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Laura Wife, Mother, Yoga Teacher, Handstand Addict 👉Next retreat: Aruba Oct 25-30 👉Next Workshops: Orlando, FL Nov 14-15 Contact: 🌟
Good night IG Fam.... 😘
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Cool! 👍
@sigrid_vold nesten der...
Throwback to 2 weeks ago at Comic Con... Getting inverted with @silver_cloudss in the middle of a crowd, meeting up with my student Clark Kent aka @charlesritschel, taking a pic with Ygritte and Jon Snow and just pretending to be a bad ass Chun-Li! 💗
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@jenova03 Ya lo sabeeeee demasiado dura!!!
"Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself." - Rumi 💗 Good night my friends... 😘
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Motan-aw lang ko nimo mem. Lol. Haha @kirstenadrienne
@aycatheayc 😳👏
Are you ready to take your yoga from earth to air? Be a part of our #YogaBeyond community and help us spread more awareness about our friends at @AfricaYogaProject doing great things in the world! ☑️Join our daily #ACROVINYASA challenge hosted by us @YogaBeyond @ACROVINYASA and our dear friend and soon-to-be-certified ACROVINYASA Teacher @LauraSykora!!! We have organized this practice into 2 flows/sequences consisting of 180 postures that we will systematically share with you daily over the next 6 months. ☑️Starting November 1st 2014, each challenge will run for 30 days highlighting a different charity/organization/cause every month. ☑️We will post a daily tutorial for a yoga pose (earth asana) followed the next day by its equivalent acro pose (air asana). We will be posting our tutorial pics and videos a day before to inspire you to get on your mat the next day. ☑️This is NOT a competition. Our intention is to inspire you to simply practice yoga, trust and connect within the global community here on Instagram and beyond. ☑️HERE IS HOW... 1) Repost this image on your Instagram 2) Follow @YogaBeyond @ACROVINYASA @LauraSykora @AfricaYogaProject 3) Post every day and tag all 4 hosts in the caption for your chance to be featured in our weekly yogi highlight. Make it about your personal journey of transformation. We're here to simply inspire you, not to keep score, so it's ok to miss a day! Give yourself the permission to join our challenge at anytime. 4) Tag your friends and rope them in! If you don't have a partner to practice with, get your friends and family involved or simply post your solo yoga variation for every acro pose instead. 5) Help us spread awareness about a meaningful cause by learning more about our partner organization for the month @AfricaYogaProject. We invite you to get involved with their about it, talk about it, donate or simply participate in our challenge with a positive intention in mind. FOR MORE DETAILS CHECK OUT We can't wait to take you on a journey of yoga evolution and playful connection! WHO IS IN?
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@mnrunnergirl YES!!!! We ARE doing this!!!! 💃💃
@ma_cortez_ muito legal... A @pamelamuta e a @patybeghetto q tavam treinando as sextas no flexy
No... you are not seeing things! And no... no one has hacked my account! 😂 I'm just pretty stinking proud of the Boston Cream Cupcakes I made! You know the weather is getting colder here when I start baking! The recipe is from Cuisine... And it's one of my favorite recipes! #LetMeEatCake
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Go girl! Beautiful Photo too!
Yum yum yum
Peace out Core e-business solutions! Thank you for employing me for the past 11+ years! ✌️ Today was officially my final day in this cubicle... Couldn't resist taking one FINAL office yoga pic to end this chapter of my life with a bang! #BelieveInYourself #FollowYourPassion
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@any1301 love it!!👏👏🙏
Soo lovely and inspiring! I was wondering when you'd be able to teach full time...which I'm guessing you're doing 🙏 A great testament to working hard and following your 💚 @laurasykora
Isn't this how everyone goes pumpkin picking? It's the best way to pick out your pumpkins! 🎃 Check out my hubs page @acroeddie to see our family shot.
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Conklin Farm, Montville NJ
Where did you get your boots?!
