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Kino MacGregor #BeStrong #BeInspired Handstands Around the World, Yoga Teacher, Author, Writer, World Traveler, 4th Series Ashtangi, #KinoYoga #HandstandLovers
When the path ahead isn't clear it's better to hang back, drop in to your inner self and wait for guidance. The stickier the emotional situation is, the more discernment, clarity and compassion you will need to proceed forward. Just like when an asana hurts don't force or push through when it feel wrong or else you risk and injury. Create the space in your life and in your body so that you can clearly see the way through the darkness into the light. If you can't see the path ahead don't drive it forward forcefully in the blind, wait for the light to show you the way. When you can see the path ahead revealed clearly your job is to follow with integrity, bravery and wisdom. Outfit by @shaktiactivewear
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@debbyshairstudio this?
@muntz_man Give me two weeks and it'll be done.
Everyone who has taken my class will know what's going on here! Keeping the low belly sucked in is such an important part of protecting the back in deep postures like Eka Pada Sirsasana. Sometimes you need a little reminder to suck it in and make space in the pelvic cave. Just five weekends left this year to catch me in class: Las Vegas at Yoga Sanctuary October 25-26 Indianapolis at City Yoga November 1-2 Toronto @davidrobsonayct November 7-9 Yoga Journal Conference Miami November 14-15 Use promo code: KINO for 15% off. Dallas at Karmany Yoga December 5-7 Full details on my website too!! Check it out and see you there 😊
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@kinoyoga the yogi once said "i swear my left foot was next to my right foot, ah moment a minute a go?"
@kinoyoga thank you for your reply-- I look forward to only adding years to my practice
Day 22 #LetsGetFlexy is Supta Virasana, Reclining Hero. To enter this posture inwardly rotate the hip joints and make space around the lower back and the knees. If you feel pressure in your knees elevate your hips, don't push your knees, this isn't a knee stretch. It's meant to elongate the psoas and quads. If you can find the space throughout the lower back and the hip flexors then Supta Virasana is a great prep for deeper backbends like Kapotasana. Check @beachyogagirl for another option. My outfit is by @aloyoga Check their account for daily winners 😊
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On The Beach, Miami Fl
💯 🆒
How do I start practicing this pose? I've never tried it. Do you have a video for it? I've been following you on YouTube for yeeeeears! You were my first inspiration for yoga haha.
I believe I can fly 😉 What asana makes you feel like you're flying?
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@two_coats2 Prone Cobra!
And this is what I love about Florida.... There is the infinite peace of the true self reflected back through the multidimensional skies. Sunrise is like the pure promise of a new day, sunset is the beauty of life and all its imperfection. Have you ever noticed that catching a glimpse of an amazing sunset at the end of your day makes you feel somehow like everything is ok? The magic of sunset is like God's way of saying that there is a beautiful, glorious purpose to life even if your day was a total disaster, that there is nothing you can do to mess it up, and that you are worthy of all the love and happiness in the world. Take time to drop down within yourself and breathe it all in. Filmed by @omishadesigns
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Sunset, Florida
Day 21 #LetsGetFlexy is Flying Lizard Pose, Uttana Prasithasana. This is a great stretch for opening the hips and helps slide the torso through the thighs for a deeper forward bend and hip flexion. Getting this action going is key to getting the legs behind the head and releasing the quadratus lomborum. Check @beachyogagirl for another option. My outfit is by @aloyoga Check their account for daily winners of the awesome Goddess leggings 😊
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On The Beach, Miami Fl
And @beachyogagirl called her lizard and reclining hero both day 21 lol
Day 20 #LetsGetFlexy is Raja Kapotasana, Royal Pigeon. This deep backbend has many variations. The trick for all of them is to create the space in between each of the joints of the spine and slowly use the strength of your back to move into the space that you create. Don't squeeze your hamstrings and pull down with your back. Be patient, don't force your body, give your body all the time it needs to open. Check @beachyogagirl for another option. My outfit is by @aloyoga Check their page for daily winners 😊
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@liciluvsadventure not as good as I used to! But yea I still got it 😉
Muchas gracias por todo en Monterrey!!!! What an awesome weekend with over 80 students from all over Mexico 😊 I am leaving with a full heart and a few containers of nopal cactus 🌵Te amo todo 💗 Espero que todos ustedes estan inspirados a practicar!!! Hasta pronto 😊
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Shanti Yoga & Reiki
It was an amazing weekend... Thank yo kino for all you share ...
