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Kino MacGregor Yoga Teacher, Author, YouTuber, Inspirational Speaker. Practice yoga, change your world #onebreathatatime #BeStrong
Integrating yoga with life is one of the most challenging parts of the practice. It's easy to live the yoga lifestyle when you go on retreat and dedicate every moment of your day to your Sadhana. But how do you remain true to the heart of yoga amidst the busy-ness of life? How do you keep your mind in a calm and equanimous state when the world is rushing by you at a million miles an hour? Yoga is chance to make your world a more peaceful place by retraining how you deal with stress, by increasing your patience, by opening your heart, and by expanding your capacity for love. Yoga matters the most when you're caught in difficult life situations, that's the real test of whether yoga is working. If it is, then what you'll see is a slow steady arc towards a more peaceful life, more happy thoughts and a more loving heart. #practiceyogachangeyourworld #OneBreathAtATime Photo by @fassun Wearing @aloyoga
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Central District, Hong Kong
Ди, хочу вот такие легенсы😋🙈👍
Thank you
Hello Hong Kong 😊 First handstand in this awesome city. Ready to teach @pureyogaofficial tonight. #hongkong #hk #handstand Photo by @fassun Wearing: @aloyoga
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Chungking Mansions
Wow this is incredible, I can't wait for my journey up to this level, you're such an inspiration 😍😃
Who is going with us on the #JourneytoHandstand for our March Yoga Challenge? 🌟Hosts: @kinoyoga & @beachyogagirl Sponsored by: @aloyoga For March we will be teaching you the fundamentals of learning how to handstand. ALL levels are welcome to participate in this challenge - especially beginners! The amazing people at @aloyoga will be giving away prizes for those that participate daily! Here is how to join the challenge: 1⃣Repost this photo and tag some friends to join you on the journey! 2⃣FOLLOW 👉@kinoyoga, @beachyogagirl and @aloyoga 3⃣Post daily starting March 1st (your hosts will post the night before to show you what that day's challenge is) 4⃣Include #JourneytoHandstand @kinoyoga, @beachyogagirl & @aloyoga in your daily posts.  5⃣Make sure your account is "public" so everyone can see it. Bonus: We have also made you a 31 day video series that will follow along with his challenge! 🎉 If you are new to handstands or want to improve get this series on @codyapp! Go to: (link in bio) Who is excited to take the Journey to Handstand? You in?
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Only a few hours left to get my @codyapp Journey to Handstand plan with @beachyogagirl at the introductory price! This is your last chance to get this on sale before we begin next month’s #journeytohandstand challenge! (link in bio) This plan consists of 31 days of unique classes, each of which will build your shoulder, wrist and core strength to help you reach your handstand goal! This total-body conditioning allows for a more well-rounded approach that will get you upside down faster and with stronger form. It doesn’t matter where you are in your practice and you don’t need to be a master yogi to attain handstands, you just need to have an open heart and a desire to put in the work! @beachyogagirl and I invite you to join us in the #journeytohandstand Instagram challenge which will be going on next month to share your growth and progress with others! Thank you to everyone so far for the overwhelmingly positive feedback! It means so much that you choose to learn with me.
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@kinoyoga hi, I didn't place the order the other. Can I please still get 20% off journey to handstand? Thanks.
@jaimeeleeyogi @yogapriss I bought this. We can practice together! 💜👯👯
Day 27 #LetsGETFlexyIn2015 is Sirsasana, headstand. This basic headstand position sets up your alignment towards the vertical axis. Take the time here to strengthen and open the shoulders, engage and lengthen the legs and activate the core. Check my YouTube channel for full tutorials. Check @beachyogagirl for an easier option. Outfit by @aloyoga  Check their account for weekly winners!! Video filmed in Mysore, India by @ifilmyoga
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Thank you India 🙏 Thank you for being the spiritual home of Ashtanga Yoga and welcoming me for the past 15 years. Thanks to R. Sharath Jois for being my teacher, for taking me beyond where I could ever go myself, for helping me so much every day of my practice here in Mysore. Thank you to the community of Mysore yogis who make sacrifices to dedicate themselves to the practice. It's not about how many poses you have, it's about the inner experience of surrender. When you're ready to be a student it means you are ready to humble yourself, to ask for help, to venture into uncharted territory in your body and mind, to open your heart, to trust even when it doesn't make sense. #AshtangaYoga #Mysore Photo by @ifilmyoga Dress by @andarastars
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<3 beautiful
Only 24 hours left to get my Journey to Handstand plan on @codyapp for the sale price! @beachyogagirl and I developed this fun, all-levels journey to strengthen you in both body and mind so you can reach your goal of beginning or mastering your existing handstand practice! (link in bio) No matter where you are in your practice, there is always room for growth. I have been practicing yoga for 15 years and every single day that I step onto my mat is a new challenge and opportunity for me to learn. The journey of yoga is just that – a journey. There will always be challenges and set backs, but it is how you respond to obstacles and adversities that is what’s truly important. Handstands can seem intimidating and scary at first because they literally turn your world upside down, but with an open heart, desire and practice, what was once uncomfortable will fill you with peace and serenity. I am so excited to be able to share in this journey with you and feel so fortunate to have created this series with someone so close to my heart!
