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Wayne Carney 💜Taken!! 🌱Crazier than words can express for my 💜🐒💜
I buy anything old except animals & people...............................kik: InjunWayne
17 2 hours ago
Storm is coming on hard
40 2 19 hours ago
Ride to work
20 1 21 hours ago
You make me feel like a whore ✌
Custom Shell
36 2 1 d ago
Is that Raphael's cousin?
It's growing
35 3 2 d ago
Pool !!!!
I have a Bates one. I have no idea what it does, I just have it.
47 2 d ago
Found it!
54 1 2 d ago
My place
52 3 2 d ago
I bought it at the first Rhinebeck meet. @scooterhussy
Not true! Ahhahahah
56 1 2 d ago
Beautiful 👍👍👍 @injunwayne
I'm Sick!!
47 4 2 d ago
@Injunwayne I'll send you a picture of what I need In a few hours
@injunwayne I have one with a bad threat 😕
Chili Peppers
29 1 2 d ago
Love that song
I'm sick
27 1 3 d ago
@injunwayne it's totally cool all the different music styles you listen to. But as funny as it is I guess I grew up with all the same types of music and love it when some of those songs come up!!! Thanks bro
So damn happy I am puking rainbows over here.
31 1 3 d ago
Always down for 100 smiles per hour or more..
41 1 3 d ago
The man in the red car is lookin real happy with his Betty with him!!!
Power passers
34 3 d ago
Getting ready for my once every ten years haircut.
38 2 3 d ago
Dig that Lunch Box!! Aaaaaaa. @injunwayne
Sooner you will find a live elephant inside that room 😂😂😂
American Pie! Bitch!!
28 3 d ago
26 2 3 d ago
Love it
Nyet nyet soviet!!