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🔮✨Marceline ✨🔮 ☠introvert•pisces•scifi•SuicideGirl•mmj☠ 🐈 im a cat☾born•bad☽los angeles🌴 🐻@cc_pequeno & @little.freya🐱 📧
who has #wondercon2015 passes for this weekend? who thinks #velma should make a real appearance this year?? @suicidegirls #suicidegirls #sgcosplay #jinkies #scoobydoo 👓🔍🐶🚌 #velmadinkley
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Jinkies indeed! 😍
if you don't put in what you get, you don't get my undivided attention and unconditional non-judgmental love anymore. I refuse to be at anyone's beck and call anymore. some serious wake up calls these past few days. 💪😎 #gpoy #eyesrollsofarbackinmyheadmakingmyeyesflutter #sobye
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The Undertaker eyes 😂😂😂
here's the color #selfie from yesterday's @wearealluncool post. 🌴💨 @suicidegirls #suicidegirls #sgselfie #braincandyink @braincandyink I live in her tanks. I wear them for yoga, for traveling, for work, and sleeping. super special designs all hand screen printed by the sweetheart who designs them. ✨✨✨ #supportlocal #supportindependentartists #girlswithtattoos #tattoos #inkedgirls #embraceyourshorthair #becauseimhavingahardtimewithit 🙈👀
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Your haircut is growing out so nicely 👌💗
@biancadelacour totally! ready for a trim soon for the rest of the dead hairz ❤️❤️
#spaghettipolicy 🍝🚿
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I'm trapped like a rat
YESSS!!! 🙌🙌🙌
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@sha_kerry you're welcome you needed that today 😁
I was tagged by a couple of babes to do this @wearealluncool #wearealluncool project. check them out; social media tends to just be a highlight reel of people's lives and thus people get jealous of things that just aren't real. this is to help gain exposure to the fact that we are all people with everyday lives and struggles and no one is more important than everyone else. 💕✨ pick 3 things you wouldn't normally expose via social media, post them, then tag 3 other friends. keep it going! 👟 1. I have incredibly awful looking teeth and I know that. no one needs to tell me that. my two front teeth are simply just fillings. the underneath is exposed all the way to the nerve ending; in grade four a kid decided he would practice his karate skills so he grabbed me by the arm and swung me over his shoulder. I went front teeth down into the tile and out they popped. one of them currently has a crack where tea gets in and stains, so it's like an ugly brown. this is why I don't smile with my teeth in photos. oh, my bottom teeth are a crowded nightmare too. 😶 2. I don't speak to my biological family except for two cousins in Canada. I am estranged from them. 3. I'm sure you all know by now, and I've tried carefully to keep this off social media, but yeah I smoke mmj. get off my back im anxious as fuck and have been diagnosed with ptsd. regardless, since picking that up daily, I haven't had any alcohol in close to 3 months. ✌️ bonus: I punched a kid in kindergarten for me thinking he bumped into me on purpose and tried to bribe him to stop crying by giving him a cookie. bastard took the cookie and then told on me. #odoylerules 🍌 I tag @biancadelacour, @dametualma, and @peggysue_suicide 🍭🍭🍭
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😘 cousin dear!
i mean, yeah, Easter is cool for some people I guess but... #calmyourtits 😪🐣🐔🌀⚡️👹 #zombiejesus
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@marcelinesuicide_ Wow. Just. Wow.
🍃Do me a favour, stay in this moment All that was shattered, all that was broken Is coming together, by intervention Oh, don't be scared, right here🍃
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To sex
@rightme0w that ass tho😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
hi my name is marceline and I have a problem: for many years, I have been addicted to cats. 💕🐱💕 @little.freya #littlefreya #freyathecat #caturday #whiskers #cat #cats #kitty #kitten #meow #purrr #paws @pawproject @cats_of_instagram @catsofinstagram #catsofinstagram #donotdeclaw 🐾🐾
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@africandoll totally! sorry I ran off, I get so flustered and scared when I travel by myself 😨
Hahahaha! No worries @marcelinesuicide_ ! The airport can be completely nerve wrecking. I totally understand.