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Thank you! Me too, they are so nice! @sayruhmarbury
@thenadiatimofeev you're welcome! I know! I love the width!
Nano taxi.... India's answer to Uber 😊 I can't get over how cute these little cars are!!! Just my size 😉 Photo by @ifilmyoga
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@kinoyoga are you still in mysore?
Can u drop me to irport 😘🌹
Day 25 #LetsGETFlexyIn2015 is Pasasana, Noose Pose. The first posture of the intermediate series of Ashtanga Yoga is a deep twist and moved through the inner body. Stray off with a lateral stretch and then fold your torso around the thigh, internally rotating both hips and then take the twist through the thoracic spine and shoulder girdle. Check my YouTube channel for full tutorials. Check @beachyogagirl for an easier option. Outfit by @aloyoga  Check their account for weekly winners!! Video filmed in Mysore, India by @alesigismondi
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@yogamama522 I'd love to work on this, right now I can just about sit down with heals down and not falling over!
Only 48 hours left to get my @codyapp Journey to Handstand plan for 20% off! If you want to participate in next months #journeytohandstand challenge and you want daily instruction from me and @beachyogagirl this is perfect for you! (link in bio) This 31-day plan was designed for all levels and will guide you step by step through the basics like shoulder prep and wall walks all the way to forearm balances and handstand transitions. If this is your first time ever trying handstands, this program will help you understand how to build your handstand practice. If you have a handstand practice already, this plan will provide you with techniques that will advance your skills and help you unlock more challenging transitions like flying pigeon or Titibhasana. The journey to handstand is more than just a physical one – learning to handstand requires patience, practice and determination. As you strengthen your body in this series, you will also challenge yourself to grow in mind, body and spirit! Share your progress and growth with the #journeytohandstand hashtag!
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@kinoyoga I am in love with all of your YouTube videos and can't wait to start Journey to Handstand!!
This little labrador mix puppy was found in the gutter this morning in Mysore. She is the cutest, cuddliest, most kind spirit and she needs a home. We need your help! Are you living in India and have space in your life for this beautiful little soul? Are you in Mysore now and can take a dog home with you at the end of your trip? We will pay for all shots, vaccines, food, transport. Please contact me at if you have space in your life for this ball of cuteness. 👉And good news update. The little puppy was adopted by a local family 😊
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Haha sikken going :) @fridanh
Day 25 #LetsGETFlexyIn2015 is Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana. This standing and balancing pose tests strength and flexibility. Don't worry about lifting the leg super high, focus on drawing the head of the femur deeper into its socket. Check my YouTube channel for full tutorials. Check @beachyogagirl for her option. Outfit by @aloyoga Check their account for weekly winners!! Video filmed in Mysore, India by @ifilmyoga
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@ifilmyoga thank you!!
Love this song and the beat to it to yoga! What is it called?? Does it anyone know
Cherishing my last few days of being a student here in Mysore makes me reflect on the beauty of this method of teaching and practice. Video filmed @miamilifecenter last summer. Filmed by Agathe Padovani @ifilmyoga, and Music by DTO @dtomusic #AshtangaYoga #mysorestyle
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You have such a beautiful smile!
