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Day 25 #LetsGetFlexy is Natarajasana, Shiva as Lord of the Dance. There are so am any variations of this posture so that you can always make it easier or much more difficult. The foundation of Natajasana comes from good balance through the standing leg, open hips for deep splits, flexible shoulders and a spinal extension. To go for one if the more difficult variations feels like combining all these aspects together for a grand crescendo. I am still working on getting my back leg totally straight. Check @beachyogagirl for a more beginner option. My outfit is by @aloyoga Check their account for daily winners of their Goddess leggings.
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Great post!!! Loving the Stephen Stills too 🎵🎤🎶
Sometimes you have to be strong enough to stand up for something you believe in, even if it means that it might upset some people. There is a fine balance between being kind and compassionate with your speech and honoring your truth. Take the time to reflect before you share and if it means enough to you, then be brave and share your truth with a calm equanimous mind and a kind heart. But don't back down just because someone thinks you should or shouldn't do this or that. If I backed down every time someone told me that I shouldn't do something I would not be where I am today. When I produced my first DVD people doubted me, when I wrote my first book people said that I wouldn't find a publisher, when I started sharing videos and pics on social media people said that maybe I should keep my yoga more private and introspective and of course people say that I should wear more clothes. Thanks to these people for their opposing comments because it made me reflect and look within myself to be sure what I wanted to do is authentic and purely me, not some other dogma or preconceived idea. Sometimes it is through contrast that we get clear on who we truly are. What is the dream that you want to pursue but when you share it people doubt you? Let their doubt make you stronger, more clear, more powerful, more determined, more compassionate and more authentic. How strong do you need to be? Strong enough to believe in your dreams even if you are the only one who believes. 🌟 Photo taken on beautiful Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, on the way to Vegas now to teach at Yoga Sanctuary 😊
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Soo friggin #awesome !!! Way to #fightthegoodfight @kinoyoga that is #hardcore #motivation
For many yogis, jumping back is a tedious 10-year journey before they can execute the transition with any success. Beginners often have no idea where to start to build the strength to lift up and jump back. So many people think that their arms are too short or that their thighs are too heavy to jump back. I empathize, because I often share this sentiment. I can say from direct experience that if you put in the work over many years of practice, your body will change and you will be able to do things that now seem impossible. The step-by-step method that follows will teach you how to build strong shoulders and eventually jump back. Whether you put in the work every day to build physical and mental strength is up to you. Read the full blog and get the step-by-step method on @yogajournal here: 🌟 Join me @yogajournalevents in Miami November 14-16 for an all day intensive and three workshops. Use Promo Code: KINO for 15% off at
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Miami Beach, Florida
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Perfect timing, working on this at the moment. Thanks💜
Day 24 #LetsGetFlexy is Karnapidasana, Ear Pressure Posture. As part of the traditional Ashtanga yoga closing series this posture is used to help direct the mind inward. It is also a great counterstretch for deep backbends. But be careful not to pull down with your spine, instead use the Bandhas to suck the lower belly in and support the pelvis as you facilitate a deep spinal flexion. Check @beachyogagirl for an easier option. My outfit is by @aloyoga A little over a week left so be sure to post every day and check their account for daily winners 😊
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Miami Beach At 41St Street
Omg @gennyspoon you are #thebest
When your bf thinks this is impossible and that you wouldn't be able to touch the knees to the ground..... And your knees touch the ground easily 👌 #CindyOneGiankaZero hahaha @daniestrada
Leave a little space in your life for the unexpected. Suspend your beliefs long enough for ideas, experiences and people who might be outside your status quo to slip in. Expand your consciousness beyond the limited notions of a life as you already know it and you might experience life bigger and better than you could ever dream it. 🌟 On the way to Las Vegas tomorrow, a city that pushes some boundaries for sure! Who will be joining me at Yoga Sanctuary? Where do you want to see me handstand in sin city?
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Hope it goes well!! I would love to go in Nov to Miami, but I'm so not ready!! I feel like I'm still too beginner to get a real benefit without slowing down the more advanced yogis who have been practicing longer with better discipline.
If you think your vote doesn't make a difference it does. You have a vote and it counts. What's up for grabs in the Florida election is a very important race for governor, legalizing medical marijuana and more. Do the research and vote your values. What's important for me is the environment, energy reform, sustainable development, women's equality, immigration reform, urban development, Green construction and all policies that create a more peaceful planet. Imagine if all our leaders were yogis and washed their choices up against the yamas and niyamas and the ethical commitment of yogis to make the world a more peaceful place. Plesse Florida yogis, go and vote. We are the change we seek!!! Yes we still can!!!
