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LQL Glass Lqlglass@gmail.com. 18 only // please email for pricing. Sorry no customs. Lqlglass.bigcartel.com for pendants sales.🌔🌖
Got my baby #harley strapped in ready for home
57 5 1 d ago
Nice! Congrats man.
Thanks @trenton0o @glasschance627 @tobymullane
My ride for the weekend. #santacruz
84 4 2 d ago
✈ And again✈✈
41 2 d ago
68 4 d ago
106 8 5 d ago
Sounds great 👍🙌
112 2 6 d ago
Im drinking the same
👍 @never2errr1y4dabs
#halflife #jimmiedisc
133 2 1 weeks ago
Flyn home ✈✈✈😁
73 1 1 weeks ago
Safe travels!💚
Thanks for looking👀 #jimmiedisc
107 13 1 weeks ago
@thelastdaburai baby that purple fish on the bottom left 😍👌🙌
Some fumey pendants I made in 2005. Part of my parents collection NFS
91 4 1 weeks ago
😘 @thursagirl
Yes!!! Super cool
#Iowa #fishn #horseplay #vacationtime
42 4 1 weeks ago
Did you grow up here??
Got a shop set in lA? Love to cruise by nd cop me some glass
Love these guys,in my home state of Iowa. @_pkg @bteamstudio 👀💥⚡💥⚡💥😁
43 1 weeks ago
83 7 1 weeks ago
In love! @lqlglass
You ship right? @lqlglass
#jimmiedisc #stacks thanks for looking👀😁
114 11 1 weeks ago
@lqlglass you should try to make a jimmiedisc that looks like a coral reef
Making some little critters @bteamstudio. Thanks for the hospitality.
64 1 weeks ago
Looking forward to workin some glass in Iowa today. Keep your roots strong #jimmiedisc #fishy
142 25 1 weeks ago
💚💨 @allisunmoon @faydedfro20
#jimmiedisc #wfayo #rigs #ostf #azglass #stacks #shatter #dabeasy #dabbersdaily #dabbers_unite #glassofig #glockteam #hrbnlife 🎶kosheen/face in a crowd 👀
120 9 1 weeks ago
Prob one of the easiest pieces to clean. Get like grunge off or a cleaner that is a "pour in and sit" cleaners and it will be clean as can be. @mriindeed
👍😁🙌 @ig__93
Here I go again✈✈
60 4 2 weeks ago
Nice. Well deserved. Have a safe trip and an even safer ride brotha.
Dope shot
#feather #jimmiedisc 👀. 🎶 the Roots (the seed)
157 22 2 weeks ago
Bro this sir is giving tight, all the pieces are tight dm me a price homie??
*fucking not giving
#vacationtime #travels #punchinout
47 2 2 weeks ago
Those are my ray bans dammit
Figures @phoenixrestoration