Palais de Chaillot - Paris
Mooie Ilona
Small girl on high heels. 👠 Musée d'Orsay | Paris | Me by @dutchie
732 44 1w
Musée d'Orsay (officiel)
Wow this is a really good shot👍👍
Inspiring. Let's connect.
Peaceful Paris. ❤️ @instagram | #whpgeometry
778 24 1w
Jardins du Palais Royal
So good gallery🙌✨🎩
Au revoir beautiful Paris! 👋🇫🇷 @instagram | #whpgeometry
509 21 1w
Pont des Arts
Pretty nice
I love PARIS.. Soon I'll be back there!
Pont de Bir-Hakeim | Paris So 6K happened yesterday! I am happy and truly honored. Thank you so much, dear followers, for all the love and recognition. ❤️🙏 #communityfirst
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Pont de Bir-Hakeim
Gare du Nord | Paris 5/5 of the #5blackandwhitechallenge. For this last image I would like to invite a friend who's photography I really appreciate. He knows his camera very well and he never travels without a tripod. Mahesh @starvingphotographer, would you like to join in this challenge? I would love to see some of your work in black and white. I hope you're up for it! But feel free to decline if not. (Good luck! 🍀)
546 21 1w
Paris Gare du Nord
Oh, I love it!
Pont de Bercy | Paris 4/5 of the #5blackandwhitechallenge. With every image someone gets invited, but is there anyone left who has not been invited already? One of my best IG friends out there, @danorbit maybe? Would you care for a challenge? I hope you're up for it, Daniel! But feel free to decline if not. (Good luck! 🍀)
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Pont de Bercy
Love the symmetry in your shots!
@ilonaizabella the shadow play here is sooo good
My 3/5 of the #5blackandwhitechallenge. I was invited by @dutchie, not only to challenge me to go black and white, but also to get my ass active again on IG. 😅 On our way to Paris now, so why not invite a friend from Paris to do this challenge. Saúl @saaggo, tag you're it! 😜 I can't simply imagine that you're not familiar with this guys feed, but if you don't know him you really should give him a visit. His gallery is impressive! I hope you're up for it, Saúl! But feel free to decline if not. (Please do this one!! 😁😂) (Good luck! 🍀)
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Heal & Son
Ok great! I sent you a DM
Love it! 😍
I was invited by @dutchie to join the #5blackandwhitechallenge, so this is my 2/5. With every image someone gets invited and this time I invite my friend @ferdinandchoffray, who is a star in #lookingup and #putaplaneonit, which I tried to imitate here. 😁😂 If you're not familiar with his feed, please go check it out. I'm sure you'll be impressed. I hope you're in for it, Ferdinand! But feel free to decline if not. (Good luck! 🍀)
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Queen's House
So, I was invited by my bf Dennis @dutchie, to join the #5blackandwhitechallenge. Black-and-white photography is something I love, but don't get around to much lately, so I'm happy to join in on this challenge! This is my 1/5. I invite my friend Patrick @love_and_life_images, who is an incredible photographer, who is also a great guy to hang out with, who was happy to show us around in London, and who is even in this shot of mine. If you're not following this guy already, please check out his feed. I'm sure you'll love it. I hope you're in for this one, Pat! But feel free to decline if not. (Good luck! 🍀)
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Queen's House
No. I've not been yet. There are so many places and so little time😏
Shard ᴚǝɟʃǝɔʇıou #nightgramminglondon
366 14 2w
City Hall, London
Nice shot
Bridge ᴚǝɟʃǝɔʇıou #nightgramminglondon
481 21 2w
Tower Bridge
Action ᴚǝɟʃǝɔʇıou #nightgramminglondon
525 51 2w
Westminster Bridge
Missing London already, where you can buy any 2 books for £ 5,- Good night everyone, a lot of latergrams will follow! 👋😴😘
492 17 3w
See you later, London! I'm sure we'll meet again. If you're in London, be sure to check out this place. #TheWren #WrenCoffee
354 12 1 3w
The Wren
@venusmj babes wla pako ka anhi ani!! Nice no?
@venusmj its a coffee place in a church (Abbey)
Last day in London and we're having a break in the most beautiful coffee place. I don't wanna go home yet. Thank you @bornreadybetty, for providing us with @instagram maps for London, Paris and Berlin. Lucky we'll be in Paris in two weeks already. Now all we need is to plan a trip to Berlin. #communityfirst
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The Wren
Where can someone get those amazing maps?
Near and far. Another beautiful staircase in London. #whpnearandfar #London #theworldneedsmorespiralstaircases
545 31 3w
Heal & Son
Beautiful 😊
Off the hook Shot