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Laura Wife, Mother, RYT200, Co-founder @TwoFitMoms, @ACROVINYASA teacher Workshops: Chicago June 5-7 Contact:
So excited to be on the cover of @wearedraze magazine for July! I collaborated with the fabulous @robertsturman in NYC for the cover shot but we cannot decide which one to go with!!! Vote by liking and leaving a comment below indicating your top choice. Clockwise from top left: 1. Hollowback Lotus 2. Handstand Scorpion 3. Dancer 4. Handstand Lotus. We will announce the results on publication :-). My favorite? The only thing I will say is that I think it's only fitting that I'm upsides down... 💗
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First time doing whips with the crazy strong @theacrobear! A huge thanks also goes out to @theacrosquirrel who spotted and helped teach me what to do. 💗
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This little square app has forever changed my life. I continue to meet such amazing souls on this journey... My trip to Cali was no different. I have been following @justinyoga @bohemian_heart and @ayamihiroshige for a long time... I've had the pleasure of watching them grow over the past few years. It was amazing to meet them last week. My heart is happy... 💗
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Nice shirt @justinyoga 😜✌️
Wow babes
BACK IN NEW JERSEY, back to my minis and back to teaching this morning! 💗 Just wanted to say thank you to my girls @gabriella.dondero and @melaniecheing for making my Cali trip special. Also to @robinmartinyoga @megbbee @theonelovemovement... I don't think I've ever laughed so hard for so long in my life! Now we just gotta get @melaniecheing to work on her jump. 😜 See you in class this morning!!!
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@adriana_bartolo we gotta practice
Bali waiting u!!! ;))
👫#FAMJAM2015👭 hosted by @YogaBeyond @LauraSykora and our @ACROVINYASA crew FamJam is heading into it's third year and we are so excited to connect with our ever expanding @Instagram family in the flesh again! This social media platform has allowed us to inspire and touch the lives of countless souls around the globe and we are ever so passionate about bringing this virtual community together in the real world. Needless to say, we are stoked to be back in NYC to share our #ACROVINYASA practice with ya'll! Get ready to play, flow, fly and invert with an awesome crew of bright and shiny yogis! This year we are taking it back to the great outdoors. Big thanx to @flavorpill for spreading the word and to @annabliss108 for working her magic behind the scenes. Hope to see you all there! WHEN: 12-4pm June 27 WHERE: Hudson River Park 80 Hudson Street New York, NY 10013 COST: Free (pre-registration required) Click on the link in my bio. 👆🏼
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I could def be down for this!! I'll just be getting back from Portugal!! @_cynthia19_ @lightpinklace
100% down! Have to wait for our little wanderluster to return from her travels!!! ❤️😍😘✈️yaaayyy!! @fitgirltreats @_cynthia19_
Back to Jersey soon... I was so honored and excited to be able to work on some high stuff with the amazing @adam.hiner! There were so many firsts during the week, I can't even explain how blissed out I feel right now! 💗 Looking forward to getting home though and hugging my minis!
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Mission Bay Beach
Awesome. Well done
If we could hit that stunt…👌 @leelynn16
What an amazing week... So much to share with you guys!!! Got to meet, fly, base, hug and talk to so many beautiful people. First time flying with the absolutely ridiculous beast of a base @acrowithjon... Go follow him NOW. 💗
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Santa Monica Beach
First time trying Tittibhasana up on my @supbliss board! ❤️ Come celebrate my birthday at @makeouteveryday in Culver City from 12-2pm... Hope to meet some of you there! Last day in Cali!!!
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@mohamadreeezaa pagesho bebin kollan
Awesome @laurasykora !👌🏻🙏🏻🏄🏼
Such a great birthday so far!!! Got to go to @theellenshow today (in the audience before anyone asks!) ❤️ Thank you to my niece @megbbee and @domnom for making it happen! Off to dinner with the girls now! @gabriella.dondero @melaniecheing @robinmartinyoga @theonelovemovement ❤️
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Ellen Degeneres Show
@ibdreamer awesome, I'm still working on my handstand 😓
Guess who turns 38 today??? Meeeeeeeeee!!! 😆 This was the first birthday present I received today from the super talented @codyblazek. Can't wait to celebrate later on in LA with some amazing friends! Only thing missing is my family... Guess I'll need to celebrate all weekend long with them! 😘
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I like this
Happy bday!
