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BigRoop #thuglife #ninernation #lakeshow
#Repost from @darryldamn with @repostapp Lmfaooooooo @terrencedavis22 @teresa0112 Damn!!!
7 5 4 hours ago
Nicca that's a fucking College score
#freshkicks breaking them out today. #retro6s #jordans #jumpman #sportblue6s #kicksoftheday
25 9 2 d ago
Preciate at ya @ericasonerdy
i can get early shoes. follow me
#virgoseason #turnup #turndownforwhat
18 37 2 d ago
Happy Belated my friend!!!
Thank you @justquianna
#Repost from @countrykane88 with @repostapp — HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY ACE @mr_jonz1617 .. Been down since CVS slave days!! Love you so much! You are a great father and a true example of how a man supposed to be!! #IFYouWouldWork Good looking out @countrykane88
15 2 2 d ago
Happy bday
Thank you @phuckyolikes31
Ain't no woman like the one I got @rayeofsun0817. Early bday gift. @souloho3 tickets to the concert next week. Fricken awesome. Love it. Happy early Bday to me 9/16
17 8 4 d ago
Im down
Bet man. I'll get with you later this week on what time we gon leave and what not @drty.brd
Got her watching the niners game. Yeah she's a fan. #Ninergang
7 2 1 4 d ago
Tell her let me get some of her hair please !
Lol @countrykane88
Lay it down mutha sucka lay it down
6 5 5 d ago
Yeah they laid the smack down @immewhoisu
@mr_jonz1617 You can't be a Niner and Dodger fan that's like bullshit. Dodgers still suck
Mr. & Mrs. McDaniel
23 1 5 d ago
Just the 2 of us
30 5 1 5 d ago
Oh i already see it @rayeofsun0817 @mr_jonz1617
Beautiful couple!
Bff 4 life
11 2 2 5 d ago
Yes sir!!!
And u kno dis!!!!!
Just us
23 5 d ago
Suited and booted
15 3 5 d ago
@mr_jonz1617 Clean ain't you Russell!
We in a wedding today @ladyc_82
Sending a big happy Bday shout out to my fellow #virgo. #virgoseason @cutepharm83 the only pharmacist that ever made it worth coming to work. And my island bow #noigdexter
7 2 1 5 d ago
@mr_jonz1617 preciate this man!! Just got back to the states!! Was roaming like a MF lol this makes me wanna cry! 💧🙈🙊
Lol. I know how it is. You enjoyed yourself? @cutepharm83 it's no problem. It's all love. #virgoseason
Got that fresh cut. Headed to this wedding to get dressed
12 2 5 d ago
OG Big Homie with da chain on. I see you cuhz lol
@lord_lightskinmikee907 u know how I do lol
4 1 weeks ago
And another #tbt
2 1 weeks ago
#backintheday As a kid u wish you was a grown.. you get older and wish you could be a kid again.
3 1 weeks ago
Lol. #ninergang what u thought nicca even in Dallas we deep. U heard them over the cowgirl fans lol
6 6 1 weeks ago
That's a bad look lol
#numbersneverlie repost @numbersneverlie #ninergang
3 5 1 weeks ago
Those are your facts :-)
Lol wait so it's the defense fault he threw the INT. I gotcha. So it's the defense fault to In the Greenbay game last season where the defense forced GO to punt not one but twice to give the offense a chance to win the game and he threw 2 INT. I gotcha. It's all good lol @shy6