@christian0304 vino a Monterrey 😳😢
Day 19 #LetsGetFlexy is Parigasana, Gate Pose. This side bend comes at the end of the Ashtanga Yoga Second Series. Use your pelvic floor to keep the hips as grounded as possible. Bend forward and allow your torso to slide between the thighs before twisting around. Keep the belly and lower ribs pulled in. Check my YouTube channel for a full tutorial. Check @beachyogagirl for more options. My outfit is by @aloyoga Check their account for daily winners 😊
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@kinoyoga Do you know if "Gate Pose" has to do with the Governing Vessel 4 (GV4) Acu-Point via Acu-yoga? GV4 is also known as "The Gate of Life" since it works with the Acu-points: Conception Vessel 2-14, Stomach 21-29, Kidney 12-18 and benefits the kidneys, adrenals, abdominal distribution, pain or cramps, overall body tension, lower back problems, fear and fatigue. Kidney & Stomach points can release abdominal distribution, aches and pains, digestive and intestinal problems. CV2-14 helps overall body tension, internal nourishment, and rejuvenation.
The inflowing and outgoing breath are the winds of your life force, the yin and yang manifested. Just as each wave that washes ashore carries with it an undertow that is the memory of the out flowing tide, each inhalation carries the residual space of the exhalation. Pause after the peak of your inhalation and you will feel the gravitational pull of the exhalation. Pause after the end of the exhalation and wait for the energy to start to flow on its own, don't force, don't push, just wait for it. Let the breath emerge from the vacuum on its own, like a rebirth. You will feel a force moving through you that brings the breath in like a wave and you will feel the spirit that is the grace behind your life. Look for it, be sensitive because it is subtle and if you rush it or tense up you'll miss it. Like our life itself, each breath is a gift that we receive from a power bigger and grander than we can possibly imagine.
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Segue pfv??
Day 18 #LetsGetFlexy is Supta Padangusthasana. Just as in any forward bend create the space for the posture by hollowing out the lower belly and engaging the pelvic floor. Stabilize your hips and use your abdominal muscles to lift your head towards your knee. Finding the flexibility here is a great transition to reclining splits but don't push too hard too soon. Check @beachyogagirl for an easier option. My outfit is by @aloyoga Check their page for daily goddess legging winners!!! Filmed in Lagoa, Rio de Janeiro at sunset.
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@stephisrad She's amazing😍
@thealexisdoss Ahhh I love Kino!!
Handstand splits in Lagoa, Brazil. On the way to Monterrey now. Tell me Mexican yogis, where do you want to see me handstand in Monterrey?
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the best!!!!
Damn ur soooooo beautiful
I don’t normally address negative comments, but this is a story that I feel needs to be told. Almost ten years ago I had a student who could not get her hands through in Garbha Pindasana despite being flexible & strong. When I sat down to help her she said, “My legs are just too fat, don’t bother trying.” My heart nearly broke bc I know what it feels like to think your legs are just too fat. After much reservation, she trusted me enough to roll up her pants and expose her legs (which she didn’t want to do in a public setting). She was not very sweaty so I started off by adding a little water. But her hands got stuck between her thighs and wouldn’t slide through. She looked at me and said, “I’ll always be the fat girl.” That only made me more motivated to find a solution. Then I remembered that some people in India use coconut oil to slide their hands through. Seeing as I didn’t have a vat of coconut oil handy I improvised with slightly soapy water. I came back with the new formula in tact and sat down with her and together (with healthy technique and alignment) we worked until her hands slid all the way through past the elbows. I assisted her throughout the whole posture, including the lift up Kukkutasana. After the posture was over she was crying and I asked if she was in pain. She said, “No, these are tears of joy.” A year later I saw her and she was a different person. Not only was she regularly doing the posture I assisted her in, but she had a radiant glow emanating from her whole being and she had made some serious life changes (diet, self-esteem, job) that resulted in dramatic weight loss and the confidence to pursue her dreams. The peak moments of my life as a teacher are where I am present at the moment when a student realizes that who they are is so much bigger and grander that they can imagine, that their limited conceptions of themselves are just that--concepts and that their true power and beauty is limitless. Sometimes your life really can change in an instant. Yoga is not just asana technique. Asana is a tool used to break the glass castle of limited thoughts and beliefs that hold people back from the infinite light of the true self.
