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A glass of red, double chocolate toffee gelato, and a hunky date are the best cure for a wednesday 🐪🍷
37 1 1 1d
Naples Italian Restaurant
Uhhhh gimme dat.
I sit in front of the big mirror to put on make up. She sits in front of the little mirror to watch.
39 4 1w
mirror mirror on tha wall 😼👸
She's so funny 😻
The plan was to buy a box set of Dolly Parton CDs and maybe a Steve Urkel T-shirt for white elephant gifts. The Angel Tree turned out to be much more fun. I think Zach wanted to keep his junior fishing rod and tackle box.
21 4 1 1w
Great job Lauren! But I agree with above...pass those Dolly CD's on to me!!
You're my kindest friend
Pumpkin pie, Christmas movies, and a whole lot of laughter tonight 👭🎄 #wheresthesweatpantsemoji
41 3 1 1w
sounds perfect! Lurve that 🌲🎄
Fun! That tree is so pretty and huge!
Can't decide what I like more, the 9 foot cutie in the back or the 6 foot cutie in the front 🎄👦😍 #fraserfir #smallbizsat #adaylate @picktnproducts
75 3 1 2w
Tennessee Christmas Trees
9 foot fir sure 🎄🎄🎄🎄
$20 to the person who can tell me who these people are and what kind of show we are talking about. I want to jump into the conversation but not sure if we are talking fashion, guns, something else? #savelastnames #ionlyanswertoraschke
16 4 2w
who even are you ⁉️
And the first person who texted you is Andy Caldwell!
@kelseyrosewilson that is hilarious! Thanks so much. I babysat for him one time a million years ago!
A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. 🎨🍷
52 9 1 3w
Painting With A Twist - Knoxville, TN
Seriously. That was just rude. Doesn't he know we came to escape Sunday night football @laurenraschke
OMG! gom gom will be so proud!! send this to her!
My favorite people on the planet all around one table. #thanksgiving #fivesousand?
31 5 4 3w
@lesswafford amazingly no. He just finished ALL the dishes 😍
@haileyraschke a girl after my own ❤️
Happy birthday to my grumpy little sis!!! Thanks for answering my frequent questions regarding technology, grammar, and most importantly: roadtripping. #werkthatvest #jem #gomgom
39 6 1 3w
omg this is the rudest ever!!! hahahahahahaha love u
oh my god just noticed #gomgom hahahhaaha crai-ing on this plane
Four fortune cookies doesn't mean they thought this was for four people right? #🐷#takeouttuesday
34 4 1 1 month ago
@karynaltshuler Plum Tree!!
This was sometime after eating my body weight in McHashbrowns and before winding up at a casino in North Carolina. The perfect date if ya ask me. #gsmnp
57 5 1 1 month ago
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Yes Mrs 401k retirement stock exchange investment off shores account money saver.
@wellsak hahahaha what in the world. Quite a lingo ya got there. Sounds like you're ahead of me
@hesshill knows how to warm a house. Hilarious cookbooks and a giftcard to @williamssonoma 😍
22 3 1 month ago
These guys are hysterical. Do yourself a favor and book them for your next move. Super buff.. and pet safe! @bellhopnation
38 4 1 month ago
I bet sweetie is giving strict orders where to put her stuff. 😾👦
Sweetie has had many lives! Can't believe she is still moving to another house.
Bless the soul that gave me the keys to this bad mamma jamma. And suddenly I'm remembering while I failed my driver's license road test. #itsinpark #itooktheinsurance #dontworrymom
38 3 1 month ago
I drive a school bus now... No lie
You go Glen Coco!! #imnotworried #yourenotdrivingfar #zachsincharge
Last day partayyy 🍰 HB Specialty Foods has been so good to me! Not easy to say goodbye, but I'm so excited for a new adventure in Knoxville with House of Thaller 😊
24 2 10/18/2014
feelin' HoT HoT HoT 😏
Get my bedroom ready!
It's been a sweet two years calling Cookeville home. Friendly people, pretty scenery, and the best donuts I've ever had. Back to Knoxville next week and couldn't be more excited! 🏡😊
39 2 10/12/2014
I almost can't contain the excitement. 🎉🎉
💛 you. I am so glad to have met you and to have gotten the chance to call you a friend. You are such a beautiful person inside and out, and no matter what.. We have to plan on getting together whenever you head back this way or have a free weekend! Miss you!
We're that family that stands in the parking lot talking for 30 minutes after we leave the restaurant. Thanks for being my life coach @nashvillediane
57 7 2 10/4/2014
Nama Sushi Bearden
@laurenraschke we are seeing each other. Neyland tomorrow. Be there or be [square]
I love my time with you! 😘
Sunday sips and slides 😛
35 6 1 9/29/2014
The Slider House
@kmaxwell10 it was super quick for lunch!! Next time I promise. I could have sat there and sampled all. day. long.
Lady and the tramp 👦💚🐴
29 1 9/29/2014
That's awesome!!!! 😞
happy friday happy feet 😊👶👣
19 1 9/27/2014
@laurenraschke so glad y'all are here!