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Meg Keohttp://megkeo.com
#laluz 😍!
11 1 d ago
That's folked up 🎻
25 2 1 1 weeks ago
Ottawa Folk Festival
@megkeo lookin good, girl
Really? Oh wow thanks @rachna_www 😉
💙 The National
16 2 1 1 weeks ago
Ottawa Folk Festival
We stand out here in Ottawa. #ottawafolkfestival
22 3 2 1 weeks ago
Ottawa Folk Festival
Candy cane mittens, candy mittens. I like cats and I like kittens. @ange_co
Conjuring up the glamour of St-Henri with a delicious glass of City Lounge 😬 #conjuring #coughsyrup
24 3 3 2 weeks ago
Marché Atwater
Sippin' on some sizzurp.
I live a glamorous city life @lessiedb
Blurry moments celebrating the Cosentini/smorongs!
21 8 6 2 weeks ago
@rachna_www I was trying to open the bottle of champagne.
I was also wondering what was going on here! Haha. @nataliecos
Still coming off the high from last nights show. #winbutler from #arcadefire joined #futureislands to sing a song and the crowd kinda lost it.
20 3 2 weeks ago
Le Métropolis de Montréal
@tartouri 😱😱😱😱😱😱
"Arcade Fire is playing...now is a good time to buy beer" @lesleypotts
25 3 2 3 weeks ago
Soo good!
Oh I missed you! Did you have an amaze time???
🚴 👀☀️
15 3 weeks ago
Moulin Fleming
Back in the day when we used to take photos on film. #coolkids
30 2 3 weeks ago
The calm before the storm. 🌅
19 1 month ago
Vieux-Port de Montréal
⛵️ #imonaboat ( sorry )
26 2 4 1 month ago
@mimimtl @megkeo 😃😃
@caterinelego miss you!
Lazy Sunday with this dodo bird #catsofinstagram
34 4 1 month ago
I fractured my back so I've just started getting out and about again! I haven't forgot either!
Happy #tgif DAWGSSSS
18 1 month ago
🌞🌊 Sunning by the lake #tbt
18 2 1 1 month ago
That's how we do it on lake gagnon @lesleypotts
Waiting for @ange_co #dogsofinstagram
30 1 month ago
Plop me down in the sand by the water for the rest of my life and I'll be forever happy.
28 3 1 month ago
Where is this?
@__sad___ my friends cottage in Duhamel!
33 1 month ago
True love. 💙🐶
16 1 month ago
Fresh garden balcony pickings 🍅🍅 #tomato #manhands
20 1 1 month ago
I say they are garden hands! 🌱💪🍅