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Juhan Kamaruddin FB page: Juhan Kamaruddin
Aizat Aiman beraya kat rumah kita petang tadi / Aizat Aiman visited the apartment this afternoon
28 4 d ago
Thank you Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar for the nice Aidilfitri gift, Gaya Travel Magazine truly appreciates it :-)
26 2 1 weeks ago
Bestnyer. ...
da makan da gift cake tu td.. @juhankamaruddin 😸😸
Thank you Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur for the nice Aidilfitri gift, Gaya Travel Magazine truly appreciates it :-)
14 2 1 weeks ago
Sharing is caring en. Juhan. ..^_^
Byk En jeremy dpt hadiah ya.... hihihi
Aizat Aiman dah bangun / Aizat Aiman already awake
29 5 1 weeks ago
Alalalalala... assalammualaikum
Alololo manjanyer dia.... hehehe
Aizat Aiman tumpang tidur rumah kita petang ni / Aizat Aiman resting a while at the apartment this afternoon
14 2 1 weeks ago
Alolololo.... letih ya
Peluk bantak hujung2
Awal sgt dia jamu, sejuk laaa bila buka nanti / serve too early, definitely will get cold when it comes the time for iftar
18 1 1 weeks ago
Sedaaaap nii😉
Experience great dining at #Renaissance #JohorBahru hotel's food and beverage outlets (Cafe BLD, Wan Li and The Chocolate Cake Company)
27 1 2 weeks ago
@natrahraidanie @nuargtm @sharmsoul @anasabas
Stay at the sumptuous #Renaissance #JohorBahru hotel when visiting Johor Bahru, Malaysia
28 1 2 weeks ago
@natrahraidanie @sharmsoul @nuargtm @anasabas
Maghrib, view of Johor Bahru from #renaissance #johorbahru
37 1 2 weeks ago
Balik kampung ke?
The baby obviously couldn't care less / Bayi tu tak kose nak layan
37 5 2 weeks ago
Eh u only 40 what menopause u talking bout? Abg made ryna at 60 of age...
♥♥♥ baby & @juhankamaruddin :-)
Daybreak / Fajar
46 2 3 weeks ago
Beautiful sunrise indeed the 9th day of Ramadan....Salam Ramadan al Mubarak to you & family my dear bro @juhankamaruddin ..stay healthy & keep in touch..wslm
Sungguh indah ciptaan Allah
Local glance - Dala, Myanmar, Yangon #goldenholidays #malaysiaairlines #sunbirdtours #yangon #myanmar #gayatravel
33 1 1 month ago
Hantu ke tu
Among the items that people bring along on the ferry in Yangon #GoldenHolidays #malaysiaairlines #sunbirdtours #yangon #myanmar #gayatravel
35 7 1 month ago
Omg...satu penyeksaan....kesian...animal slavery heh
Locals still use sawdust to stop ice from melting - Dala, Yangon, Myanmar #goldenholidays #malaysiaairlines #sunbirdtours #yangon #myanmar #gayatravel
32 2 1 month ago
I was going to ask if those were bees!!!
The local market in Dala (where tourists can see local way of life) still uses manual weighing scales #GoldenHolidays #malaysiaairlines #sunbirdtours #yangon #myanmar #gayatravel
37 1 1 month ago
Want to stay here one day - The Governor's Residence, Yangon, Myanmar #GoldenHolidays #malaysiaairlines #sunbirdtours #yangon #myanmar #gayatravel
28 1 month ago
I am currently in Yangon, Myanmar, and spent an evening at the iconic Shewdagon Pagoda. Have been in existence for 2,500 years, Shwedagon Pagoda is among the most significant temples in Buddhism since it is believed that the temple's gold plated stupa houses the eight strands of Buddha's hair. #goldenholidays #malaysiaairlines #yangon #myanmar #gayatravel
42 4 1 month ago
Thanx @indochinalegend
Thank u very much for such a great stay experience over the weekend at Piccolo Hotel and Berjaya Times Square Hotel @abelnn @sureshlee87 @kamek_kean @robsonjeelian @greenbabe25 @danielsharkif @marford, we are deeply touched by your fantastic hospitality... #livebhr #gayatravel
35 1 month ago
View of dusk / Pemandangan senja - Penthouse, Berjaya Times Square Hotel
40 2 1 month ago
Looking up #livebhr #berjaya #tioman #gayatravel #twod #tryingtobeartsybutfail
29 1 month ago