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Wayne Carney I buy anything old except animals & people...............................kik: InjunWayne
So I bought my son a heavy duty clutch for his go kart... Here is what is left after his 2 hours of riding on the first day..
32 1 5 hours ago
goin hard
My son loves country music.. @forgivemeasinner
40 9 23 hours ago
Gangsta rap?
30 4 23 hours ago
WORKING LIKE A NIGGER FOR MY ROON AND BOARD!!!! I was told this sone was racist. My reply is that's it's not. It's it was stereotypically correct he'd have said wetback. Bc they work for almost nothing. And niggers don't work and get paid. I got the blank stare of me being an asshole. Oh fucking well. Can't win em all.
New clutch & chain. Only thing left to do is twist grip throttle and it's riding time!
53 1 1 d ago
Thanks @workingclassleather !! I already had two people compliment my new belt when I was at the store
73 7 1 d ago
Not sure yet, want to ride my chief, but don't know if I can stay gone that long. (I have two sons that need me) @ian_walker_heard
Thanks @edu_mendes ! Love your feed from Brazil!
No crust, only because I ate it as I cut it off.
42 3 2 d ago
It does hit the spot. @femma_default I will bring you a 6'er next time I pass by your way
Party Time!
57 1 2 d ago
There's no way , Like the Injunway @injunwayne
Big ass tooth brush on the wall in the dentist office where I am working tonight
59 3 3 d ago
@satans_pilgrim_ftw - ha ha, so true!
@satans_pilgrim_ftw you read my mind!!!! My fav movie from my childhood
Looks interesting. @rattygirl666
61 5 3 d ago
@gbudnovitch quite a bit more than $150.
$1,300 to $3,500 for original @burbankchoppers just checked online. Reprint $10
Lust for life...
42 3 4 d ago
I was not emotionally prepared for that do early @injunwayne
Petey selfie..
56 4 d ago
Living above my means again. New chucks today..
89 1 4 d ago
You can never have too many!!!
Has it been a month already?
63 1 5 d ago
Stop, shower time!
Pork tenderloin, garlic & herb pasta roni
40 1 5 d ago
oh boy!! that looks delicious!
49 2 6 d ago
If I wasn't so completely busted by my hangovers, I would go for a ride! The best thing ever!
👍👍👍 @injunwayne
A good day to roll in the driveway?
41 1 1 weeks ago
Did you join them?
Within 5 minutes of waking up my bedroom turns into the hang out spot
31 2 1 weeks ago
Kids rule!
That's sweet!
Victory is mine!!
30 2 1 weeks ago
That's what runs my life. Haha!
Don't drink too much
Making pierogies..
48 1 1 weeks ago
All you need is some Komensky's kielbasa from Duryea PA to go with it....
Rough day at school...
31 1 1 weeks ago