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Laura Wife, Mother, RYT200, Certified @ACROVINYASA teacher 👉Next workshops: Pure NYC May 2; San Diego May 19👈 Contact:
Kisses to you! 😘
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@kthazey okay Katie, there are some of the fun people I follow that you might enjoy! Thanks for coming to class last night so great to see you! I don't post a lot of yoga stuff so you can unfollow whenever you want, keep your number low! 😂 see you soon!
nirvanasmoonchild cool core 👌
Happy Monday! More flow from the other day... 💗 Thoughts for today? Surround yourself with people who love you FOR YOU... Not what you can do for them. They will be the first to leave you when you no longer serve a purpose... Who's got time and energy for that?👊 #DeepThoughtsWithLauraSykora #YesThatsAnSNLReference 😂
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Lo más increíble es como pasa de pincha a shaturanga @lafranchi71
@theflogblog 100%
Helicopters after class with @acroeddie for the March #ACROVINYASA Challenge. Mini also decided to make a guest appearance... 💗 For a step-by-step tutorial check out @ACROVINYASA Post your pics/vids in #ACROVINYASA and tag all 4 hosts in your caption: @YogaBeyond @LauraSykora @ACROVINYASA @PeopleWater
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@mariacmartinez_ wtf
@sanicabendre actual goals 🙌
Resist the urge to dwell in the past... You cannot change it. Resist the urge to stress about the future... What will be, will be. Instead, take a few moments each day to be in the PRESENT, be in the HERE & NOW, appreciate what is in front of you AT THIS MOMENT. Take it in, absorb it... Because you'll never experience that EXACT moment again. 💗 Inspired by the crazy strong @dylanwerneryoga.
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👍😌 @vnasyrov
@danebee I heard the leggings are mandatory #meggings
Are you ready to take your YOGA FROM EARTH TO AIR IN APRIL? Join our daily #ACROVINYASA challenge hosted by us @YogaBeyond @ACROVINYASA and our dear friend and newly certified ACROVINYASA™ Teacher @LauraSykora!!! We have organized this practice into 2 flows (LEVEL 1 & 2) consisting of 180 postures that we are systematically sharing with you daily over 6 months. Each challenge runs for 30 days highlighting a different charity/organization/cause every month. After 5 months and 150 postures, things are about to kick into extra gear! As always, we will post a daily tutorial for a yoga pose (earth asana) followed by its equivalent acro pose (air asana) the next day to inspire you to get on your mat! This is NOT a competition. Our intention is to inspire you to simply practice yoga, trust and connect within the global community here on Instagram and beyond. HERE IS HOW: 1) Repost this image on your Instagram 2) Follow @YogaBeyond @ACROVINYASA @LauraSykora @1MillionWomen 3) Post every day and tag all 4 hosts in the caption for your chance to be featured in our #ACROVINYASA Highlights. Make it about your personal journey of transformation. We're here to simply inspire you, not to keep score, so it's ok to miss a day! Give yourself the permission to join our challenge at anytime. 4) Tag your friends and rope them in! If you don't have a partner to practice with, get your friends and family involved or simply post your solo yoga variation for every acro pose instead. Help us spread awareness about a meaningful cause by learning more about our partner organization for this month @1MillionWomen We invite you to get involved with their cause. 1 Million Women is a mass movement of women and girls fighting climate change by taking practical action in everyday lives. Women decide about 85% of household purchases. If a million women all make one better choice, however small, it leads to real change. Join the movement and take action through the way you live, your everyday choices and how you spend your money. Visit FOR INFO ABOUT UPCOMING ACROVINYASA™ TEACHER TRAININGS IN CALIFORNIA & BALI IN 2015 CHECK OUT SO WHO IS IN?
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@kdudz 😬😬😬
So amazing
Still riding the high from our Glowga class last night! Who doesn't want to paint themselves all up, play with glow sticks and do yoga!?!? 👊 Thanks @vic_yogaintheworld for making this happen and inviting me along to teach with you! Our Friday Night Fun Series is just starting... Reggae Night and Glowga 2.0 coming. Check my website if you want to join us next time!
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North Jersey Muay Thai
@tev_inn @sjjing @dorotheetung omg this looks so fun...
