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Wayne Carney I buy anything old except animals & people...............................kik: InjunWayne
Queen of wheels.. @rattygirl666
11 5 hours ago
Paradise.. @rattygirl666
37 1 19 hours ago
Like saw's game
Dive bar and we found it..
32 1 20 hours ago
@rattygirl666 getting real
Dinner at gingerbread place
39 9 23 hours ago
@injunwayne I saw two beautiful green Indians, today @ Oley. I tho you were there.
@rattygirl666 I might head to Carlisle this wkd., where are you located? Oley was a blast today . A lotta $$$ high dollar old shit !
Somewhere in Pa.
43 2 1 d ago
Early bird looking for worms? @injunwayne
Found a few crumbs already.. @lordpander
37 2 1 d ago
@injunwayne steak fry reading Mc Thursday night be there or be square
Right on! @gravedigger1956
48 in the dark
42 2 d ago
Vinny stopped by on his 48
94 4 2 d ago
Vinny van Zandt bring him to oley with you.tell him Steve said hey!
I will tell him! @gravedigger1956 I don't know if he can get away or not, but I will ask him.
The Man in Black..
80 5 3 d ago
Cash oozes cool! My dad looked very similar in his twenty. @injunwayne
You heartburn beast...
42 3 3 d ago
Drink it mixed with Fireball... you can thank you later.
In my 10th hour you tell me... @shawnathedead
So I bought my son a heavy duty clutch for his go kart... Here is what is left after his 2 hours of riding on the first day..
37 1 5 d ago
goin hard
My son loves country music.. @forgivemeasinner
42 10 6 d ago
32 5 6 d ago
Date beard doe
New clutch & chain. Only thing left to do is twist grip throttle and it's riding time!
53 1 6 d ago
Thanks @workingclassleather !! I already had two people compliment my new belt when I was at the store
73 7 6 d ago
Not sure yet, want to ride my chief, but don't know if I can stay gone that long. (I have two sons that need me) @ian_walker_heard
Thanks @edu_mendes ! Love your feed from Brazil!
No crust, only because I ate it as I cut it off.
42 3 1 weeks ago
It does hit the spot. @femma_default I will bring you a 6'er next time I pass by your way
Party Time!
58 2 1 weeks ago
There's no way , Like the Injunway @injunwayne
Big ass tooth brush on the wall in the dentist office where I am working tonight
59 3 1 weeks ago
@satans_pilgrim_ftw - ha ha, so true!
@satans_pilgrim_ftw you read my mind!!!! My fav movie from my childhood
Looks interesting. @rattygirl666
61 5 1 weeks ago
@gbudnovitch quite a bit more than $150.
$1,300 to $3,500 for original @burbankchoppers just checked online. Reprint $10
Lust for life...
43 3 1 weeks ago
I was not emotionally prepared for that do early @injunwayne