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Kino MacGregor Yoga Teacher, Author, YouTuber, Inspirational Speaker. Practice yoga, change your world one breath at a time #BeStrong
Day 28 #healinghearts is Bird of Paradise. Drop deeper into the inner space of the pelvis to find the strength to lift and support the raised leg. Use a gentle external rotation to bring the leg closer to the torso. Check with @beachyogagirl for another option. My gratitude today goes out to my Mom and Dad for an awesome vegetarian Thanksgiving together 😊 My outfit is by @shaktiactivewear Use "healinghearts" for 15% off on their website.
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@besmanejim boya
I never had a teacher for handstand press. Fifteen years ago handstand press seemed like magic and no one in the yoga world could really explain to me. So I just kept working on it on my own. The good thing was that I developed tenacity and determination. The bad thing was that I developed some bad habits like bending my elbows or turning my hands out that only started to get corrected when I started working with @ricardostand Sometimes it's better not to learn something if you're going to build bad muscles memory. Just start with a true beginners mind, don't prepare, find a teacher and a method and surrender to the journey. #practiceandalliscoming #onebreathatatime Share my journey into strength and get the technique I wish I had when I started on my new #BeStrong series on @codyapp
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@kinoyoga You're pretty awesome ..I don't see how you do it lol. Nice work 😊💪
Take no action when the path ahead is not clear. Keep your faith steady amidst the darkness. Set your sights to the smallest spark of light and let that steer your course towards hope. Trust and surrender require strength and grace. Be strong, speak only love. #bestrong #onebreathatatime Outfit by @aloyoga Use the code IGLOVE and get 25-50% off of your entire purchase. Today only!
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Day 27 #healinghearts is Dolphin Pose, or Pinchamayurasana Prep. No music because I had to include the funny comments of people walking by that made it onto the video. Wait for the end to hear it. So many people have been asking me lately if I'm part of the circus when I'm filming outdoors. Since I was never a dancer, gymnast or anything before yoga I take it as a big compliment. For the posture holding the prep for a long time builds shoulder strength and core integration that one day will help you press up into Forearm Balance. My gratitude goes out to my friend @beachyogagirl today whose love and kindness inspires me every day. Check her account for a more beginner friendly option. My outfit is by @shaktiactivewear
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Really flexible :)
Final hours! There are only a few hours left to get my new Be Strong program on @codyapp at the sale price! This plan will show you how to achieve a healthy perception of yourself and the world around you while learning beautiful poses like firefly, crane and handstands. Many of the challenges we face in yoga are ones that we can apply to every-day obstacles. This program is all about gaining perspective, learning about yourself and building strength in order to approach problems on and off the mat. Strength is not just about brute muscle, but also about taking on new perspectives, a deep sense of self and pushing yourself both mentally and physically. Over the next 10 days we will peel back the layers of yourself - pose by pose - to revel the true strength beneath.
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@nurseblondi That's awesome!!
@tabrattner unfortunately there is not buts it's something we'd love to do at some point!
#bestrong #bepeaceful #onebreathatatime
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One of My favourite Asana!!!!
What does strength mean to you? It is the power to press up into handstand? Or is it something more? Strength in yoga is the slow steady flow of the mind directed toward a single point of attention. Strength is the courageous heart that is willing to humbly put in the work over many years of practice. Strength is ability to pull it in, rise up and follow your truth especially when the world thinks you're crazy for doing it. Strength is love big enough to include light and shadow in its embrace. Who is ready to #bestrong ? Join my new series on the @codyapp #practiceandalliscoming #onebreathatatime Video by @tiagophotofilm
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@nikkijohnstone_ but really how cool
Nice! @courtlandharkness
Only 24 hours left to get my @codyapp Be Strong plan at the introductory price! Throughout this 10-day program we will use yoga as a meditative journey to gaze within and find your true self. Every day is a new practice where I teach you the mental and spiritual aspects of strength before beginning the physical practice. I share my tips to unlock challenging poses such as crane, firefly and forearm balances, but most importantly, we redirect our focus inwards to develop the fierce strength of peace, balance and equanimity. It doesn’t matter your level or style of yoga, all you need is a desire to be stronger. Join me to activate your mind and body and open yourself to true strength and profound peace. #bestrong #practiceandalliscoming #onebreathatatime
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Kami udah enggak mak,mkanya yoga smlam mak @wirdhaniwulandari
Cool app name.
