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Rachel Welte Living everyday like it's my last 👑
I miss my Norge 😩 can't wait for October 🙌
31 7 1 2 weeks ago
🙈🙉💕👍 @tommyhogann Not possible😉💋 @sanna_lapine
Wow! Your at a tube station! wow!
Till we meet again✌️#japan2k15
29 1 2 3 weeks ago
Tea at Fortnum & Mason yesterday🌸 I miss you already!
24 1 1 1 month ago
Miss you!
Beach queens 👑✨
24 3 1 1 month ago
@gillyham120 nothing new there😘
Sittin on the dock of the bay🎶⛵️
28 4 1 1 month ago
Bay with bae 😏😂😂❤️❤️
You crack me up 😉😜💕 @sophietalbot_
See you in 4 days 🙈 #cousin
28 1 1 1 month ago
Can't wait!! @msrach98
Happy birthday to this weirdo 🙈❤️ have a great day Margeaux, love you xo
24 3 1 1 month ago
This Picture is too inapropiate
Timothy the lobster 🌸
45 9 1 month ago
cutieee x
thank youu xo @nkaterinam
Our last picture together✨ I'm going to miss you so much Maria 😔 the last 3 years with you at ACS were amazing and I'll never forget the memories we made. School is gonna be weird and lonely without you😩 Thank you for everything you've done for me, I don't know what I would've done without you! You're an incredible friend and person and I can't wait to make more memories with you! We already have Hawaii basically planned so...we're going. I can't wait to come to Norway in a few months 🙌 Have an amazing time in the states, don't miss me too much and do a lot of shopping 😜 I love you and you'll always be my #1 Norge! Have a good summer Mariah Carey, see you in October💕
39 3 1 7/15/2014
Awwww , i kinda started crying on the plane a little..😁😓 you are honestly one of the best friends I have ever had and I know we will stay friends forever! I'm so excited for all the amazing trips we'll go on🙌💕🙆 I'm so excited for when I get to show you that one store when you come;) haha jk but me and K will defo teach you how to ski👌🙈 have fun the rest of the summer and I hope you get to go to the US! Fingers crossed!! Cant wait to see you again!!!😙
@marialouisez don't be sad!! I'll see you soon! Can't wait to see you and that one store... 😂 So glad I got to spend your last day in England with you 😘
The princess 👑✨ you were incredible Alice, so proud of you! Love you Cinderella😉😊
33 3 1 7/12/2014
How com I wasn't invited !! Explain to me hu hu hu 🐷🐷
Sorry boo! I thought you were in NY? 😢✨ @gabrielblanchard
What am I going to do without my best friend?! Love her so much🙈💕 #paintballing
29 4 1 7/8/2014
@zacharyaynsley ❤️❤️
They're okay I guess 😉
34 7 7 7/2/2014
You go Jack Broadnax
@tommyhogann ^
What a way to start our summer😍 I love you guys #bonfire #newlysophomores
40 1 7 6/22/2014
I look great in this pic :(
I have the coolest best friends😋
29 6 4 6/11/2014
Ahahah love you boo 😘 @sophietalbot_
Love you Roxy 😉
The best👌
39 1 4 5/26/2014
Happy birthday to one of my closest friends 😘😘 Maria you're the absolute best💕 I can't believe you're 16😱 you could be K's mom at this rate.. 😂 Ahaha I hope you have an amazing day and thank you for letting me spend it with you! I'm so happy that we've become so close since I've been in England, I don't know what I'd do without you! Thank you for everything you've done for me over the past few years ❤️❤️ I can't believe you're leaving me though, school is gonna suck without my Norge 😩😭 I wish we were graduating together 😢 but I'm going to come visit you and you better come back often! It's still gonna be so weird not to see you and be able to make fun of you everyday though 👏 have a fabulous day Mariah💁 love you 😊💕
21 5 1 5/14/2014
Dont be a piece of grass
Kk will do @alexjanke18
Coolest kids around👌✌️
26 2 1 5/8/2014
Thorpe Park
Preach it 👌✌️
Your nails are out of this world!
My crew 👌💁💕
34 5 5 5/6/2014
Thorpe Park
Cutie with the booty out 😜🔥😂
😂😂👌 @sophietalbot_
The dynamic duo👌#tbt
33 4 1 4/17/2014
I love this so much @msrach98
@gillyham120 me too, killing it from a young age
Loving the warmth🙌🌞
31 4 3 3/15/2014
Thanks, reminds me of you😜 @gillyham120