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SONJDRA DELUXE Makeup Artist ✌❤💄
YOUTUBER 🎥🎬⬇ http://www.youtube.com/sonjdradeluxe
Playing with my new grey contacts from @eyecandyscom ❤👀
3884 101 3 d ago
Over drawn lips tutorial coming soon ... BTW THE WAY!!! THE SHADE EXTENSIONS FOR THE @anastasiabeverlyhills #anastasiabeverlyhills CONTOUR KITS ARE INCREDIBLE!!! Cant wait to do a video on it, im wearing camel as a contour and champagne as a highlight, i also used the new colours for my eyeshadow in this photo which will be explained in my new video!! Thank you @anastasiabeverlyhills for having colours for everyone no matter what skin tone you are! Ahhhh so beautiful
3721 72 3 d ago
Noooooooo @carly__jayne
NEW TUTORIAL - get ready with me Las Vegas edgy glam Woooo!!! Link in bio
1400 41 1 weeks ago
I love her hair
@ebonybarber_ I'll link you her YouTube she is amazing and so nice
Details for this post and last!: I love one eyeshadow smokey eyes so I did folie eyeshadow tight to my lash line by mac, then I used the #anastasiabeverlyhills covet waterproof black pencil in the water line and winged it out in the tear ducts to make my eyes look longer, dip brow by @anastasiabeverlyhills on my brows in chocolate and auburn, mocha and peach stock lipsticks on my lips by mac, dark deep mineralize skin finish and global glow on my cheeks, prolong foundation and studio finish concealer. My hair im wearing 2x 28" 1x26" 1×24" and a closure, Indian virgin hair by @laurauju custom coloured by Sheryl Wilson The barbie shirt is something u found last minute when I ran into #forever21 before I left for #Vegas at the #vdara im having a blast here xo
3723 97 1 weeks ago
So pretty lady 👌
@aminaidov !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday - headed to the pool in #Vegas! I think this is my first ever picture with a smile 😝 ... And then I lost a ton of money on the slots. I'm wearing my new beautiful hair by @laurauju @laurauju @laurauju custom coloured and installed by Sheryl Wilson - more details in next post
3979 157 1 weeks ago
Your stunning 😍
Amazing face!!!! #yasssssss
Green and blue smoke, steamy, green smoke, plumage, and concrete on the eyes, by MAC, taking it back to 2005 and putting concealer on the lips ... Goodnight! PS there is a new video on my YouTube Channel, check it out and share!
4123 69 2 weeks ago
I recorded a tutorial for this look! Posted up now! @jefflombardo taught me how to catch light like a real G !! So happy with the picture a d lighting in this video ... link in my bio!
4292 114 2 weeks ago
@amjad_alk 😩💖
More from my shoot with @jefflombardo follow him for a different kind of beauty. Check out his photos from our adventure in my city #vancouver #vancity @jefflombardo @jefflombardo @jefflombardo
4682 92 2 weeks ago
@moshpitdiva dieeeed! 🙀
So obsessed with her! @jenniferbarreda
I took the world famous @jefflombardo to OLYMPIC VILLAGE in
1310 7 2 weeks ago
It's amazing! 🙌💕 #roselife
@jefflombardo took this photo of my and my city ..#vancity #vancouver. One of the most inspiring and dope dudes I've met. If you want to be blown away check out his page and follow @jefflombardo @jefflombardo He showed me a couple things with my cam and I can't wait to show you my new tutorials! WOO
5056 110 3 weeks ago
It's on and crackin' then!
City lips by @citycosmetics is my secret go super fill smooth lips, use discount code sonjdra for 40%off!! HAPPY CANADA DAY EVERYONE WOO I LOVE U CANADA
3970 87 3 weeks ago
@__msabdul she's soo pweeeeuty ^.^
@faie_xo she really is her make up is everyyhing
New tutorial up! I also uploaded a START TO FINISH tutorial a few days ago! Link In my bio go check it out!
2139 47 3 weeks ago
@sonjdradeluxe I just subscribed!! you're so gorgeous, I love the medusa on you. beautiful!! 💜💜
This angle makes my contour look weird...but I'm Rollin with it. I've been trying to not take my eyeshadow out so far lately and using as few colours as possible... this is concrete and all that glitters by mac.
4488 150 1 month ago
Wattt..... @maudnierop lifes unfair
Ja nja jij kan tenminste nog op dr lijken hahaha😭😪😪😪😪 @sannemaxime
2137 140 1 month ago
Very cute 😍
Sheer washes of colour .... Blue orange burgundy gold
2853 86 1 month ago
Your philtrun piercing looks just phenominal on you! Really compliments your face :) Also you're just flawless in general.
These are a close of for those who asked @classyclaws
1930 38 1 month ago
ماتحسين مثقل عليج🙊
I can't wait to do a review for my favorite skin care brand @citycosmetics !! I'm loving EVERYTHING !! My allergies have been bothering me so much I wake up with a puffy face, and swollen eyes... this and eye drops have been the only things that make me look normal in the morning. @citycosmetics @citycosmetics
773 10 1 month ago
@sonjdradeluxe maybe it's ur pillows or bedding that is giving you allergies. Try and look into that. Good luck. Just watched your video and love it. Will you do a hair tutorial?
I really do feel special today, thank you all for the birthday wishes. I have the MOST INCREDIBLE FOLLOWERS IN THE WORLD
2467 282 1 month ago
@langillelaura @oliviahenderson11 @erowe10
This is @erowe10 cause she's f'd
I feel like I've learned a lot about myself and a lot about people this year! I'm really excited to be 25, Im so thankful for the people in my life. My friends my family, you've always been there with me. Life is here so we might as well fill it with stories! I want to encourage everyone to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST! Do something that scares you, take risks, and don't every apologize for living your life to the max. Let's get crazy so we can tell our grandchildrenabout it. You can see a peek-a-boo from my tattoo with @radamelj and my nails from @classyclaws
4169 106 1 month ago
Iliked u
@organicliving ash is that you? 😍
Thank you to @classyclaws for my birthday nails...
2582 26 1 month ago
@stephbusta1 😍💋
ابي حمره جذي هاللون 😭😱😢 @noura_alneeraa25