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Kino MacGregor #BeStrong #BeInspired Handstands Around the World, Yoga Teacher, Author, Writer, World Traveler, 4th Series Ashtangi, #KinoYoga #HandstandLovers http://youtube.com/kinoyoga
Astavakrasana with a sweet little visitor. This duck was hanging out with me all throughout this yoga demo at Vasona State Park in Los Gatos.
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Blue Jeans - lana del Rey @briana9392
Guess what I did underwater while filming with @adamoprisphotography ? Behind the scenes out of the pool today with my first ever underwater photoshoot. Stay tuned for the images coming soon 😊
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You got to shoot with him? Lucky! Bet they'll look amazing!
Dropping over into Urdhva Dhanurasana helps you build strength and flexibility in your backbend. Keep a sense of lifted support through the spine and pelvic floor and keep pressing into your arms even as you land. This way you will keep the inner space that supports your backbend and avoid injury for landing too hard.
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@torisford @tonyyayo
Day 25 #IndependenceARMy is Urdhva Kukkutasana. I love this posture in all it's variations because the journey humbles me. Since strength isn't something natural for me I have to work on it every day. What does it matter if you can lift up if the process isn't cracking your heart wide open? The version I do here is the hardest of all for me. I’m still working on lifting up both knees at the same time and to go from here up to handstand so I still have a ways to go! If you don’t have a good lotus you can repeat Bakasana or share your best lotus from seated. 👉Check @beachyogagirl @laurasykora for more options on tomorrow's pose. 👉My outfit is by our sponsor @glyderapparel. Use code "independencearmy" for 15% off their entire line. Video filmed by @agpadovani Song is Nothing More by The Alternate Routes.
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South Beach, 1St Street Ocean Dr
@anjawez funka detta för dig?
Announcing the August Yoga Challenge #ShesGotLegs ! We thought it would be fun to design a challenge to help achieve legs behind the head. All levels can participate and options will be given for ALL LEVELS! How to participate: 1. Follow the hosts 2. Follow our sponsor 3. Post best attempt of the posture for that day 4. Tag us, our sponsor and #shesgotlegs to qualify 5. Repost collage and tag a friend Hosts: @laurasykora @beachyogagirl @fitqueenirene @kinoyoga Sponsored by: @liquidoactive Who is joining us?
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Guess what iconic San Francisco street I hit up for a #stopdropandyoga #yogabomb Behind the scenes filming for @ulive Stay tuned for the series coming soon! Leggings by @teekigram
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Lombard Street, Beautiful 😍
How did you master the handstand? ? I always fall forward:(
In the standing postures are the basis for many advanced postures just like in the every day moments of life you will find the basis for joy and happiness.
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sigeme pliase
Day 24 #IndependenceARMy is Koundinyasana A, this arm balance is dedicated to the sage Koundinya who lived during the 6th Century BCE and is said to be the first to become a Buddhist Bhikku and arahant. This intense arm balance asks you to go on your inner journey towards a strong mind. First try the posture from seated using your core and a deep twist to enter. Only then should you consider entering and exiting in the traditional way, from Tripod headstand. 👉Check @beachyogagirl @laurasykora for more options on tomorrow's pose. 👉My outfit is by our sponsor @glyderapparel. Use code "independencearmy" for 15% off their entire line. Filmed by @agpadovani
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South Beach, 1St Street Ocean Dr
@jenmarievr @yahti
I was never a dancer, never a gymnast, never anything athletic before yoga. It was so inspiring meeting @cuchira who is a dancer and was an Olympic rhythmic gymnast. I have never felt so stiff and uncoordinated in my life and loved it so much. She is so much fun and makes it exciting to try her yogance in the sand! Photo by @agpadovani
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South Beach, 1St Street Ocean Dr
Ikr @kenbrello
@blissful_rebel ha well I'm not that bendy (yet) but yea! With the Himalayas in the background?
Hanging out in the garden with @beachyogagirl planning our August Yoga Challenge and look what happens. Guess what we have in store for you next month? Leggings by @liquidoactive
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@swhirstein lol
@kendra_keller dude
New video on how to kick up into handstand just published on my YouTube channel. Find it at the top of my playlist all about handstands. Filmed at sunrise on Miami Beach by @courtney_morra
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The Beach At 1st Street
Your so good at it
Day 23 #IndependenceARMy is Vrschikasana, Scorpion Handstand. This is a master level arm balance because it combines backbending with handstanding. The key to finding the support through your lower back is to lift your spine out of your pelvis and create space between the vertebrae, then once you feel the space allow your body to move into the space. But don’t force or rush, this video is sped up 3x so be aware of how long it took me to get fully into the posture. 👉Check @beachyogagirl @laurasykora for more options. 👉My outfit is by our sponsor @glyderapparel. Use code "independencearmy" for 15% off.
