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Micha Kandal Loves Jesus, loves Young Life, loves tea
My community was strengthened, and my soul was restored. 1 Peter 4:8
51 1 3 d ago
Favorite person. Favorite place. So much laughter in my life with this girl as my best 💜
49 9 1 2 weeks ago
Timber Wolf Lake - A Young Life Camp
I adore you two!! 💞
Miss you so much! Love you even more! @rhiannonmichelle
A powerful reminder at a cool place in Lexington
43 3 1 1 month ago
Common Grounds
❤️ you @samkwittgen
💖 you most @michadawnkandal
Sunday evening hangs at the canal
37 6 1 1 month ago
I should be tagged in this because that eno looks very familiar... haha love you guys!
So true!!! @mallorymaus and it's done
Princess parties are way more fun with Ambs. #Livturns7
34 1 1 7/20/2014
You two make my heart feel all warm & fuzzy! 💞
Love all of these beautiful people so much, and I don't even want to think about how much I'm gunna miss them! #twlssjune2014
45 6/29/2014
Lake Missaukee
Fancy Dinner
63 19 1 6/24/2014
Timber Wolf Lake - A Young Life Camp
Love you guys so much! @samkwittgen @just_a_minnette @stephanietutson
Pits life...for a day
27 5 4 6/21/2014
@micha_dawn I MISS U ALREADY
OH MY GOSH. I know. Come back. @tuckerjohnsonn
7 6/6/2014
6 6/6/2014
13 6/6/2014
14 6/6/2014
Hey friends! Tomorrow I'm headed to TimberWolf lake, a Young Life camp where I've been given the opportunity to serve for a month, and I could not be more excited! That being said, I would love to hear from you, so write me letters! And I promise I'll write back, because letters are so fun, and should happen more often!
23 4 6/5/2014
Thanks!! I so will! @guthsquad5
Happy wedding day to my beautiful momma! Love you so much!
35 4 5/31/2014
Tell her congrats for me! @micha_dawn
Will do! @rebeccajhorn
The 90's were good to us...#tbt
37 1 1 5/29/2014
HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY AMBER K. Love you best! I hope it's so fantastic, and that you aren't too sunburnt
20 5 5/27/2014
Thanks Nathan!!! Miss ya! @guthsquad5
Miss you too ☺️ @ambeeeralert
#tbt to long hair and dorm-ing with the lovely Ambs. Pumped for round 2 @ambeeeralert
21 5 5/23/2014
Miss y'all back @kaylahart27 & @guthsquad5
We love that camping life
20 1 5/17/2014
Mammoth Caves
Happy Mother's Day to one of the best!
32 5/11/2014
Love this perspective, Love Jesus
20 4/26/2014