Day 26 #healinghearts is Digasana, often called Warrior III. Watch closely and you'll see two birds that look like they are flying right in line with my posture. Digasana is best controlled with a strong activation of the pelvic floor and an integration of the legs into your strong center. I am grateful for the well-earned feeling of soreness in my muscles after an awesome day of practice. I've been forgetting to post my daily gratitude statements here but check out my YouTube channel tomorrow for a video blog all about gratitude. Check @beachyogagirl for another option. Outfit by @shaktiactivewear
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I'm grateful for each time I get an assist that takes me deeper than I can go myself. There is something is magical in the moment of surrender when you turn your body over to someone else. This is one of the great gifts and responsibilities of being a yoga teacher because there is a sacred space of trust and intimacy between teacher and student. As a student there is nothing I love more than the moment of complete surrender, when I meet my edge and know that I cannot do it alone. Then I close my eyes for a moment, with a long exhalation, let go of everything I can and trust my teacher to take me beyond what I can do myself. Yoga is humility and sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is ask for help. #bestrong #practiceandalliscoming #onebreathatatime
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@fatwaxdh begibi yok, biar sixpack
Yoga seeks to give you direct access to the kind of slow steady spiritual resolve that can only come from connecting deeply with the authentic self. The purpose of increasingly difficult asanas and transitions is the very challenge that the present. You don’t know who are until you’re tested by stressful circumstances. It’s easy to be happy and peaceful when everything goes your way, but how you respond to difficulty reveals your true character. Yoga needs to have an element of challenge because life is sometimes hard. Yoga seeks to retrain your neurological response to stress so that you can be peaceful amidst the inevitable vicissitudes of life. The goal of yoga is the inner experience of strength, courage, hope and love that you experience when you face yourself at your deepest level. Practice asana with non-attachment, show up and give your full attention to your practice while releasing your attachment to the results of your effort. Some people criticize me for posting advanced asana when I talk about the inner journey of yoga as the purpose of practice. But the spiritual intention of practice does not mean that you don’t try challenging or difficult asanas or that you just do things that are relaxing. It means that you have to be stronger #onebreathatatime #bestrong #practiceandalliscoming Video by @agpadovani
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@hootszagorski @asteadman217 I'm gonna start in this one THIS WEEK! ❤️👏
Only 48 hours left to get my 10-day Be Strong plan on sale! This plan has over four hours of unique content! Every day is a new practice where I teach you the mental and spiritual aspects of strength before beginning the physical practice. Are you ready to find more strength and peace than you ever imagined? You will learn the foundations of strength in the technique that I've learned in the past 15 years of my life dedicated to the spiritual journey of Yoga. I've learned these tools and tips and techniques through my daily practice of Ashtanga Yoga. This is suitable for all levels. I'll build you up right from the beginning so that you learn to learn to use each of the postures as a meditate journey into yourself. The transcendent peace of the yoga lifestyle is yours if you commit yourself to be strong every day. This is what I want to teach you. I would be honored to be your teacher. #bestrong #practiceandalliscoming #onebreathatatime
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How do you purchase?
@kinoyoga which state ?
Day 25 #healinghearts is Gomukhasana, Cow Face Posture. Who is still in for this challenge? For Gomukhasana, start off easy and stack the knees on top of each other while settling the sitting bones down between the feet. If that works progress deeper by layering the feet in together, actively engaging the inner thighs and settling the hips on top of the feet. Avoid letting the feet slide away and keep the heels touching. First interlock the fingers under the knee, stay for five breaths. Then bring the hands one on top, one around the back and lift the chest for another five breaths. This comes in the Ashtanga Yoga Second Series so take it #onebreathatatime #practiceandalliscoming Check @beachyogagirl for a more beginner option. My outfit is by @shaktiactivewear Use "healinghearts" for 15% off 😊
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Challenge your assumptions of what you "know" about yourself and your world. Clean out your mind like you would clean out your closet. Get rid of any old stale ideas that don't serve your greatness. #bestrong enough to become the powerful person that you already are deep down inside. Practice yoga, change your world #onebreathatatime Video by @agpadovani Filmed @thestandard
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@youtube.though you are not alone
Pumpkin Pie Healthy version on an old classic from @thegreatuncooking Just in time for Thanksgiving 😊 Base & Ingredients 1 ½ cups almond pulp (left over from making almond milk) 1 whole vanilla bean (blitzed in a spice grinder)or 1 tsp of vanilla paste or 1 tbs vanilla essence 1 packed cup of dates ¼ cup coconut oil crackle of pink salt Method Process all ingredients in a high - powered food processor until it sticks together in a ball of dough when pressed. Line a fan pan with baking paper (I like to trace out a circle and cut it to fit the base exactly. Press the dough down uniformly and line the sides. To form a pie crust. Refrigerate while you make the filling. Pumpkin filling Ingredients 2 ½ cups cooked and mashed pumpkin (Roasted is best) 1 cup of almonds or 1 cup of almond butter (only use whole almonds if you have a powerful food processer that can turn them into paste) ¾ cup lacuma powder ¼ cup coconut oil (melted) ½ cup coconut paste (melted) 2 tsp cinnamon powder 2 tsp nutmeg powder ¼ cup maple syrup salt on top Method Blend almonds first until smooth. Add remaining ingredients and process for a few minutes, stopping to scrape down the sides. Spoon filling on top of pie crust and allow to set in the refrigerator for several hours until firm. Top with pistachio nuts. If you've loved the food posts and particularly the white chocolate strawberry cheesecake from @thegreatuncooking I posted awhile back, then you will want to get your hands on Natalies ebook. Chocked full of healthy recipes and nutrition tips, this is real food for daily living. 243 pages of tasty goodness. Simply click on @thegreatuncooking and follow the link to her website in her profile /
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پ ای چیه!!!!
