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Laura Wife, Mother, Yoga Teacher, Handstand Addict 👉Next retreat: Aruba Oct 25-30 👉Next Workshops: Orlando, FL Nov 14-15 Contact: 🌟
Use this version: 🌟Day 2 Pose: Prasarita Padottanasana D or Wide-Legged Forward Fold.🌟Go to our website (active link in bio👆) for a tutorial and video offering variations. Don't forget to use our challenge hashtag #YogawithTFM and tag @twofitmoms @laurasykora @masumi_g and @gaiam
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@_leticiafarias_ 😂😂😂 vou ajir assim 😜😜
My practice today included A LOT of float downs from handstand. If you are working on your press... Whether in headstand, forearmstand or handstand... Practice floating down as slowly as possibly! This helps build strength in the core and forces you to engage the muscles needed to press up! Today I played around with floating down a foot to the opposite wrist. 😬 Pink Houndstooth Capris and 3-Ring Long Top by @bodyangelactivewear. Use code LAURAYOGA for 15% off.
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Good morning!!! 😘 Posed inspired by @lamise.
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You look awesome!!
🌟Welcome to the #YogawithTFM 10-Day Challenge!🌟 Our first pose is Uttanasana, or Forward Fold. Please go to the @twofitmoms website (see active link in bio👆) for a tutorial and a video with some variations! Don't forget to tag #yogawithTFM and follow @twofitmoms @laurasykora @masumi_g and @gaiam!
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@potterlove124 those leggings!!!
Say what??? How awesome are we??? So awesome meeting you @koyawebb!!! Thank you for coming to my class this past Sunday along with @sarendipity8 and @_kariooo! Much love to my awesome Sunday crew for helping to build these towers and for spotting us!! @vic_yogaintheworld @laserna17 @melaniecheing @ronags @cluu78 @__gabriella__
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@mmmmare oops forgot to respond to this but wait till you see me attempting to do it #drunknonyogi #stillgonnatry
I solemnly swear I will be up to no good when I'm in Orlando in November! 😏 I will be teaching 3 workshops at @inspiritstudio on Nov. 14-15... Check them out to register! Hope to see you on you there!
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That's skill right there!
انا اعرف اسوي حركة ثانيه لما اشوفج اوريج 🙆🙅💁🙋 @emy_malallah هههههههههههههه
#BalanceBasics Day 30: Urdhva Dhanurasana or Wheel Pose. There are so many variations you can take with this pose! Only go as deep as your body allows. Thank you to everyone who participated in this challenge!!! Much love to my partners in crime @beachyogagirl & @kinoyoga and for our sponsor @athleta. 💗
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Thanks for a great challenge!
Monday motivation! Mini's camel is better than mine! 😂 Huge thank you to @cuchira for our matching Poche pants! Love ya girl!!!
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شواذي استغفر الله
Omg that's too adorable.
Happy Monday!!! Thank you to the wonderful @kitty_click for taking such beautiful pics of me this weekend! Love you!!! 😘 You can check out more of her work on FB at Eyecon Photography.
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Amazing !!
Such beautiful hair
#BalanceBasics Day 29: "L" Handstand. The key to any handy is all in the fingers! CREEPY FINGERS! Grip the mat to help you balance. 👉Check @beachyogagirl & @kinoyoga for their variations. Outfit is by our sponsor @athleta.
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We can't take any days off! God I love laura! Let's go to one of her classes they're right in Lodi @simpleenicole
What! No way!! We out @sayl0ve
Happy Sunday! What an amazing and fun weekend so far... Off to watch some football! 💗 Camo capris and destroyed long top by @bodyangelactivewear. Use code LAURAYOGA for 15% off.
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How ima bounce on it @yellabonechelz
#BalanceBasics Day 28: Dolphin Pose. Perfect pose to build shoulder strength but it's a biatch to hold! Hug the elbows in, shoulders draw down, navel pulls in, tailbone shines up! 👉Check @beachyogagirl & @kinoyoga for their variations. Outfit is by our sponsor @athleta.
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@_zom_b_los_ LEGIT!
