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Kino MacGregor Practice Yoga, Change Your World 🙏 #onebreathatatime 🌟Periscope/YouTube/Snapchat/Twitter @kinoyoga 👇Pre Order Book:Power of Ashtanga Yoga II
Day 3 #planksaroundtheworld is Single Arm/Leg Plank. Alternate arms and legs to build core strength and stability. Then add a lifted leg to chaturanga push-ups to take your strength to the next level. It's a perfect handstand prep for shoulders, core and wrists. Have you been tuning in on @kinoyoga Periscope? Do you want to practice this plank with me tomorrow? Check @beachyogagirl @blogilates for another option. Video by @ifilmyoga
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auh that's cool - I want to do that ...practice and patients
Is here!!!! My new book The Power of Ashtanga Yoga II 😊 Did you watch me practice the 2nd series today on @kinoyoga Periscope? You can still tune into the reply for the next day so logon and check it out. Then get inspired for second series 🌟 This book is all about the second series, including a full chapter on handstands and so much more!!!! What a perfect time for me to find these two advance copies of my new book waiting for me @miamilifecenter You can preorder on Amazon link in bio and here too:
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Namaste 🙏😘 @_andreyoga
Ahh I need this book :)
In our own way, in our own time we are all searching for home. We all need a feeling of belonging, a sense of lasting peace. We are beings of light and love. We are all scarred, wounded, hurting, suffering, and fighting our own epic emotional battles. Our only shelter is in the wings of grace. There is no permanent happiness in the material world. There is no firm ground to stand on amidst the shifting sands of time. Everything is temporary, every moment is fleeting. Today's #YogiAssignment is Refuge. Called Saranam in Sanskrit, the only real place to seek refuge is in the center of your heart, through complete surrender. Finding a connection beyond the material world to the truth of who you are is the journey back home to the true self. Once you see yourself through the eyes of spirit will you have the strength to walk the long and narrow road of truth back to your center. Seeking refuge in the material world will leave you empty, exhausted, beaten down. Seeking refuge in God is a relief, like a good night's sleep after a long travel. Even a momentary glimpse of the power and magnitude of your true spiritual nature provides lasting sustenance for the seeker's journey. Be strong. Strong enough to surrender, to die to yourself and all you know. Strong enough to know when you need to seek shelter, take refuge from the storm. When you have no strength, nothing left to lose, when you are lost, weary, broken-hearted and finally ready to ask for help, then God will reach in and lift you up, heal you, restore you, make you whole again. Your heart will overflow with love. Your soul will sing with joy. You will be in the world but no longer of it. You will be free. And you will finally be home. #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime Tune in on Periscope @kinoyoga for the live discussion 😊
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Day 2 #planksaroundtheworld is Plank Pose. This my all time favorite pose for building strength in the shoulders, core, wrists and more. It's the perfect prep for handstands, arm balances and jumping through. You can do it with so many slight variations to focus on different aspects of strength building. Tune in to @kinoyoga Periscope tomorrow morning for a little plank insight. Check my YouTube channel for lots of plank tutorials. Check @beachyogagirl @blogilates for their options. Video by @ifilmyoga
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@tinaremiee how do I become her
Are you ready to warm up for the yoga challenge pose of the day? Join me on Periscope @kinoyoga and practice with me all the way to Pinchamayurasana 😊 It took me nearly two years to find the balance here! I wish someone would have shared the easy strength building routine I'm sharing right now. Check it out! Have keep, practice every day. Practice, Practice, Practice. Never give up. Get on your mat. Consistent practice over many years is the key to success. 🌟 Did you miss it? 🌟 Sign on to @kinoyoga Periscope and view for the next 24 hours! 🌟Outfit @aloyoga
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You are very talented! Thank you for sharing the manisfestation of your so harf work for so long. You should be very thankful that God has given you such a fine body and ability.Praise His Holy Name!!!
