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Lauren Raschke
We're getting the hang of this holidays on the highway thing. 🚗🍭🙌 #candyinthecar #happyeaster #alliehates🍌
24 4 2 d ago
The concessions stand sells caramel apples. The athletes are good too ⚾️🍏 #baseballbuttsdrivemenuts
24 1 4 d ago
TTU-Howell W. Bush Stadium
The Birchbox for people who love to eat. Cheers to chowing down while you open all your bills. For two free boxes just use this code: 9KCF2HQXB 🌻🐷😋
31 4 1 1 weeks ago
PS - I would (if I could) too.
Oh. Em. Gee. No way.
Fun night with these lovebirds #skipperdowntheaisle
20 1 4 1 weeks ago
Cru Bistro Downtown
@laurenraschke super jealous. We are still driving. Ugh
A must see! #wicked #breakaleg
20 3 2 weeks ago
Tennessee Performing Arts Center
Chorizo and Sweet Potato Hash. With a few unnamed beverages. Happy Sunday 😊
38 1 2 2 weeks ago
Germantown Cafe
💅🎶👭👭 sister sunday 👍
24 2 3 weeks ago
After 12 days of work... @zachwells knew just how to jump start my weekend. #imacheapdate #roadtrip #govols
38 6 3 weeks ago
I love everything about this 😍😍
Those airplane bottles tho...
The simplest dinners are the best ones. #tastetherainbow
35 2 1 month ago
"golf" and "beer" are only a couple of the four letter words used here ⛳️🍻🍀
32 1 1 1 month ago
By you or by your date?
Who has a flat face and meowed all night? Sweetie. Even better, she has been in bed since I got up. #catforsale #25cents
29 7 1 month ago
I need this kitty.
You might want to keep her awake today so you don't have the same situation tonight. #partykitty
sausage & tortellini soup. perfect way to defrost 🔥⛄️
46 9 1 month ago
I just ate papa johns. Between you, @beccalane22 and @chelsearaschke I obviously need to step up my food game 🍕🙍👎
Please add to besties love snacks! I'll add my favorites this weekend, promise!
The most annoying food is the food you can't eat. Please share your solutions. Honestly considered smashing them with a stapler. #fungry #hangry #help
19 6 1 month ago
@karynaltshuler I knew I could count on you!
Can't wait to try that! I get sooo mad when that happens. Those little suckers are expensive!
No tot left behind. #noroof #nodoors #noproblems 😊🌻
32 1 1 month ago
Chunky dunker. #snickernuts
31 2 1/27/2014
Happy anniversary to these adorable people! Can't believe it has already been a year... Michaël I hope you are still killing the spiders and I hope Emily is still doing the cooking. Those are two roles I know shouldn't be reversed in your household 😊
31 2 2 1/5/2014
Thanks friend, I love this picture!
The grinch is about to steal Christmas.
36 3 12/24/2013
Never met but looks like a total grinch! Funny
Does it get any better? Home Alone, humongous blanket, Cocoa & Baileys. #easyonthefluidspal #therubbersheetsarepacked
45 1 12/23/2013
Came home to the cutest little gift under my tree. @hesshill is one sneaky santa 👭🎅🎁❤️
28 1 12/20/2013
One more frigid drive to work until... Camp Christmas!!! #jinglewells 🎄❄️⛄️🎅
37 2 9 12/13/2013
@laurenraschke please actually go to #jinglewells there are some freaky pics lots of tranny selfies! Go go go!!
@laciekburton hahahahahahaha the best.