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You left your boy to come ride with us 👐 #caughtuslookingfly #nikeair #nikeairrevoloution #capetown #shelikehowathugdoit #yourgirlswithus
466 3 1 2 d ago
niggahs be hating while their girls be loving,we ahead of the game like we got a memo of cheats
Thanks 4 the follow and i know who amierah is
I’m that paper chasing, money making hustler , nigga you know how I get down big dreams, big bags of bread, big money, you f*cking with the kid watch a nigga come up♛ #caughtmelookingfly #gotyourgirl #imthatkid #nikeair #
524 10 4 d ago
always keeping it 100 👌
Is she foreign ? 😂 @raeez_all_good is just too GANGSTA #foreign
359 26 1 weeks ago
So cute💕
Why so ganster @qiraanisaacs @raeez_all_good 👌👌
She in a bad bikini when we in a Lamborghini #caughtuslookingfly #yourboyfriendhatesus @raeez_all_good
367 7 1 1 weeks ago
o snap lol tell them bfs they aint got to worry about you @raeez_all_good
Bc we always having a "nice time" @daanyaalnaran33
Smack cam part 2 😂 @mustapha_bey #vines #smackcam #bestvines check @raeez_all_good for the first one 😂
281 8 1 weeks ago
We have em nike airs, 25 hundred nigga call em nikes rares #caughtuslookingfly #nike #nikeairs #justchillin #gotyourgirl @mustapha_bey
513 6 1 1 weeks ago
Playtime is over ♛ #caughtmelookingfly #nike
447 7 2 weeks ago
Wooooah boy it's just a G thang😫❤️👌
See me in a Ferrari in my mind that thing is fun if it had some wings, we'd be flying, we'd be soaring♛ #shelikehowathugdoit #caughtmelookingfly #nike
545 9 3 weeks ago
Hey uhm r u on Bbm?
Your boyfriend don't like me , I can't blame him but why you tryna' be just like me ♛#youcaughtmelookingfly #nike #gotyourgirlridinwithme #shehasnoproblemwithit
440 4 1 month ago
Your fits stay strong bro... @qiraanisaacs
Those kicks tho. ♥ ♥
What hand sign is that ? 😏#caughtuslookingfly #justmywhaaaaat #haha #jk
509 14 1 month ago
Adorable @qiraanisaacs 😁
Have you ever been inlove ❤️? #milobear #lilcuz #lilme
216 5 1 month ago
Adorable😊 @qiraanisaacs
♛ #Fresh
468 15 1 month ago
cute @qiraanisaacs 👌
I'll ride for my nigga yeah, I'll die for my nigga yeah ♛🔫#caughtuslookingfly #gotyourgirlridinwithus
457 1 1 1 month ago
That shoe 😍😍😍 @qiraanisaacs
Just chillin ♛ #caughtuslookinfly @raeez_all_good
359 2 1 month ago
Hi hotties! 😏 @raeez_all_good @qiraanisaacs
😂😂 @raeez_all_good #vines @vinesbests_
287 26 1 month ago
@raeez_all_good omg😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
why so vulgar 😂😒@raeez_all_good
Follow these two 👌 #caughtuslookingfly
311 5 3 1 month ago
Who are these gham dwanks? @qiraanisaacs
Me and my team ♛
238 5 2 1 month ago
HaI ismail you could've asked from your account 😂 but is there warf in oshakati😯 will always be part brutjie 😘 @ismailbrenner23
Nai lol I knew you would It was me that ask lol. But it was him @raeez_all_good
Don’t tell ‘em I be in your front door then I’m in your backdoor on all fours ,don’t tell ‘em cause a nigga would be heartbroken, chest out, stressed out, nigga start smoking ♛#youcaughtmelookingfly #nike #nikeairs
378 13 7/12/2014
U r the definition of perfection
niggas be talkin' about us, they always callin' us crazy, f**k them O.G. niggas, they stuck in the eighties, sayin' they gonna do me somethin', now you know thats a lie, nigga you look at us wrong, I'll let that hammer fly ♛#whatchalookinat #caughtuslookinfly #twiceasnice #bigbro #yourgirlbelookinatthis #dani
339 7 1 7/11/2014
Cutiee !@qiraanisaacs □
Two fucking turds 😁❤️
Girl, don’t hide it from me, you should be the type to provide it to me and let a thug hit it , you gotta get dressed or do your hair, girl I got like 24 hours ,it’s just me and you ♛ #caughtmelookingfly #gotyourgirlwithme #sheshiding #nike #selfie
470 6 7/6/2014