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Kristine Ullebø 17 years old, Norway
Just call me Kriss
Business inquiries: kristine.ullebo@hotmail.com
💎✈️💄🌟💘🌍☀️📷🎶🍉 http://krisssy.blogg.no
25470 335 15 hours ago
Asså nä, hon spänner ju till och med in sig -.- @majalundbeerg
@mmarinammm maybe google the word anorexia first. Before you comment that to someone
👍 for feather skirts. This one is from @americandreamsdk 😘
29548 168 20 hours ago
@julianrenee98 she reminds me of you.
Nice:) x
30508 251 1 d ago
@kateelynd uhmmm
Me and @carolineroxy in #jofamabyroxy 😘❤️ Looking forward to our photoshoot next week! ✌️
26482 142 2 1 d ago
@bynikki_ omg. Oksels
Repost @runwaydreamz 😘
24389 89 2 d ago
@kemaltatci ummm, you're THIRTEEN years old. Why are you calling older girls sexy??! You are just a kid.,grow up first.
#oslo ✌️
31542 211 3 d ago
@julietaperalta y borras tus propios comentarios... eso quiere decir que te averguenzas de lo que dices o que no quieres que los demás vean que no respetas a la gente?
😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 @selver__s
New post 😘❤️✌️
29154 157 5 d ago
you are so hot
I love @PumpUpApp ❤️ Who knew sharing pics can be so meaningful, haha! There are so many great people sharing what they are doing to get active. Be sure to get the app with me, you'll love it 😘👏💪
22302 200 5 d ago
@leahhadfield_ happy I'm not alone hahaha
Estas muy delgada 😱
28179 172 5 d ago
La hady rkika.bzf la mode katbda mn bhalk nty lfou9 mab9at h f r9i9 b9at f s7ii7 @allsafaa
@cen_salma ouiii voila ana ka n9ol l mama bghit nghlad chwiya ka t9ol liya ma 3ndek ma diri b lghld khasek ts7a7i machi tghladi ama lghld kolo ghir merd :p
Me and @carolineroxy rocking her #jofamabyroxy jackets! ❤️👯 We're doing a new photoshoot together next week, can't wait! 😘
30611 174 2 6 d ago
New shoes 🙈
35345 277 6 d ago
Love your shoes
31169 207 1 weeks ago
39253 470 1 weeks ago
Every person has to decide which body type they want. If you wanna be thin, alright! But keep it healthy and stay safe. Eat enough drink enough!
Leather shorts ✨ The blog is updated, check it out ✌️
24879 142 1 weeks ago
@msb_m لاحظي عمرها ١٧ أحسها مرة مكبرة نفسها
@marinellecake sur cette photo la oui je kiff
Amazing workout yesterday! 🏃💦
32373 1115 2 1 weeks ago
@cen_salma naari hna bzaf ga3
Chtyyyy @allsafaa
31488 300 1 weeks ago
Que linda! @anika_0502
Verdad!! @paulinafernandez01
First day of school: check! ✓ Check out my outfit on the blog 😃
28830 144 1 weeks ago
Allahım 17yasinda şu kız @eedabulut
I'm back on track! 🏃 School starts again tomorrow.. Good bye summer 2014 💔🍹☀️🌈 When are you guys going back to school?
31442 923 1 weeks ago
La envidia hacia ti es real
Work starts tomorrow 🙈
#florida #cocoabeach ☀️🍹🏊
31410 348 1 weeks ago
@hynacalderon ayaw kasuko! Haha
Me and @carolineroxy rocking her #jofamabyroxy jackets, now in store! 😍👭❤️
34954 170 1 2 weeks ago
@zeynepdukk cok cöp gibi dkdkskd