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Happy 21st birthday to this little firecracker. Cheers to the gal who loves fashion, family, friends, and eating dessert first. 🍻🍷🎂👈
25 4 1 1 weeks ago
Eating dessert first...yes!
👍 @_wentingchen_
Happy 26th birthday to the ringleader of this pack. Thank you for giving me my first diss, chickenpox, all your hand-me-downs, and the inability to judge a book by its cover. #spreadthewordtoendtheword #didwehavedreads? #thinkso
42 6 2 2 weeks ago
Was this your bath time? Awesome.
First visit to the vet in roughly 15 years and I'm not sure who left more traumatized. Crossing my fingers for some good results tomorrow #jailkitty #nonewfriends
28 3 2 weeks ago
Flatt Veterinary Clinic
What's wrong with jinsky cat??!?
😿😿 prayers for by BFF kitty
Let the games begin #skipperdowntheaisle @6376jamiem @lesswafford @cassiemarieboots @memcginley @lizzieguerre @wellsak @livmcginley @ermcginley @mbcampbell12
23 4 2 3 weeks ago
The Beach-Isle Of Palms
Y'all have fun!! @laurenraschke @memcginley
Do I have to leave? Can't wait to come back here 🌵🌾🐝
68 8 2 1 month ago
Grandview, South Rim, The Grand Canyon, AZ
keep yoloing hard 💁🌄‼️
hahahaha the bee emoji!!!
"People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish... but that's only if it's done properly." @banksy Having a blast at mile 1,121 🎨
45 1 1 1 month ago
Cadillac Ranch
Banksy! 💛 I'm so glad you know who that is.
Chelsea's big move started today! Mile 856 of 1,815 was delicious. I shoulda been a cowboy. #okc #grandcanyonstateofmind
47 5 1 1 month ago
Cattlemen's Steakhouse in Historic Stockyard City
miss u Heidi 😔
@chelsearaschke lylas heids
Two of these people are in a relationship. #guesswho #bromance #3rdwheelgetsallthewine
56 4 2 1 month ago
@mrssproles "he would jump"
This is just so funny... True but still funny.
Don't mind me. #yogacat 🐱🙏
24 2 1 month ago
You've cat to be kitten me right meow
Perfect summer dinner! At home or on the go. Hot or cold. 😋
41 4 1 month ago
@asachariat it's just rotini, grilled chicken, tomatoes and steamed broccoli! Tossed with olive oil, Borsari seasoned salt, and grated parmesan. So easy
Happy birthday to my guy! I hope you spend this entire day watching SportsCenter, driving top down and doors off, reading American history, and eating breakfast sandwiches #thirty #flirty #nerdy
43 5 1 7/16/2014
Happy Birthday Zach!!
Celebrating 100 years by eating 100 hotdogs. Somebody call the 🚑 😬
50 2 7/13/2014
Wrigley Field
congrats to u and zach!
☝For Realz. 100 years is a long time to be together.
Waddling out of here and not mad about it #elasticwaistband
61 7 7/12/2014
Taste of Chicago 2014
I miss you!! B
I need to be a part of this. #ChiTown was made for foodies.
My favorite place in Tennessee
24 1 7/5/2014
Sunset Rock
Tastes American to me 😋🇺🇸💥
24 3 1 7/5/2014
@emilyvaneerd nope. Zach's 💄
@laurenraschke you're straw makes the picture.
If you're a hoarder and you know it clap your hands 👏 Among these was a Charleston guide book, TLC's greatest hits, and a stain consistent with playing flip cup in the backseat #whodidthat #andwhywasntiinvited
12 7/2/2014
when did i buy Juicy Fruit?
Happy hour with some jackass 🚘🍷🐴
18 4 6/28/2014
Haven't you always been funny?
Monster sandwiches with my guy. "I wish they had a couch I could lay on" #yougonnafinishthat #heywheredidmypicklego
29 1 3 6/28/2014
WestSide Deli
Nice shirt!
Someone. For the love. Explain this sport to me ⚽️
36 9 6/27/2014
I forgot to mention that according to the Potsdam Agreement Germany is also required to concede any points won in a draw to Poland. Since Poland didn't qualify this time around, that point was converted into all-expenses-paid trips to Oktoberfest for 100 lucky Poles, to be chosen in a Hunger Games-style raffle. Sorry for not making that clear! @chelseakotara @eric11690
@jmtsurprise 😎
Sometimes Mondays mean Oreos for dinner. 🐮🍪 #servingsize3cookies? #surelyyoujest
46 3 6/24/2014
#surelyyoujest I love a woman with witty vocab
Because 'jest' is such an aberration