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BigRoop #thuglife #ninernation #lakeshow
@sleepyca2ar @tatteduplakersfan @blackteddibiase. Niggaz ain't. Loyal. Take the L like a man. Smh. He quit with 40 sec to go man. Smh. Just scored again on a 65 yard run play by gore. Smh
4 5 17 hours ago
Lol niggas always auto quit because folks use the #49ERs
He got mad man. I was up 29-10 and I scored again. And he quit. @lord_lightskinmikee907
7 4 20 hours ago
@mr_jonz1617....bye Rupert
Lol @prosperity2585
4 4 1 d ago
Ok. I still gotta play more. My game is mediocre right now @sleepyca2ar
Shit mine too its crazy. I really haven't just focused on madden in years. I mean I played iit, but I always was college football heavy tho.
Lmfaooooooo @countrykane88 @sapiansgirl84 @cutepharm83 @chandni2010 @ladyc_82
9 1 1 d ago
I hate it when they say that!!
So true. Smh.
20 4 1 d ago
Sad but true :/
Big time @yrztruly
Lmfaooooooo this cat took the leap of faith. Lol. #dead #flatlines
3 3 2 d ago
Lol @countrykane88.
Finally opened the box. I guess I'll try them on and put them back in the closet. Lol #freshkicks #jumpman #jordans #retro6s. #sportblue6s
19 2 d ago
Lmfaooooooo shit just got real lol
3 2 d ago
Hanging with the little one today. Me and my munchkin.
27 3 d ago
0 1 3 d ago
Yessir iss on @mr_jonz1617
Hmmm decision. What should I go. With today. All. White anniversary 11s fire red 4s or red and blk air force 1 low hmmm
6 5 3 d ago
Lol @rob_alwaysworking_featherston
Lol no you can't!!
I got my kicks now I need these 3 shirts lol. Gotta have them. One at a time.
6 3 d ago
Hell yeah niggaz be ready if u step on they fresh kicks lol
4 3 3 d ago
I got mines. I just left the mall. @hdtayfilms but the line for footlocker was ridiculous. Smh. Glad I got a ticket yesterday which Garauntee me my shoe
Old school bro !
The OG sport blue 6s and the new sport blue 6s
3 2 3 d ago
I still not sure if I'm going to get Em I'm on the fence
Really? @tatteduplakersfan this the first time they coming out since the original
I wanna. Take the time and wish my big Lil sister a happy bday. Sorry I couldn't be out there to celebrate with you. @tree_sha79
9 2 1 4 d ago
Thanks bro!
Happy Birthday Trish! @tree_sha79
Shit just got real @sleepyca2ar @tatteduplakersfan @dollazbillz@_missprettyhood_ the line for a ticket for the sport blue 6S lol
5 9 4 d ago
Get me one
Get you what? @teresa0112 a ticket? @dollazbillz said he will get u one for $50 lol
5 2 5 d ago
One of them is photoshoped. On one he has on a t shirt on thw other one he dont. Those fingers look rather small. Ijs
Glasses even different
Always and forever will be my truck #WCW my munchkin. Missing my baby
25 1 5 d ago
As a niners fan u never wanna buy something with a rival Team on it. But hey it's madden plus I hope he feels the wrath of the madden curse lol
6 6 d ago
I need this shirt @countrykane88 @sapiansgirl84 @chandni2010
18 6 6 d ago
Yes really! @mr_jonz1617
Me too @chandni2010 yeah I want one @ladyc_82