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Laura Wife, Mother, Yoga Teacher, Handstand Addict 👉Next Workshops: Orlando, FL Nov 14-15 Contact: 🌟
#ACROVINYASA Day 1: Plank Pose. Check out the tutorials everyday on @ACROVINYASA. We invite you to join our #YogaBeyond community and participate in the November Flow by posting your pics/vids in #ACROVINYASA and tagging all 4 hosts @ACROVINYASA @YogaBeyond @LauraSykora @AfricaYogaProject in your caption. For more info check out Have fun, play safe!
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Ang ganda ng hairr :""">
Welcome to the #YogawithTFM 10-Day Challenge! This month, we are focusing on backbends. Our first pose is Upward Facing Dog. Please go to the @twofitmoms website (see active link in bio) for a video and tips! Don't forget to tag #yogawithTFM and follow @twofitmoms @laurasykora @masumi_g and @gaiam!
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@ticiane_viana .
@laurasykora who makes these leggings ? Love the high waist band.
Enter to Win a Yoga Training Retreat in Mexico!! Starting November 1, we begin the #MEXICOYOGA Challenge!! Join us for your chance to win a free retreat with me and @dashamalove in Mexico this December 8-14. We will share a week at the Mayaland Resort, on the same land as Chichen Itza Mayan pyramids, one of the 7 wonders of the world. This is a yoga empowerment retreat open to all levels of ability. In addition to learning the full Pranashama chakra healing series of yoga and meditation workshops, you will learn powerful healing techniques and transformational practices to help you experience breakthroughs in your life and let go of hidden blocks to your greatest success and happiness. By attending this ytt retreat, you can also earn up to 75 CEUs if you are a RYT 200/500 yoga teacher or you can apply those hours toward becoming a certified yoga teacher. This retreat is open to all levels of ability. Here are the guidelines: Each day we will post a yoga pose photo along with a question for you to answer. Each day you post a pic with the same pose or your favorite variation of it, and answer the question in your post. Be sure to tag me (@laurasykora) and Dashama (@dashamalove) and the hashtag #MEXICOYOGA in each post, for your chance to win. Repost this invitation and Tag 3 friends to join the challenge with you. Winner will be announced on November 11 (11/11) Even if you are not selected to win, we would love to have you with us. This retreat is almost sold out, but there are a few spots left. If you wish to secure your spot now, you can register on the website at: *** *** This is a 10 day challenge, so you must participate for all 10 days for your chance to win. Email: with any questions Best wishes to your success! See you in Mexico!
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@monicavgutierrez @happyf32 @the_soup_ : let's do this challenge!
@valeriayosoy_29 apúntate!!
My minis say... HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Time for some trick or treating!! 🎃
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So cute!!!
Happy Halloween!!! All I need now is my crystal ball... 🔮
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Soooooo BEAUTIFUL 🎃🎃🎃🎃👻
ي حركات ي انتي 😍
👉#7DaysUpsideDown Day 7👈 Tomorrow's inversion is yogi's choice! It's also Halloween here in the States... So super duper bonus points for doing it in costume! Sofia bikini is from @bodyangelactivewear. Thank you all for getting upside down with me this past week!!! 💗
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@reemalwalan 😂😭 تختفي الشجره بكبرها
Good morning paradise... ☀️ Last day here in Aruba. Thank you for such a beautiful experience... I will be back!
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Just you are amazing 😌✨💚🙏
👉#7DaysUpsideDown Day 6👈 Tomorrow's inversion is any inversion in lotus or half lotus! Use a wall or use a person for support! Outfit is from @bodyangelactivewear: Galaxy leggings and 3 String Short Top.
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Where we are going @mrsregs13 @bittymain @ladyylois @tiffanycassandra @kimbugly
Unreal. So close, yet so far! @jess_yoga
Just breathe. Take in the moment. 💗 Last full day in paradise...
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Nice butt
@guillecmc @jeanfdangelo
November is right around the corner! Are you ready for another 10-day yoga challenge with @twofitmoms? Once again, our #YogaWithTFM Challenge is open to all levels and will be hosted by @laurasykora, @masumi_g and @twofitmoms. Our sponsor will be @gaiam. The challenge begins on November 1st and has a backbending theme!
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@kich_pixie nah ok sda tue 8/10 😀😀😊caiyo2
@trinitygurlz89 orait otw hahaha....
👉#7DaysUpsideDown Day 5👈 Tomorrow's inversion is any Hollowback variation! Use a wall or use a person for support! Outfit is from @bodyangelactivewear: Pink Houndstooth Capris and Black Candy Short Top.
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Q rica pose
Sensacional essa gata .
Dancing in puddles after some rain yesterday... ☔️
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@laurasykora wow! I love this shot!
Good morning!!! I know a lot of you were wondering if this would happen... And it did! Had the pleasure of having the one and only @yoga_girl in my class yesterday. Not going to lie... I was super duper nervous. 😁 I'm very happy that after over 2 years of following each other that we finally had the chance to meet and handstand together! I need to practice handstands in the soft sand though.... Hahahaha... Totally kept falling over! Love & Light.... 💗
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@anamarie812 for sure!
Love it 😍 @harbihaifa
👉#7DaysUpsideDown Day 4👈 Tomorrow's inversion is any headstand with fish legs or at least this is what I call it! 🐟 Use a wall or use a person for support! Outfit is from @bodyangelactivewear: Fish Scale Capris and White Candy Short Top.
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@maraizasg apaixonei!!!!
هبببب @sma_aq
Trying to synchronize handstand to Chinstand drop downs with my student @__gabriella__ 💗 We had a slight miscommunication at the end. 😂 Thanks @alexisr022 for taking the video!!!!
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lol I was the 12345th liker
@pamelatrejod ya se me quitaron las ganas de ir jajaja. ..
Good morning!!! HAPPY HAPPY MONDAY from Aruba! 💗
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@paulariofrio13 , tinyyy can do dat lol
@laurasykora can u please make a video u doing this pose
👉#7DaysUpsideDown Day 3👈 Tomorrow's inversion is a Tuck Handstand! Use a wall or use a person for support! 💗 Outfit is from @bodyangelactivewear: Rainbow Snake Capris and Turquoise Candy Short Top.
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fuck..dope die
Awesome shot! @laurasykora 👍👍
My yoga home in Aruba for the next 5 days... 💗 If you're local and interested in taking one of my classes at Manchebo... Shoot me an email!
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👉#7DaysUpsideDown Day 2👈 Tomorrow's inversion is a Forearmstand with Half Stag. Use a wall or use a person for support! 💗 Outfit is from @bodyangelactivewear: Wild Rose Capris and Pink Sofi Short Top.
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@mphantastic 😍
How yogis travel together to Aruba... 😜 Some fun airport shenanigans during our layover in Charlotte with my student @__gabriella__. Thanks to @cluu78 for taking these!!!
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