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Jessica Burciaga Beach Bum🐚| Disney Princess💛| Animal Lover 🐶🐘| BookJessicaBurciaga@gmail.com jessicaburciaga.me http://www.SailorandSaint.com
Had to steal @reeseswagod sunglasses for a selfie ☺️😎 #undertheinfluence #undertheinfluencetour
17270 87 2 4 d ago
My baby. So beautiful
Gorgeous 😍
#UnderTheInfluenceTour @djdrama
6542 56 2 5 d ago
Omg, I knew that was you on stage! You're beautiful babygirl! 💋
So you post him but he don't time line you
Baby Greyson 💙 Beautiful, I think I want one. Congrats @lakesheezy @raepauline
24257 194 2 5 d ago
@marcolo4 I see nip
I see tetas! (.)(.)
Watched #SexTape last night at the best movie theatre ever 🎥 crab cakes and a 🍸 and in my sweats. #ATL #CameronDiaz @djdrama
5926 43 1 5 d ago
@kellyfbaby where in sf? I'm from there!
@cinee__ Kabuki theatre Japan town 😊
🐶Please help support the puppies! The @JNFfoundation needs your help! They are at their max care credit limit and can't do any more vet procedures for their dogs until they pay it down. Every dollar helps, nothing is too small. Visit www.JNFfoundation.com to donate #donate #share #help #puppies #rescue #care #adopt. Thanks Friends! 😘
16685 432 6 d ago
Omgsh too cute 😌❤️ @dante1295
💙 @waltercollection you're the sweetest 💋
13329 94 1 1 weeks ago
@jimmymendoza I like her hair
15850 124 2 1 weeks ago
Had a fun interview w @xixiyang at @michaelcostello show, so sweet, follow her 🎤🎬😘
11650 89 1 1 weeks ago
I think you look like j lo
@margaridaafrancisco parece a jennifer Lopez
Last nights glam for #DesignCares event & @michaelcostello's fashion show 👑 makeup: @beautybyrokael Hair by @tauni901
25278 360 3 1 weeks ago
woah u look so much like jlo 😱😍
Daddy put this 🎂 in your face
12271 90 2 1 weeks ago
@yamairyt you see her base que Es mas Rubia pero no como last puntas
Ricardo loves salami 🐶💃 #901salon @tauni901 @sarahstage @ninezeroone
5275 313 1 weeks ago
#fbf to earlier this week, my girl @taniamariamua doing my makeup for my shoot #Bronzy #Glow #MUA #SailorandSaint
13052 47 2 1 weeks ago
@brii_27_ yes Hun we will get your hair lookin fab
@lexa_nicole88 yay!!! See ya soon!
Mommy get this IV 💉 out of my arm and let's go home 🐶❤️ (I didn't know how serious bee stings were in dogs until yesterday, Theodore started throwing up and diarrhea at the same time, it was hard for him to breathe and he went into Anaphylactic shock and collapse almost immediately after the sting. This is a severe allergic reaction to bees and it doesn't happen to every dog but just incase this ever happens to your dog, you need to rush them to the animal hospital immediately to get care because they can die. He spent the night at the hospital and was much better today but still tired. This was his face right when he saw me 😍💙 #ToyYorkie #Yorkie #ILoveHim #HisSmile #BeeSting #IHateBees #Pets #Dogs
13409 395 1 weeks ago
My little baby has to stay overnight in the hospital because he got really sick from a bee sting 😔 can't wait to see him tomorrow morning 💙
13818 265 1 weeks ago
So cute!!!
21140 206 1 weeks ago
@nxsh_ @navvz_100 @vilikezah @antoneyyoo @unclelonglong DJ Drama konman!
Saw my first campaign picture for @ardell_lashes 😁🙊 I love it! Makeup: @patrickta @snapsstudio 📷
8965 116 3 2 weeks ago
Is she Chinese ??
Shot this beauty today @alysiabrunst for @sailorandsaint (tried out my own photography skills too ☺️📷) Hat available on DaCannon.com $>🚺 😛
9706 81 2 2 weeks ago
📶🆙 #levelup 🔥😍😍
Painting my photography studio alllll by myself 🎨💪 #ILikeToPaint ☺️
12485 89 1 2 weeks ago
@jessicaburciaga great meeting you today. Thanks for letting me hang out and video
@suziebal p
Ladies!! ✨✨ check it out! Must be in the Los Angeles/ Orange County area ⚓️🍊 @sailorandsaint
3049 547 2 weeks ago
@jessicaburciaga why am I just NOW seeing this 😩😩😩
Ugh am I too late @jessicaburciaga
29957 618 1 2 weeks ago