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Laura Wife, Mother, RYT200, Co-founder @TwoFitMoms, @ACROVINYASA teacher Workshops: House of Jai Yoga NYC July 11 Contact:
I arrive in Bermuda tomorrow!!! Thinking about heading to Elbow Beach... If anyone is around, come on by!!! You know how to find me... I'll be the one upside down!
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NYC YOGIS!!! Teaching 2 workshops at @houseofjaiyoga on Saturday, July 11. 💗 Come Fly With Me from 11:30am-1:30pm and Transition Play from 2:30-4:30. Click the active link above in my bio for more details and to register. Hope to see you there! 💗
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@paria199359 azat entezar darm ino anjam bedia
@arezojojo13 etefaqan diruz kardam abji😝😝😝
❤️❤️❤️ My favorite shot from @dtufino_photo. Goodnight!!!
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Yes I can. 😁 @scottehlert
@annebuen 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
"Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet." - Bob Marley 💗 Which kind of person are you??? ☔️ Mermaid in the rain with @acroeddie... Shot by @dtufino_photo
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@_moon.shine__ tf nigga
@_moon.shine__ when bae knows u da baddest
First time jumping into a standing hand to hand... Scary ish! A GIGANTIC thank you to @stilts86 for basing me!!! A HUGE thank you to @homelessyogi for spotting and @lilcurc for all of the help. Can't wait to play more!!! 💗 #FAMJAM2015
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Riverside Park
hahaha ja, lett 😅 @karolinepett
"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other." - Audrey Hepburn 💗 Such an AMAZING day teaching at the 3rd Annual FamJam event in NYC with my besties @yogabeyond. So many pics to share over the next few days... Thank you to everyone who came!!! 📷 Lens by @dtufino_photo
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Four Freedoms Park
@kaori_x @erika and this one too!
Happy Friday! More diving board fun from yesterday. ❤️
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@clarism15 told you you don't need to lift weights to build strength. Follow her she's amazing
#LOVEWINS... As it should always do!!! ❤️💛💚💙💜 @horizonlightphotography
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@marcelacarceroni @_helinho1 @ramonkaiser ahhhhh vamos fazerrrrr😍😍😍
We should try this at dance @haystambo31 !!!!
Funky fingertip bakasana for Day 4 of the #InspirationGenerationChallenge. Make sure to check out @alikathrine for a full tutorial. Are you coming to @IGGetaway in August? Get tickets now at 💗 Good night IG world!
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Ready or not... More pool time fun! 👙💦
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👫#FAMJAM2015👭 hosted by @YogaBeyond @LauraSykora and our @ACROVINYASA crew RAIN OR SHINE... FamJam is heading into it's third year and we are so excited to connect with you our ever expanding @Instagram family in the flesh again! This social media platform has allowed us to inspire and touch the lives of countless souls around the globe and we are ever so passionate about bringing this virtual community together in the "real world". Needless to say, we are stoked to be back in NYC to share our #ACROVINYASA practice with ya'll! Get ready to play, flow, fly and invert with an awesome crew of bright and shiny yogis! This year we are taking it back to the great outdoors. Big thanx to @flavorpill for spreading the word and to @annabliss108 for working your magic behind the scenes. Hope to see you all there! With love, H&C #YogaBeyond WHEN: 12-4pm Saturday June 27 WHERE: Riverside Park W 80th Street New York, NY 10013 BRING: Yoga mat, water, towel, your-superhero-self COST: Free (pre-registration required) REGISTER:
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@curvygirlmeetsyoga aw I so missed that yesterday thank you though
Damn lol I just saw the date! @thepicadillomix
Some wrist tapping up on fingertips for Day 3 of the #InspirationGenerationChallenge. Today's pose is press handstand... This is a great prep for starting your press journey! Make sure to check out @bryceyoga for a full tutorial. Classes are already filling so go to to purchase your tickets now! 💗
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Kick booty @laurasykora
Just some pool time fun! What else would yogis do on a diving board but hollowback into the pool! 😆
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Kind of freaking right now at all the pool vids!!! 😁
@sweet_southern_t yess :)
Jumping in for Day 2 of the #InspirationGenerationChallenge with a Half Kapotasana variation. IG Getaway is about bringing all of the inspirational aspects of yoga you see on Instagram to life! This event is to celebrate the practice AND the community. Join me and the rest of the @IGGetaway crew in LA on August 22-23 for some fun and shenanigans! Go to to purchase your tickets now! It will also be the first time I am teaching in LA. 😳
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Jump for JOY every single day! ❤️ Thank you @dtufino_photo for capturing such a fun moment with @yogabeyond and both of my minis!!!
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I take that tram all the time!!
Who says Monday can't be as much fun as a Friday??? Had the most amazing day hanging with @yogabeyond and shooting with the super talented @dtufino_photo on Roosevelt Island. ❤️ Can't wait to share more of our shenanigans this week!!!
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Happy International Yoga Day! Happy Summer Solstice! And most importantly... Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads out there! Big love to my amazing father... I would not be where I was without him! He has supported me through EVERYTHING! Big love to my hubby @acroeddie for being a great dad and for giving me the most amazing minis ever! 💗 Good night IG.
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Go big or go home! #80snight #DatAssTho #MadonnaWannabe @gabriella.dondero @victoria.arvizu
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😂😂 @pxige0224
10,000 like!!
80's night at the co-op with @victoria.arvizu!!! I ended our class with this. Yes, I'm old... And a dork! 😜 Open your heart to me... Baby. You have the lock, we all have the key. Because all of us yogis just want to have fun. Oh yogis just want to have fun. So thank you for taking me on. I was beat, incomplete... I'd been had, I was sad and blue... But your side pony tails and leg warmers... Made me shiny and new. So shout! Shout! Let all your love out! And don't you forget about me. Don't, don't, don't... Don't stop believing! Hold on to that feeling. Take your passion... And make it happen! Because you have to fight, for your right... To party! There is nothing @victoria.arvizu and I won't do... We'll always stop the world and yoga with you. We've had the time of our lives... And we owe it all to you!
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Love this! ♡
Love the leggings!
Flashback to basing the amazingly graceful and coolest chick ever @eveinmotion. 💗 Can't wait to play some more in August!!!
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@ayishyy best friend goals!!!!!!