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Kino MacGregor #BeStrong #BeInspired Handstands Around the World, Yoga Teacher, Author, Writer, World Traveler, 4th Series Ashtangi, #KinoYoga #HandstandLovers http://youtube.com/kinoyoga
Day 1 #shesgotlegs is the passive stretch often called Pigeon. But I’ve always wondered about that because the Sanskrit word for Pigeon is Kapotasana and that’s a deep backbend. I feel like what is more descriptive of the asana is Resting Galavasana or, in Sanskrit, Laya Galavasana, because the shape of the posture is like the pose dedicated to the Sage Galava, except this is passive and resting. Anyhow, what’s it’s called, this posture is an awesome hip opener which is we start here with the month’s challenge. Allow the trochnater major to drop back and down while releasing the back. Once you get the gliding motion in the ball and socket of the hip joint freely your hips will open. Stay for at least 20 breaths to give your body a chance to open. And don't worry the last posture in the clip isn't in the challenge, it's just to show the connection between this stretch and the final movement of deep external hip rotation 😊 Check @beachyogagirl @laurasykora @fitqeeunirene for more options on tomorrow's pose. 👉 My shorts are by @liquidoactive Use code “shesgotlegs” for 20% all their awesome yoga gear 😊
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South Pointe Park Miami Beach
That so weird
Thanks to everyone for your awesome work in #independencearmy It was inspirational for me to share the journey with you!!! If you participated every day ease leave a comment below so we can choose the winners 😊 Thanks to my amazing co-hosts @beachyogagirl @laurasykora and our sponsor @glyderapparel
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Fontainebleau Miami Beach
Such a fun challenge ! Learned so many things, and connected with so many lovely yogis! Thank you @kinoyoga @beachyogagirl and @laurasykora , it was wonderful! 😍🙏✌👏
Namaskar, I participated daily and completed the challenge. Thank you so much @kinoyoga @laurasykora @beachyogagirl @glyderapparel this one was my first yoga video challenge and I learned more than I expected, it was very inspirational, Bless ((((om)))) Love
Yoga takes you deeper within yourself to a place of infinite peace. The blissful inner experience is not an escape but a reflection of the true self. Dig deeper to rise up. Levitating Padmasana captured underwater by @adamoprisphotography
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Absolutely love your spirit @kinoyoga - would love to get you rocking our Strong Women gear and helping us fight domestic violence - let me know if you'd be interested
@sickly_sweet23 we are gonna try this one day damn it! Lok
Last Day #independencearmy is Wild Thing, Camatkarasana. I can't believe it's over!!!! The first time I did this posture was by accident falling out of side plank. As it turns out that’s a great way to transition into the posture. Whenever I do this I always have to really think about what’s going on so be sure to feel your back extending, the shoulder releasing and the pelvic floor supporting. After a month of arm balances enjoy this backbend right before we get started with hip openers tomorrow for August Yoga challenge #shesgotlegs / #hesgotlegs 👉Check @beachyogagirl @laurasykora for more options on tomorrow's pose. 👉My outfit is by our sponsor @glyderapparel. Use code "independencearmy" for 15% off their entire line. Video filmed by @agpadovani
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Kk, just tried it. I suck @brizzfit
@kinoyoga It's official, just posted day 31 to complete the challenge! 💖
Let the flow of life run powerfully through, let your love shine through moments of darkness, let your inner path always be illuminated with the light of wisdom. Photo by @adamoprisphotography
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For not being a dancer, your pointe is gorgeous... Blessed with beautiful feet
One of the best photos I've ever seen! (I love water so that helps)
Warning to all prospective yoga teachers out there: teaching yoga is hard work... And teaching Mysore Style Ashtanga is really hard hard!  As a teacher I’ve had students kick me, fall on top me, collapse into me, slide away from, cry on my shoulder, scream at me, run away from me, hide from me and take me down with them when they fell out of a posture. As a student I’ve done the same to my teacher (and maybe worse). As a teacher I think it’s my job to love my students and speak to their greatness. Today one of the sweetest, strongest students in my class @miamilifecenter accidentally kicked me in the face (check out the pic and you’ll see my bottom lip a little plumper than usual). I won’t lie, it hurt more than I expected and I was definitely surprised, but I’m not upset and I don’t blame the student. After it all I am even still smiling because it’s all part of process and truthfully, I was sort of looking for an excuse to take it easy in my practice today so in a way I’m thankful. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done as a student or experienced as a teacher?
