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BigRoop #thuglife #ninernation #lakeshow
Just got off work. Tired as phuck. #nodaysoff #7daysaweek
13 1 d ago
Early morning tunes. #reggaemusik. It speaks to you if you listen. Sometimes it has a meaning. If you are a cock you must have a hen. You can't have to bulls in 1 pen... and if you are a Adam you must have an Eve.... God made Adam for Eve. Not for Steve. Lol
2 3 d ago
Happy Bday #flipagram made with @flipagram ♫ Music: YG - My Nigga (feat. Lil Wayne, Rich Homie Quan, Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj) [Remix] screaming happy bday all the way from Atl. Ga to my patna @gritfather
5 2 4 d ago
Publix at Paradise Crossing
I just happen to get on. I'm taking a serious break from this. Good looking out.
No problem man. I feel u on that man. @gritfather
#repost #realshit
5 1 weeks ago
Any suggestions
5 1 weeks ago
Look up Marlon say cheese lol @rayeofsun0817
12 5 1 weeks ago
Fellini's Pizza
Nope. That one was. Packed. We on Peachtree
Out with the family
14 3 1 weeks ago
Fellini's Pizza
She was at school pushing a swing and it popped back and hit her in the head @tree_sha79
Oh lol boo
She chilling like a villan. #mymunchkin #daddieslilgirl
8 1 weeks ago
. 2k14 #ps4 #myplayermode
3 1 weeks ago
Lol for real can't be mad lol. #shaqsaiditnotme #funnyshit
15 1 1 weeks ago
Great Post! I guess because he was a Laker it's all good... I guess he is a AAU, ring chasing, cowardly... Champion!
Treating my munchkin to some ice cream
22 6 1 weeks ago
Berry Much Yogurt
That's what all my old coworkers at papa john's said today @yrztruly
Baby roop. She does look just like you right here with that smile. My poot.
11 4 2 weeks ago
Bruh!! Been knowing you a long while lol
I know it's been bout. 30yrs. But dang lol @cutepharm83
The fuck outta here. I won't lose no sleep over you. Lol
3 2 weeks ago
5 10 2 weeks ago
U know my tolerance for Ppl is completely gone.. so I'm not got let anybody talk to me crazy @sapiansgirl84
@mr_jonz1617 I feel you on that Russell. I don't care who are don't be talking crazy to me....
6 2 2 weeks ago
Keep hope alive my brother. Lol ✊✊✊
Walk out and flip all the vial bottles on the floor! @mr_jonz1617
Time for a career change on a serious tip #thinking
11 7 2 weeks ago
Lol @superman23265013 I'm taking my talents to south beach lol
Lol why not its a free country mr_jonz1617
I had to get a bigger grill so my sisters @nonufriendz and @tree_sha79 can stop talking about my mini grill lol. Just a Lil something just for the family. They wanted it so I'm making it happen
13 5 2 weeks ago
Villa Rica, GA
@nonufriendz yeah I did lol
Oh oh he a big boy now. Lol
Chilling as the Mrs @rayeofsun0817 plays #2k14
15 8 2 weeks ago
Unless u wanna run it
Ok just hit me when u ready @jaketyphoon
36 1 1 2 weeks ago
Hunter Park
Awwww @rayeofsun0817 you guys look adorable