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Kino MacGregor #BeStrong #BeInspired Handstands Around the World, Yoga Teacher, Author, Writer, World Traveler, 4th Series Ashtangi, #KinoYoga #HandstandLovers http://youtube.com/kinoyoga
Day 17 #BalanceBasics is Viparita Virabhadrasana, Reverse Warrior. This is one of my favorite postures to release the ilio-psoas and hip flexors making the space for deeper backbends and splits. To test your balance come up onto the ball of the foot on the side of the bent knee. Filmed by me on Amager Strand Beach in sunny Copenhagen 😊 Check @beachyogagirl @laurasykora for more options. Outfit by @athleta
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Excited to announce me new series on @grokkerinc I share the total journey into many advanced asanas like Galavasana, Kapotasana and Yoganidrasana, and share my secrets that will elevate your yoga practice. Check it out and you could win a signed copy of my book The Power of Ashtanga Yoga! #yoga #kinoyoga #elevateyourpractice
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@sarahkatebarr say whaaaaaat?
Nice ass
What impossible thing have you tried today? That is something I ask myself every time I practice. Share it with me and tag someone who you think needs a little push to try something impossible 😊 Tic tocs are something that while I can do them bring up a whole host of resistance. I have to talk myself in doing them nearly every time and there is a huge temptation to just skip them. Not only are they hard and take a lot of physical and mental energy and endurance, but they also come at the tail end of the Ashtanga practice when I am most tired and my mental fortitude is at its lowest. But... that’s why I love them! The only way that I can do is by tricking my mind. If I think about doing the full three tic tocs and the four handstands that follow in the traditional practice I get overwhelmed. So what I tell myself is that I’ll just do one and see how it goes. Naturally if I do one then my body and mind are drawn into the whole sequence. Try that method on days when you feel like you don’t want to practice. Just tell yourself that you’ll do one Sun Salutation and see how it goes with full permission to stop. You’ll find that the body will be drawn to continue the practice. The lesson learned is that you don’t need to do it all at once and you don’t need to plan ahead--just be present where you are and you will be guided through your journey through what seems impossible and insurmountable. Trust, follow, surrender into your strength 😊 Leggings by @liquidoactive
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@tanazf 👍👍
Day 16 #BalanceBasics is side plank with the option to take it into the arm balance most often known as Vashishtasana. The key to using the side plank for strength is maintaining the activation of the pelvic floor, firming the abs, drawing the lower ribs in and stabilizing the shoulder girdle. Avoid arching the back too much and instead focus on the centerline. Who can tell me what area of beautiful Copenhagen this video was filmed in? It's one of my favorite areas. Here's a hint: there are swans hidden somewhere in the background. Check @beachyogagirl @laurasykora for more options. My outfit is by @athleta
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Much appreciate your outfit and zeal to spread the awareness to go deeper into oneself through yoga!!!☺😊😇
@julieshay87 maybe tomorrow?!
Join me on @grokkerinc to discover secrets that will elevate your yoga practice and you might win a signed copy of my book!
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@amandalealynn :) Thanks
Thanks @fmb_datdude03! Kino is amazing! 😃
It's been over five weeks of amazing travel and I have just two stops left. Manchester this weekend and Berlin the following weekend. Will you be joining me for my last two dates in Europe before me to year? Photo taken by @atmajyotiyoga in Sweden where I started this trip 😊
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Hi Kino! When will you come to Sweden again? I would LOVE to take your class and workshop! /Emma
Mira @alondracorsol
Thanks to everyone who joined me this weekend @triyogauk for a great workshop. I ❤️ London!! Next year @timfeldmannyoga and I will be teaching for a special two week 100 hour course here in London at Triyoga September 2015. Details announced soon, spots will be limited. This will be the first time we do our two week Ashtanga Course anywhere outside of our center @miamilifecenter Are you excited? Tag someone you think will want to join 😊
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wauh can a gentleman join da exercise
Denver needs you :)
Day 15 #BalanceBasics is Tadasana. Sometimes Tadasana is used to refer to Samasthih (the neutral point with the feet parallel that every asana begins and ends with). In the Ashtanga method Tadasana refers to a fourth series posture that uses the external rotation of the hips to challenge balance and orientation towards the center line. I was never a dancer so when this posture came up in the Ashtanga Yoga series I had a hard time with it. In order to find your balance the first key step is not to force the external rotation too much--just feel where you hips will take you and then balance there. Squeeze the inner thighs towards each other and connect the legs into the pelvic floor. Check with @beachyogagirl @laurasykora for more options. Who can guess where in Copenhagen I filmed this video? 😊 All black outfit by @athleta
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Copenhagen, Christianshavn 😎
@prozacwherethehoesat we can do this pose! 👍😂
Look for the subtle experience of the inner body and tune in to the depth level of consciousness. Don't force it, just wait for it. If you rush the inner journey you may actually miss the destination of the being in the present moment. Stay calm, stay strong and practice every day 😊 Would you ever guess that this pic was taken in Vienna? It looks like a Greek temple!
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beautiful shot!