Announcing the winners of #KinoYoga500K !! Thanks to everyone who entered for your honest and insightful answers to my question of what is yoga. Keep the inspiration to go on the inner journey of yoga #practiceandalliscoming #onebreathatatime 🌟 @aimzlife wins my new Be Strong series on the @codyapp please email to claim your prize 🌟 @marthag3 wins a pack of Gold Tattoos from @selfietats please email to claim your prize 🌟 @kimberlytomaselli wins one Kino Yoga bracelet please email to claim your prize 🌟 @dalima26 wins a @liforme yoga mat please email to claim your prize 🌟 @upsidedownmama wins Goddess Leggings from @aloyoga please email to claim your prize. 🌟 @fl_yogi wins Leggings from @LiquidoActive please email to claim your prize 🌟 @b_lishus wins the Leggings from @teekigram please email to claim your prize
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Congrats to the winners! Though I may be wrong, it seems as though some winners didn't submit a valid entry?
Keep the inspiration to practice close at heart. Set your intention to live the yoga lifestyle and let your practice be like a GPS for your soul. Be open to receive your own inner guidance and let that gently steer the course of your life towards more peace and happiness. It is your sincere intention to live a life of inner peace that makes the practice of yoga a spiritual discipline. Practice yoga, change your world #onebreathatatime #bestrong Video filmed in Koh Samui, Thailand. Check out the full video on my YouTube channel (link in bio). Join me @ashtangayogacenterbkk in BKK March 2015 (details on my website).
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Day 24 #healinghearts is Parsvottanasana. Placing the hands in prayer behind the back is ideally done through an internal rotation of the shoulders. Lifting the sternum creates a kind of oppositional movement that opens the heart and shoulders simultaneously. If you can't do prayer behind the back just hold the elbows. To fold forward align the sternum with the knee of the forward leg and fold along that line while pulling back and in on the lower belly. Go slowly, don't force take it #onebreathatatime Check @beachyogagirl for another option. My outfit is by @shaktiactivewear Use "healinghearts" for 15% off on their website all month.
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@__exoticnnx thankful 🙏
Home practice requires discipline and dedication. When it’s just you and your yoga mat your mind has to be strong and focused because there are so many familiar distractions... the dishwasher, washing machine, phones vibrating and chiming, emails pinging in, our families waiting for us, the list goes on and on that draws you far away from internal focus.... One the things that draws my mind out of practice when I’m at home is the change in perspective that suddenly allows me to see all the accumulated dust on the floor. When my face is close to the ground and my gaze is directed to the floor it quickly becomes clear whether or not my floors need cleaning. What’s your biggest distraction at home? Vrschikasana with one foot near and one foot far for #WHPnearandfar @instagram
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Announcing the December Yoga Challenge! Hosts: @beachyogagirl and @kinoyoga Sponsored by: @aloyoga For December, we decided to incorporate postures that will keep you PRESENT and grounded during the holiday season.  @aloyoga will be generously giving away something every day but … it will be a surprise announced daily. This challenge is to keep you focused for the 24 most stressful days (for some) of the year. Details how to enter: 1. REPOST this photo 2. Follow @aloyoga, @kinoyoga @beachyogagirl 3. Tag some friends that you want to do the challenge with you 4. Do your best and don’t worry if you can’t do all the poses! 5. Take a photo or video after your practice of the daily pose, then post it and tag us and #justbepresent @kinoyoga will give advanced options when possible and @beachyogagirl will give beginner when needed.  Please check @aloyoga’s account every day to see who won the daily give away. Who wants to BE PRESENT this December?
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@dikte84 E du me ?