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King Of Diamonds Flying Angel Maria Jade #thepolemassacre #noremorse #miami #kod bookmariajade@gmail.com yes I'm my own makeup artist.. http://vimeo.com/m/75371562
Something you routinely do, something you have perfected can still unexpectedly go wrong.. People fail to realize us pole dancers aren't actual super Hero action figures.We sometimes fall, slip and get hurt doing things we've perfected already.. It's not always our fault. The pole may be too slippery from the previous girl or it could be too sticky from the previous girl who uses a grip aid..the floor may be slippery.. The air may be too humid which can cause the pole to sweat..the stage may be covered in hard earned dollars and we may step on a few and slip..but when we fall, most of us get back up and keep going! I've pulled muscles on stage and kept on going! I love pole #MariaJade! #MichaelJordanOfPole #MichaelJacksonOfPole #CallMeMJ 😉
120 3 37 minutes ago
Much respect to you and what you do that's good work ethic @officialmariajade mistakes happen one thing for sure your good at what you do keep your head up and keep pushing 🙏🙏🙏😍🙌👏👏💯😍😍😘😘
Keep grinding baby!!
"One song only" stage performance just to give them a tiny teaser for later when the big money arrives! #turnuptime tag 5 friends.. #mariajade #kodflyingangel
269 8 5 hours ago
I like that @officialmariajade
Tag 5 people.. Full turn up @officialkodmia tonight! 😁#mariajade #freezetagbooty
503 57 7 hours ago
@dynastyvalentine yes
Like If you love me ☺
430 18 1 d ago
Flawless u look like Carmen hayes
@officialkodmia... me and my roommates @murdamamas getting ready to kill it tonight!
539 13 1 d ago
My roommates to our own private VIP key pad locked room inside of @officialkodmia got it started for us.. Painted the inside and all...this is what @murdamamas did to the outside door.. Wait until you see the inside! #kodflyingangels
144 3 1 d ago
It be a lot of stuff going on in the main dressing room girl glad most girls shower tho an even the makeup an hair line be long lawd but you VIP tho you jump lines bae
Another angle.. "But why is she posting the same tricks?" Pay per view duh! Tag 5 friends and tell them you want to see the rest of my performance IN PERSON inside the world famous KING OF DIAMONDS! @officialkodmia #mariajade
533 78 2 d ago
@mrgatrshirt KOD
They love la playa 💙
122 3 2 d ago
Aww i bet they love it there i miss u
@queenleahmoore miss u too.. About to send you pics of the sand all in their faces smh
Girl get a life! 😂
232 9 2 d ago
I ain't know u was that cold on that pole but anyway when u gone follow back this Max girl @officialmariajade
That's right keep your mind on that money
@officialkodmia tuition tuesdays.. #favoriteshirt #captainamerica #mariajade #thepolemassacre #noremorse
837 21 3 d ago
@officialmariajade I came there yesterdayyyy
@officialmariajade dm me
Repost from @princemarkiedee tonight with Jim Jones celebrating his birthday @officialkodmia .. Which one is me?
482 10 4 d ago
The one thinkin bout food
@dynastyvalentine lmao 😂😂😂 I'm trying to stop
This south beach traffic is stupid..
184 9 5 d ago
I follow a lot of strippers and don't nobody do it better 😏 I think I'm about to cut the rest off ✂️ because I found the 1⃣ 😉. Much love darling. #216
You a pro ugh?
Tired.. Gotta get to king of diamonds tho!
168 6 6 d ago
I'll be there tonight Hun
The orgasm it gives!
369 16 1 weeks ago
@officialmariajade yesss
@wesleyjonathan ☺ it's the worse when the box is gone.. I eat about 3/4 bowls at a time lol @aurora10033 ❤❤❤
Getting ready .. @officialkodmia
443 10 1 weeks ago
We should shoot. DM me if you're interested
whats up beautiful
126 78 1 weeks ago
Sorry lol bad ass not pad ass lmfaoo
The bun
787 12 1 weeks ago
@officialmariajade how long you going to be in miami
@officialkodmiami thirsty Thursdays.. All bottles! All bottles $50 every Thursday
648 12 1 weeks ago
Beautiful stay on your fly shit
You look like a doll. So pretty
608 12 1 weeks ago
You see a stripper.. I see a provider.. 💙
443 24 1 weeks ago