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Miami Beach City Hall
@pokoloco22 but calling her expression foolish on "the gram" is okay? Where do we draw the lines on exercising the first amendment? Is it only foolish when someone's viewpoint doesn't resonate with ours, but okay if we share the same beliefs? Why is exercising the freedom of expression on a platform where @kinoyoga has influence a bad thing? Everyone is entitle to their views just like everyone is entitled to comment or share what they wish, but shouldn't we do so with compassion?
You have a great smile in every picture and video you post. I love that.
Recognize and appreciate what blessings you have in your life. Everything is a gift, we don't actually "own" anything. Every ray of sunlight is a blessing and every flower and fruit on this Earth is a gift. Even our body, which we think of as "our own" is really a gift from God, and no matter how much anatomy, biology and neuroscience we learn we cannot even begin to understand the true miracle of the body. All the joy, peace, love and happiness we experience is not for us to control and contain but just for us to experience and share. Each day that you wake up with a healthy body, each time you stand in the sun, each time you receive the bounty of the Earth, each time you feel the love of family and friends, take the time to breathe it all in and be grateful for all that you receive. Practice the attitude of gratitude and watch your vibration attract more and more of the things that you are grateful for in life.
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Day 23 #LetsGetFlexy is Marichasana C. This foundational twist from the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series cleanses the digestive system while stretching the shoulders and opening the heart center. Don't twist up and out, instead suck the belly in and root down into your center to go deeper. Fold your torso around the internal rotation of the hip that is flexed. Check my YouTube channel for full tutorials. Check @beachyogagirl for an all levels option. My outfit is by @aloyoga Check their page for daily winners!!!
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On The Beach, Miami Fl
I hope !! 💗💗💗💗 @juice_1998
Awesome song! I downloaded it after seeing this, thanks @kinoyoga - you are inspiring in many ways! I googled the lyrics, it's 'Waves' by Mr. Probz @instagrahamliz
When the path ahead isn't clear it's better to hang back, drop in to your inner self and wait for guidance. The stickier the emotional situation is, the more discernment, clarity and compassion you will need to proceed forward. Just like when an asana hurts don't force or push through when it feel wrong or else you risk and injury. Create the space in your life and in your body so that you can clearly see the way through the darkness into the light. If you can't see the path ahead don't drive it forward forcefully in the blind, wait for the light to show you the way. When you can see the path ahead revealed clearly your job is to follow with integrity, bravery and wisdom. Outfit by @shaktiactivewear
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Everyone who has taken my class will know what's going on here! Keeping the low belly sucked in is such an important part of protecting the back in deep postures like Eka Pada Sirsasana. Sometimes you need a little reminder to suck it in and make space in the pelvic cave. Just five weekends left this year to catch me in class: Las Vegas at Yoga Sanctuary October 25-26 Indianapolis at City Yoga November 1-2 Toronto @davidrobsonayct November 7-9 Yoga Journal Conference Miami November 14-15 Use promo code: KINO for 15% off. Dallas at Karmany Yoga December 5-7 Full details on my website too!! Check it out and see you there 😊
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Our weather isnt too pretty but chicago would love to have ypu <3
Thank you.
Day 22 #LetsGetFlexy is Supta Virasana, Reclining Hero. To enter this posture inwardly rotate the hip joints and make space around the lower back and the knees. If you feel pressure in your knees elevate your hips, don't push your knees, this isn't a knee stretch. It's meant to elongate the psoas and quads. If you can find the space throughout the lower back and the hip flexors then Supta Virasana is a great prep for deeper backbends like Kapotasana. Check @beachyogagirl for another option. My outfit is by @aloyoga Check their account for daily winners 😊
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On The Beach, Miami Fl
Χαχαχχαχαχ @stefamaria_
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I believe I can fly 😉 What asana makes you feel like you're flying?
