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Juhan Kamaruddin FB page: Juhan Kamaruddin Gaya Travel Magazine Editor
#Repost @islamic_haq ・・・
30 2w
thanks @abelnn , it was very thoughtful of u, really appreciate it 😊
33 2 5 3w
#Repost @safinaalfian & reminder to my wretched self ・・・ ❤️
33 2 3w
Exactly. Lets try to sustain good relationship amongst us and everyone ard us as well @juhankamaruddin
thank u for the gift @pakciksalleharon, appreciate it 😊
32 1 3w
@juhankamaruddin selamat berbuka...
@furqaanhod took my pic without my knowledge when i was having mochagasm #betterthansex #butterandbeans
68 8 1 month ago
Butter + Beans, the Row
let's grab a cuppa one of these days there @anthonyedwin76 😊
Yes that will be good n like your expression
@edjunaidi @nuargtm lepak at @sacredgroundbali
31 1 month ago
Sacred Ground
Stumbled upon this cool quaint joint called @sacredgroundbali along Jalan Arjuna (Double Six) in Seminyak, Bali #sacredgroundbali #gayatravel #gayatravelx
29 1 month ago
Sacred Ground
#TheHavenBaliSeminyak is indeed an elegant bolthole for hip travellers staying in Seminyak, Bali. #GayaTravel team simply loves the clean simple lines that run throughout the property, which are embellished with natural materials such as rough stone and wood, alluding to Bali's tropicality and earthiness. #thehaven #thehavenbali #bali #seminyak #gayatravel #gayatravelx
30 1 month ago
The Haven Seminyak
Assalam / Good morning / Selamat pagi...
37 2 1 month ago
The Haven Seminyak
@juhankamaruddin selamat menjalani ibadah puasa di bulan Ramadhan
Waaa.. I wish I was part of the trip. Now thts wht I call relax vacation. Haha simply beautiful.
Bapak Huzni Muit of Divine Hospitality Management treated #GayaTravel boys to a fantastic dinner at #TempoDoeloe restaurant on Sunset Road in Kuta, Bali, which serves deliciously finger-licking Sundanese and selected Indonesian dishes... Thank you Bapak Huzni 😊
31 1 month ago
The Haven Bali Seminyak is definitely the place where hip travellers stay when being in Bali #thehaven #thehavenbali #thehavenbaliseminyak #seminyak #bali #gayatravel #gayatravelx
30 1 month ago
The Haven Seminyak
morning in Mas, Ubud, Bali
26 1 month ago
had good lunch with @nuargtm @sharmsoul @edjunaidi @furqaanhod @anasabas this afternoon
29 1 month ago
Warung Janggar Ulam
27 1 month ago
payung dan hijau...
26 1 month ago
Surya Kembar Villas
lounge and chairs...
20 1 month ago
Surya Kembar Villas
@nuargtm siesta...
24 1 1 month ago
Surya Kembar Villas
The real kind of holiday!
offering #wanttobeartsybutfail
17 3 1 month ago
Surya Kembar Villas
Heyy!! When are u leaving bali ? I'll be there tomorrow
thanks @anisaharkaan ... @safinaalfian , tomorrow evening we will be in seminyak till friday morning, then we leave
this nice lady was the one who placed the offerings at our villas
13 1 month ago
Surya Kembar Villas
lazy morning continues with @edjunaidi
24 2 1 month ago
Surya Kembar Villas
Omg... hehe
Ahhh. Without a doubt, @edjunaidi ! :)