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Laura Wife, Mother, Yoga Teacher, Handstand Addict 👉Retreat: San Diego, CA May 17-20 Contact: Snapchat: laurasykora
Acro training here we come! 👊 And no, @acroeddie is not flipping you the bird! Thank you to @kristian_ph2otography for the gorgeous pic! #NextStopHongKong
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Aunt Laura!!!
East coast to the west coast... Come fly with me in NYC at @pureyoganyc on Saturday, May 2 from 2-4pm or in San Diego, CA at the Catamaran Resort & Spa on Tuesday, May 19 from 5:30-7:30pm. All levels are welcome. Go to for the details on how to sign up!
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Yes! @elsavivar
More like NYC?! @weirdsince87
Twisted Sirsasana A for my lovely girls @vic_yogaintheworld and @__gabriella__ for their #MadMarchYoga challenge. 💙 Good night my lovelies... Sweet dreams.
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@laurasykora Your toe spread is one of the best ever... you're beautiful!
@jodie3207 perfect 👌
My neighbors LOVE me... 😂 Inspired by the beautiful @pocketdwarf. Happy Sunday Funday!!!
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❤️😍 absolutely nice
Leaping Hanuman for the February #ACROVINYASA Challenge. Can't wait to hang with my fave couple from down under @yogabeyond in Bali next week! Oh and more importantly... To become a certified ACROVINYASA teacher! 😱 ACRO CLASSES coming soon to New Jersey!!! Whoop whoop! For a step-by-step tutorial check out @ACROVINYASA
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Look @erwanjheussaff @annecurtissmith
Happy Saturday! 💙
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@moni31122 online?
💗#YogaCrewLove Day 28: Shenanigans with your crew!💗 For day 28, just be silly with your #yogacrew and show some love! Good friends make life simply better and way more fun! Surround yourself with people who inspire you and make you laugh but also people who will smack you back into reality when needed. 💗 Remember to check in with my loves @vic_yogaintheworld and @__gabriella__ for some other fun, final day videos.
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Love the playfulness
Awwwww so much love 😍😍😍
I was scrolling through the beginning of my feed and it was an eye opener of just how far my practice has come! These pics were taken 2 years apart. 😱 Just a friendly reminder... Practice and all is coming. Whether it comes in a week, a month, a year or 10 years... It doesn't matter. Do your best everyday, the rest will follow.
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Awesome progression pics!!!❤️
@clawdeeuhhh her challenges are harder usually, but she posts awesome pics and is really cool
Just close your eyes and breathe. 💗 Challenge yourself today by closing your eyes in any posture... Feel the earth beneath your hands or feet. Notice how the tiniest movements in your body are magnified. It's crazy how much more I have to grip the earth just to keep my balance... Happy Friday!
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Pearl Jam.... nice song
You're amazing 😍🙌
Are you ready to take your YOGA FROM EARTH TO AIR IN MARCH? Join our daily #ACROVINYASA challenge hosted by us @YogaBeyond @ACROVINYASA and our dear friend and soon-to-be certified ACROVINYASA™ Teacher @LauraSykora!!! We have organized this practice into 2 flows (LEVEL 1 & 2) consisting of 180 postures that we are systematically sharing with you daily over 6 months. Each challenge runs for 30 days highlighting a different charity/organization/cause every month. After 4 months and 120 postures, things are about to get crazy as we kick into extra gear! As always, we will post a daily tutorial for a yoga pose (earth asana) followed by its equivalent acro pose (air asana) the next day to inspire you to get on your mat! This is NOT a competition. Our intention is to inspire you to simply practice yoga, trust and connect within the global community here on Instagram and beyond... HERE IS HOW... 1) Repost this image on your Instagram 2) Follow @YogaBeyond @ACROVINYASA @LauraSykora @PeopleWater 3) Post every day and tag all 4 hosts in the caption for your chance to be featured in our weekly #ACROVINYASA HighLights. Make it about your personal journey of transformation. We're here to simply inspire you, not to keep score, so it's ok to miss a day! Give yourself the permission to join our challenge at anytime. 4) Tag your friends and rope them in! If you don't have a partner to practice with, get your friends and family involved or simply post your solo yoga variation for every acro pose instead. Help us spread awareness about a meaningful cause by learning more about our partner organization for this month @PeopleWater. We invite you to get involved with their about it, talk about it, buy People Water or simply participate in our challenge with a positive intention in mind. Nearly 1 million people lack access to clean water. For every bottle purchased, #PeopleWater gives an equal amount of​ ​water to a person in need. Buy a bottle, fund a well, save a life. FOR INFO ABOUT OUR UPCOMING AV TEACHER TRAINING IN BALI 4-14 NOVEMBER 2015 CHECK OUT WHO IS IN? #YogaBeyond
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@pearldenae when we are better we can do challenges like this one 😄
💗#YogaCrewLove Day 27: Standing Marichyasana 💗 For day 27, tell us who in your #yogacrew is the most successful! 💗 Remember to check in with my very smart, sassy and successful hOMegirls @vic_yogaintheworld and @__gabriella__!
