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Jessica Vanessa ✅ That girl from vine 😋💋💋💋. Twitter - @_JessiVanessa . For Business Contact- itsjessicavanessa@gmail.com http://youtube.com/itsjessicavanessa
Me every time I travel 😂😂
4874 30 8 hours ago
Lmao I love traveling!!! 💛💙💜💚❤️
Hosting a club over there! Does any of my followers live out there? I'll be with @thegabbieshow @theedwinsanchez @mrmichaelpersad @goforchlo @tawni_ @rlyon0037
3306 123 1 d ago
My bday is May 2 @itsjbabyxo
IM FUCKING CRYING😂😂 Someone remixed my vine video "first time getting weed" shout out to @careyboy152 . @_ohsounique_ 😩😂😂😂😂
5239 194 1 d ago
@nuchii_ 😂😂😂
@zack_taylor36 @king_dre_iii @kelso1234cain @taylorrenee129
You know you're drunk when
9414 679 2 d ago
@brielles01 this is u babe lmfaoo
@eric_quin lmfaoo😂😂
21074 340 2 d ago
Follow me Back Beautiful? :) @itsjbabyxo
Heeeeey check your DM!
I'm addicted to perfume 😩
6726 61 3 d ago
🙊 unfortunately my collection has dwindled 😔 @dulceramos11
@killers_maidie awww why? Well regardless it makes me think of how many you've had😊
12175 1065 4 d ago
@official_stfu booty had me like
Hi. I'm a hater and I'm hating on this twerking video. Uh oh now it seems you must twerk for your haters ... 😏 I'm waiting🎤 I'm be looking like 🔭🔬👀👀👀🙈
Family ❤️ lmao #myfacetho 😳 @dallasmurray3
9536 47 4 d ago
Looooove your makeup look. Like, WOW
I'm a artist check out my drawings😍😘
How girls think they look wearing heels, vs how they really look @xoadrianaaaa @lovelianev
10511 653 5 d ago
@_jessica14 @christina_ashley this is me 😩😩
My night is just like the video. I start of being able to walk, after many drinks I wind up like the end of the video -_- @santanasworld @_jessica14
The face you make when you beat a level on the Jelly Splash App lol @JellySplashOfficial 😂 What level are you guys on?
3719 41 5 d ago
Just downloaded it but I'm at 19
@itsjbabyxo dont worry baby im your biggest fan on vine youre absolutely beautiful ily 💘💘💘💘
I love them 😊❤️ @tonykhuu @lovelianev @jessicalesaca @xoadrianaaaa [[tony creeping in the back of those pics lol]]
8557 45 5 d ago
You are so sexy you are my #obsession @itsjbabyxo
hi @itsjbabyxo
21434 393 6 d ago
You are an amazing woman @itsjbabyxo
Looks like Bento's
@lovelianev @jessicalesaca ❤️❤️❤️❤️
12598 68 6 d ago
@xoadrianaaaa 😘😊
19697 301 6 d ago
Lmaoo noway
🙏i love you
😍😍 I'm in love with this pyramid lines ringlet ! Compliments from @jessicafang .😘
6942 29 1 6 d ago
@aaaneta erkänn du gillar sånt
How I feel when that one friend says "I don't drink" @lovelianev @jessicalesaca @jessismiles__
8410 765 1 weeks ago
@roszayyy @xolysiaaa ☝️you can't sit with us ✋
Did any one else saw the person behind them
Paparazzi everywhere ! #screening #newyork
3630 26 1 weeks ago
Lol gratataa 😂
With the cast of #deviousmaids . ❤️😊
7369 79 1 weeks ago
Omg u so lucky 👍👍👍
At the screening for #deviousmaids ! Can't wait until the new season!! 😍 #LifetimeTV #deviousarmy
4701 16 1 weeks ago
When we gonna text
❄️❄️😝❄️❄️ @lovelianev @jessismiles__ @jessicalesaca
10154 76 1 weeks ago
@skywtchng What's sort of funny is that it seems you live where you're talking about but you spelled Lake Erie wrong...