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kayla surratt We ask ourselves,
"Who am i to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?"
Actually, who are you not to be?
I feel so thankful to have a man who will attend church service with me every Sunday. It helps us to grow both individually and as a couple🌱
31 4 1 1 d ago
@casssiekay 😘
@jax_718 aww we try :) haha
37 1 4 d ago
Your selfies are ones I actually enjoy seeing on my newsfeeds :)
Our first #Fall #movie of the year. Jumping the gun? Nah :) #coffee
16 3 1 4 d ago
Love that movie! 😊
Ahhh yes! Idk if I have serendipity :( @taraplusgood I love it too! How can anyone not? @_gypsys0ul
25 1 weeks ago
The past 9 months have been a gift. Just look at that face
17 6 1 1 weeks ago
Y'all use so many !!!!!!!!! Losers!!!!
@trich008 you just wish you were as enthusiastic as we are
Driving around #pcb on our little scooter car. Haha. Def doing it again next time!
16 2 1 weeks ago
Nice cool! @VinesBeLike !
Awesome @VinesBeLike
I adore you 💖
29 1 1 weeks ago
24 1 1 weeks ago
Wish I was there right now!!
Holiday in the #Sun ☀️ #pcb
31 1 1 weeks ago
#pcb before we rode a jet ski and fell off into the deep dark ocean 😳
31 1 1 weeks ago
#Packing for Florida and watching The Office 😁
16 4 2 weeks ago
Thanks!! We will 😊 @jax_718
@chelsea.starnes caaaant wait! Where are you going?
#Clouds like cotton balls
11 1 3 weeks ago
#Summertime patio sittin' at #HogandHominy the other night. One interesting menu, I must say.
21 3 weeks ago
I didn't know what day it was when you walked into the room 🌹
26 1 1 3 weeks ago
#tbt to being a sassy #blonde?
20 3 weeks ago
32 2 1 3 weeks ago
@kaylamsurratt so cute!!
Thanks! :) @jax_718
My handsome Tay on his birthday :)
31 1 1 month ago
I love this romper! #otd#ootd#style#fashion
34 5 1 month ago
Love you cutie @trich008
Love you more 😊😘
I spy a stud. #mineactually
14 1 1 1 month ago
Every bit is yours
2 kewl kids enjoying a delicious cup of #coffee at #JavaCabana #Midtown#Memphis
20 1 1 month ago