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Fontainebleau Miami Beach
NO LOL @karathorstenson
Who can tell me what amazing Florida grown tropical fruit this is? The perfectly ripe pink flesh is unbelievably yummy! Who says fruit isn't sexy? If you are what you eat, the I am happy to be as lush as this amazing fruit.
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@kinoyoga Mamey and it's amazing flavour if tit mixed with strawberry in a milk shake or mix in water fruit is my fave where do you get it here in London??
Guess where I am for this NYC #yogabomb taken behind the scenes for @ulivevideo 🌟 Look out for the new series coming in August with a time lapse video at the street corner with the iconic Flatiron Building in the background 😊 Photo by @dreabernardi
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Очко использовано
Beautiful Coconut and Raspberry Semiffredo dessert recipe by @thegreatuncooking Coconut Ice-cream layer Ingredients 1 cup raw cashews soaked overnight then drained 2/3 can of pure coconut cream ¼ cup coconut oil melted ¼ cup fresh coconut meat or desiccated coconut ½ cup rice malt syrup ½ cup raspberries 1 tbs vanilla Method Blend cashews in food processor until very smooth. Add the coconut cream, desiccated coconut, rice malt syrup, vanilla and continue blending. Add the coconut oil last and blend. Line a baking tray with paper and scatter on the ½ cup of raspberries (you can use more if you like). Pour coconut mixture on top and then place in freezer. Raspberry Ice-cream layer Ingredients 1 cup cashews soaked overnight and drained. 1/3 can of pure coconut cream (the left over) ¾ cup rice malt syrup 1 cup raspberries ¼ cup coconut oil melted juice of ½ a lemon Method Blend all ingredients until smooth, adding the raspberries last. Pour on top of the coconut layer and return to freezer for several hours. When set, invert the semiffredo onto a plate so that the white side faces up. Peel off the paper. Garnish with additional raspberries.
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Receta @davidpradoo87
@taymankind thai young coconut flesh or desiccated coconut. It would be too hard to work with a mature one that hasn't been grated for you. Keep the coconut layer as is but change the raspberry layer to mango. Adjust the sweetener to about half because mango is much sweeter than raspberry.
Day 21 #independencearmy is Parsva Bakasana, Side Crane. Combining flexibility with strength always increases the challenge. While this posture is traditionally entered and exited from Tripod headstand starting off from even a half version of Pasasana will make it easier by deepening the internal rotation of the hip on the side that you are twisting towards. Be sure to warm up your shoulders, wrists, core and twists before attempting this. Check @beachyogagirl @laurasykora for more options. My outfit is by @glyderapparal Use “independencearmy” for  15% off
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Miami Beach At 41St Street
@hrngedik tesekkürler:)
@brc_ayn youtube bak orda da çok video şu var birşey değil :)
After two days of intensive alignment and energetics @miamilifecenter we have broken down the fundamentals of the surya Namaskara. The fundamentals of all the advanced asanas are contained within your approach to this part of the practice. Video by @tiagophotofilm
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@msthanatogenous this is an excerpt of an original score initially used for stage performance. It has not been published elsewhere
Inspiration!! Please let me know when we may train together?
No music, just the peaceful sound of the sea. The breath is the key to opening the heart, the mind and the body. The breath is the tide of your life force gently moving in and out of the inner space. Surrender into it and surrender into your deepest sense of self. Shorts and top by @onzie
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Miami Beach At 41St Street
@hehayward wanna try?
Like whaaaattttttt @leahchautinn
Day 21 #independencearmy is Jumping Through, the traditional Ashtanga Yoga vinyasa from downward dog through to seated. If you don’t know how to work on this please check my youtube channel for lots of tutorials, search under “Kino Yoga Jump Through”. The key is to keep the shoulder girdle firm, protract the shoulders and layer the abs and core into a deep spinal flexion. Check @beachyogagirl @laurasykora for more options. My outfit is by @glyderapparal Use “independencearmy” for  15% off
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Haha @janedecastr0 yes!! Let's do that!!!
@sarah_davidson_b I'm doing lots of prep for this dreamy sequence in my personal practice, let's compare notes in a couple years ✨😻✨
Caught warming up my backbends on the beach by @agpadovani Didn't mean to make a post out of this, but then I decided to share. While it might look like I can just go right into backbends, handstands or other deep postures my body definitely needs a little warm up. What you see in a clip is just a small slice of my daily disciplined practice. Take the time to warm up, give your body space and never force yourself into a posture for any reason certainly not a social media post. Share your journey, be honest, be yourself, be real, love it all. Outfit by @glyderapparel
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South Beach, 1St Street Ocean Dr
@peapodie I did this too!