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@ghadah_alhejaili تذكرين يوم سويت مثلها ؟؟ 🙊
Esto es lo que me hicieron jajaja @maferula
And this is what I love about Florida.... There is the infinite peace of the true self reflected back through the multidimensional skies. Sunrise is like the pure promise of a new day, sunset is the beauty of life and all its imperfection. Have you ever noticed that catching a glimpse of an amazing sunset at the end of your day makes you feel somehow like everything is ok? The magic of sunset is like God's way of saying that there is a beautiful, glorious purpose to life even if your day was a total disaster, that there is nothing you can do to mess it up, and that you are worthy of all the love and happiness in the world. Take time to drop down within yourself and breathe it all in. Filmed by @omishadesigns
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Sunset, Florida
So inspirational
Day 21 #LetsGetFlexy is Flying Lizard Pose, Uttana Prasithasana. This is a great stretch for opening the hips and helps slide the torso through the thighs for a deeper forward bend and hip flexion. Getting this action going is key to getting the legs behind the head and releasing the quadratus lomborum. Check @beachyogagirl for another option. My outfit is by @aloyoga Check their account for daily winners of the awesome Goddess leggings 😊
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On The Beach, Miami Fl
WOW @alaniasturias
Day 20 #LetsGetFlexy is Raja Kapotasana, Royal Pigeon. This deep backbend has many variations. The trick for all of them is to create the space in between each of the joints of the spine and slowly use the strength of your back to move into the space that you create. Don't squeeze your hamstrings and pull down with your back. Be patient, don't force your body, give your body all the time it needs to open. Check @beachyogagirl for another option. My outfit is by @aloyoga Check their page for daily winners 😊
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@hamzaaa32 OMG I caaaant!! 🙈
Muchas gracias por todo en Monterrey!!!! What an awesome weekend with over 80 students from all over Mexico 😊 I am leaving with a full heart and a few containers of nopal cactus 🌵Te amo todo 💗 Espero que todos ustedes estan inspirados a practicar!!! Hasta pronto 😊
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Shanti Yoga & Reiki
I can't believe you were here 😭 I didn't know till know :/
Dani es mi hermanita @kinoyoga she translated you ❤️
Day 19 #LetsGetFlexy is Parigasana, Gate Pose. This side bend comes at the end of the Ashtanga Yoga Second Series. Use your pelvic floor to keep the hips as grounded as possible. Bend forward and allow your torso to slide between the thighs before twisting around. Keep the belly and lower ribs pulled in. Check my YouTube channel for a full tutorial. Check @beachyogagirl for more options. My outfit is by @aloyoga Check their account for daily winners 😊
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@kinoyoga Do you know if "Gate Pose" has to do with the Governing Vessel 4 (GV4) Acu-Point via Acu-yoga? GV4 is also known as "The Gate of Life" since it works with the Acu-points: Conception Vessel 2-14, Stomach 21-29, Kidney 12-18 and benefits the kidneys, adrenals, abdominal distribution, pain or cramps, overall body tension, lower back problems, fear and fatigue. Kidney & Stomach points can release abdominal distribution, aches and pains, digestive and intestinal problems. CV2-14 helps overall body tension, internal nourishment, and rejuvenation.
The inflowing and outgoing breath are the winds of your life force, the yin and yang manifested. Just as each wave that washes ashore carries with it an undertow that is the memory of the out flowing tide, each inhalation carries the residual space of the exhalation. Pause after the peak of your inhalation and you will feel the gravitational pull of the exhalation. Pause after the end of the exhalation and wait for the energy to start to flow on its own, don't force, don't push, just wait for it. Let the breath emerge from the vacuum on its own, like a rebirth. You will feel a force moving through you that brings the breath in like a wave and you will feel the spirit that is the grace behind your life. Look for it, be sensitive because it is subtle and if you rush it or tense up you'll miss it. Like our life itself, each breath is a gift that we receive from a power bigger and grander than we can possibly imagine.
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Day 18 #LetsGetFlexy is Supta Padangusthasana. Just as in any forward bend create the space for the posture by hollowing out the lower belly and engaging the pelvic floor. Stabilize your hips and use your abdominal muscles to lift your head towards your knee. Finding the flexibility here is a great transition to reclining splits but don't push too hard too soon. Check @beachyogagirl for an easier option. My outfit is by @aloyoga Check their page for daily goddess legging winners!!! Filmed in Lagoa, Rio de Janeiro at sunset.
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Handstand splits in Lagoa, Brazil. On the way to Monterrey now. Tell me Mexican yogis, where do you want to see me handstand in Monterrey?
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Damn ur soooooo beautiful