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Laura Wife, Mother, Yoga Teacher, Handstand Addict
👉Next workshop: MA Sept. 26-27👈
👉Next retreat: Aruba Oct 25-30👈
Contact: laurasykora@gmail.com 🌟 http://www.twofitmoms.com
#BalanceBasics Day 3: Digasana. With any one leg standing posture, keep your gaze focused on something stationary. Feel yourself ground down into the standing leg and foot. 👉Check @beachyogagirl & @kinoyoga for their variations. Outfit is by our sponsor @athleta.
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@richlittlepoorgirl ha ha no are you?
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BOOM! 👊 Handstand lotus on a SUP board... What?!?!? After a few failed attempts and falls into the pool... I got it! Thanks to @vic_yogaintheworld for being my photog and my cheerleader!!!
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@corinnegorjian handstand + lotus!!
Less than 2 months away! ARUBA BLISS RETREAT! Join @supbliss and I for a blissful paddle and yoga retreat in Aruba from October 25-30. 6 days/5 nights to relax, recharge and take your practice to a whole new level! This retreat is open to ALL LEVELS. It will be a small, intimate group... Great way to learn from me! For more information go to www.paddleboardbliss.com.
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I would love to see yoga pics of my two fav yogis....@lauraskyora @yoga_girl
"You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don't try to forget the mistakes, but you don't dwell on it. You don't let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space." - Johnny Cash 👊
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@maurakw I need that kind of core control!!!! Def an inspiration!
Good morning! This pose is so damn hard for me... Held this for about 3 seconds before falling over. 😬 If you completed all 31 days of the #ShesGotLegs challenge, please leave me a comment... We are choosing winners for the giveaways from @liquidoactive. 💗
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#BalanceBasics Day 2: Downward Facing Dog. Decided to add an extra level of balance by taking it onto my SUP board for a Surya A. 👉Check @beachyogagirl & @kinoyoga for their variations. Bikini is by our sponsor @athleta.
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Crazy! Good work.
@wishfulsiren2 your next challenge
It's oh so quiet... Just floating around on my @supbliss board... Until my family and @vic_yogaintheworld photobombs me! 😂😂😂
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El que quiere puede 💪 jajajaja ya verás, pronto @luissura
I cannot believe it's September and my minis start school soon. 😢 Pooling it today... Who wants to come and do some acro with us?
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This is so freaking cute💋💕💖💗❤️
Aki domina @estefanyls
#BalanceBasics Day 1: Vrksasana or Tree Pose. Took a few different variations... Changing your gaze definitely increases the difficulty! 👉Check @beachyogagirl & @kinoyoga for their variations. Outfit is by @athleta... The comfiest sweatpants I have ever owned. #justsaying #imayliveintheseallwinter
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what is the name of this song ??
@kholman_8 😍🌳
Guess who is teaching at the next @sedonayogafestival??? MEEEEEEE!!! Last day to get the early bird registration!
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@citysneakers nice! Did you look into it? Would be awesome I'm sure.
#ShesGotLegs Day 31: Ustrasana or Camel Pose. 👉Check @beachyogagirl, @fitqueenirene & @kinoyoga for their variations. LAST DAY to use our discount code SHESGOTLEGS for 20% off @liquidoactive leggings!
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Oh the beauty
#everything 💋💕
"Do all things with LOVE." - Og Mandino. Getting in some practice while the mini naps. 💗 Love capris and candy long top by my friend @bodyangelactivewear. Use code LAURAYOGA for 15% off.
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Hugs are the absolute BEST! When you're feeling down or lonely, one good hug can completely make your day brighter. So... Make it a plan to give someone the biggest bear hug today! You never know how it can change someone's life. 💗 Oh and hugging @michaelfranti isn't too shabby either! Thank you to the beautiful @sjrosenfield for such an amazing capture! See you soon! 💗
18866 132 3 d ago
This pic is the COOLEST!!! 💚💚💚💚
makes me crave a bear hug! hugs are definitely the best!
Last year I had to beg the hubs @acroeddie to take an acro pic on the pier... Happy to say that has changed! 👍 For those of you who asked, I am not teaching up here... Just on a short vacation with the fam.
17491 115 4 d ago
i2loesh 💜🌀
Lovely Laura! 💛
#ShesGotLegs Day 29: Dwi Pada Sirsasana... Well at least it's supposed to be 2 feet behind the head. ☺️ Still working on the prep and just some balance work. 👉Check @beachyogagirl, @fitqueenirene & @kinoyoga for their variations. Leggings are by our sponsor this month @liquidoactive. Use code SHESGOTLEGS for 20% off.
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Nice song choice
How #RockStarYogis adjust a viewfinder in Lake George. 👊 Checking in with my good friend @woodywoodrow for his challenge! He's such a real rocker bada$$ yogi!
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#ThanksAMillionFromLaura Day 10: Theme for today is INSPIRATION and GOALS! Post a pic telling me who or what inspires you AND where you see yourself a year or two from now!💗 Today's giveaway is a SUP BOARD from @supbliss!!! Please give them a follow if you are participating! Make this post extra special... You have the entire weekend to submit your pic!!! Xoxo 👉 Don't forget to use the hashtag #ThanksAMillionFromLaura 👈
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Just posted for this one, totally last minute but definitely wanted to put some thought into it!! Can't wait to hear who wins this one!!
Peace out Jersey! Off to Lake George for the weekend... ✌️ Congrats to @lindseymgarey for winning my day 7 giveaway from @fabletics! 💗 Congrats to @murkytower for winning my day 8 giveaway from @gypsyjuwelz and @bethebreath! #ThanksAMillionFromLaura
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@jonathanornella 👀
Increíble waaoo
#ShesGotLegs Day 28: Kasyapasana. 😝 I look so comfy like this, right? Gotta keep working the prep poses... 👉Check @beachyogagirl, @fitqueenirene & @kinoyoga for their variations. Leggings are by our sponsor this month @liquidoactive. Use code SHESGOTLEGS for 20% off.
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Nice music 🎶🎶🎶😃
#ThanksAMillionFromLaura Day 9: Theme for today is CONFIDENCE! Post a pic embodying something that makes you feel confident and strong. 💗 Today's giveaway is a prize package from @gaiam. Please give them a follow if you are participating! Xoxo 👉 Don't forget to use the hashtag #ThanksAMillionFromLaura 👈 I'll be announcing the winners from day 7 & 8 in a later post! 💗
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@redsofi вот это да,срочно на йогу