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@es_ra_jiq bizim laura imana gelmis
@es_ma42 hahahaha eso yaa 😂😂
Just a mermaid playing out in the snow... 💗 Inspired by the beautiful @stephynow.
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@beeeschrier yeah!!!!
So cool
Acro-Kisses with @acroeddie from the past 3 years... I remember when I had to BEG him to do acro with me! Boy have times changed... If your partner has been asking you to try acro and you have refused, immediately place your hand by your buttasana and remove stick. 😂 If it brings joy and happiness to your partner, why wouldn't you do it??? So everyone tag your partner/friend in this pic and tell them to get down on their mat or get up on your feet/hands!!! Life is too beautiful and too short to waste time not laughing and not having fun!!! 💗 Thank you to @acroeddie for eventually seeing it my way!! 😘
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💗#YogaCrewLove Day 26: Pinching Headstand ✌️✌️ For day 26, tell us who in your #yogacrew is the most creative! 💗 Remember to check in with my creative hOMies @vic_yogaintheworld and @__gabriella__ for their variations!
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@laurasykora hey you copied me!! I have a pic like this. 😜😍
Whip-It-Wednesday! ❤️ #NotInA50ShadesKindOfWay #UnlessYoureIntoThat #IAimToPlease
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The most beautiful swan ever <3
💗#YogaCrewLove Day 25: Straight Leg Forearm Hollowback with or without a wall. 💗 For day 25, tell us which movie you and your #yogacrew like to quote the most! #AccaAwesome #YeahNoDontPutMeDownForCardio💗 Remember to check in with my hOMies @vic_yogaintheworld and @__gabriella__ for their variations!
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@karinatjoegito : kita pose didinding dl ajah.. Hahahahahaa bareng sama @grae_mamagee @wulan2881
Mohon bimbingan kalian @viranggo @karinatjoegito @wulan2881 .. Hahaha
I always get so stinkin' happy when I am able to do this transition. Took me about 10 tries up on the canes before lifting up all of the way... One day I'll be able to do this with straight arms. 👊 I may get slammed for saying this but... NEVER be content with where you are in your practice. Always strive to learn more, grow more and experiment more... Otherwise things just sort of stay the same... How boring when the world is so full of exciting things!
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I love these leggings! What brand? @laurasykora
Where are the canes from? @laurasykora
GOOD MORNING! Piked Cross with @acroeddie for the February #ACROVINYASA Challenge. We've been taking it easy these past couple of weeks since Eddie slightly injured his shoulder. Go wish him a speedy recovery... 😒 For a step-by-step tutorial check out @ACROVINYASA Post your pics/vids in #ACROVINYASA and tag all 4 hosts in your caption: @YogaBeyond @LauraSykora @ACROVINYASA @TheOneLoveMovement
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@lex_frombliss check this page out
💗#YogaCrewLove Day 24: Scorpion Handstand or any backbendy variation! 💗 For day 24, tell us who in your #yogacrew is the most responsible! Wait... Can I pick myself? 😂 Remember to check in with my hOMies @vic_yogaintheworld and @__gabriella__ for their variations!
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How do you do It?😀
CALLING ALL SAN DIEGO YOGIS!!! Come Float, Fly and Laugh with me in this 2-Hour Workshop on Tuesday, May 19 from 5:30pm-7:30pm at the beautiful Catamaran Resort & Spa. (This is NOT a SUP workshop... It's on land! Sorry for the confusion!) This workshop will focus on all inversions from the basics to transitions and beyond. Sign up now as space is limited!!! CLICK ON THE ACTIVE LINK ABOVE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT!👆👆👆 Interested in the entire retreat with @supbliss? Only 3 spots remain for my Bliss Retreat in San Diego from May 17-20. You can find details from the link above as well! 💗
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@kelseygloria I have 2