Day 24 #LetsGETFlexyIn2015 is Ananda Balasana, Happy Baby Pose. This relaxing hip opener is a great prep for getting your legs behind the head. Try keeping the sacrum on the ground and pulling the knee back to let the torso slide through the thighs. Keep the belly sucked in and avoid compressing or rounding the spine too much. Check my YouTube channel for full tutorials. Check @beachyogagirl for an easier option. Outfit by @aloyoga Check their account for weekly winners!! Video filmed in Mysore, India by @ifilmyoga
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@cookielyn1 check out how high up she is
@carolineburke2 look at this.
It's easy to smile and be happy when everything goes your way, but harder to remain peaceful amidst challenging situations. Difficult postures train the mind to be steady in the face of uncertainty. It's so easy to lash out and fight when we don't get our way, but harder to surrender and trust the bigger picture. Just think about many times you haven't gotten what you wanted only to discover that something even better than you imagined was waiting for you. We are all wounded animals with broken hearts. Yoga is a path of redemption, a way for us to heal and reestablish our trust in the basic goodness of the universe, a way for us to finally learn that we are ok just as we are and that we are worthy of all the love we seek. #practiceyogachangeyourworld #OneBreathAtATime Wearing: @aloyoga
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What is this pose called?
@jessdecris start following her!
Have the audacity to ask for what you want. Dare to be extraordinary. Dream as big as your spirit is bright. Love with a bold and innocent heart. #practiceyogachangeyourworld #OneBreathAtATime Wearing: @aloyoga
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Orange County Resorts - Kabini
This is my favorite so far this year
@knight.wing 😰😍🔥
Day 23 #LetsGETFlexyIn2015 is Samakonasana, straddle. This is the hardest of all the splits for me and my inner thighs feel so tight. I was never a dancer or a gymnast so the first time so I never stretched my inner thighs before yoga. Go slowly, if you feel pain around the knee or the hip joint back off a little. Be patient and don’t force. For the body to open it has to feel safe and trust. Check my YouTube channel for full tutorials. Check @beachyogagirl for her option. Outfit by @aloyoga  Check their account for weekly winners!! Video filmed in Mysore, India by @ifilmyoga
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@afsoonk 😳😳
Be strong without losing your softness. True strength is both steady and compassionate. If you find yourself being punitive towards yourself in your physical training, forcing yourself to hold poses too long, speaking harshly to yourself or others, or doing anything really with an unloving intention or vibe then it's not the true spiritual strength of the yoga path. What is sometimes hard to understand is that flexibility is often the foundation for strength, sort of like an open heart is the foundation for courage. Physically you can't reach the vertical line in handstands if your shoulders aren't open enough. Emotionally, you cannot fully embrace life and surrender if you're locking down and protecting yourself from the possibility of getting hurt. And you cannot live a peaceful life if you're so focused on your goal that you're unaware of the potential negative impact your actions might have on others. Being strong is not about holding the pose at all costs. Life is not about winning at all costs. Be strong enough to be kind, be generous, be compassionate, be peaceful, be loving. #practiceyogachangeyourworld #OneBreathAtATime Photo by Coni Hörler / Wearing: @aloyoga
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😍😍😍 thank you for sharing your wisdom 🙏❤️❤️
Each breath, each day, each moment of love, each ray of light, everything good is a gift from God. Take nothing for granted. Stop, breathe, let all the goodness in. Give thanks for everything you have received and let your gratitude be your worship and celebration. Pay homage to the highest truth with humility and surrender, love and gratitude, peace and kindness. Forgive easily, serve with enthusiasm, hold no grudges, seek no vengeance, judge no one. Cultivate a reverence for all the sacredness that surrounds you, all the beauty in your heart, all the blessings in your life. #practiceyogachangeyourworld #OneBreathAtATime #bepeaceful
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Gokulam, Mysore
Day 22 #LetsGETFlexyIn2015 is Karnapidasana, Ear Pressure pose. Press your knees onto your ears and round your back while sucking in the low belly. Don't pull down instead think about bending it around and inward through spinal flexion. Let your shoulders press into the ground for support and keep the back of the neck off the ground. Check my YouTube channel for full tutorials. Check @beachyogagirl for her option. Outfit by @aloyoga  Check their account for weekly winners!! Video filmed in Mysore, India by @ifilmyoga
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@nnitaah omg that's impressive af!