@parispommy why didn't we take like this lol
I think I'll take THIS pumpkin... 🎃
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Pumpkins!! :D
You are amazing! I love your pictures!
Throwing a little acro down in the corn field maze today with the hubs @acroeddie. 🌾
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#MondayMotivation! Pictures were taken 2 years apart. I am not a better yogi today just because my feet are on my head... I am a better yogi today because I've let go of a lot of ego that was swimming in my head in that picture from 2 years ago. I used to push my body past what was good for it because of that ego. Put the time in on and off the mat, practice and everything will eventually be what was meant to be! 💗
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@karlitapuu lo que hablábamos hoy 🎎 tenemos que ir a una clase!!
Good night, sleep tight... Don't let the bed bugs bite... Because there are literally THOUSANDS of them... Oh, and there's probably something in your closet. 😘 Pose inspired by my bestie @robinmartinyoga. I miss you!!!
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Please like my last post and follow our new gymnastics account:)
Relax, enjoy the day... Don't take everything so damn seriously. Don't take something I write on my instagram so seriously you immediately start judging me. I have a wicked sense of humor, I curse, I laugh A LOT, I bust out yoga poses pretty much anywhere and everywhere... That is ME. 💗 One more in my #REDbottoms. @louboutinworld
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Meu sonho @cassiaarqt acho lindo!!!!
Siguela a ella ea lo maximisisisisimo @djepey
We are some badass hot bitches when we aren't in yoga pants! Had such a fun night with my girls yesterday... We need to do it again soon! Note to self... Try not to cheese so damn hard that it looks like my eyes are closed! #asianproblems ☺️ @amandam824 @vic_yogaintheworld @capam88 @__gabriella__ Love ya girlies!
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Haha! My eyes look closed too when I cheese hard and when I laugh. You all look gorgeous! ❤️
In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, one of the biggest fashion icons ever... "Hello Lover..." 💗 #SATC
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Happy Saturday! Decided to focus on deep backbends today after a late night out. Backbends are energizing... Now I'm feeling psychotic! 😜 Pink Sofi Short Top and Camo Capris from @bodyangelactivewear. Use code LAURAYOGA for 15% off.
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@jamie_ch @calvinc619
Happy Friday!!! Been running around all damn day today! Excited to get all dolled up later for a night out in NYC with my girls... 💗 Inspired by the beast that is @dylanwerneryoga.
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@andresdelamora que tal eee
Repping it out with a little air walk at the end. ✌️ #BalanceBasics Challenge Winners!!! Thank you to my fellow hosts @beachyogagirl and @kinoyoga!! Thank you to our sponsor @athleta! Winners... Please email Mara ( to claim your prize! 🙏 Grand prize: @angelalan Runners up: @pocsyoga @igboyogi @piwiyogini @jessyka14 @carollumedeiros
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@justisolda thank you! I follow this beautiful lady as she is such an inspiration!
Honored to be asked by @fitnessmagazine to be part of their panel about business and social media! 💗 @kategalexander @twofitmoms #FitBlogNYC
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Great meeting you both! - Natasha
Congratulations 👏👏
Good morning! Heading into NYC to be part of an @FitnessMagazine event! Maybe I'll see some of you there! 💗 Sofi Long Top and Wild Rose Capris by @bodyangelactivewear. Use code LAURAYOGA for 15% off.
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Things happen when you let go of any attachment you have to the end result. I've been trying... And failing miserably... At pressing up from Bakasana with straight arms. I would try a million times and get pissed off... Trying to analyze every little thing I was doing wrong. At the end of my practice today, I just decided to try it once for shiz and giggles.... 🎉🎉🎉
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@mod_evil I knoww. I especially love the progress posts. One day you just realize that you're doing something really cool. So far it's only happened to me with less cool things than this... Like touching my toes and doing push-ups... But progress is progress I guess! Some day! 💪
Where did you get those pants? They seriously look soooo comfy!!