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@sonjdradeluxe everywhere.. 💕 Makeup Artist ✌❤💄 VANCOUVER, CANADA🍁 💎THIS IS MY ONLY ACCOUNT💎 Business inquiries only:👑 YOUTUBER 🎥🎬⬇️
Excited to release the tutorial for this 💲
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Love this @kristinadosanjh
@monichris1234 she's gorgeous
This was fun to record.... tutorial with full details. Used @zoevacosmetics brushes, 2 pairs of @velourlashesofficial , @motivescosmetics eyeshadows, @maccosmetics glitter, and @makeupgeekcosmetics pigments.
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This is my blackend green hair from @dellishhair, its a custom coloured and created unit- 30" in the chocolate swirl texture . Lips are merlot by @doseofcolors and im excited to try my first @velourlashesofficial !! I will take a better quality picture when I figure out whats wrong with my camera or the settings
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@ciamarcadi okayy
Beautiful as always.
Good ol' low quality front camera pictures 😎 ....I'm going to have a peice of cheese and go to bed. Goodnight
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Gurll you flawless!! Love love loveee everything about you!! 😍😍
Goodnight !! This was photo I found from a couple weeks ago ...time to tan again
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@alysiajayde omg 😍
See you soon. Please warm up I cant handle snow.
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Meet and greet? ☺️
@french.xx she did.....but no dates?!😕
Karma lipstick from @doseofcolors #doseofcolors @anastasiabeverlyhills cream contour kit in medium #anastasiaBeverlyHills @lashbunnyboutique mink lashes 2 view of look
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@mizzlisa_lovely this is the girl I was talking about 😬
Me and the bff are about to go in on a home spa day, @jenoahesquiro not photographed brazend honey mask still in the fridge. #oceansalt #skinsshangrila #sympathyfortheskin made it rain 💰💰 yesterday at #lushcosmetics @lushcosmetics lol also got some soaps, bathbombs, massage bars, facemasks... time to get pretty!
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I love lush😻 buy their lipScrub it's Delious !! ❤️
Mask of Magnaminty is the BEST!
Recorded a tutorial for this look on the @anastasiabeverlyhills cream contour kit #anastasiaBeverlyHills used on my eyes as well for this fresh spring time glam look. I used the medium pallette. KARMA by @doseofcolors on my lips, and @lashbunnyboutique lashes you can use the discount code "SONJDRA" for 20% off
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@chelseaa_b_ you would suit this make up
@smallkaaylaa2814 😍😍
LMAO @alexfaction I love your ALCHY HAULS on youtube... life is too short to have one chin and no wine... #realtalk check him out
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HAY HEY HAAAY! OK im going to give the whole Q & A quetion video a try... I get tons of questions every day and I would love to connect and give some answers! leave your quetions below- I will be recording the video tonight, and answering as many questions as I can! Cant wait! Xoxo
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@nora_jennings777 😻😈💦
😍😍😍😍 @meg_welch99
A closer look! Deatils in last post!
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I just love your eyes 😍
❤️ @katymejiaa
Still wearing @lashbunnyboutique lashes but switched up the look with @motivescosmetics matte lipstick in potent, on my eyes caramel, bitter chocolate, moody,and blackout eyeshadows also by #motivescosmetics... I think im just on a little posting spree
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@mahwishsaeed94 i need to accomplish this look
@meawadyasmin you need to contour, have the correct blush color, and accomplish the eye shadow she did, you already have the exact lip color !
Details in previous post ! @meltcosmetics #meltcosmetics @anastasiabeverlyhills #anastasiaBeverlyHills @lashbunnyboutique lashes
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Tried my @anastasiabeverlyhills cream contour kit for the first time today and I LOVE it! I used a both the medium and deep kits and I will be posting a video on how I use them soon. Eyes are @meltcosmetics unseen, love sick, datk matter, and ameile from both the love sick and dark matter stack... I stacked 2 pairs of the longest @lashbunnyboutique lashes which a mink, lips are #anastasiaBeverlyHills liquid lipsticks in milk shake and just a touch of neon coral #meltcosmetics I usef dark matter eyeshadow as eyeliner too btw 😀
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Christ... @djmicy95
I mixed 2 of @anastasiabeverlyhills liquid lipsticks in potion and carina to get this colour, thank you @norvina !! #anastasiaBeverlyHills ... I highlighted the inner and outer corner of my eyes with simma shimma by @makeupgeekcosmetics and blurr and unseen by @meltcosmetics in my crease and sable and amberlights on the lid by mac cosmetics, cabanaboy blush by @thebalm_cosmetics and filled my waterline with nude pencil from the balm as well
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Lovely lips!
Tutorial for this @nickiminaj inspired eyeliner and nude lip will be on my youtube channel in 1 hour! This was the look I had on after my foundation routine I posted a week ago! Also, I will be releasing a second video for creating clip in extensions TONIGHT
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@lefleurosee bellissima 😍
So my best friend, has been bungee jumping in many different places around the world and absolutely loves it. im not afraid of heights... but I dont even like jumping off the curb to cross the street. Soooo.... she convinced me to go bungee jumping for the first time. and to the left is how beautiful and graceful she jumped... and to the right... is.. well, how I ended up. I was so scared, that even after I made the jump and was on safe grounds... I had to be almost carried down the ramp because I was shaking so hard with fear. I could barely walk or talk lmao... prettyy bitch made
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@goldenlocks7 lolol
Where is that I always wanted to bungee jump over water my boy tried to get me to do it over concrete I was like✋😳😬😰😩 must be crazy😆😆😆😂the water I will do all day cos if the rope snaps at least theirs a chance of making it out lol
Annnnnnd im back. Time to get back to work lol travel vlog ahould be out in 1 week!
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Costa Brava is better :-)
@boredwithbeauty made this... I never realized how many colours ive had my hair lol cool. 😀
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Black best!