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Miami Life Center
@kinoyoga it was during the standing series. After I did the bow posture is when I collapsed. Yea, definitely my breathing. It's hard for me to get my breathing right in the hot room. But I feel that when you practice in hot temps you can improve your flexibility soo much and you get such a good workout. Are Ashtanga classes normally in a hot room, too? I've only practiced Ashtanga from home so far
@lucijazz Ashtanga classes are only heated when the weather is cold, like you would your house. But in the group class it's easy to get warm with internal heat 😊
Check out this amazing view of the NYC Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn Heights Park. Handstand #yogabomb behind the scenes filming for @ulive New series coming soon!!! Video by @dreabernardi Clothes @shaktiactivewear #stopdropandyoga
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I'm in luv with ur feet
Call mi teach mi how to do that
Day 30 #independencearmy is Mayurasana. This posture is harder than a handstand for me because it requires such a powerful integration of core strength and you cannot really stack your body along the center line. It’s all core! Keep the abs super firm and press down with the arms while keeping the elbows as close together as possible. Be patient, keep practicing. Check the tutorials on my YouTube channel for instruction and tips. It took me years to even get my feet off the ground so don’t get frustrated if you think this is hard because it is really hard!! 👉Check @beachyogagirl @laurasykora for more options on tomorrow's pose. 👉My outfit is by our sponsor @glyderapparel. Use code "independencearmy" for 15% off their entire line.
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Fontainebleau Miami Beach
Nice music who is it??
Apparently I can hold my breath long enough to swim to the bottom of the pool and get into Eka pada Sirsasana 😊 Bet you're wondering how I got out, well there will be video coming too! Captured by @adamoprisphotography
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Is that a human
Kino you're stunning!!
Who's ready for August Yoga Challenge? #shesgotlegs #hesgotlegs We thought it would be fun to design a challenge to help achieve legs behind the head. All levels can participate and options will be given for ALL LEVELS! How to participate: 1. Follow the hosts 2. Follow our sponsor 3. Post best attempt of the posture for that day 4. Tag us, our sponsor and #shesgotlegs to qualify 5. Repost collage and tag a friend Hosts: @laurasykora @beachyogagirl @fitqueenirene @kinoyoga Sponsored by: @liquidoactive Who is joining us?
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I'm doing it!!!!😉
Scary but tempting... Not sure what I can or can't do.. But hey... Challenge for a reason... Right!!???
Day 29 #independencearmy is Viparita Shalabhasana, Inverted Locust Posture. Even though it’s tempting to rest the weight of your body on the chin, make this is an arm balance by pressing your shoulders into the ground, engaging the legs and using your pelvic floor to lift powerfully up. There are many modifications for the posture, including a wall stretch tutorial that I posted on my YouTube channel. 👉Check @beachyogagirl @laurasykora for more options on tomorrow's pose. 👉My outfit is by our sponsor @glyderapparel. Use code "independencearmy" for 15% off their entire line.
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@thaone16 dear lord???? Lol
@margaretkaufman me waiting for you when you're in Greece
Yoga underwater is like a dream, everything is different and the same. This is the first of many ethereal images captured by @adamoprisphotography Are you excited to see more? I know I am!!
