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Rachel Mikell Nicholas God 🙏 | My hubs💍| Our Beckham 🚂 |Eden, Rue, Simon 🐾| Our Adventures 🎒 | Photography website ↙️
Eep! I love October :)
17 1d
8 2 1d
I love this ❤️
Me too :) people think I'm a push over with b but this is so true! @brittany_halota
The answer to all my prayers ❤️
41 2 1d
Rachel. I can't even get over how handsome your little man is!
@dyllanguthrie thank you love :) I agree haha
Starting our week with a goal to walk every morning. B is hoping we made it out before the Amish did so he can see the horses on our way :) #goodmorning
40 2d
Do we have three dogs and one child? or four dogs? or four children?...
12 3d
B's pictures for his birthday table got here today... Two years later and he's still the most beautiful baby boy I've ever seen ❤️😘😭
30 3d
Day three without a binky and he didn't even fuss before he fell asleep, although he could have kept it as long as he wanted for all I cared. My big boy 💛
34 2 6d
Ah how's it going? Was it bad? @rachelmikell
I feel you girl! My thoughts exactly ☺️ little boys and binkys just melt me every time
My baby's first (but 2nd) birthday party :) so glad daddy is home this year.
25 2 1w
I'm so excited!
I better get wanna of those I really hope I will he able to come
Such good puppies.
18 1w
Red hair 😍 #bblessedphoto
21 1 1w
Stop with the baby feveerrr
Sweet dreams little mouse :) #bblessedphoto
20 2 1 1w
My goodness! Soo sweet!
No more wasted hours waiting on a slow computer while I edit 💻 yay! So excited :)
29 3 1w
@jessica_morrisonn it's terrible huh :( I started to hate editing because it's so frustrating to wait for it to load all day
Worst ever is a slow computer and no space! I always bug my husband about making me a space lol looks super good though. Love that chair! @rachelmikell
I've been waiting for this Halloween for his entire life. #howtotrainyourdragon
48 2 1w
Hahahaha perfect
I can't wait to see this! It's going to@be awesome!
You know it's nap time when he's screaming his lungs out for my bagel when his is right behind him, here B I have the perfect book to read you to sleep today...
30 1 1w
Haha! Silly boy!
Everyday I hear more friends are going to have to have babies without their husbands there with them, some of them without any family at all. I'm still so grateful for the perfect way God allowed everything to unfold for us...
38 1w
Not sure if his Math-science Olympiad will have a toilet paper tower but he'll be ready anyway...
29 1w
Can't wait to see my man tomorrow :) it's always a good day when he gets home #tbt #deployment
32 4 1w
can't believe how identical they are!!! your little man is so handsome and perfect!
Thanks girl! Haha I agree!!! @_ashlynhall
He refused to sleep anywhere but moms chest. So this was a struggle! #bblessedphoto
43 7 2w
This is one of my favorite photos of yours! ❤️❤️
It may be mine too! I wish everyone wanted newborns like this and not posed with hats and props and big bows :( that's not natural for me haha @brittany_halota
29 2 2w
Good morning Monday ❤️ my hubs gets home this week! ☺️
Aww I can't wait to see your homecoming pics!
Forgot ribbon and a card, luckily my craft closet is piled high with half of hobby lobby.
22 2w