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QiraanIsaacs Let's make the world better. Snapchat : qiraanisaacs
Me and my team ♛
220 5 2 2 d ago
HaI ismail you could've asked from your account 😂 but is there warf in oshakati😯 will always be part brutjie 😘 @ismailbrenner23
Nai lol I knew you would It was me that ask lol. But it was him @raeez_all_good
#throwback ✌️
318 9 1 1 weeks ago
❤️ma nigga @qiraanisaacs
Aaauuw Qiraan, faves 😍
Don’t tell ‘em I be in your front door then I’m in your backdoor on all fours ,don’t tell ‘em cause a nigga would be heartbroken, chest out, stressed out, nigga start smoking ♛#youcaughtmelookingfly #nike #nikeairs
355 12 1 weeks ago
Still is one
niggas be talkin' about us, they always callin' us crazy, f**k them O.G. niggas, they stuck in the eighties, sayin' they gonna do me somethin', now you know thats a lie, nigga you look at us wrong, I'll let that hammer fly ♛#whatchalookinat #caughtuslookinfly #twiceasnice #bigbro #yourgirlbelookinatthis #dani
323 7 1 2 weeks ago
Cutiee !@qiraanisaacs □
Two fucking turds 😁❤️
Girl, don’t hide it from me, you should be the type to provide it to me and let a thug hit it , you gotta get dressed or do your hair, girl I got like 24 hours ,it’s just me and you ♛ #caughtmelookingfly #gotyourgirlwithme #sheshiding #nike #selfie
433 6 2 weeks ago
Happy 21st birthday @nighalhendricks 👌☺️ #iwasforced #lol #birthdaygirl #straightupG 😂
251 1 2 weeks ago
Happy Birthday pretty girl ♥ @nighalhendricks
Rhythm is a dancer, I need a companion, girl I guess that must be you ♛ #youcaughtmelookingfly #donttellem
347 5 3 weeks ago
Justin wanna be
@farahbieber11 true dat lol
Now life ain't a rehearsal , the cameras always rollin' ♛ #youcaughtmelookingfly
431 4 3 weeks ago
@qiraanisaacs super cute
Style 👌💯💯💯
Life of the havkers #selfielife follow my brusse @daiyaandc @dayyaan_stemmet
168 2 3 weeks ago
♛ #caughtmelookingfly
351 6 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the follow! ♡♥
Cutest smile
We go 0 too 100 nigga real quick 💰@imraandirk7 #nikeyeezy #jordan #caughtuslookingfly
245 2 1 1 month ago
#StraightUpThuggin #BadBoys
#justmywhaaat 🙈
She ain't in it for the fame , besides me and my nigga👌#mybree #caughtuslookingfly #forthefame
242 9 1 month ago
#ThugLife 😹
What school does your friend go to?
I wanna be the reason you smile 👌#caughtmelookingfly #nike #nikeNSWskystepper
404 12 1 month ago
okay but yoh
Follow me please ..
Happy birthday to this man, not only is he my dad but my best friend too and an inspiration to me.. He has taught me right from wrong and he has supported me with everything I did and going to do still. My role model, my number 1 dad ❤️👌 #dad #batman @capetownfilm
297 27 1 month ago
Shukran sweetp 💋@jahaan_dawood
Thank you kindly @dayyaan_stemmet 😬
Me and my briiii @imraandirk7 #whatchalookingat
225 5 1 month ago
Aren't you like 12? @qiraanisaacs
Why don't u come say it to my face @raeesadams88
See you soon 😁 @ridahamod #bestuncle
103 1 5/20/2014
Don’t you forget it ,the way you walk, that’s me, the way you talk, that’s me,the way you’ve got your hair up did you forget that’s me,and the voice in your speaker right now, that’s me ♛ #nike #caughtmelookingfly #shotforme #drake #black #OG
333 9 5/11/2014
Cute 😔❤
Baba can dress
All the girls just love my swag ,from my kicks to the way I fix my hair ,I'm back! Fresh like some new J's ,Brodie got next, NBA too paid , I'm too paid, shaded, with some ladies ,Repping my city ♛ #mann #buzzin #fullwhite #nike #nikeairmax #OG
305 8 5/10/2014
Not all … sori just sayin
Miss this bro of mine 👌 @raeez_all_good #brothers
205 6 5/9/2014
What song is that
Don't be afraid to stand alone Don't be afraid to stand outside all by yourself I know it's hard away from home it ain't easy all alone relationships over the phone talkin' to your significant other all night long ♛ #nike #nikenswskystepper #diesel #onlythebrave #hardtofacereality #OG
336 4 5/1/2014
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🔥my #1 Homie @qiraanisaacs