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I love food ♥ nomnom
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68 13 17 hours ago
Happy birthday to this gorgeous person that I'm lucky enough to call my mother. I was going to post a childhood picture but she threatned to defriend me if i did. Anyway, Mama you are truly one of the strongest, most loyal and caring people I know. I admire so many things about you that will take days after days to list, but one thing that I will mention is the amount of love that you have for your family. I mean this women will do everything and anything to make sure her kids are living a comfortable life. Know that I appreciate everything you do for us. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing role model in my life. Thank you for everything you do mommy joon. You are my life, my best friend, and I hope you have an amazing year because you deserve it!
56 5 2 2 d ago
@mahdieh_zangiabadi Merci khoshgel Khanoom 😘
Tavalodeton mobatak badri jan
My bae. 🐶💁👯
69 7 4 d ago
Ughhh he's soooo big . I can't wait to see him
😊 @farbod_danesh ! No girl this an older pic @princesshomaa ... I know I don't want him to get bigger :( @anita_kermani
Got to see this birthday girl before I leave! I love you and I hope you have an amazing birthday!
60 3 1 6 d ago
Miss u too khale! @yaldabanoo ❤😘❤
Aunty Par loves you ❤
58 1 1 weeks ago
Akhayyyyy so cute
Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. White. Love you both
50 2 6 1 weeks ago
Parisa khanom khobi azizam shima
My ride or die.👯👯. I love you to the moon and back 🌜 ❤😘
87 7 3 2 weeks ago
@niloojooon Love Nelly! Can't wait to see you! @anita_kermani I miss you more! @xomeow_ Thank you love! @pj_yim 😘 I better saw you while I'm in Dayton ! @a7madibrahim aww Thank you!
Can't wait to see you!
5 more days! 👰👯💍
50 2 2 2 weeks ago
My little baby 😘🐶😻😍 #myhairdoe #pitbull lovin
46 1 2 weeks ago
Soo gewwd 😍 🍦
49 10 2 weeks ago
همون کیم خودمونی :)
They have bars now fav flavor of all time
❤🐶 #pitbull
51 3 2 weeks ago
Miss you boo 😘
@stahllion miss you moreeee 😊😩😘
39 3 3 weeks ago
Lol never. @isaac_conover
😂😂😂😂 had to post this. Happy Saturday
39 12 3 weeks ago
I'm reposting this!!!!!
Haha! Do it! @xomeow_
My boys
54 5 3 3 weeks ago
Come to Cali khob! @sinameh
74 17 3 weeks ago
Love you mama. ❤💃💁@badri_kermani
75 10 1 month ago
😩😢😭 I miss you more, come back to me @anita_kermani ::.. love you too @shivasheibanisheen 😘
Say hello to my little friend 📷ⓢⓞⓝⓨ😍 #sonya6000
55 7 1 month ago
Hahahahaha @monicagirl1025 . Hell yea are you ready?! @a7madibrahim ❇ nilooooo. Cameras.lights. action. Are you restitution? Lmao miss you. @niloojooon
take memories & lovely photos my love❤❤
My Lil sunshine. ♡
66 4 1 1 month ago
Miss you moreeee ♡♡ @sarahdonigian
68 7 2 1 month ago
Aw. Thank you! ❤
I want your hair 😍