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Wayne Carney 💜Taken!! 🌱Crazier than words can express for my 💜🐒💜
I buy anything old except animals & people...............................kik: InjunWayne
Everybody's got something to hide except for me and my monkey! 🐒🌱💜💜🔥🔥🔥 @manuchxaleite
40 5 1 d ago
Feeling better?
Trying man.. @ian_walker_heard
Hospital food. At least they gave me back my food privledges.
30 25 1 weeks ago
Yes my love. @manuchxaleite
@manuchxaleite @injunwayne , I can't wait, thanks
Party in my room.
23 4 1 weeks ago
When are the strippers coming????
@papa_bear_ The first shift just left. They send in fresh flowers at 7:00
Hangin at the Hospital..
38 19 1 weeks ago
@injunwayne hey bud!! Thinking of you! Hope you are feeling better!!!
Bee better soon!!
Hospital trip
31 24 1 weeks ago
Thank you my love💜🐒🌱💜@manuchxaleite
Been missing your 'gram input. Hope you're well.
Real life
34 2 weeks ago
I said No. No. No.
58 5 2 weeks ago
A sad story
To the cabin!!
23 4 2 weeks ago
@manuchxaleite you two are adorable together :)
😆 yay! Thank you 💐 @kissameow
22 1 2 weeks ago
Haha awesome
In a $3 yard sale pile, Graham, NC There coming to take you away!! Ho ho, He he, Ha ha!!
40 2 weeks ago
Chopper dream bed..
38 2 weeks ago
Out of gas.. Running on pure fumes..
25 2 weeks ago
Super X Dreams.
25 1 2 weeks ago
Being George is living the dream.
29 5 2 weeks ago
That's a fabulous song
Plastic dinosaur.
32 2 3 weeks ago
The cross roads.
You know this brother!! @barnshield
Stained glass Indian 2' x 4' Amazingly Big!
87 3 3 weeks ago
Oh wow that's beautiful!
World's Fair 1938 New York City
77 1 3 weeks ago
Used as a roof patch.. Better known as "From Zero to Love"
47 3 weeks ago
21 1 3 weeks ago
You totally need to get one of those mountable cameras...or two! Just think of the shenanigans you'd catch!!!! 😜
53 2 3 weeks ago
Great Hank 👍