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Wayne Carney 💜Taken!! 🌱Crazier than words can express for my 💜🐒💜
I buy anything old except animals & people...............................kik: InjunWayne
Hospital food. At least they gave me back my food privledges.
29 16 1 d ago
It sucks waiting for them to determine weirher pppp
If they should remove your gall bladed or not. I spent a week without food before they figured out it needed to go :(
Party in my room.
23 4 2 d ago
When are the strippers coming????
@papa_bear_ The first shift just left. They send in fresh flowers at 7:00
Hangin at the Hospital..
38 17 2 d ago
@injunwayne is the pain worse after you eat, especially fatty foods? And yes don't let them chop on ya of you're unsure! There's absolutely nothing wrong with getting another opinion. Doc's aren't gods...when in doubt check it out... 😝
I don't think anything is happening here. The only thing that has been consistent is the people they keep sending to get all my information so they can send me a bill. @katiebugtx
Hospital trip
31 24 3 d ago
Thank you my love💜🐒🌱💜@manuchxaleite
Been missing your 'gram input. Hope you're well.
Real life
34 6 d ago
I said No. No. No.
56 5 1 weeks ago
A sad story
To the cabin!!
23 4 1 weeks ago
@manuchxaleite you two are adorable together :)
😆 yay! Thank you 💐 @kissameow
22 1 1 weeks ago
Haha awesome
In a $3 yard sale pile, Graham, NC There coming to take you away!! Ho ho, He he, Ha ha!!
40 1 weeks ago
Chopper dream bed..
38 1 weeks ago
Out of gas.. Running on pure fumes..
25 1 weeks ago
Super X Dreams.
25 1 1 weeks ago
Being George is living the dream.
29 5 1 weeks ago
That's a fabulous song
Plastic dinosaur.
32 2 1 weeks ago
The cross roads.
You know this brother!! @barnshield
Stained glass Indian 2' x 4' Amazingly Big!
87 3 2 weeks ago
Oh wow that's beautiful!
World's Fair 1938 New York City
77 1 2 weeks ago
Used as a roof patch.. Better known as "From Zero to Love"
47 2 weeks ago
21 1 2 weeks ago
You totally need to get one of those mountable cameras...or two! Just think of the shenanigans you'd catch!!!! 😜
51 2 2 weeks ago
Great Hank 👍
Always on my mind.
31 2 2 weeks ago
What's going on there Wayne Carney @jamielangen_ @bradynanderson