Day 1 #planksaroundtheworld is Dolphin Plank. Tune into @kinoyoga Periscope and tomorrow I'll post a yoga flow so you can practice for the challenge 😊 Did you see the meditation and gentle yoga flow I did tonight live on Periscope? Watch on replay if you missed it. This is the perfect prep for strengthening the shoulders for Pinchamayurasana. Check my YouTube channel for tutorials and save your questions to ask me love tomorrow. Check @beachyogagirl @blogilates for another option. Post daily!! Video by @ifilmyoga
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Come teach me plz @kinoyoga
Your smile in all your videos always adds some joy to my day:) @kinoyoga
Honestly I felt defeated after Periscope disabled my account. I mean I felt like we were really starting something with over 700 people tuned in to Meditation together! But I'm not giving up. Find me live now on Periscope @kinoyoga for a live meditation and maybe an asana clinic after if you sign on request it. Tune in, spread the word, share it! Sign on and join me @kinoyoga on Periscope 😊 #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime
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Kino, You have No IDEA how much you have INSPIRED me! Much love
I'm on Periscope @kinoyoga right now. Ask me anything. See me practice. Join my daily mediation broadcasts. What is it about text messages and the internet that make it seem ok to send nastiness through the cyber waves? It's so easy to type out words and phrases you would never say in person and hit send before a second thought. I'm live on Periscope and people ask to see my boobs and say all other sorts of strange and mildly perverted stuff. I ask nicely for it to stop, I don't want to have to block people. But really how many of those people sending messages would say what they typed into the chat to me in person? Would they look me dead in the eye and ask to see my boobs and tell me what they want to do to my body parts? I seriously doubt it. Then as I was about to send a nasty text of my own to someone who broke an agreement, I felt how easy it is to get caught up in the etherspace of texting, messaging and the online world. Then I remembered my own teaching, my own path and took time to reflect before responding. Pause before sending anything when you're in a flooded emotional state. Press pause just long enough to consider that there are real people that you're communicating with, whether it's here on IG, on Periscope, on a text thread or in person. Today's #YogiAssignment is Pause. If you get drawn into drama, pause long enough to take ten deep breaths before entering the battle. See if a few seeds of understanding make their way to your heart. Remember to W.A.I.T and ask yourself "why am I talking?" Pause long enough to remember why you're engaging. Pause long enough to remember that you are not your emotions, that you are more powerful than any feeling that might be arising. Pause long enough to tune in to a place of imperturbable peace within yourself. Pause long enough to remember that all that matters if the love you share. Only love is real. Everything else fades away, but the love you share lasts forever. Imagine if we spent a whole day sharing only love. No drama, no negatively, no meanness, no belittling comments. Just peace, love, healing, tolerance and compassion. The world would be a better place. #practiceyogachangeyourworld
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@kinoyoga My sincerest apologies for stepping in and engaging with @sugarplumfairym on your feed, it was not my place to do so. I truly thought she had you confused with someone else. One of my favorite quotes is "Live your life in such a way that if someone said something bad about you, no one would believe them". You obviously do this and therefore were in no need of my defense. I only succeeded in fueling the 🔥, I'm sorry.
@jomommee as a general rule its good to have minimal knowledge about a topic before one jumps with such zeal to discuss it.
Day 31 #backtobackbends is Utkatasana. You are awesome!!! You shine bright like stars 🌟🌟🌟 Did you make it through the whole challenge? Please leave a comment below 😊 Ending with Utkatasana resets the spine and lower back after all those backbends. Draw the thighs towards each other and suck the lower belly in. Sink into the hip creases and then straighten the arms to lift up, creating space along the center line. Check @beachyogagirl for another option. Outfit by @aloyoga Winners announced soon! Video by @ifilmyoga
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I joined in each day 👍🏻
@ricardomaiacrossfit utkatasana
I'm live on Periscope @kinoyoga right now. Ask me anything. See me practice. Join my daily mediation broadcasts. Watch it on replay for 24 hours if you missed it. Insecurity. It sucks. It comes at you like an undertow. I woke up this morning feeling tired, stiff, weak, sore, fat and old. I barely want to practice. But I am getting on my mat. We are not perfect, but we are perfectly imperfect. In fact our fallibility is maybe the only thing we can count on as humans. We all have bad days where our doubt gets the better hand. The antidote to insecurity is love. Love yourself and all your faults and weakness and tiredness. Love your whole world, it's all you've got. You're good enough as you are, you're all you've got. You don't get to trade yourself in for another model, you have to make peace with yourself as you are. Love yourself, love your world. Be real, build no pedestals, worship no false idols, share what scars you. The higher the pedestal, the farther down to fall. Today's #YogiAssignment is Insecurity. Be brave and share some aspect of yourself that is hard for you to accept. It only has power over you when it's the dirty secret in the room that no one wants to talk about. #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime
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Day 30#backtobackbends is Bakasana. One day left and we are way over 100,000 posts!!!! You're all superstars 🌟 It is always important to balance deep backbends with strength. This arm balance is like an activated child's pose, which is a great way to equalize the spine after deep backbends. Check my YouTube channel for lots of tutorials. Check @beachyogagirl for another option. Outfit by @aloyoga Video by @ifilmyoga
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@slimt07, let's practice this!
