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Jessica Burciaga Beach Bum🐚| Disney Princess💛| Animal Lover 🐶🐘| BookJessicaBurciaga@gmail.com jessicaburciaga.me http://www.SailorandSaint.com
Last night 🌃
13154 120 6 hours ago
@kdubbbs2332 she so BAD 🔥🔥😍😍
Fight weekend in vegas w my babe @taniamariamua @crazyhorse3LV is 🎉🎉!!!
22332 201 2 16 hours ago
You too are stunning!! Dynamic dual
@oh_cindeemarie she's perfect
#fbf to last year Halloween in our zombie mermaid costumes designed by @michellehebertfashion 😘 @sarahstage @melissamolinaro 💜
16993 919 3 2 d ago
@hols802 @amr0902 see pretty zombies lol 👻🎃
@brittanydeveau @nicole_carino there we are
Driving down Melrose and look who I see 👏😁🙈 oh hi jess @attractmagazine makeup: @patrickta hair: @queenwink
8681 83 3 3 d ago
You can sit with us
Tuesday night ✨ thanks for all my cute jewelry @queenpee 👑 follow her she has the cutest stuff 🙆 makeup: @taniamariamua
21162 381 3 3 d ago
I want to be her @charityirish
Thanks got my billboard in Vegas! 😎
7209 314 3 d ago
@kraftstatic @japo6 @heatwave206 grab. The. PJ
@jessicaburciaga how long are you here?? let's shoot again! =)
My babe @tauni901 took me a little darker today 👧 and @taniamariamua just killed my makeup right now 😻 (lipstick by #MAC in #LadyDanger 💋
22506 389 2 3 d ago
@a_shleyh this is the girl I was talking about earlier. J lo look alike, love her haie
Omggggg beauty @ashley__chaves
Last night @msgood ❤️ @attractmagazine
12669 164 2 4 d ago
But nobody will be complaining I'm sure!!! ;-)))
Hey girl you are friends with one of my friends. Wanted to see if you'd be interested in shooting for a movie poster with a big director.. Let me know. It's ok 18th
Congrats @attractmagazine on a successful night @boobsandloubs_ @msmishabee 📷😁
12092 56 2 4 d ago
@jessicaburciaga my future wife heh
@celanguyen I need her shirt ASAP
Love my Mish @msmishabee
15878 68 4 d ago
Awh @djdrama just saw! Thanks my ninja! I had to steal your girl for a night so thanks for the loan. 😂😂😂🌚🌚🌚
At the @attractmagazine event w @vanitygirlhollywood! Check her out she has the cutest makeup Vanity's ladies 😘
14247 78 4 d ago
Your hair and make up look phenomenal ~ this shot does make you and J.Lo look alike!
. @attractmagazine event! Makeup by my babe @taniamariamua jewelry @queenpee
16876 218 3 4 d ago
Jlo pt 2
@erziii comme ca
📷 @attractmagazine coming soon! @msgood @shannamoakler @hereisgina
2564 11 6 d ago
@alo12 mg and jb is tooooo much
Mood swings
13328 170 1 1 weeks ago
Ihre haare @sweetpotatonosita
@rlouisa richtig geil
Congrats @djdrama 😊
3072 46 1 1 weeks ago
@xxmvmts why do u think that
@mooniestar83 they don't act like first< on social media, that's why..
No ones listening @taniamariamua 😂
6968 119 1 weeks ago
@r_huque @harjbains07 do you recognise anyone here?
Oh dear @ricky.panesar @r_huque 😶☝️
Our makeup seminar was a success! Thanks to everyone who joined us, we had so much fun answering your questions! We will definitely have another one this month! 😘 @taniamariamua
25132 242 1 1 weeks ago
Younger version of JLO
@grappler9898 this is much better. Unlike u I don't prefer blondes
45 mins until me & @taniamariamua start our LIVE makeup seminar! Starting w no makeup to full glam! Go to Jessicaburciaga.me/live to get a ticket! Starts 6:30pm PST 😘
15726 357 1 weeks ago
@melisacastillo omg!! Total trip. I just showed Danny and told him look me as a blonde :P
Today's the last day to buy a ticket to watch our LIVE makeup seminar! Starts tonight at 6:30pm PST! So excited to be streaming live, hope I don't say anything too crazy 🙊😁 www.JessicaBurciaga.me/live #HappyBdayBeyonce
14821 1373 1 weeks ago
How many of you are tuning in tomorrow night for my LIVE makeup seminar w makeup artist @taniamariamua. For only $15 you will be able to watch live and ask us questions. Buy your ticket tonight! Details at www.JessicaBurciaga.me/live can't wait to answer all your questions 😘🐘
6108 69 1 1 weeks ago
🙀😍Yiu Look Like A Baby JLo.. Beautiful. Bouriqua.....paralante..!