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Laura Wife, Mother, RYT200, Certified @ACROVINYASA teacher 👉Next workshops: Pure NYC May 2; San Diego May 19👈 Contact:
I am usually a laid back person... It takes A LOT to get me mad. I am loyal to a fault so when I see someone I love hurt by another's actions... It brings out the Jersey in me. 😠 I highly dislike yogis who preach spirituality and love... Even quote the Bhagavad Gita, Rumi and anyone else they think makes them sound holy on IG... but in the real world are nasty, hating, jealousy driven, fake people. I see you... Just know that everything you put out into this world comes back to you tenfold. #ItsCalledKarma #PracticeWhatYouPreach #LoyalToMyTribe
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spot on Laura!!!!!!!!!
Let em know Laura! #jerseydontplay
Reverse Low F2H Mountain with my mini for the April #ACROVINYASA Challenge. Happy Saturday!!! How is everyone feeling today? For a step-by-step tutorial check out @ACROVINYASA 💗
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Ok, love Jady's dress!
Teaching mini some Jedi Surya B...💙 Of course I had to eventually use the song "Yoga" by @janellemonae
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How cute is this!!! Come on 😍😍😍😍😍
Good morning!!! SMILE... Just because it feels good! Oh and It's Friday!!! 😘
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@breakdancingmom shes from nj. U should attend her class
Sometimes you just have to get STUBBORN in your practice. Transition from Bakasana to Pincha Mayurasana to Baby Bakasana inspired by the beast @carsonclaycalhoun. Tried it about 15 times yesterday, couldn't nail it and got annoyed. Yes even though I am a yogi, I still get frustrated when I cannot do something! Decided to give it a go again today. Before going into Bakasana I decided to say out loud "I can do this! I've totally got it!" And do you know what? I do! 👊🏼
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I can't wait till I'm as good as u lol
@saltanat8988 , может йогой займемся?
Throwback to probably one of my favorite videos of all time with @gabriella.dondero. We need to do another when we go to Cali next month!!! ❤️ Of course this would never have been possible without @cluu78 taking the vid!
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That guys like "I just wanna catch my flight please" 😂😭
Yes! Lmao definitely! Next time we are at the air port! Acro fest lol @steph3624
Finally enjoying some sunshine!!! Played around on my canes today... Off to teach class soon. ❤️ Do things each day that you LOVE. Life is too precious to waste time on things that make you miserable.
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Happy Humpday! Working on that Handstand Lotus Tuck today. ❤️ Inspired by @caitmnolan
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@jonkarstark jom train
Boots make yoga so much more interesting... 👢
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@pandova @sgomez82 reverse Johnny Tsunami
Jajajajajaja de pana @inadelgado @origaby90
@Victoria.Arvizu and I have added a few more rooms!💥ARUBA YOGA RETREAT💥 Come practice with us in paradise! We are headed to Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa for a 6 day/5 night retreat that is perfect for any level of practitioner. Here's what's included: ✅Daily fun filled yoga classes with Laura or Victoria ✅2 SUP Yoga Classes ✅Daily Smoothie and Breakfast ✅Welcome and Farewell Dinner ✅Sunset Snorkel Cruise For full details and info on how to reserve your spot go to or 💥
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@kimhcraig look at her page
@adesilvia good stuff! She's awesome!
Our first decent H2H Handstand for the April #ACROVINYASA Challenge. This is still a HUGE challenge for @acroeddie and I. But we're working hard to be able to hold it longer and eventually transition into something else... Right now I just sort of fall out of it. 😂 For a step-by-step tutorial check out @ACROVINYASA Post your pics/vids in #ACROVINYASA and tag all 4 hosts in your caption: @YogaBeyond @LauraSykora @ACROVINYASA @1MillionWomen
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@moein_teymori pageo Bebin faghaaaatttttt 😃😃😃😳😳😳😳😳
Helicopters were in my handstand practice today... What was in yours? 🚁
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Tree and moose, and cow cat...mmm also breathing exercises :)
Just finished teaching my first #ACROVINYASA class with my hubby @acroeddie... So proud of him!!! 🎉 I'm really starting to enjoy basing @aileenisabella... She's so tiny and rocks as a flyer! Can't wait to teach more acro next week!!! 💗
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North Jersey Muay Thai
Love it I am basing you be the top, trying Tuesday!
Sometimes when things aren't going as planned, you just have to stop and laugh! Just one of those in between moments with @acroeddie when we kept falling over and then finally both got up. 💗 Good night!
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Ahahahaha no te preocupes amor 😚 @michelle_rm95 muy pronto empezaré ahahaha
Namas'cray... The crazy in me recognizes and honors the crazy in you. 💗 Hahahaha... Someone just sent me that. Thought it was funny. Happy Saturday!!!
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Haha that's awesome!! 😂😝
Straddle Handstand up on fingertips for the April #ACROVINYASA Challenge. Have to catch up on the acro part this weekend! Good night! 🌝 For a step-by-step tutorial check out @ACROVINYASA Post your pics/vids in #ACROVINYASA and tag all 4 hosts in your caption: @YogaBeyond @LauraSykora @ACROVINYASA @1MillionWomen
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@laurasykora point your feet!!!!!
One more mini flow with my mini J... She decided to do her handstand instead! 💗 Happy Friday!!!
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@lizandrobjj super cute
Friday flashback to our amazing time in Bali for our @ACROVINYASA training... Can't believe @acroeddie and I will be teaching our first class together this Sunday! Love this shot by @petersedlacik 💗💗💗Check out my Bali inspired tea recipe on the @twofitmoms website.
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@cimoraes , vamo?
@gabygrimberg Bali 🙏🙌
Lotus Headstand for the April #ACROVINYASA Challenge. Getting into lotus upside down was one of those great yoga moments... I think I danced around my house when I got it. Take time with your hips... Eventually that second foot will slide or wiggle in there! For a step-by-step tutorial check out @ACROVINYASA Post your pics/vids in #ACROVINYASA and tag all 4 hosts in your caption: @YogaBeyond @LauraSykora @ACROVINYASA @1MillionWomen
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Höhö jaa @vogelchantal
My mini flow with my mini yogini today! 💗
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Aww that's so cute😭😭❤️💖💖
💗👏💕🙏 absolutely love!!!