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Kristine Ullebø 17 years old, Norway
Just call me Kriss
Business inquiries: kristine.ullebo@hotmail.com
💎✈️💄🌟💘🌍☀️📷🎶🍉 http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=90AqqDu4l4k
Be happy, smile a lot 😁👉 nytt innlegg på bloggen, om #iwhite 😘
26785 217 5 hours ago
@hammer_tobi die Beine :oooo
Woooop! RUNWAYDREAMZ X KRISTINE ULLEBO CONTEST. Check out the competition on my blog where you can win your Dream Outfit from @runwaydreamz 😘🎉 2 lucky winners will be picked! Link in bio 💋
25099 133 1 2 d ago
Visit my Profile ❤️😊🙈
29708 253 4 d ago
@fraansantos4 nunca mais kkkk credo
The clothes I'm wearing are from #carolineroxyforbubbleroom and the collection is now launched, wiiiee! Check it out: @bubbleroom 😍💋🙈
29738 96 5 d ago
I love your hair!!
(Ad) Download @PumpUpApp and come follow me at kristineullebo if you haven't yet!! It's such an inspiring community and we can support each other to have a better lifestyle too! Let's get fit babes 😏💋
34971 328 5 d ago
@bayleyalbinger just look
I wish @isabelfranklin
(annonse) Har du testet Juicy Gold Couture? Verdens BESTE parfyme! 💋💋💋 Sjekk ut konkurransen på bloggen hvor du kan vinne den! 😍❤️
26816 129 1 weeks ago
27895 164 1 weeks ago
Lueg bim bild links ihri rippe a😧😵😳 @albina8800
So wie en stachel 😷 @isi_schuhmi
3 years ago 🙋 Time goes by soooo fast!! This was in Skiathos 🌴☀️
31874 316 1 weeks ago
Oha 14? @selinchenbiienchen
Du e utrolig vakker 😍❤
I looooove this body chain! 🙏
31735 300 1 weeks ago
Me and my ultimate Runwaydreamz-babe @carolineroxy! Wearing #runwaydreamz and #jofamabyroxy 😍😘 Just can't get enough of those brands 💋
23031 81 1 1 weeks ago
@kristineullebo Mary me
Friday!!! 😘💋🎉
24536 121 1 1 weeks ago
@alexhomeward In this context, any non-retarded person would clearly recognize the sarcasm. And, "Clarification for clarity?" LOL YOU FUCKING MORON. Please stop butchering my language. Go learn to read before you attempt to write anything else.
Don't try to "sound" smart to educated people #redundancy
Make sure to check out my vlog Florida haul, link is in the biiiiioooo 😘✌️
14381 74 1 weeks ago
@crisstiina94s she can speak, but she just doesn't want to
Forever in love with summer and Runwaydreamz ❤️ #runwaydreamz
26528 192 1 1 weeks ago
I think life is about falling in love with the right person, shopping, eating your favorite decadent desserts and traveling a lot. ❤️
30441 225 1 weeks ago
Wekiva Springs Park
Oha ben yaninda dursam kafam kicina gelir... @zeynepdal
Me and @carolineroxy in her #CarolineRoxyforBubbleroom collection, available at www.bubbleroom.com at 17th september 👭😘❤️
28918 70 1 1 weeks ago
Have a freakin' good day! 😘
28856 208 2 weeks ago
bist ja auch ne #instabitch :D
Me and @carolineroxy in her #CarolineRoxyforBubbleroom collection, available at www.bubbleroom.com at 18th september 👭😘❤️
33105 203 1 2 weeks ago
De ouf trop belles
Wishing you all a happy friday! 😃😃 Nå drar jeg til Oslo med @juliesylte!!!! ✈️❤️
32615 333 2 weeks ago
That gap @ardita_tola 😂
das ist der Grund wieso manchen magersüchtig werden ..
Killin' it!!👊 With my babe @jannid, wearing #carolineroxyforbubbleroom 😍 These pants must be my favorite of all time ooohh my god ✨
31535 197 2 2 weeks ago
We killed it today @carolineroxy and @jannid! Shooting for #CarolineRoxyforBubbleroom with the best team @bubbleroom in Stockholm 🌸 GIRLPOWER 😘
30064 113 2 2 weeks ago
Sweden Stockhom
@frallagram don't buy these clothes! You'll look like a freak.