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BigRoop #thuglife #ninernation #lakeshow
U.N.I.T.Y. who u callin a bitch
3 4 hours ago
Name that track by @whenarichniggawantyou its a classic track. If your a Game fan u know what the track is.
0 6 hours ago
Douglasville G.A.
#realshit #repost #truth
18 4 d ago
#realtalk and it just got smaller. Either you fuck with me or you don't. Don't need no half ass it.
14 1 4 d ago
Either u fuck with me or you don't plain and simple. Don't need no half ass ppl in my life.
She got her a bike from grandma and pop pop
15 2 4 d ago
villa rica
The bday girl. Well tomorrow. But the party is today
34 3 4 d ago
Adorbs! Happy birthday to your princess
Happy Birthday Aunties pretty princess!
My fit for the day. Bout to finally break out my baron 9s. S/O to @bobbyfresh for the T-shirt. #freshkicks #jumpman #jordans #shoegame #retro9s
7 2 4 d ago
You're wearing a t shirt with a gun on it... to your daughters bday party???!
Yeah I am @kaye_lei lol.
Setting up for the munchkin party. Mann I can't she is gonna be 3. Where did the time go.
11 2 4 d ago
You mean *I can't believe* lol
Lol yeah I forgot the believe part lol @nonufriendz
#Ninergang #flykicks #dopekicks
6 1 5 d ago
16 5 d ago
14 4 5 d ago
and at the same time yes he's mentally ill you want to do everything possible, not to kill em but sometimes you have no choice maybe shooting em 12 time was very bad yes very bad but we can't Monday night quarterback this situation nobody was there nobody saw the actions, we're only reading what the news people put out.
✋✋✋✋✋ stop what u doing and go and wish my friend @msmaye14 a happy birthday. Happy bday shawty. Its your day enjoy it. 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🎂🎂🎂🎂🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈
7 1 6 d ago
Thank you @mr_jonz1617
Sounds about right lol @countrykane88 @cutepharm83 @chandni2010 @ldrozd14
13 3 1 weeks ago
Villa Rica, GA
OMG me too!!!! 600 quota?! Smh @chandni2010
#footbalseason I'm ready. #ninergang #jumpman #freshkicks I want these just off GP lol
11 3 1 weeks ago
Oh shit @turtledove724
That's all I'm saying @alexis_simone89 lol
2 4 1 weeks ago
You said you got sick right after the shot right? That couldn't have been from the flu shot. Because it takes bout 2 weeks ti. Get into your system. The vaccine protects you from getting th flu virus. It won't stop u from catching a common cold. If u caught a cold it could make u feel like you have the flu @alexis_simone89
it was 2 weeks after!
More #oldskoolmuzik #hiphop
3 1 weeks ago
Early morning tunes #oldskoolmuzik name those tunes lol
1 1 weeks ago
Douglasville G.A.
Where I come from this Is a nono lol. Unless u was a blood. Lol. I don't wear to much read. But. Because my favorite football team colors are red and hold. I'm wearing it today got the socks hat and shirt. The belt just extra lol. #Ninergang
3 2 1 weeks ago
A hell naw cuz lol @mr_jonz1617
Lmfao @blackteddibiase the hat red the belt red the kicks blk and red. Lol. U know this is something I would NEVER do in L.A. lol
I think we need to get her a piano. @rayeofsun0817 @nonufriendz @tree_sha79 @nomofxcks2give
11 7 1 weeks ago
Might have to send Aaron with a gift if he's not going anywhere. I got told I'm working on Saturday for some reason.
Oh ok @ericasonerdy
Let me wave my handkerchief high as a kite and show these mutha fuckas what that south central like #wc #westcoastshit #classic
5 1 weeks ago