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Alex ⭐ German/Italian
Pacifist ✌
- PM West
#freepalestine #freegaza
133 9 14 hours ago
@tamana_b 👏 truth.
Pray for Palestine may god with them
What I find so beautiful about a woman who is modest is the fact that you can only see a small part of me; it's the mystery behind it that is truly gorgeous.
193 43 5 d ago
@jihansyafirra haha thank you gorgeous (:
Back to you miss:) @nippuls
little something.
238 38 6 d ago
@crissypie777 Lol love you
Sorry the quality is bad. Everyone check out "New York on Palestine" on Youtube. Judaism is NOT Zionism. #freepalestine #freegaza
226 18 1 weeks ago
Please stop pointing fingers at an entire religion. This is what causes hatred and confusion, and we'll get nowhere as long as the ignorance continues. Aside from that, #freepalestine
194 21 1 weeks ago
@hajaral23 haha soulmates then
actually liked this one better.
265 51 2 weeks ago
:) npp thanksss
@crissypie777 ☺
311 65 3 weeks ago
This is stunning 😍😍😍
So beautiful👳
lucky me- biryani from the best place ever 😭
185 34 3 weeks ago
It's not a façade. U desi in and out girl #teamlightskin 💁. It's not all that anyways 😌 @nippuls
@sikhrhymes it just seems so great 🙆 but thanksss
my mouth looks weird buh w.e
271 19 3 weeks ago
@sexy.rose thanks hun and of course 😘
Sexyyy outfit
"Kehne ko Jashn-e-bahara hai.."
147 36 1 month ago
@boifromvenus tbh I wish I was Aish 'cause Abishek Bachchan is 😍😍🔥 lmaoo
@nippuls she's a lucky bitch either way 😡😩😩😭😘👏
I like this, everyone should see it.
165 4 1 month ago
Yes Evrey Time We Need Patience .👼👼👌
Not with this generation itll never work :(
If you read the entire article, you'll find out the mother was charged for a 6-year old who brought narcotics to school. I find it ironic they have to headline the article with family's religion, when it's irrelevant. When do you ever see the news highlight a person's religion on a drug charge if it isn't Islam? Am I the only one who finds it inappropriate to include the fact they're muslim when the religion has nothing to do with the case?
173 16 1 month ago
Double standards .
liked this one.
272 38 1 month ago
😍😍😍😍 perfection
I'm so cool
238 23 1 month ago
Selfies on the daily.
304 39 1 month ago
Gorgeous ❤❤
Beauty 😍😍😍😍
365 82 1 month ago
😍😍😍😍 such a doll
This is everywhere, but it's true ..
272 14 1 month ago
lmfao I don't even ..
259 20 1 month ago
@eqmodel thank you (:
@nippuls you're very welcome doll :)
let's meditate.
217 7 5/22/2014
😳 *blushes* awww shucks lol thanks love
324 41 5/15/2014
Perfection. 😍😭
Natural beauty 😍😍