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Ilona Izabella 29 // ♀ // Dutch // mommy // urban explorer
⊳ L O V E T H I S C I T Y ⊲
245 30 18 hours ago
Heel gaaf!
⊳ F L A T I R O N ⊲
253 38 1 d ago
@sun_shinealight Dankjewel! 🙏😊
@towergallery Thanks a lot! 🙏😊
⊳ B R I D G E V I E W ⊲
282 33 3 d ago
@pindarella86 Thanks chica! 🙏😘
@atpphoto Thank you, Anthony! 🙏☺️ Not that hard to find, right? But next time I'm there we really should explore together! 😉
Wouldn't this be a nice time to #featuremeinstagood? @instagood
206 20 3 d ago
@mazoch Thanks so much, my friend! Glad you like it! 🙏😊
I know, I've been taking a little time off from IG. It's such a busy season for my job. How are you? Coming to the USA anytime soon? :)
⊳ S O L O B I K E ⊲
208 13 4 d ago
Great shot! @ilonaizabella
@vucetic Thank you so much! 🙏☺️
Art makes the home. #whpthegreatindoors
182 10 4 d ago
Ah! ☺️ Je hebt een goede smaak!
@my_life_in_amsterdam Haha, dank je! 🙏
A peek through the curtaining. #whpthegreatindoors
119 4 4 d ago
@josberendsen Dankjewel, Jos! 🙏😊
Normally the only interior pictures I ever take are inside derelict buildings. With this weeks whp, @instagram inspired me to step out of my (rotten) comfort zone and try something different indoors. #whpthegreatindoors #communityfirst
108 6 4 d ago
It looks really cool! The composition is perfect Ilona!
@vektorg Thanks a lot, Victor! 🙏😊
⊳ I L O V E Y O U ⊲
174 9 4 d ago
@brian_sweet Dank je, Brian! 🙏😊
@emmebi420 Thank you, my friend! 🙏😊 How are you doing?
⊳ D I S T A N C E ⊲
160 17 4 d ago
Ik zit op de fotovakschool Ilona en ben op dit moment bezig mezelf op de kaart te zetten. Marketing enz verdiep ik me veel in. Als je echt interesse hebt moet je maar eens mailen. Kunnen altijd eens brainstormen. En dat geld ook voor je vriend @dutchie
@henkvanlambalgen Dank je voor het aanbod! Het lijkt me zeker wel gaaf en interessant. Denk inderdaad dat Dennis het ook wel leuk vind om zich in te verdiepen, ook al zouden we allebei nog veel meer uit onze camera's kunnen halen dan we nu doen. ☺️
⊳ H I G H L I N E ⊲
179 4 4 d ago
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Eight million stories out there. 🏢🏥🏬
215 27 5 d ago
What photo apps do you usually use?
@john_monaco I only use Snapseed and VSCOcam to edit every single one of my pictures. For this one I also used Genius Scan, to correct the perspective. 😉
Where dreams are made. 👫
310 45 6 d ago
@jaaperkelens Dankjewel! 🙏😊
@beefy72_ru Thank you, Paul! Glad you like it! 🙏😊
Concrete jungle. 🚖
223 27 6 d ago
Congrats, awesome gallery you have.
F O R S A K E N #emptyspaces
231 23 1 weeks ago
@scottpelsphoto That would be awesome! 🙏
Yeahhh! 😎😎😎
U R B E X S O L I T U D E #emptyspaces
250 31 1 weeks ago
Oh my.... Iove this one. 😍
@_soliveyourlife_ Thank you, dear! 🙏😘
D E S O L A T I O N #emptyspaces
231 22 1 weeks ago
I'm doing great thanks 😊 @ilonaizabella
@mrwins0r Good to hear you're doing great! Any plans for the summer?
If you're waiting for a sign that you should have a glass of wine, this is it! 🍷 #hotelnewyork
213 14 2 weeks ago
So glad I came across this picture! Bottoms up! 🍷
@nlmayb Thanks so much! Bottoms up! 🙏🍷
My Polaroid™ ❤️ #whpmirrormirror
223 19 2 weeks ago
Green glow #whpmirrormirror
215 9 2 weeks ago
Heel cool! 👌👌👌
@erikhageman Dankjewel! 🙏😊