CHARITY CLASS IN SAN DIEGO TONIGHT!!! Join me TONIGHT with @robinmartinyoga for a donation based class for @theonelovemovement to make a difference for under-served kids. 👉🏼Wed. 5/20 at 6pm, Ski Beach in Mission Bay. Suggested donation $20 which includes a Pura Vida charity bracelet! Full details on link in bio @theonelovemovement. 👈🏼 Will you join us?! Can't wait to meet you all!
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Mission Beach, California
Perfection !!😍😍
YOU ARE LOVED. ALL IS WELL. 💗 Apparently California brings out the need to jump and play... Can't be a bad thing, right? @gabriella.dondero @melaniecheing
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Black's Beach
@missupkins I don't know which beach, but we are definitely doing this!
@parnomittra @tanisha_de
Stop, Drop and POP!!! #InspirationGenerationChallenge Day 1. 💗 Talking about inspiration... Had the privilege of meeting @theacrobear and @theacrosquirrel today! Such an amazing power acro duo... I was in awe and so nervous! Thank you guys so much for spending the afternoon with me and teaching me so much! Can't wait to play again soon! 👊🏼
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Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa
@artxx :) jaja un brinquito 🙈
@btmulrooney is this who you saw ?!
I need a nap... 😴 Inspired by @rockadeezy
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Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa
@stagryan how 😯
LA Yogis! Come celebrate my birthday with me on Friday at @makeouteveryday! It's my buddy @antony_besso's awesome restaurant in Culver City! There will be some yoga shenanigans and chocolate cake to be shared. Hope to meet some of you soon! #MakeOutEveryday
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@ombodyment_yoga @mermaidyogi_ I wish! Gonna be in Vegas without you girls!
@ombodyment_yoga @mermaidyogi_ still time to come 😋❤️
The first of four challenges to help celebrate IG Getaway STARTS TOMORROW! IG, or Inspiration Generation, is the idea of highlighting the positive social yoga community that lives on Instagram. IG Getaway is on August 22nd-26th, so until then we will be hosting a short challenge every month to bring focus to the things we love about the IG yoga community. This month is all about YOGA + SOCIAL. The idea of social can be interpreted in so many ways, but for this challenge we wanted to show that one of the amazing things about a social platform is the potential for things to viral. Things that can change and help others. #InspirationGenerationChallenge is simple. Starting tomorrow, Monday, May 18th until Sunday, May 24th, we invite you to: Stop, drop and yoga for Nepal. Use the hashtag #InspirationGenerationChallenge! Follow my fellow co-hosts to see their posts of the day and their inspirational words! @YogaBeyond @LauraSykora @FitQueenIrene @TheYogiMatt @BryceYoga @Cuchira @MackenzieYoga @DylanWernerYoga @AliKathrine @Fit_Influxr Donate (if you can!) to help the people that are struggling to rebuild (We are donating to the Red Cross Earthquake Relief Fund for Nepal) Nominate a friend to do the same We hope to reach a goal of 10,000 posts in 7 days to help spread awareness and to encourage everyone to donate any amount if they can. A special thank you to @IGGETAWAY @BryceYoga, @alikathrine and @fit_INFLUXR for putting together this awesome challenge.
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Mario & Luigi... 🍄🐢 Super yoginis all day, errrday! @gabriella.dondero @melaniecheing
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Mission Beach, California
😭😭😭😭😭 me not gonna make it @aymdotcom
@alexexex54 @ashhhkim lets do some of these on our trip.
Friends don't let friends do one arm handstands alone... Thank you @gabriella.dondero for keeping me company and to @melaniecheing for snapping the pic! 💗 HELLO San Diego! Can't wait to play some more tomorrow! We'll be hanging on the beach by the Catamaran Resort tomorrow if anyone wants to come get upside down with us!
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Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa
@galhardokellen olha!!!
שננסה מחר במכון? @dorinpr
Peace out! Heading to San Diego today with @gabriella.dondero and @melaniecheing for some west coast shenigans! ✌🏼
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🙏🏼 @ruznamem belki bir gün canim benim daha çook yol katetmem lazim 😊 benim de favorilerimden kendisi ❤️
Mid-transition pic in the snow. ❤️ I always miss the snow when it's gone... Then curse once it comes. I cannot imagine living in any other place though! There's something quite special about the changing of the seasons. ❄️ Where do you all live? Do you love it there? My inquiring mind would like to know!!!
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like it!
I live in Wales and it's okay! Not very good weather here tho, but I do like it!