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The waves amongst the sky🌊
666 likes lol
How careful it was planned, to do away with me.. so kill me if you can, but words won't make me bleed. so what if I survive, and live to tell the truth... 💎
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hey yall- I wanted to show you another #sghomework #tattoo of mine I love: my bear on my right thigh. no it's not Ted. I don't know why people ask that. Ted is a regular bear. this is a polar bear teddy bear with a gentle face and tuxedo. his name is Cecil. @cc_pequeno to be precise. I was 3 when I was diagnosed with #type1dabetes at the time known as #juvenilediabetes. my mumuu (Finnish for grandma) sent away box tops from artificial sweetener to get a teddy bear back. she sent him to me and this has been my best friend ever since. when no one else could understand, I knew he would. I grew up moving a lot, with special conditions, and thus didn't have a lot of friends so he was the one I could depend on. he came to me wearing a black tuxedo with a bright red bow tie which since has been lost. so basically I now have my best friend with me wherever I go! photo by @morgannewton in #losfeliz. #sgtattoos #suicidegirlshomework #suicidegirlstattoos #purplehair #girlswithtattoos #smile
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@marcelinesuicide_ so what happend with that bear? You have it?
totally forgot to share a photo of basically the best hoodie to ever exist I got as a bday gift. ✨ the back says "looks like we got a badass over here!" and we all know how addicted to hoodies I am. and if you didn't know... I guess you do now? lol #ndt #neildegrassetyson #science #becausespace #space #cosmos 👽💪✨🚀
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Need to find that hoodie @heyyyjudee
Yes!!! 🚀🚀🚀⭐️
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@mr_feltcher @themattshipman @smilesbruises @littlexmissxtwin
@suicidegirls #sghomework is to show your favorite tattoo! mine is the one I got at #hellcity2014 last year by #jessolange. it's a portrait of @little.freya as my little moon love goddess. you can see it here on my forearm from my set in member review called "born bad" on the #SUICIDEGIRLS site. ☺️ #suicidegirlshomework #sgpets #suicidegirlstattoo #inkedgirls #girlswithtattoos #tattoos #tattoo #pettattoo #cat #cattattoo #meow #littlefreya #freyathecat
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I freaking love your Freya tattoo OMFGS
Soooooo freaking adorable
every finger in the room is pointing at me. 😔
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@anit_nelav4 @madtwat
i have been getting questioned by friends on why I deleted them or blocked them on facebook - guys, i deleted it. i don't care about facebook. it is a black hole of pressure and anxiety. haven't missed it one bit. 💪 here's my butt with a hands less faceless dancing lady. go Czech out more buttz by clicking the link in my instagram profile 🐯🎀😉
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Gorgeous art picture.
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Awww, I had to do that with my Luna, I always pick her up and she hates it so I stopped and she's been much more lovey 😺 I love their little personalities though! And also I love this picture!
2nd day in a row where I've woken up super early. today it was 5:30 and I feel so zombie-like. grinding my teeth from stress is not only keeping my body awake but it also makes things suck during the day from the headaches I get. ugh. #exhausted
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@marcelinesuicide_ Have you gotten your wisdom teeth already? I once had a headache that wouldn't go away for a week. Found out soon afterthat a wisdom tooth had broken through one of my back molars and that was the source of my phantom headache. Just a thought.
my internal clock on weekends now has me getting up at 5:30 no matter what time I go to bed. it's so sweet to know this baby gets up with me to hang out after sleeping in our bed all night with us every night. she either thinks we are cats or that she's a person - I like to think she thinks we are cats too. ☺️❤️ #caturday #littlefreya #freyathecat #babycat #tinycat #nebelung #catsofinstagram @catsofinstagram @cats_of_instagram @pawproject #stopdeclawing #nodeclaw #cat #cats #meow #soft #whiskers #cute #pretty #yelloweyes #grayfur 📷 of dis supermodel baby by me.
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@marcelinesuicide_ wtf the references are the best I've seen haha. Thank you! I needed a new project to work on while at work, since I'm nearly done with my other one.
@gndillustrations UH excuse you! thank YOU! I'm blown away you even asked. and yeah she gets to be the subject of a lot of practice photography lol!!!