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Julian Voyles Im 14 I play guitar and drums, Im Mexican, and I love football ⚽️Arsenal FC. Favorite Footballers: Ibrahimović, Reus, Messi, Neymar, and David Luiz http://ask.fm./arsenalneedsibra
all the feels from the Fluffy Movie @thomaskrautz @sebastian_mariin #gabrieliglesias #fluffy #fluffymovie
9 1 d ago
My great uncle got me the best graduation gift I could ask for, he got me an autographed Anthony Rizzo jersey that will go well with my autographed Kerry Wood ball when it gets framed
12 3 d ago
My chillin lil villain
7 16 1 weeks ago
Get off his page creeps @natatsang
@sebastian_mariin yeah haha
Happy Birthday to my Uncle Nick #guitargod #thatdunkthosebas @sebastian_mariin
14 17 1 weeks ago
You stink
@emilybrowere i smell like fresh baked cookies
So I made a new one. ask me questions im bored link in bio!
2 2 1 weeks ago
will you knock it off hulian!
@lost.woods HAHAHAHAHA!
why I love La Huerta #hechoenméxico #mexicano #mexicanpride
16 1 2 weeks ago
Me chillin with my buddy Drake #snakesarecool
13 3 2 weeks ago
@amandaaa__614 I might be getting one soon lol
childhood memories #jarritos #piña #hechoenméxico
16 4 1 month ago
Pretty heated game
12 15 1 month ago
I don't need to practice
13 21 1 month ago
@miki_utley07 definetly
Ladies he is single @christian_c457 and he sits next to a lawnmower because he is #mexicanlikeme
11 11 1 month ago
@_alexblasi yo
Fresh J's!
19 2 1 month ago
Lol got this on vine hahhaa its too funny not to share
7 4 1 month ago
@thegracewhopaints fag
Graduation treated me well. Comment your PSN names below.
14 13 1 month ago
@thegracewhopaints fag
Saw a decapitated goose today
15 2 6/2/2014
Not a bad day at all. I won this autographed Kerry Wood ball at the Cubs Baseball Clinic. #chevyyouthbaseball
17 2 6/1/2014
@nmilella_99 you got some skills too dude
Love this lil guy 😄
19 1 5/31/2014
Happy Birthday Biggy Smalls #may211972
16 2 5/22/2014
everyone go follow this cool guy. He is like the cooliest viner/comedian/cool guy on the internet. @brandonzingale
8 1 5/16/2014