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BigRoop #thuglife #ninernation #lakeshow
Lol couldn't resist this one. But this shit is too damn funny. Lol
11 1 1 hours ago
😂😂😂😂😂😩😩 toooo damn funny
Can't wait for football season.
3 18 hours ago
#tbt #CVS days
13 3 22 hours ago
@tucker_lotto not for too much longer.
Where you going???
#tbt family @nonufriendz @tree_sha79 and ma dukes in Texas
14 4 22 hours ago
Lol ikr @tree_sha79
I got one with him by the van lmao
Haha @msmaye14 #tbt getting that leg tatted
6 2 22 hours ago
Man that one did hurt
Lol @msmaye14
#tbt Me and my munchkin
21 1 22 hours ago
Oh wow! #myhearts
Nigga turning up but can't afford to turn on the lights and shit lol
17 3 1 d ago
Yeah big time @cutepharm83
My #WCW @keyshiacole fine ass lawd have mercy
8 8 1 d ago
You Ain't ever lied with this one.
Lol mannnnnnnnn @tatteduplakersfan
#nipseyhussle shed a tear. #westcoastshit
8 1 2 d ago
What cd that's on bro ?
The Homie 73 caprice convertible. Clean as a whistle.
9 10 5 d ago
Yea I know those old schools got that major trunk space
Oh yeah. He got it built in the trunk and has that plexiglass on the top so u can see what it's all he got in there. It's nice. I should have took a pick
Oregon escaped another ass beating. 2nd yr they not on our schedule. Oh well fight on. #SC #fighton #gotrojans #hurryupfootballseason
6 1 1 weeks ago
Dumb we not playing one of our biggest rivals.
Ready for football #ninergang #questforsix
6 7 1 weeks ago
Lol. @phuckyolikes31
Who dat! Hehe ;)
@sleepyca2ar @tatteduplakersfan #2k14 #ps4 rare quadruple double. #myplayermode #ballin 40pts 14assist 13rebounds 10blocks @blackteddibiase @lord_lightskinmikee907
3 8 1 weeks ago
Just got off work. Tired as phuck. #nodaysoff #7daysaweek
14 1 weeks ago
Early morning tunes. #reggaemusik. It speaks to you if you listen. Sometimes it has a meaning. If you are a cock you must have a hen. You can't have to bulls in 1 pen... and if you are a Adam you must have an Eve.... God made Adam for Eve. Not for Steve. Lol
2 1 weeks ago
Happy Bday #flipagram made with @flipagram ♫ Music: YG - My Nigga (feat. Lil Wayne, Rich Homie Quan, Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj) [Remix] screaming happy bday all the way from Atl. Ga to my patna @gritfather
5 2 2 weeks ago
Publix at Paradise Crossing
I just happen to get on. I'm taking a serious break from this. Good looking out.
No problem man. I feel u on that man. @gritfather
#repost #realshit
5 2 weeks ago
Any suggestions
5 2 weeks ago
Look up Marlon say cheese lol @rayeofsun0817
12 5 2 weeks ago
Fellini's Pizza
Nope. That one was. Packed. We on Peachtree