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Jessica Vanessa ✅ That girl from vine 😋💋💋💋. Twitter - @_JessiVanessa . For Business Contact- itsjessicavanessa@gmail.com http://youtube.com/itsjessicavanessa
8232 678 2 hours ago
Family ❤️ lmao #myfacetho 😳 @dallasmurray3
8023 44 4 hours ago
Girl youtube get boys is real nasty
Jk Idk what that was
How girls think they look wearing heels, vs how they really look @xoadrianaaaa @lovelianev
9449 493 22 hours ago
😂😂🙈 @crazy_stacey26 @fr3sca1 More like.. Beginning of the night vs. end of the night! Lmfao
@sterlingxoxo @daisyyrobledo @byeee_filiciiia @maricelaaa_g @justiceeedude @joselyncarpio
The face you make when you beat a level on the Jelly Splash App lol @JellySplashOfficial 😂 What level are you guys on?
3568 36 1 d ago
Yo check out my vids if u want to laugh a lil....😬
Get that money girl.
I love them 😊❤️ @tonykhuu @lovelianev @jessicalesaca @xoadrianaaaa [[tony creeping in the back of those pics lol]]
8319 45 1 d ago
You are so sexy you are my #obsession @itsjbabyxo
hi @itsjbabyxo
20635 361 1 d ago
@lovelianev @jessicalesaca ❤️❤️❤️❤️
12320 68 1 d ago
@xoadrianaaaa 😘😊
19165 291 1 d ago
Mas rika!! :p
😍😍 I'm in love with this pyramid lines ringlet ! Compliments from @jessicafang .😘
6722 28 1 2 d ago
👈🇫🇴🇱🇱🇴🇼 ~ 🇲🇪♥
@aaaneta erkänn du gillar sånt
How I feel when that one friend says "I don't drink" @lovelianev @jessicalesaca @jessismiles__
7908 645 3 d ago
you betch😂
Paparazzi everywhere ! #screening #newyork
3478 27 3 d ago
Bitch there are five cameras there. Ya you doing something
Really really? Man I follow this chick because she looks good but she not famous Really .....???
With the cast of #deviousmaids . ❤️😊
7167 76 3 d ago
You met Ana!! How Kool!!!
Goodnight Sexy. Hmp
At the screening for #deviousmaids ! Can't wait until the new season!! 😍 #LifetimeTV #deviousarmy
4580 17 3 d ago
When we gonna text
❄️❄️😝❄️❄️ @lovelianev @jessismiles__ @jessicalesaca
10002 75 3 d ago
Go up to northern PA near lake eerie, get a taste of that lake effect weather and then talk to me about fuckin snow
Did I mention it's snowing 😩😩😩❤️❤️😒😒 @jessismiles__
9947 94 3 d ago
@comedianchris !! ☺️☺️
6129 39 3 d ago
That dude looks like Sisqo lol
ITS SNOWINGGGGGGG I HAVENT SEEN SNOW IN YEARS!!!!!!!! @jessismiles__ #floridiansbelike 😂😂
4504 75 3 d ago
You said you haven't seen snow in years...did u used to live in ny?
:o u still in ny?
In newwwww yorkkkkkk 🎶 @jessismiles__ @lovelianev @jessicalesaca
10437 132 3 d ago
Vous êtes😊😉😘😍belles les filles!!!
I live in New York hopefully I will see u love and thanks for making us laugh
😍😍 oh New York I missed you 😩😍
6693 83 3 d ago
@escobar03 she's here!!!! We out to Ny?
@a_vargasss lmfaooo
I'm in love with this necklace and bracelet !! Compliments from @sbenyc . Go check them out ❤️ I love their jewelry 😊
5946 24 5 d ago