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King Of Diamonds Flying Angel Maria Jade #thepolemassacre #noremorse #kingofdiamondsmiami bookmariajade@gmail.com http://vimeo.com/m/75371562
She's a bad girl..super bad..get at me bad girl.. 💁
542 6 5 hours ago
Worth 1000 words👌
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302 37 1 d ago
@aries2983 we been shopping at the wrong Walmart lol
@semaj1103 @trip434 @stacksva
Since girls with big heads always take pics with half their head in the pic, ima give all my big headed girls some motivation to embrace that big ass five head of yours! 😂 #igotittoo
486 24 1 d ago
Haha but is an attractive 5head so ppl don't take notice as much
But do you hear my intro? Opera tho! 😏
209 4 1 d ago
I love it!!!!
82 5 3 d ago
@ianwesley90 u need to come hang!
@kod_tatted_tinkerbell girl ima get me some titties and win this bitch hahah 😂
@selfmadeselfpaid I love u too homie! Thanks 😘 #arabmoneyinthebuilding
454 15 3 d ago
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Maria hit me
ARAB MONEYYYYY s/o my boy @selfmadeselfpaid ALWAYS showing me love! There's not a night he's there that he doesn't love me!
261 4 3 d ago
Ctfu it look like it was rewinded to make it look like that, thats raw doe😂😜@3above_beyond
But she did do a flip den bussed out a split, then it looked like it was rewinded @3above_beyond
Gimmie kiss 😆
382 18 3 d ago
@officialmariajade 😚👅😚 .. 😍😍 #SodamnBeautiful
Double D 😂
279 7 3 d ago
Wassup txt my phone
The closet thing I could get to a swinging pole.. #bumday #southbeach #twistedgrip
407 10 4 d ago
No pole is safe 😝😋
I can take myself out.. I'm not working to hook up.. Im not working to get laid! I'm working to get paid.. Hand it over 😒
513 33 5 d ago
Pretty much
@__gable just sent this to my email.. #poledrops #backflips #mariajade #tagem
362 22 5 d ago
@sexy_jessy22 work work
If you like it, I love it! 😘 #makeupbyme
410 9 5 d ago
I am a huge fan and im 17 I would love to learn some of your tricks I want to be a dancer around this time next year
@missk_renee 🙊ohhhhh
448 2 6 d ago
I think i love her!!!
I dun bust my head, bust my knees, busted my lip, torn muscles, burned my skin, ripped my toe nails off, bled all over stage, ripped piercings out of my back, slammed my VJay up against a hard metal pole, wigs have flown off and damn near broke my wrists for what? The money? Ehhhh that's fine but the art and strength of pole dancing and shocking the hell out of people and seeing people entertained, I LOVE THIS SHIT! #thedeathofme #ineedpolerehab
937 33 6 d ago
@77karatsinit i kmow thats righttttt
They said I'm psycho 💀.. thanks @__gable and @imsuchaleo for the footage from tonight! #tag5friends tell them you want to come to @officialkodmia to see the flying angel from hell @officialmariajade Flying angel or Bat? #thepolemassacre #noremorse
852 112 6 d ago
@melz_vs_nobey good god😳😳😳😍😍😍😍😍😍
Geeeeezzzz @ms_rae_cash
Victim 2.. Ice bucket challenge @officialkodmia
232 11 6 d ago
No I'm not doing it @_biggs_ lol too cold for me
Y'all got 24hrs @ddeleon2 @all_purposedb @kevinbrown40 @arrync25 @swaggyz_2s @jedi_drane
This was fun.. Only @officialkodmia .... @royaltymason_ & @officialmariajade
171 6 d ago
King of Diamonds
Turnin up already.. @officialkodmia
148 3 1 weeks ago
@officialmariajade u have too much personality lol... I have an idea for a music project with you if you're interested
Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me! Goodnight 😈
281 3 1 weeks ago
Um. Hello. Excuse me
I met u in Vegas now u in Miami witch means u doin dam good..keep up the good work