L💗VE. Just got back from teaching in MA. A HUGE thank you to Donna at @breatheyogapilates for inviting me to teach at her beautiful studio and for @alexisr022 for connecting us!! Love you girls!!! THANK YOU to each and every one of you who came to play with me... It was such an honor to meet each and every one of you. 💗
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Best ending to a yoga class ever! Thank you Laura! 🙏
#BalanceBasics Day 27: Supported Headstand! Sorry this is so late!!! Make sure that most of your weight is in your arms! Have fun with any variation you would like! 👉Check @beachyogagirl & @kinoyoga for their variations. Outfit is by our sponsor @athleta.
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Are you ready to practice yoga with @TwoFitMoms? Then join our first #YogawithTFM 10-Day Challenge, hosted by @laurasykora @masumi_g and @twofitmoms and sponsored by @gaiam. The challenge starts on October 1st and is open to ALL levels! 1⃣ Repost this and tag a friend to join you! 2⃣ Make sure to follow all three of us plus our sponsor @laurasykora @masumi_g @twofitmoms @gaiam 3⃣ Post a picture or a video for each day's pose with our hashtag - #YogawithTFM
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@eddielifts want to do it with me? 😊
Hahahaha @mymaria15
Why do I spend half my morning upside down? Because it makes me feel like a rockstar! 👊 You still have until tomorrow to share YOUR favorite pose with us! Use the #yogawithTFM hashtag so we can see your photos. We will announce a winner on the @twofitmoms page tomorrow! The prize is a free download of the Two Fit Moms Yoga Rising series and a Gaiam Sol Dry Grip yoga mat.
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#motivation lol
Good morning!!! Happy Friday!!! Excited to be heading up to MA to teach! Still some space available for tonight's Inversion workshop and for tomorrow's Arm Balance workshop at @breatheyogapilates. Call now to reserve your spot! 💗 Red lace capris and 3 string short top by @bodyangelactivewear. Use code LAURAYOGA for 15% off.
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@fernandagg sensacional bem!!
@shannie_dee bishhhhh👀
#BalanceBasics Day 26: Natarajasana or Dancer Pose. With any one legged standing posture... Gaze out at a fixed point as you slowly move into it. Don't worry if your back leg does not straighten completely! You should feel gorgeous no matter what! 👉Check @beachyogagirl & @kinoyoga for their variations. Outfit is by our sponsor @athleta.
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The man behind the @whatibeproject... Thank you to everyone who left such kind words of LOVE on my last pic. I'VE READ THEM ALL... 💗 Thanks once again to @sjrosenfield_photography for including me in this amazing project. I will never again hide myself... I will always just be ME!
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@iskandar_arishah g blaja nh
@jana.mawassy followww herrr
"I am not my TMJ." I was honored and scared shitless when the fabulous @sjrosenfield_photography asked me to participate in his @WhatIBeProject. To share my biggest insecurity with the world is some scary shit. When I was a freshman in high school, my jaw would suddenly lock up... I couldn't open my mouth without crazy pain... And it would lock up for months. I was diagnosed with TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction... Put through some PT and given a retainer to help ease my joints. Today I see a chiropractor to keep things in check... But my jaw and my bite are still messed up. I have a slight lisp from it. IT BOTHERS THE SHIT OUT OF ME! When I tell you that going for my Yoga Teacher Training was the hardest and scariest thing I have done, now you know why. I've spent the past 10+ years of my life hiding in my cubicle because I hate my speech. I was too self conscious to put myself out there and too scared to speak publicly. And then this little thing called @instagram happened... All of you helped inspire me to say F*CK IT and go for it. All of you have given me the strength and courage to put me on the path I was meant to be on. I still cringe when I hear myself talk... BUT what I have realized is it is US that magnifies our own insecurities in our heads... It is US that stops us from dreaming... It is US that keeps ourselves hidden from the world when we are scared. At the end of the day, it has to be US that says who cares if we are a little bit different. It is those differences that makes us who we are... So today, I let go of my fear and share my biggest insecurity with you. I'm not sure if I feel better or worse... But if it gives just one of you courage to move past your insecurities, then it was worth putting myself out there. 💗 Please check out and follow @sjrosenfield_photography and the @WhatIBeProject.
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you're so beautiful, no one would even notice! ☺︎ you're an a+ inspiration!
Thank you for sharing this. Thanks for being honest & brave.