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Jessica Vanessa ✅ That girl from vine 😋💋. Twitter - @_JessiVanessa . For Business Contact- itsjessicavanessa@gmail.com http://youtube.com/itsjessicavanessa
Can I just take a minute to say this is probably the sweetest person I ever met . @creshawnn melted my heart. 😩😩 I took a picture with him and he's out of breath shaking and I said what are you shaking for . He said "sorry I just wanted to meet you so bad I ran all the way here to see you" . Ugh I love you guys so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ never leave my side I'll never leave yours . #JVarmy #jbabys
23631 272 8 hours ago
Lol there's no I would have made it if I ran.. I would have just tweeted at you and asked you to turn around. Props to that young man
She's so gorgeous @jontyohara
Download Disco Bees! I downloaded it the other day and now I may or may not be addicted... 😃 😃 Have you guys played it yet?!
6977 55 8 hours ago
No gas tho. @ognorb
Can you come to Chicago please!!!!
Went to visit my old highschool and couldn't get out the door! Lmao I love you guys and I'm sorry for those I didn't get to meet ❤️❤️❤️😘 [[[to the people that followed me stop skipping class 😠]] lmao
10316 94 10 hours ago
I bet no one reconized her lol
I host my first @twerkout class with @lexypanterra Don't miss this!! Www.lextwerkout.com to reserve your spot. Walk ins welcome to pay @ door. Knee pad rentals available in class $5 Please bring water! Bring your sexy booty shorts; Bring your confidence! Let's have a sexy fun workout !! All ages and all levels welcome!
4817 105 17 hours ago
You probably won't see this but I want you to know your mean much more to me as a follower than some girl who's good at "twerking" you're a fucking princess✊ see you at your event in Miami😘
@princessjessi3 oh shit!
@nickiminaj I love you ❤️❤️😝😝 #anaconda [[tag nicki]]
34621 5592 1 d ago
#yougonlearntodayyy actually this weekend tho lol
@harmanisha__ 😉😜
I'll be at this location ^^ in Tampa on Monday along with @4ever_kelz @chrisjaygatsby & @theyungp 😘❤️ come turn up with us 😝
5063 53 3 d ago
@vinessa_tom_tj_ omg yes you are right! Good eye!
@j_guimento yea when I thought I was Madonna lmao
I'm in V.I.C new music video. "Go to work" check it out 😘
9165 322 4 d ago
@imchriscam @dearlove_
So ya happy about being a video hoe?
In need of a brush
25201 225 4 d ago
@easymoney__2 @eat_easy_sparky_7 @mikerivers3
Just gorgeous @itsjbabyxo
I wish I was a kid again .
12916 88 4 d ago
She's not even fat. 😂👊 go home dumb ass. @4pt
@4pt shut the fuck up 😂 she's perfect
So excited to finally have my very own @body_shapers 😍😍 this will have my body right in no time 😁😘❤️ #bodyshapers
25414 220 4 d ago
Yur body is perfect.. Yu don't need to do anything to it
I do read every comment and I know who's there for me and who just follows me to talk shit. Love you guys 😘
9578 361 5 d ago
You don't love them, you love what they can do for you. #truth
For those of you who talk from a toilet, I kindly ask of you to get off this app IMMEDIATELY..... thnx
Jessica Vanessa #twerk
27043 4013 6 d ago
I would fuck that pussy up 4sho 😠😠😠
😍 I'm in love
27929 339 1 weeks ago
You're so perfect like omg😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️😍❤️😍
I should of uploaded this pic yesterday lmao but Happy birthday to my best friend who I love soooooo much 😘❤️❤️❤️ @_ohsounique_ 😋😋
18196 74 1 weeks ago
Ill take two pls. Beaut.
😁😁 @jacquinnicolebeauty
17060 72 1 weeks ago
So proud of Jessica ... ❤️
the smile is breathtaking love 🙏
Boo 😊😋 T.I @troubleman31 #power95.3
18947 161 2 1 weeks ago
Lmao, i go to ohs. Follow back!!
Play too much. 😂😂
13671 768 1 weeks ago
I'm so done this is you if someone tries to mess with Jordan! 😂😂 @lahoyafaith1618__
Lmfao im sick @maleigha_andreaaa that is me all the way don't you think babe? @__jsanchez23
😋 @chrisjaygatsby
22586 239 1 1 weeks ago
Yesss @jvstjvlie i totally ship Jesstopher!!!
@stacezunig_ aw cute
I love you guys ❤️ #orlando
12100 47 1 weeks ago
crowds are getting smaller..
^ you needed tickets for this and it was a small place
Miss you guys ❤️ #atl
13559 79 2 weeks ago
Ilysm beauty.💘
It was so fun! 💖