Take nothing for granted. Tell the people that you love that you love them. Don't assume it's known. Share your heart. Risk it all. Don't wait for someone to figure it out because most likely scenario is that they won't. What we think is clear is often murky. State your feelings honestly and clearly and don't play any games. I had an ex-boyfriend who never liked to say "I love you" because he thought it meant less the more you say it. While I understood his point, I'm exactly the opposite. You never know when the moment may be your last together, so share your love. Scream it out from the rooftops, let it be known. I feel something is strange if I don't tell my husband that I love him at least a few times a day and if the three words of "I love you" aren't the last thing I say to him at night. Today's #YogiAssignment is Communication. Don't let the sun go down today without saying those three magic words to at least one person, I love you. If some negativity is blocking your expression of love, the best way to get over your anger is to talk about it, open an earnest dialogue and clear the air. Holding it all inside your heart may just eat you up from the inside out. Appreciate every moment of kindness, generosity and love. Speak with a compassionate, truthful heart. Be brave enough to share you innermost thoughts. Be brave enough to be exactly who you are. Communicate, share, express. Find your voice. #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime Photo by @beachyogagirl Tune into "kinomacgregor" on Periscope for daily live broadcasts, free meditations and more 😊
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@janezeller take up ashtanga!!
Announcing #planksaroundtheworld challenge to inspire people all around the world to work your CORE! Plank posture is used both in Yoga and Pilates so why not team up with me @beachyogagirl and @blogilates to bring you 7 days of planking fun! If you participate everyday, you will be entered in to win these awesome prizes: @dharmayogawheel, @liforme yoga mat, signed copy of Kino's book #powerofashtangayoga , Cassey's book #hotbodyyearround , a detox water bottle, and a tank top from @blogilates To enter: 1. Repost and tag a friend! 2. Follow @blogilates @beachyogagirl and @kinoyoga 3. Take a photo of that day's plank pose and upload it to your account. 4. Tag #planksaroundtheworld and us in your posts. 5. Have fun! Let's get the entire world planking!🌏 Who's in? Tags some friends!!! Starts August 1st 😊
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@salmango24 is it too late to start this?
how long are we supposed to hold the plank?
Day 29 #backtobackbends is Kapotasana. This deep backbend from the Ashtanga Yoga Second Series brings many people to a physical, emotional and even spiritual edge. How does it feel for you? Kapotasana is the apex of the challenge. If you made it this far, keep it up!! Move deeper only when you get a green light from the body. Never force or crank your body before it's ready. Wait for the space to be created and only after you have the strength and flexibility then move into the pose. Check my YouTube channel for lots of tutorials. Check @beachyogagirl for another option. Outfit by @aloyoga Video by @ifilmyoga
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Keep your mind calm and steady amidst the chaos of life. Focus on the next step forward no matter how small it might be. Let go of pride and entitlement, put in the work and don't let anything distract you. Success is as much about keeping your eye on the ball as it is about raw talent and luck. Consistent effort over many years is the humble secret of realizing your dreams in the world. Today's #YogiAssignment is Eka Tattva, Single-Pointed Concentration. Sit for five minutes with unbroken awareness on the breath. Start with this simple task and let it initiate your journey into the yogi's mind. Then take that powerful focus into your life. Set your intention clearly and then don't take your eye off the ball. Wash every decision, every move up against your deepest truth and don't waver. Don't sit idly wondering why it's not happening as life passes you by. With a strong, steady mind keep your attention on the path and take one small step forward every day. With devotion, discipline and determination there is nothing you can't accomplish. #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime Photo by @ifilmyoga Join me on Periscope "kinomacgregor" for free daily live meditation broadcasts.
