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King Of Diamonds Flying Angel Maria Jade #thepolemassacre #noremorse #kingofdiamondsmiami bookmariajade@gmail.com http://vimeo.com/m/75371562
Las Vegas.. Battle of the Bars! My next project!
78 4 14 hours ago
I've been on the bars lately I love it!!!
Yo I need your number can you dm me when you grab a chance
5 hour flight.. Lets see if I have eyebrows left by the time we land 😴... These people are going to be mad.. I snore on planes 😂
438 10 1 d ago
Where u going
My girl said see if i have eyebrows when i land 😂😂😂😂
Tough crowd tonight! 😑 But whatever.. @starcavalli thanks for the creeper footage lol #tagfriends
339 14 1 d ago
@crownmeking313 @clsmoothkb the DJ hype as shit 😂😂😂
Hey there 👋.... #tagem
520 6 1 d ago
400th like 💅✨
S/o @gorillazoe for walking up on the stage and showing my crazy butt love with the whole stack still rubber banded and bagged up like a boss 💯
371 17 1 d ago
He tight @officialmariajade real boss moves
Sí or nah?
670 20 3 d ago
Hope you got In safely hunny xoxo
@jaedalaw yes babe thanks
Bathroom flix or nah?
437 6 3 d ago
U remember what that Mexican man - was sayin to u at the store ? Lol @officialmariajade
@officialmariajade gm love ;) hyd
@marlae_ceo @officialkodmia
53 3 d ago
Next Monday!
64 2 3 d ago
Beat my face once again.. @216loddidoddi told me she thinks I'm suicidal 👊💢🎨
481 7 4 d ago
I like the colors ...I wish mines would turn out like that😩
😂 When the struggle of selfie taking takes place.. Looking like a mug shot. Forgot to let my hair down haha
349 4 4 d ago
U still super pretty though!
Looks like a mugshot
Thanks @chef_enakitchen .. I'm working on getting back right
271 3 5 d ago
@officialmariajade swimsuit edition for @stunnazmag shot by the wonderful @alcolestudios. Coming soon!
466 14 5 d ago
@officialmariajade You should let me tat you up, tho. I own my own shop, located in the LA area.
My babes @poleassassin on my lap and I'm on the lap of my love @maddtattedmermaid #flyingangels
462 6 5 d ago
The 1 in the middle though
#3thehardway love it
Omg it looks too healthy 😩 I hope it's good
275 5 6 d ago
@poleassassin on Washington.. I'm at a Spanish bakery eating
95 2 1 weeks ago
Can we get one in cali
I see you're killing Miami!
220 7 1 weeks ago
@seemoanayee @__therealbay the reason why we have to go to Miami
63 6 1 weeks ago
@khloethekomeup yessss lmaooo..I forgot today was Thursday... I gotta delete the caption
Lmaoooo man this was live @jmclean_58 @relldoee
Lmao thought I'd give u another turn down pic before the turn up tonight @officialkodmia
266 7 1 weeks ago
Solo 😊
185 6 1 weeks ago
We eat cooked food!