Day 14 #BalanceBasics is Parivrtta Trikonasana, Revolved Triangle. This foundation of this posture comes from equalizing the hips. Avoiding hiking one hip or leaning over to one side. Instead break the posture down into a forward bend to start, then only after you feel the stability in the hips begin to length the spine out of that foundation. Add in the spinal twist only to the extent that you do not compromise the structural integrity of the foundation. To twist deeper draw the lower ribs in towards the center and spiral around the central axis.  Check with @beachyogagirl @laurasykora for more options. Video filmed in Copenhagen by me 😊 Loving the all black outfit by @athleta
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Equalize dem hips @tomtom8187
Handstand on Carnaby street before class. Now I'm ready to teach @triyogauk today 😊 If you couldn't join my workshop come today at 4:45 pm for my Beginners DVD release party at TriYoga SoHo.
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Siiiii @josechelys Ella es la mejor
@jordanpillai @killyourtelevision this is the lovely kino! ❤️
Day 13 #BalanceBasics is Half Moon, Ardha Chandrasana. While I don't normally practice this asana, it helped me find balance to keep the core engaged to ground and stabilize the pelvis and reach out through the side body along the line of the extended leg. I connected it into Kapinjalasana, another posture that I don’t regularly practice because it’s not in any Ashtanga series that I’ve learned. I don’t really feel comfortable giving too much technique about either of these postures because they are not part of my daily practice and I don’t have enough experience with either to feel that I can really teach them, but I hope you’re inspired to find your balance in Ardha Chandrasana for the challenge 😊 Check with @beachyogagirl @laurasykora for more options. Video filmed in Copenhagen by me 😊 Loving the all black outfit by @athleta
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You are so beautiful and inspiring!
I've been flash tattooed. What do you think? I don't have any "real" tattoos but I love playing around with this awesome gold body art by @flashtattoos #flashtat #justforfun
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Really pretty
@yoga213 xx
Handstand on the streets of beautiful Bologna in the amazing Goddess leggings by @aloyoga On the way to London now.... Tell me, London yogis, where do you want to see me handstand in your amazing city? For everyone who wanted to join my workshops at TriYoga which are now sold out, here are two options. Find me in Manchester the following weekend. Or come to my Beginner DVD release party to meet me, get a pic and get your DVD or book signed by me. The party is tomorrow, free and open for all at TriYoga SoHo. Details online or just come Sat 13th of september 2014: 4.45pm – 5.45pm 😊 Photo by @theprimerose
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@bri_bernal I would love to see you do this one
For someone like me who has way too much energy a day at the spa for mandatory personal relaxation is the best present ever! Since I am traveling to London today @timfeldmannyoga whisked me away for massage, steam bath, salt scrub, tapas and a wonderfully relaxing afternoon at the spa to celebrate my birthday yesterday 😊
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Hilton Ni'mat Spa
Happy birthday🎉
Day 12 #BalanceBasics is Parsvottanasana. Align the heel of the forward foot with the arch of the back foot to facilitate a slight inward rotation of the hip joint of the forward leg. As you fold forward suck the low belly in and pull back behind the public bone. If you can't do prayer behind your back hold your elbows and soften the shoulders into internal rotation. This Mallorca location was beautiful but it was up really high so I was a little tentative coming from Florida where it's super flat. Video by @digitaldrishti We took some amazing pics here at Formentor and I am excited to share--are you excited to see? Check @beachyogagirl @laurasykora for more options. My outfit is our sponsor @athleta
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@stacicox @meagg_ok @wendimps @outah_the_blue @madikate44 there is so much magnificence near the ocean... 🌊🌈❤️
Guess what I had to trade @timfeldmannyoga the reluctant acroyoga for this shot? 😉
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@alexandrajoner veiiit vi må prøve denne😉👌
@_sarahnade so much inspiration from this girl
Day 11 #BalanceBasics is Mukta Hasta Sirsasana, Tripod Headstand. If you're new just do the basic tripod prep by building a stable foundation with the shoulders and stacking the knees on the shelves of the upper arms. Only if you feel stable then lift all the way to balance. Eventually come up with straight legs and learn to jump back directly from the posture. Remember to keep your elbows in alignment with the shoulders and wrists. Check @beachyogagirl @laurasykora for more options. My outfit by by our sponsor @athleta Video by @digitaldrishti filmed in the beautiful countryside of Mallorca.
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@alfit_ 😳😍
Just out of getting my roots touched up and as I was taking this selfie a photographer came up and asked to take some pics with me, so I said yes and moments later I was in Hanumanasana holding my chai on the bench outside of Lagkagehuset. @timfeldmannyoga walked up and just started laughing, couldn't believe in two hours alone I manifested an impromptu photoshoot 😊 Do you think I'm crazy for letting a total stranger take some pics on the street with me?
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Lagkagehuset Nyøstergade
Or Nawl...
How do u do dhat because im on a dance team but im flexable
Want a good laugh? Check out this super funny piece of fiction about Godzilla, Tokyo, my "Kinosmile" and my small shorts. Video filmed in Japan, link below. It's no secret that there are a good number of haters out there who take issue with my shorts, my style, my whatever. Well, lover or hater should get a kick out this 😉Special thanks to the awesome person who wrote this, it made me day 😊 http://www.rebellesociety.com/2014/09/09/shes-the-chuck-norris-of-yoga-the-rosa-parks-of-hot-pants/#respond
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Id fuck u from all kinds of angles all kinds