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@sonjdradeluxe everywhere.. 💕 Makeup Artist ✌❤ VANCOUVER, CANADA🍁 💎THIS IS MY ONLY ACCOUNT💎 Business inquiries only:👑 YOUTUBER 🎥🎬⬇️
Another from thr other day with my @gerardcosmetics grape soda lipstick, @morphebrushes @jaclynhill pallette, @makeupforeverofficial liquid lift foundation and aqua brows, annd @gleam_melaniemills rose gold body radience
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@j.saam makeup goals
@sunainalicious shave ur side!!
Soo... ive started cooking and eating #vegan. This was yesterdays lunch. Rainbow quinoa, carmalized shallots and crimini mushrooms wit balsalmic and ponzu glazed tofu, and roasted garlic broc n zucchini. I love to cook and im excited to be taking on this new way of eating.
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Yeah! You've made the best decision!! 🍑🍌🍇🍋🍐🍏🍓🍒🍍🍏🍉🍆🍉🍊
Check out @thugkitchen @sonjdradeluxe
Side view of my greeeeeen from the other day using @hotmakeup.usa
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@killacreash 😍😍😍😍😍
Queen supreme lips by @jeffreestarcosmetics iGracias pallette by @thesolalook
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@andrutza_dutzy o doamne♥️♥️♥️
Little bit a pank today by @jeffreestarcosmetics , liquid lipstick in #queensupreme Eyes are the @thesolalook iGracias Pallet... i used the lightest colour in the pallet as a highlighter too and its bomb. I like a softer shimmery eye like this for warm weather
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I love your hair💇🏾
My new hand keeps tryna slide up in yo feed and steal yo girl LOL details in previous post 💲💰 #ineedtochill #didyounoticemynewtattoo #cantstop #wontstop #badboyforlife #eheh #gratata
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Got to play with my goodies from @hotmakeup.usa today... if you follow me on snap chat you probably saw me geek out over this brand when i went to visit @nojusthenry at his office. Im proud of you and im proud of the high quality makeup youve created! Eyes: chandelier hot candy eyeshadow which i applied wet t cut my crease, jump around eyeshadow outer edge by @hotmakeup.usa super pigmented and awesome crease is the @anastasiabeverlyhills cream contour in medium Lips: airis party lipstick from @hotmakeup.usa Cheeks: my normal bronzers and i actually put a bit of powder under my eyes for once and in my tzone because i really wanted to try the touch me up powder from @hotmakeup.usa i kept stealing @nojusthenry 's for touchups in new york and i liked how silky it was and didnt dry me out i use tu25 Dessert sunrise blush Coupon code sonjdradeluxe for a discount... ill be making a youtube video using these soon!! ☺☺☺☺ Day 2 @makeupshayla ....was so hard to put on a pink shirt lmao
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Stylish af
@jlovehoney @mommafeelgood
Details in last post 🌊
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@madam.massi @sanimoon
Soo... finally found a new foundation i might be able to f with on the regular.. @makeupforeverofficial liquid lift foundation i used number 13 and number 15 together so far im feelin it! Also tried the @makeupforeverofficial aqua brow in 20 and 30.. feelin it as well. Smoky lash mascara... and that makes a 3x feelin it count for @makeupforeverofficial i used the @gleam_melaniemills in rose gold as a primer which you already know... im feelin it LIPS: grape soda by @gerardcosmetics feelin it EYES: the jaclynhill pallet by @morphebrushes feelin it Mr Write Now eyeliner pencil by @thebalm_cosmetics feelin it Hand tattoo by @hi_tone ...i obv wanted to sneak my new hand in the photo 😁 HELLA FEELIN IT
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@sammycaakes I like her style.
@jlovehoney @mommafeelgood
When i was WAYYY too excited to meet @brian_champagne who is LITERALLY flawlesssss... aat #imatsnyc @nojusthenry gave me some @brian_champagne product and my dry face is SOOOO READY ....was so great to finnaly meet you ❤❤❤❤❤
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The excitement looks the other way around. He looks like the fan
How do you curl your hair? Its amazing😍👸🏾
@makeupshayla ...Thank you so much for having me as your model for your online class! youre an incredible artist, and a beautiful person inside and out. I had so much fun!! Im ready for my @makeupshayla challenge lol and im excited to try the new goodies you've shared with me!! Lol we both had our hands right up! Mine's still swollen from being tattood Peace out LA ✌
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@trolli4ka @desioeyes has the best contacts 👌
Shayla beat that face to pure perfection!!!!!! 👌
Come hang out with us LIVE while @makeupshayla teaches her magic on my face. Join on or using the link in her bio ... TONIGHT LIVE COMIN ATCHAAAA PLAYA
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@rejanesoilho veja as sobrancelhas
Are you following me on snapchat @sonjdradeluxe ? i had a blasttt yesterday with @nojusthenry at the abby for the the drag show... finally met @itslademi ... and today make sure you sign up for @makeupshayla online LIVE class link is in her bio... hang out with us live she'll be doing my makeup for all of you... LIIVEEE going to be sl much fun
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...could you be more perfect?
@sxhn_ gorgeous
@nojusthenry and i at #pump this place is GORRRRGEOUS ... hes about to show how #weho gets down ❤❤❤❤
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I shoulda went out that night!
Love these @77cammie
Thank you sooo much to @hi_tone for my beautiful new hand. Im soo happy with it. Thank you for your amazing artistry and for just being all around dope. I low key wished @stef_lova1 was there too lmaoo #fangirl If youre in LA... or shit, anywhere! Hit up @hi_tone for amazing work.
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Look how bad ass this is @queenofwonderland_
@hi_tone is blowing my mind right now ahhhhh in love with my new tatttooooo @hi_tone @hi_tone
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Love you tatt makes me want to get another one or two okay lets make it 3
@kassym_625 @mariem_soamazing
Come watch @hi_tone tattoo me on snapchat @sonjdradeluxe Im so excited!
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It's crazy bc I JUST said I wanted a hand rose less than a week ago ! @youaintshxthoe
Half way to sexy with @makeupshayla
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We love u @sonjdradeluxe
@makeupshayla do me next !! Lol❤️😍
Just stepped off the plane in LA @makeupshayla is about to beat my face 🎥📹📷🎬
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Where are your contacts from ??
About to get on the plane to LA ...sleepy af and the CAD - USD exchange rate is a sick joke 😑 anywaysss... im ready for a airplane nap Skin: @gleam_melaniemills rose gold, prolong foundation from MAC srudio finish concealer, @artistcouture diamond glow powder, MAC mineralize skin fin dark deep n dark deepest Eyes: vegas light pallette from @makeupgeekcosmetics nude pencil from @thebalm_cosmetics MY FAV waterline pencils- the dont smudge! Lips: nyx simply nude fairest lip cream
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@ericamartial 😫
@alannahgray STUNNNNING!!!!!