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Day 28 #backtobackbends is Wild Thing, Camatkarasana. Just a few days left!!! Almost there, keep posting to make it to the end 😊 Flipping your side plank is a great way to find release and extension while keeping the foundation strength of the arm balance. Deepening backbends is always a mix between strength and flexibility. Check @beachyogagirl for another option. Outfit by @aloyoga Video by @ifilmyoga
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HAHAHAHA @heidi_dickluss
I woke up one day over 15 years ago with a sincere desire to live a more peaceful life. Late nights, wild parties, nameless substitutes for intimacy lead to an emotional dead end. I saw a few of my friends end up nearly dead, broken, lost and searching. I was young and haughty, full of pride, ego and attitude. I left a trail of misery and drama around me without realizing the repercussions of my selfish actions, I lived in an emotional black hole. I'm not perfect now, but I know where my heart lies. And I took a step down the path of yoga out of a yearning to live a more peaceful life, to leave the world a better place, to bring love and trust back to a barren emotional landscape. Today's #YogiAssignment is Sankalpa, Intention. Once my intention was set my world slowly started to change, one breath at a time. I went to India, traded parties for practice, shifted selfishness to generosity, cynicism to understanding, depression to love. You can do it too. You just need to set your intention with your full heart. You have to yearn for change, to hunger for a way out of misery so much so you are willing to risk it all, change your life, be reborn through the eyes of spirit. Maybe we all need to be broken in our own way before we are ready to be saved? Or maybe not. Maybe we can set the intention today to live a life devoted to love and that will be enough to carry us out of suffering. Maybe the question is really how bad does it need to get, how much do you need to suffer before you yearn for the way out? How chaotic and crazy does it need to be before you go in search of the bridge to peace, before you will accept the seat on the train to inner peace that is yours? I had to suffer a lot, it had to get dark for me before I was willing to accept the light. My prayer for you is that you accept the gift of grace today without having your face planted in the gutter, that you set your intention to live a life of inner peace today. You don't need to suffer any more. You are worthy of love, you deserve peace, your birthright is happiness. Just say yes. #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime 🌟 Join "kinomacgregor" Periscope for free live meditation broadcasts!!
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Love your testimony. ✌🏼
Well said!!
Day 27 #backtobackbends is Shalabhasana. We know you're wondering about an August challenge, so please stay tuned. We have something fun that we will announce in the next few days. Sorry for the delay but we had a last minute change of plans. There's always so much going on behind the scenes to bring everything together for any project. Just like this backbend, Shalabhasana sets up the whole framework for strength and endurance to take you deeper into the spinal extensions of the practice. Check my YouTube channel for tutorials. Check @beachyogagirl for another option. Outfit by @aloyoga Video by @ifilmyoga
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@dev.riley you do this at hot yoga?
Each day is a blessing filled with wonder. Every person is an angel is disguise. Each breath is an adventure. Every flower contains a universe. With a curious heart discover and constantly rediscover the world around you. Embark on an inner mission and explore the uncharted territories of the true self within. Today's #YogiAssignment is Mystery. Rather than solving a mathematical problem, the mystery of life is magical, heartfelt and can only be revealed to you when you're ready to truly see it. In chapter nine of the Bhagavad Gita, the yoga of the greatest secret is revealed to Arjuna. According to the Gita, the revelation of raja guhja yoga is the deepest mystery of life. It is the direct experience of the infinite power and grace of God. Through the ultimate surrender the yogi is witness to this sacred mystery. Each time you practice you have the chance to access this timeless wisdom, to be led down the inner road. The more I practice the more humbled I am by the mystery of life, by how little I know or can can control. Look for the signs all around you. See beyond the material world into the spiritual truth that underlies all things throughout all time. Accept the path with a humble heart. Mystery cannot be solved, but it can be revealed to you. #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime Photo by @yogiyannii Follow snapchat "kinoyoga" and periscope "kinomacgregor" for the full story.
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How amazing, I want to be this flexible. @jessicajanew
Day 26 #backtobackbends is Gomukhasana, Cow Face Pose. This is the perfect pose to gently release the shoulders and encourage the internal rotation of the hips for deeper backbends. Draw the thighs towards each other and suck the belly in while pivoting the torso forward into the hip joints. Check my YouTube channel for tutorials. Check @beachyogagirl for another option. Outfit by @aloyoga Video by @ifilmyoga
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WOW!!!! 😉😉😉😉👍👍👍👍 @kinoyoga