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Don't mind me. #yogacat 🐱🙏
24 2 3 d ago
You've cat to be kitten me right meow
Perfect summer dinner! At home or on the go. Hot or cold. 😋
40 4 5 d ago
@asachariat it's just rotini, grilled chicken, tomatoes and steamed broccoli! Tossed with olive oil, Borsari seasoned salt, and grated parmesan. So easy
Happy birthday to my guy! I hope you spend this entire day watching SportsCenter, driving top down and doors off, reading American history, and eating breakfast sandwiches #thirty #flirty #nerdy
43 5 1 1 weeks ago
Happy Birthday Zach!!
Celebrating 100 years by eating 100 hotdogs. Somebody call the 🚑 😬
50 2 2 weeks ago
Wrigley Field
congrats to u and zach!
☝For Realz. 100 years is a long time to be together.
Waddling out of here and not mad about it #elasticwaistband
60 7 2 weeks ago
Taste of Chicago 2014
I miss you!! B
I need to be a part of this. #ChiTown was made for foodies.
My favorite place in Tennessee
23 1 3 weeks ago
Sunset Rock
Tastes American to me 😋🇺🇸💥
23 3 1 3 weeks ago
@emilyvaneerd nope. Zach's 💄
@laurenraschke you're straw makes the picture.
If you're a hoarder and you know it clap your hands 👏 Among these was a Charleston guide book, TLC's greatest hits, and a stain consistent with playing flip cup in the backseat #whodidthat #andwhywasntiinvited
12 3 weeks ago
when did i buy Juicy Fruit?
Happy hour with some jackass 🚘🍷🐴
18 4 1 month ago
Haven't you always been funny?
Monster sandwiches with my guy. "I wish they had a couch I could lay on" #yougonnafinishthat #heywheredidmypicklego
29 1 3 1 month ago
WestSide Deli
Nice shirt!
Someone. For the love. Explain this sport to me ⚽️
36 9 1 month ago
I forgot to mention that according to the Potsdam Agreement Germany is also required to concede any points won in a draw to Poland. Since Poland didn't qualify this time around, that point was converted into all-expenses-paid trips to Oktoberfest for 100 lucky Poles, to be chosen in a Hunger Games-style raffle. Sorry for not making that clear! @chelseakotara @eric11690
@jmtsurprise 😎
Sometimes Mondays mean Oreos for dinner. 🐮🍪 #servingsize3cookies? #surelyyoujest
46 3 1 month ago
#surelyyoujest I love a woman with witty vocab
Because 'jest' is such an aberration
They came to get down. @cfillups226 @claytonstroop @zachwells #kerigetschapped
19 2 1 month ago
How did we get so lucky
SO many typical Zach moves in this short video. I could have predicted them all.
The best we could do. #kerigetschapped
41 1 1 month ago
Windyke Country Club
Still reeling from seeing you last night 💜💜💜💜
blueberries, grapes, strawberries, and mango make 90° and 79% humidity feel a littttle better 😅#dontsweatthepettythings and #dontpetthesweatythings
53 1 month ago
Shrimp boil time 🌅🍤⛺️
31 1 1 month ago
Rock Island State Park
Thankful for friends who pick you up at the airport and greet you with a beer. Cheers to the baby who screamed on not one but two flights today 🍻#wherewasyourmother #andwhydidntshegiveyoubenadryl
17 2 1 1 month ago
Red Door Saloon East LLC
Sad I'm not there 😩
I found my people 😋 #solodinner #bartenderismybff #ormaybehefeelsbadforme #keepemcomin
32 3 1 month ago
Brick 29
I just mapped where you are and you are close to Memphis so you should come here 😏
Hahahaha @kerijennings yep soo close! I'll be in Memphis on the 21st.. Someone's bday or bar mitzvah. I forget. 😉😘👰
Life's full of surprises... Like when you find your curling iron 2000 miles from home #thanksidaho #iwonderedwherethatthingwent
19 1 1 month ago
Nampa, Idaho
So funny!
Sunday dinner with my mom and sis 😋 missing @haileyraschke
35 3 2 1 month ago
Whole Foods Market Green Hills
Looks great!