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Melanie Whitehouse U of A WPS Human Resources Major Finance Minor ❤️🐗
The bride to be! @nataleedean #hermansgethitched #bridalshower 💍💙👰
10 1 month ago
Just ROW with it ✌️ #shwayze
10 1 1 month ago
#MLGiveaway #Marleylillylove #monogramlove #obsessed 💗🎀
3 1 month ago
Best kisses I've ever had 😘💛 #despicableme
8 3/26/2015
The Minions world 人
We found sexy 3! #goDeigogo #selfie
8 1 3/26/2015
Laying out by the lagoon! ☀️ I love orlando! ❤️
9 3/26/2015
At Pat O'briens with LIndsay for dinner!😍💙
9 3/25/2015
Pat O'brians Universals citywalk
Flight Dallas to Orlando! Can't wait to be with my best friend in Orlando for a week!! @lindsaypardun #youaintreadyforus #sb2015
13 3/22/2015
#FlashbackFriday in honor of my family going back to universal in one week! #whitehousestakeoverorlando #sb2015 🌴☀️👙
7 1 3/14/2015
How much time until @lindsaypardun and I board a plane to Orlando for Spring Break!! #cantwait #springbreak2015
7 3/10/2015
Happy birthday to this little guy!!! I can't believe he's 9 today. Feels like just yesterday mom told me she was pregnant and the last thing I wanted was a younger sibling but now the he's been here I wouldn't trade him for the world. He might drive me nuts but I love him to death! HBD quit growing up so fast on me!
9 1/14/2015
If the new year is anything like the past 12 days have been its going to be one good year full of adventures! @lindsaypardun
9 1 1/12/2015
#tbt to one of the best nights of my life! A year ago tomorrow I saw one of the most amazing performers live! I couldn't be more thankful for how much @lindsaypardun and I have grown as friends and as women in the past year. I don't know what I would do without such a smart beautiful woman by my side to call my best friend!Love you Linds! #JT #partnerincrime
7 1 1 11/21/2014
😭😭Can't believe that was a year ago!!!! So much has changed eeeekk! Love you to the moon and back 😍😘
#halloween2014 Gingrich happen to pick up a stray cat last night! Thank God it was me! Thanks for being a great date!
10 11/1/2014
At Starbucks doing my normal study grind.. #selfiesunday #starbucksunday
7 1 10/27/2014
You know you weren't studying lol!!! @melsbug17
#thankGoditsthursday this is probably the only thing that's going to get me through the day! #blessed #thankful #midterms
10 10/16/2014
#selfiesunday in honor of my first trip to Mullins! The first of many nights! #midtermsweek ❤️🐗
10 10/13/2014
The first box is packed! OMG I can't believe we are really moving out of my childhood home. It blows my mind that I've been in this house for 20 years. I'm not ready to say goodbye but I'm excited for our new home! #blessed
7 9/28/2014
9 9/25/2014
Had a great first game with my girl @laura.duncan !! ❤️🏈🐗
14 2 9/7/2014
Had a great time too! Thanks for going with me girl!!!