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King Of Diamonds Flying Angel Maria Jade #thepolemassacre #noremorse #miami #kod bookmariajade@gmail.com yes I'm my own makeup artist.. http://vimeo.com/m/75371562
122 3 13 hours ago
@officialmariajade 😉
What's a Twerk up? If you haven't already, watch the link in my bio and I will show you how to do a real Twerk up! On train tracks 😎
131 7 2 d ago
Thanks boo luuuuuuuv uuu!
@twirlsmcfilth love u 2222222 ❤
@itsdannyboydude 👋
100 2 2 d ago
U be havin to much fun
My far my favorite video shoot yet! 😍
Part 2: side to side thunder clap.. Tag a friend who loves a booty that claps like mine #teamnaturalbooty #teamloosebooty #teamjigglybooty #teamimperfectyetperfect #phuckyoursmooththighs
327 36 3 d ago
Tag a friend who loves a booty that claps like mine #teamnaturalbooty #teamloosebooty #teamjigglybooty #teamimperfectyetperfect #phuckyoursmooththighs
292 62 3 d ago
Good night mane.@lavishrvd
@Drugz_Get_Addicted 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🏆🏆🏆
Para Ti... Tag 5 people .... #naturalbooty #loosebooty #jigglybooty #mariajade
437 23 3 d ago
@djbigjeff @cool_hand_sadiq
Bellas esa nalgas COÑO
Attention new followers!!! Watch my video link in my bio to see my original TWERK-UPS and why my video is still being reposted 10 months later!!! #meekmill #dreamsandnightmares
631 12 3 d ago
OMG that video >
@officialmariajade you working tonight
@officialkodmia tonight... Monday night fight night #mariajade #thepolemassacre #noremorse #kodflyingangel
505 6 3 d ago
Did I get Skinner?
Nice bb mmm
It needed a moment of silence... Slow motion! Tag 5 people or repost and add your own music.. #mariajade
512 75 3 d ago
Word 🙌
80 4 5 d ago
Hey I DM you about an event
When you're your own makeup artist (not certified) and can't do a damn smokey eye, turn to @nathaliamakeup inside @officialkodmiami .. Loving this look tonight
524 15 5 d ago
@dynastyvalentine thanks sis
💋💋👈😍 @officialmariajade
Laying on our fluffy rug @officialkodmia in our private dressing room.. Came in to see my roommates @murdamamas passed out on the couches, eyes half way open and all 😂😂😂 if this rug wasn't here one of y'all would have to scoot over dawg! Lol
308 6 5 d ago
@murdamamas love you guys too
aww booty ❤️
Something you routinely do, something you have perfected can still unexpectedly go wrong.. People fail to realize us pole dancers aren't actual super Hero action figures.We sometimes fall, slip and get hurt doing things we've perfected already.. It's not always our fault. The pole may be too slippery from the previous girl or it could be too sticky from the previous girl who uses a grip aid..the floor may be slippery.. The air may be too humid which can cause the pole to sweat..the stage may be covered in hard earned dollars and we may step on a few and slip..but when we fall, most of us get back up and keep going! I've pulled muscles on stage and kept on going! I love pole #MariaJade! #MichaelJordanOfPole #MichaelJacksonOfPole #CallMeMJ 😉
485 9 6 d ago
Maria, I completely understand I have been practicing martial arts on and off ever since I was four years old, I am now Fourty four so yeen got to ever worry bout what haters have in the back of their mind cause remember that's you up there on that pole, I pray every morning that none of yew ladies fall and die because I love you all just the same.
Correction DON'T FALL.
"One song only" stage performance just to give them a tiny teaser for later when the big money arrives! #turnuptime tag 5 friends.. #mariajade #kodflyingangel
392 13 6 d ago
@officialmariajade that was me trying to throw my hat at u lol
What club u dance at?@officialmariajade
Tag 5 people.. Full turn up @officialkodmia tonight! 😁#mariajade #freezetagbooty
680 76 6 d ago
465 18 1 weeks ago
Flawless u look like Carmen hayes
@officialkodmia... me and my roommates @murdamamas getting ready to kill it tonight!
599 15 1 weeks ago
@officialmariajade where you at tonight ? I'm in southbeach
Gorgeous 😍
My roommates to our own private VIP key pad locked room inside of @officialkodmia got it started for us.. Painted the inside and all...this is what @murdamamas did to the outside door.. Wait until you see the inside! #kodflyingangels
157 3 1 weeks ago
It be a lot of stuff going on in the main dressing room girl glad most girls shower tho an even the makeup an hair line be long lawd but you VIP tho you jump lines bae
Another angle.. "But why is she posting the same tricks?" Pay per view duh! Tag 5 friends and tell them you want to see the rest of my performance IN PERSON inside the world famous KING OF DIAMONDS! @officialkodmia #mariajade
591 87 1 weeks ago
@super_tho @_kpeak
Tell me when to take off and we can go. Lawd. 🙌 @itsmeandtre
@officialkodmia tuition tuesdays.. #favoriteshirt #captainamerica #mariajade #thepolemassacre #noremorse
909 25 1 weeks ago
Wow :-) i want to see u shake that ass in person ma