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Wauw! Great picture!!😱❤️
Who's ready to open your hips in next month's yoga challenge #shesgotlegs ? Don't worry there won't be anything crazy like this! Buddhasana and Kapilasana are some of the deepest leg behind the head posture from Fourth Series Ashtanga Yoga. Shorts by @liquidoactive
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@biancagv0 gracias por la idea nena 💞
@amayachez23 denada😘
Day 28 #independencearmy is Mukta Hasta Sirsasana A, Tripod Headstand. This unsupported headstand is the foundation of many headstand transitions in the Ashtanga Yoga method. Some people can jump into it with such grace, I can only mini-hop into it. Engage the rotator cuff muscles, the deltoids and legs to find the vertical line. Point your toes and lift powerfully up to avoid sagging in your lower back. Draw the elbows in to stack them in alignment with the wrists and shoulders. 👉Check @beachyogagirl @laurasykora for more options on tomorrow's pose. 👉My outfit is by our sponsor @glyderapparel. Use code "independencearmy" for 15% off their entire line. Video filmed by @agpadovani
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The Beach At 1st Street
@jordaniafisio olha como é fácil! #sqn
I have maintained a dedicated six day a week Ashtanga yoga practice for more than 15 years. Before yoga I had no self discipline and my only form of exercise was going out on a Friday night rave dance marathon. I was never a dancer, never a gymnast, never on a sports team so I had no idea what it meant to commit myself to in-depth training. The only disciplined thing I ever did was study for a test. But daily devotion also includes balance and that was harder for me to learn than discipline. I could understand that you had to wok hard but learning to relax was harder for me to comprehend. I thought if I didn't practice I was just lazy or if I didn't give 150% in wasn't trying hard enough. Yesterday was the new moon and today is my moon, which means these are two days when my lineage says not to practice. So I traded intensive Ashtanga practice for a morning at the beach. Sometimes for me taking a day off is actually harder than doing the practice, but I've learned to respect my body and this sacred practice. Giving the body a chance to rest, renew and rebuild can actually make you stronger and more flexible, soften the mind's attachment to practice itself and help you learn to surrender and enjoy your life off the mat. And with this beautiful beach day, what's not to love about a "mandatory" day off practice? Just wish @timfeldmannyoga was here to share it with me.
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On The Beach in South Beach
@mariliaraposa I love this post! Check out! ❤️😍🙏✨
@lucasclp beautiful words! beautiful lady! 😁❤️🙏
Day 27 #independencearmy is the straight handstand, Adho Mukha Vrksasana. In order to find the vertical line in your handstand you will need to engage your abs and core, press up with your shoulders, draw the inner thighs towards each other and point your toes. Holding a straight handstand for anything more than a few seconds is as much a mental activity of inward focus as it is a physical endurance. Before attempting to press up into handstand be sure that you have good balance, long hold, stable foundation, good technique and you can lower down slowly. 👉Check @beachyogagirl @laurasykora for more options on tomorrow's pose. 👉My outfit is by our sponsor @glyderapparel. Use code "independencearmy" for 15% off their entire line.
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@kelseykrue @lilskr
@lanmorais :(
Some people say that they think it's weird that I smile in my pics. But yoga puts me in touch with my inner happiness and I feel joy each time I practice (even on days when I stumble and fall). And some people say I always do Scorpion, but I love this posture, it's one of my favorites of all time. Getting my feet to my head involves the balance between strength and surrender that is the heart of the practice for me. It's my passion to share the inspiration to practice and through practice experience peace, love, happiness and joy. Bathing suit by @sauvageswimwear Photo by @agpadovani
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@savageswim @savageswim @savageswim
Whaaatt??? That hot ass bikini is definitely a @savageswim !!
If you think you'll never get your legs behind your head, get ready for #shesgotlegs August yoga challenge. The postures will slowly five you the deep release to sink into your external rotation and build up to postures like this one, Yoganidrasana. Photo by @beachyogagirl Leggings by @liquidoactive
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@lauraviannadeangelis oh vc dormindo
I could never do that lol I love you you really inspire me 😍
Day 26 #IndependenceARMy is Handstand Splits, Urdhva Hasta Hanumanasana. This video is sped up a lot, go slowly with handstands to keep the mind calm and inwardly focused. Use your full split, stabilize the shoulders, engage your core and point your toes to find the balance. Don’t collapse into your back, intend create space by reaching out with your legs. 👉Check @beachyogagirl @laurasykora for more options on tomorrow's pose. 👉My outfit is by our sponsor @glyderapparel. Use code "independencearmy" for 15% off their entire line.
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@alyssaberman I think you would enjoy her insta 😊
If I have one vice it's shopping. I love fashion, clothes, make up, perfume, shoes, purses, jewelry and generally everything you can find @bloomingdales Why is there not a Bloomies on Miami Beach? Seriously though, while I am a disciplined and dedicated ashtangi, I love to shop, it's my entertainment, my sensory pleasure, the thing I miss when I don't have time to do it. I grew up in Florida so I even like malls, how funny is that? This was my perfect afternoon off 😊 What's your vice? Photo taken by my Mom @kinomacgregor Yes we have the same name and yes she shares my passion for shopping, her bag was twice as heavy as mine and she took this picture. Dress by @missselfridge
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Bloomingdale's Miami
Omg kino shopping. We love her @annasmith93