GIVEAWAY!!! Want to WIN a pair of 1-day passes to this year's Yoga Journal Live event in NYC? Head over to the @twofitmoms website (active link in my bio) for your chance to win! Whoever wins better be prepared to take some pics with me! So start getting your handstand game on! 😜 @yogajournal @yogajournalevents 💗 Flashback to last year's Yoga Journal Live event in NYC and hollowbacking with my girl @kathrynbudig. 💗
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@meersand tonight...lets get on this
Free Shoulderstand with @acroeddie in the snow (last month) for the March #ACROVINYASA Challenge. So proud of my hubby for joining me on this acro journey! For a step-by-step tutorial check out @ACROVINYASA Post your pics/vids in #ACROVINYASA and tag all 4 hosts in your caption: @YogaBeyond @LauraSykora @ACROVINYASA @PeopleWater
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@brandon_beiler oh heck yes.
Some flow practice from the other day... Something I need to work on more is tick-tocks! What are you currently working on in your practice??? My inquiring mind wants to know! 💗
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@julian_stagram22 not sure if I showed u this yet
@24catty Yup you did. Already hit the Follow button 👌
Sundial or Compass with @acroeddie in Monkey Forest in Ubud for the March #ACROVINYASA Challenge. Can anyone spot the 🐒 completely ignoring our shenanigans? For a step-by-step tutorial check out @ACROVINYASA Post your pics/vids in #ACROVINYASA and tag all 4 hosts in your caption: @YogaBeyond @LauraSykora @ACROVINYASA @PeopleWater
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@asibanju @alx_tkyo_kba with a backspin
@irvnf @alx_tkyo_kba yas!
Mini and I are seriously enjoying coming up with these flows together... Here's what we practiced today! I cannot even imagine what we will be doing next year! 💗 Make sure to tag us if you are sharing your practice with your minis!!! #MamaAndMiniLaurasykora
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That was genuinely cute
@mireievaolga ☺️
Traveling is awesome but there is no place like home! 💗 Tunes by @michaelfranti 🎶
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@_celestewardale This could be you and Reuben.
Hinh anh nay qua dep em nhi @kimmi_jenni
Morning! Happy Tuesday! ❤️ No, it didn't snow again... Took this last month. I'm going to sort of miss taking pics in the snow but grateful now that my nips won't freeze off when I take pics! 😂 #LightenUp #ImJoking
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Is that grass I'm seeing in my backyard??? Can it be? SNOW IS GONE!!! Hip Hop Hoooooooooray!!!! 💃 Good night!!!
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@polyglot yes patience 🙏 mark the part poses of this and separately can make all the parts as individual practice, than you will be there without realizing how far you came;) the knee needs special care so keep working don't rush;) there is no time expiration ✌️🎋
@mayeladelgadog estoy intentando esta rutinaaaa 🙏💪👍
Happy Monday! Missing Bali's warm weather... Definitely not missing Bali's bugs though! Still recovering from the gazillion bug bites I got... I was a Korean buffet! 😂 Also I have been breaking out in itchy hives since getting home... Doctor tomorrow... Has this happened to anyone?
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@wilddelight я так не могу :-))))
Красота!!! Я тоже так хочу!
Some fun flow with @acroeddie. 💗 Our ACROVINYASA classes next month are almost sold out! If you're thinking about joining us for some vinyasa flow, inversion work and AcroYoga shenanigans, sign up now! Link is above in my bio. 💗 Song is "The Mountain" by @trevorhallmusic and it reminds me of Bali.
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Floating Bow in Hong Kong with @acroeddie for the March #ACROVINYASA Challenge. 🎀 For a step-by-step tutorial check out @ACROVINYASA Post your pics/vids in #ACROVINYASA and tag all 4 hosts in your caption: @YogaBeyond @LauraSykora @ACROVINYASA @PeopleWater
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Uh... Happy Spring? Guess Mother Nature missed the memo...
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So excited to announce... Level 1 ACROVINYASA CLASSES ARE HERE!!! 🎉 Join @acroeddie and I for some earth to air fun in April and May. This is a 4 week Sunday series... April 12, 19, 26 and May 3 from 12:30-2pm at @njmuaythai in Lodi, NJ. You can purchase all 4 classes at a discounted rate ($60) or purchase classes individually ($20). Level 1 is perfect for beginner to intermediate yogis. No Acroyoga experience is needed. No partner is needed. Only thing required is a sense of adventure and fun! 👉. Pre-registration will be required... You can register at or click on the active link above in my bio. 👈 Space is limited... Sign up now!
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Sitting in class last night getting ready to teach and who walks in? The always fabulous @cuchira! So excited to meet her and it was an honor that she would take the hike out to Jersey to come to class! Of course we had to get our #Yogance on afterwards... Which I was so nervous to do! Thanks girl for coming and I cannot wait to play some more in May! 😘
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@ameliaangel17 yoga style
@_vanessamarie__ we can do this