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Jessica Burciaga Sailor and Saint👗|Beach Bum🐚| Disney Princess💛| Animal Lover 🐶🐘| Faith Hope & Love but the greatest of these is Love🙏 JessicaBurciaga.me http://www.SailorandSaint.com
Hello Stingaree ☺️ dress @madeforla shoes: louboutin makeup: @patrickta
13051 186 3 hours ago
She looks like you a bit same hair too @jayne_s2
Thank You @ukesquire for making me #21 on your Instagram HOT 50 List of 2014 😘🙆💋
3709 75 5 hours ago
You look like Jennifer Lopez
Change that pic on left u look better den dat honey
San Diego!! Stingaree Tonignt!! @haterproofcohen @blowhookah 🍉
3356 78 7 hours ago
@kevboneslice no Ooooooooh! We missed it MNC
@ansel_alans dame bro we should have gone
Birthday celebration last night in SF!! Thank you so much @djerocksf1 @haterproofcohen 😚 Dress from @madeforla krma.com @sarahstage 😺👗
34893 782 19 hours ago
You are flawless !
Holy shit you're amazing 😍😍 @jessicaburciaga
Girl Problems! 👸 Picking out Dresses for my trip. Make sure to visit www.krma.com and @madeforla for these sexy new styles! Wearing one tonight for my bday in SF 👗🎀😘
13144 123 1 d ago
Omg they look like my dirty laundry, so cute!
14979 115 3 d ago
@chava714 y Si. Me too. Yum
I love you!!!!!
Haven't stopped smiling 💙😁 (crochet bikini from dollswimwear.com
32385 1341 3 d ago
@hudashahein @mennahesham_ @jalahesham ya 7asra 3aleena :)
I love you, can I take you home 😍💙🐬 #IFinallyGotToSwimWithDolphins #HappyBirthdayToMe
23010 296 4 d ago
I love you!!!!!
I love dolphine ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Coachillin in the Bahamas 😛✌️
31841 321 5 d ago
I love you!!!!!9
22837 287 5 d ago
Last night 😽 now off to the Bahamas for my bday weeeek 🙊✌️👯🙆👙🌸🍹🍤🏄 Romper: from sexydresses.com Heels: #giuseppezanotti
36764 718 6 d ago
Oh my @matt_gxo
San Fran!! Next Thursday April 17th come celebrate my birthday w me at Infusion Lounge!! @djerocksf1 ain't ready 😛🎉
3651 141 1 weeks ago
@djack650 nope
@_rente 👆 i can't believe I missed her bday in sf 😩. I love @jessicaburciaga lol I need to see her next time she's in sf 💖💜
Wow @ardell_lashes just spoiled me!! Thanks for all these amazing lashesssss!! 😍😍😍😘😘😘
8307 245 1 weeks ago
‼️F⭕️LL⭕️W ME ‼️
Where did you find all these caterpillars
7957 61 1 weeks ago
Love 💋
Yes. Yes. Yes.
I'm a human right mommy 🐶😎
13251 196 1 weeks ago
@maurodimarco @michelledimarcodigaetano @vanesssarios
12607 151 1 weeks ago
@jessicaburciaga ur amazingly beautiful hun♡♡♡ wish u could follow me! =/
Brown baggin it in Huntington Beach w @gmemo33 #BeachDay #BrownBag #WhyNot #BeachBums #MargaritaSundays 👫✌️🍹🍻☀️🏄
12725 107 1 weeks ago
Are you brown bagging a snickers? Naughty you
Makeup glam by @twmkup 💕
29705 594 1 weeks ago
Mix of jLo and Kimmy K, stunning
We had Aussie beauty @emilysears come by the studio to shoot for Sailor and Saint. 😍
13702 97 1 weeks ago
pls check DM for an order.
We had to take a welcoming photo in my new studio for Sailor and Saint! @nicksaglimbeni came by to welcome me to the building, we're neighbors now so I hope he's prepared for me to bug him all the time 😁☺️ and this is before @twmkup did my makeup so please excuse my tired eyes 😴
9621 88 1 weeks ago
What a Natural Beauty 👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍😍👌👌👌👌