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Shayla Los Angeles
💋 Makeup Artist 💋
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Twitter: Makeupshayla http://www.youtube.com/makeupshayla
Details✨ @sigmabeauty "Midsummer" & "Gilded" on the lid. @anastasiabeverlyhills medium brown dip brow pomade. ABH caramel and deep brown from #mayamia palette in the crease. @jamaalbuster "Daddy's little girl" lashes. @stilacosmetics sun highlight. Nars amour blush. @limecrimemakeup "Retrofuturist" lipstick. #sigmabeauty #anastasiabeverlyhills #stilacosmetics #limecrime #jamaalbusterlashes
6572 45 1 2 hours ago
@minsweetj yesssss u should def get ur brows like this!!!
very good work @makeupshayla
💋 @limecrimemakeup "Retrofuturist" lipstick💄 #limecrime
9211 71 7 hours ago
Eyes: @anastasiabeverlyhills Maya Mia palette Lashes: @doseofcolors "dose of drama" blush. Blush: Mac sweet as cocoa and Fleur power Foundation: @coverfx n80 liquid foundation. Lips: @limecrimemakeup "Babette" lipstick. Necklace from @queenpee✨ #anastasiabeverlyhills #coverfx #limecrime #doseofcolors
11338 116 2 1 d ago
@phavry lol me too she does a great job!
Motd ✨@anastasiabeverlyhills "medium brown" dip brow pomade. @anastasiabeverlyhills #MayaMia palette "Aqua" & "Gold bar" on the lid with "Deep brown" and "Sienna" in the crease. @anastasiabeverlyhills Jet black cream eyeliner with ABH Brush 3. @doseofcolors "dose of drama" lashes. @limecrime "Babette" lipstick 💄#anastasiabeverlyhills #doseofcolors #limecrime
10060 85 1 1 d ago
Love the New #MayaMia palette and jet black cream eyeliner from @anastasiabeverlyhills 😍😍😍
11266 155 3 1 d ago
I had a great experience in Indonesia🌴 now back to LA 👙 Swim suit from #mintswim Hair: Malaysian loose curl from @thevirginhairfantasy Use my "makeupshayla" coupon code for a discount😍😍
14348 120 2 2 d ago
Details✨ @loraccosmetics pro palette 2 "jade" on the lid. @loraccosmetics sable and espresso in the crease. @anastasiabeverlyhills medium brown dip brow pomade with clear brow gel. @flutterlashesinc "Arielle" lashes. @coverfx liquid foundation n70. @motivescosmetics pink mauve blush. @maccosmetics twig lipstick with please me lip gloss. #lorac #flutterlashes #coverfx #maccosmetics #anastasiabeverlyhills
10747 56 1 3 d ago
@mamasemedo love this!
10736 92 3 d ago
🌴 I love my Malaysian loose curl from @thevirginhairfantasy Use my "makeupshayla" coupon code for a discount😍😍 Dress from @sugarpopped🌴 #tvhf #sugarpopped #makeupshayla
6741 31 5 d ago
@fato_19 😢
Would love to send you some dresses from our collection if interested let me know how to get them to u
Motd🌴 @flutterlashesinc "Ashley" lashes. @anastasiabeverlyhills medium brown dip brow pomade. @anastasiabeverlyhills #amrezypalette on the eyes. @motivescosmetics "empress" blush. @coverfx liquid foundation. @colouredraine "Mary Jane" lipstick.. #colouredraine #anastasiabeverlyhills #flutterlashes #motivescosmetics #coverfx #mua
8314 54 6 d ago
@blkbutee I gotchu😏😜
Motd✨ @colouredraine "Mary Jane" lipstick. @motivescosmetics "empress" blush. @coverfx liquid foundation. Mac nc42 prolongwear concealer. #colouredraine #motivescosmetics #coverfx #mua
7466 53 6 d ago
Hi @makeupshayla. I have a question. If my foundation color in Mac cosmetics is NC50, what color Concealer would work best for me in the Kevyn Aucoin line?
How does she look without make up ? I think I seen a picture and she didn't look that bad
#dripswimwear // #miumiu
7147 36 1 weeks ago
Wooooh me so crazy
Motd🌴 @loraccosmetics pro palette "gold" on the lid with "espresso" in the crease. @anastasiabeverlyhills "medium brown" dip brow pomade. @flutterlashesinc "Cami" lashes. @motivescosmetics "pink mauve" blush. @nyxcosmetics "Bloody Mary" lipstick 💋 #loraccosmetics #anastasiabeverlyhills #flutterlashes #motivescosmetics #nyxcosmetics
10444 77 1 weeks ago
Paradise 🌴🌴 Swim wear👙 from ✨@dripswimwear✨ #dripswimwear #bali #ilovemyjob #mua
8315 99 1 1 weeks ago
@makeupshayla, Girl You Look Great!!! Fuck All These Haters!!! Nobody Is Trying To Be Like Kim K With Her Fake Ass Body!!! At least All of Your Body Parts Are Natural!!! You're Beautiful Just The Way You Are Honey!!! #TeamNatural 💁💕
Smokey eye using @loraccosmetics pro palette. @nyxcosmetics "Bloody Mary" lipstick 💋 @coverfx liquid foundation. #loraccosmetics #nyxcosmetics #coverfx
9381 131 1 weeks ago
Your skin😱😱😱😱 beautiful. #jelly
Swimsuit from ✨@mintswimusa✨ Body chain from ✨@fantasyaccessorybox✨ #mintswim #bali
18473 224 2 1 weeks ago
@the_only_dutchess yea right!
@gabriella_245 corp de sirenă
🌴 Swimsuit cover from ✨@poshbarbie_boutique ✨ #bali #poshbarbieboutique
9477 88 1 weeks ago
Hello people customize ur necklace pendant bracelets earrings ring crest for shirts etc we can design anything u want Check my profile for more information
#bali beat 🌴🌴 @doseofcolors "coy" lipstick. @motivescosmetics "empress" blush. @anastasiabeverlyhills "medium brown" dip brow pomade. @flutterlashesinc "Cami" lashes. @coverfx liquid foundation. #doseofcolors #motivescosmetics #anastasiabeverlyhills #flutterlashes #coverfx #mua
13570 100 1 weeks ago
Lindaaaaaaaaaa sou sua fã admiro o seu trabalho!!!!!
Oh hey Bali🌸 Dress from @sugarpopped🌴 Hair: @thevirginhairfantasy Use my "makeupshayla" coupon code for a discount.
12809 86 1 weeks ago
@jaredallen34 future me
Badddddddddd :&
7628 45 1 weeks ago
@makeupshayla, that's so awesome you got to go!!! :-) :-) :-)