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Juhan Kamaruddin FB page: Juhan Kamaruddin Gaya Travel Magazine Editor
When in Johor Bahru, must try to have lunch at Warung Siput Sedut Wak Dol in Kampung Pasir for tasty local meal, which opens everyday except Friday. The eatery's specialty is obtuse horn shell or mud creeper (siput sedut) cooked in coconut gravy and grilled fish with ginger paste.
33 4 1d
sedapkan @safinaalfian ... simple yet delicious and homemade
just balik kejap to visit relatives @sitihaslinah526 😊
At the office, testing out other people's Samsung S6 camera with HDR and "Beauty" features - not sure if the latter feature works on me...
38 12 4d
Yes...its definitely works...ahaks ^_^ @juhankamaruddin
tipu je kan efek dear @sitihaslinah526 , he he he
Lunch with sis @fatieee at Melur &Thyme Nu Sentral... there goes our diet... but great lunch nonetheless, thanx sis, luv ya 😊
34 5 1w
#Repost @cabaiburong ・・・ Alone in the room --> Music played --> When the beat drops .. U be like ... #peoplebelike
17 2 2w
Hahahahaha.. en juhan sangat!
hahahah @anasabas cam tau jer...
28 2 2w
Wah! Eyes wide shut?
oooh somebody left this at my office pantry 😓 have to say this to myself countless times: "I exercise restraint" #goingtofail #irresistible #diefat
20 2w
#gst #inflasi #kenabelajarhidupbawahRM1500sebulan
28 3w
Wow, Japan is serious in courting the Malaysian market, especially the Muslim travel segment. MATTA Fair runs from 13 until 15 March 2015 at PWTC. #MATTA #MATTAFair #Japan #GayaTravel #GayaTravelX
38 2 1 month ago
Jumpa kawan sy tak En. Juhan?? Hehee.. 😏
Terima kasih :)
The Chief Minister of Melaka, His Excellency Datuk Seri Ir. Hj. Idris Hj. Haron is currently officiating the Malaysian Association of Travel and Tour Agents (MATTA) Fair 2015 at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur. MATTA Fair also introduces the "Best of Borneo Holiday Packages", which aims to promote Sabah as value-for-money destination. MATTA Fair is the largest consumer travel fair in Malaysia and runs from 13 until 15 March 2015 at PWTC. #MATTA #MATTAFair #TourismMalaysia #GayaTravel #GayaTravelX
23 1 month ago
was hoping to look sharp like @nuargtm @anasabas @edjunaidi @abelnn and @sharmsoul , but instead I looked wide #fail #needtolosemoreweight #BerjayaHotelsandResorts #livebhr
56 9 1 month ago
@juhankamaruddin sharp / wide / tall / short / whatever it is you are or have, just flaunt it because you got it! You are #perfect. Keep being YOU! Kan @anasabas @abelnn
Muscular! 💪
#Repost @gayatravel ・・・ #gayaXgiveaway contest continues! 📢 Share with us in less than 50 words why you choose JOHOR as your preferred Holiday Destination! Win a complimentary 3 days 2 nights stay at Double Tree by Hilton Johor Bahru. As usual, please read the instructions very carefully and good luck! P.S : Open to citizens from all over the world 🌍 #GayaTravelX #GayaTravel #GayaTravel10YearsAnniversary #Malaysia #Johor #DoubleTreeByHilton #Hotel #Resort #Contest #Win #Competition #MyFest2015
24 1 month ago
thanks for inviting @sharmsoul, @anasabas and I to join your team's outing yesterday @abelnn @sureshlee87 @aj_aeyjae_ @caryn.adrien , we had a great time 😊 see u again soon...
37 1 1 month ago
See you guys soon! Glad you guys love the coffee. 😁 @juhankamaruddin
as they say, u r what u drink, and @anasabas is drinking his cute and adorably horny devil latte #eh @sharmsoul @abelnn @aj_aeyjae_ @caryn.adrien @sureshlee87 #latteart #BookmarkCoffee
43 1 1 month ago
Sungguh artsy..
yes, deep down inside I actually love bears because I think they are delicious... don't u think so @pakciksalleharon? #latteart #bear #eh
46 4 1 month ago
Huhuhu so sweet of u.... cute bear
Nak ni jugak @juhankamaruddin
#Repost @gayatravel ・・・ Bali is calling!!! As part of our 10th year anniversary, we're excited to give away a 3-days 2-nights stay at the Grand Sunti Ubud, Bali which worth RM1,700! Plus, to make it more interesting, we will provide you a pocket money (RM300) for you to spend there! P/S: Please read the instructions very carefully. :) Now go grab the chance while you can! #GayaTravel #GayaTravelX #GayaX #gayaXgiveaway We will start reposting selected photos from 25th Feb 2015! Contest is open to all countries!!! 📢 🌍 📡
20 2 2/23/2015
Xde chan lah kite sbb xpernah gi bali... klu cilok gbr org lain ok x? :)
@petitecarrerouge boleh google tapi nanti credit la link image tu. Yg pentingw caption menarik kenapa hendak ke Bali. All the best
Gaya Travel Magazine wishes everyone Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai! May the Year of the Ram bring us all great happiness, love, health and prosperity 😊 #GayaTravelX #GayaTravel #CNY #ChineseNewYear #GongXiFaCai
29 2/19/2015
Long time have not met this boy... sayang Aiman 😊 #AizatAiman #cute #baby
18 3 2/19/2015
tak @saifulenver , nephew @nuargtm
Lain dah muka dia!
#Repost @gayatravel ・・・ We're feeling festive today! So in conjunction with Gaya Travel 10th year anniversary, we're giving away 2 hotel vouchers worth RM740 and RM680 each to our beloved followers. Refer 👆 for instructions on how to enter the contest. Good Luck! 😆 #gayatravel #gayatraveler #GayaTravelX #GayaX #gaya10thyearanniversary #GayaXGiveaway
20 2/18/2015
smartphone meeting with Dato' @ddlokman,@nuargtm, Eid Camelia and Feera at #MeltingPot, #Concorde #KualaLumpur
29 1 2/14/2015
😎😎😎😙😙 malam masih muda kata dato sri
Thank you for being in this trip to Mabul island in Sabah @nuargtm @sharmsoul @irneenorris @inorris5 @edjunaidi @furqaanhod @anasabas @shadsakeri @puspawhat @amierahnoor @hilmiehafiz_ @ickyuck ... it was fantastic 😊 thank u @scubajeff_zaidi for the great hospitality! #GayaTravel #GayaTravelX #Mabul #Sabah #scubajeff
29 2 2/11/2015
X ajak I pun