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King Of Diamonds Flying Angel Maria Jade #thepolemassacre #noremorse new to the bars! new to yoga.Pole beast and getting better! King kong queen! Miami 🌴
So yeah I was too hungry to take the pic before cutting it and yeah I'm not the greatest at cutting it either... So What I did was mixed about 7 different seasonings in a bowl, dipped my hands in my tub of butter and massaged the turkey inside and out. Then I took my seasoning and did the same. I then cut up onion and sliced garlic cloves stuffing the turkey with it and putting it in the hiding places between the wings & the body of the turkey and did the same for the legs. Lastly I added minced garlic and fresh cut chives to the outside. As I baked it I based it. I also used a turkey injector, continually sucking up the juices and injecting it back into the turkey ..
241 4 15h
Baby mama that thang looks right
Just finished thanksgiving dinner except the turkey (will cook tomorrow) First thanksgiving in Miami. Couldn't make it back home for grandmas cooking but with her over the phone help (I never make soul food) I did damn good 😃 ... Cornbread dressing to go with my cranberry sauce. My little baby ham. Fried sweet corn. Sweet potato casserole with oats and granola with the extra crispy marshmallows (since I always mess up the yam sticks, I just blended the shits) 😂 collard and turnip greens with the neck bone and all LOL fried salt pork (yup i eat pig and every part of the muthafxcka) and the Mac and cheese ( I had to cut up so much cheese my wrists started hurting) 😥 HAPPY THANKS GIVING YOU ALL! 😘
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@msbooty_leo27 😂 @crazy.beautiful.whatevr_ thank u same to you @aurora10033 thanks same to u @sneaknpeek happy thanks giving cousin @fispazatlanta thanks mommy
@twash21 going to text u @thimslickcuban going to text u
I don't even wanna touch it. I can't do it I can't do it I can't do it! It feels so gross! It's one thing to season pre-cut chicken and turkey but the whole thing! 😷 And to gut it!??? 😩 I'm really chickening out! I mean turkeying out!
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@dynastyzworld I came out good. I was afraid it would be too try or salty but it actually came out pretty juicy and seasoned just right. I was doubting myself. I baked it breast up legs to the back and I also used a turkey injector. I kept sucking up the juice and injecting it in different parts of the turkey @short.cake right lol. When I turned it on its breast to massage the seasoning on the back, it felt too much like a person 😂 that's bae LOL
I'm gonna try one day, prob when I'm forced to by some dude's mom wanting to come over
63 4 1d
Ok well I'm coming I just moved down here so it really don't matter I'll be there it's tonight? @officialmariajade
@more_important_thanu Mondays but plies tonight
A queen to her prince... Nothing like the touch of a mother... #relaxation #babymassage #helovesit 💙
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All happening this week only @officialkodmia ... Come see your favorite flying angel
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Its going down
@discorick_kids ok doing it now
What do you see? 😏
404 11 3d
I see to much beauty
Those eyes 😍
357 9 3d
It's a miracle no one told you how beautiful you are
Miss you......I'm home ace! Check your dm! @officialmariajade
Such a fat ass! Jamaican oxtails it is.. And @officialkodmia tonight
366 6 3d
@dynastyvalentine I need to stop. My 3rd time in the last week and half
#TBT my blood sister @dynastyvalentine and I eating hood burgers! (No buns just white bread) by the way go wish my sister a happy birthday today who recently just got back from saudi arabia (troop) Love you big sis❤
187 5 1w
@dynastyvalentine 😂😂😂😂😂 mannnnb
@officialmariajade that's the best way to eat a hamburger
Tag a friend and tell them I'm your #WCW #WCE let them see why... 💋
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The glitter lips are back
472 19 1w
@cherekee__lep ❤
Shout out my homie @starcavalli for this video from literally 20mins ago! #shotbystar
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King of Diamonds
God damnnn
Still working on my handstands... Wrists on fleek 😫
862 16 2w
@wesleyjonathan 😉😘
Beach time with my BeBe's kids ...
563 7 2w
@fispazatlanta thanks mommy
Your welcome
A pole trick I saw @ibeastpole_ do and fell in love with! Video credit to @poleassassin she made me do it twice! Lol this is a great combo, now that I have it down, the hard part is to add something In between each flip to make it my own..
680 96 3w
@frank_the_pole cousin can you teach me this
677 28 3w
You kinda look like Aaliyah
@fispazatlanta thanks mom
My first time at Joe's Crab Shack with the crab shack vet @poleassassin #barefaced lol
273 7 3w
U look so young here
@wesleyjonathan I know right lol
Major throwback. I was still wearing colors besides all black.. @livingprofoundly thanks
607 4 3w
Damn they in the background scoping hard AF ctfu @officialmariajade
Dave gave me the bag to rub on my hands and smack a bxtch because I don't do drugs lol ... 👏
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