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@ni9ne_green eso lo tendre que hacerr jaja
Day 17 #LetsGetFlexy is Garbha Pindasana. So many students think they cannot get their hands through their thighs, but if you can but if you can fold your legs into lotus it's about technique to get the legs through. It doesn't matter how thick or muscular your thighs are, but it IS easier if you can slide through so try it either with dry leggings or sweaty skin (shorts) so your hands will slide through. If you're sticker pull up your leggings or use water (or even soapy water) to wet your skin. To get the fingers through cup your fingers and aim towards the center in the space between your calves and thighs. Then bend and twist like a cork screw, don't push or force. Check my YouTube channel for full tutorials. Check @beachyogagirl for a more basic option. My outfit is by @aloyoga Check their account to find out the daily winners of goddess leggings 😊
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First time I got my hands through I got stuck because of my leggings material!!! So painful lol. Much better with different leggings or skin!
A quiet moment behind the scenes after two intensively awesome days of filming in Boulder with @yogajournal Loving the style with two @banzai_child rock n roll glam malas, one with a Swarovski skull and coral, turquoise and brass with Tibetan skulls and a crystal on the wrist. Top by @aloyoga
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Find your inner strength through a calm, equanimous mind and a compassionate, forgiving heart. True strength is more than just muscles, it the limitless potential of the human spirit expressed through the infinite capacity for love, light, wisdom and beauty. Be stronger every day. Photo taken on Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro.
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ur but is the most perfrect but that iv ever seen
Day 16 #LetsGetFlexy is Ustrasana, Camel Pose. This foundational and often therapeutic backbend is a doorway that leads to deeper backbends like Kapotasana, which I show here. The alignment that you set up here will determine the health of your spine and the stability of your mind as you move deeper into backbends. Create space between the vertebrae, mutate the sacrum, keep the lower belly sucked in, roll the shoulders forward to support the neck and lift the sternum up to extend the upper back. Check my YouTube channel for full tutorials. Check @beachyogagirl for another option. Red goddess legging outfit by @aloyoga Check their account for daily winners 😊
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@peppersteiner wow! And I just want to walk
@mille_k_l_1998 das üben wir auch in den nächsten Monaten :)
Success is a mix between effort and surrender. You can only do so much, then you have to be open to receive the goodness that the universe has planned for you. If you push too hard you block off the grace that is the true force behind any attainment. As much as you want to move things along at your desired pace we have no control over when and how things happen. Whenever I get impatient and I try to force things it always turns out to be a mess. Even though it may not be at your desired pace everything really does happen at the right time, everything is unfolding as it is meant to. Do your work, show up every day with passion and enthusiasm, but also trust in a power grander and bigger than you can possibly imagine to be the steady guide through every moment of your life. Practice and non-attachment are the keys to success in yoga and in life. Photo by @danysayoga on LeBlon Beach in Rio de Janeiro
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My pose! It's my pose to fly and flow...
Day 15 #LetsGetFlexy is Ardha Matsyendrasana, Lord of the Half Fishes Pose. This deep twist draws your energy in towards the spinal axis. Keep the low belly drawn in, both sitting bones rooted to the ground and articulate the twist through the shoulder girdle as well as the spine. Check @beachyogagirl for another option. Goddess leggings and too by @aloyoga Check their account for the daily winners 😊
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@dinasghost @lionheartxx
@haha.shelby My comment was a reference to the translation from Sanskrit, not the execution of the pose. But hey, there will always be opportunities for name calling, right?
Set your sights to the light within you, when you find it let it shine through you as truth and beauty. Be yourself, your beautiful, authentic perfectly imperfect self and let the whole world see you as the powerful, spiritual being that you truly are. There is a moment when you relax at long last after realizing that who you are exactly as you are is enough, that you are good and strong, and that you are worthy of love and happiness. Photo taken on Le Blon Beach in Rio de Janeiro..... And yes, I am wearing clothes, it's just a typical Brazilian bikini.
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Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk to rindo Mto @nataliacast 😂
@ree_sanchesb hahhahaha meio sinitro ne?