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Rachel Mikell Nicholas I ASPIRE TO INSPIRE BEFORE I EXPIRE. God 🙏 | My hubs🌓| Our Beckham 🐛| Eden, Rue, Simon 🐾| Our Adventures 🎒 | Photography website ↙️
Our last night in our first little house. So many special memories... our babies first Christmas, learning to walk, spending the summers outside, several months just me and B while sky was away, adopting two special puppies, and so many more ❤️ I'm so grateful. I hope the next little family gets to make as many amazing memories in it.
46 10 2d
@jolly_holly__ let me know if I can help, I know it's overwhelming at first! But I'm sure you'll love it :) it's fun being able to move somewhere new and have adventures together!
Thanks lady! I'm overall excited. I'm ready for change and to make some amazing memories😄
"It's all about finding calm in the chaos."
41 3d
All stored up! #movinghome
35 9 5d
Ok someone pick a place and let's make reservations. 3 for us. @rachelmikell_bblessedphoto @jessika_lyn
Ok @novafaith liberty grill, black horse, or cheddars?
Meet my best friend. ☀️
34 1 5d
He is so cute Rach!!! When will you guys be in Utah??
Currently at the storage unit packing away everything but what we can stuff in my car and still leave enough room for three dogs two fish and one toddler. These next few months will definitely be an adventure but I guess I've never been one for boring or simple.
19 1 5d
You didn't say anything about fish. That's a deal breaker lol
We need to stop expecting our children to revolve around the ideals we have been trained to focus on. We need to meet them where they are. We need to connect with the true SPIRIT of our child, and parent from that space.
48 2 1w
Beautiful!!! Amen!
Well said my friend, well said. 😘
Them ❤️
34 1w
I don't need everything to be perfect anymore... I'd rather him remember how much fun we had even when it wasn't.
30 5 1w
Ooh! :) hope your move goes smoothly!
@jessica_morrisonn so far so good! I'm so excited for summertime up there again!!!
Sold the couch and took down the bed frame so we decide it would be fun to camp in the living room our last week
21 3 1w
I comment on all your stuff. I am still hoping just maybe you guys decide to stay. Miracles happen, right?
As long as you're here we'll be back to visit! @april_depalo
My sweet aunt Ange saw my post about wanting a wand the other day so she made a stop and sent us all something special ❤️⚡️ I'm about to wingardium leviosa everything into these boxes.
25 2 1w
This is awesome !!!!!!!!
Dude, I have this bad ass crystal wand that I gave my boyfriend's 6 year old and he's obsessed with it haha wands are the best!! I know a bunch of awesome wand websites. I'll send you some :)
Our boys have gotten so big and handsome @april_depalo 😍 I'm so glad B had a sweet friend to grow up with here!
22 1w
Waking up to another beautiful day. ❄️⛅️
35 1 1w
My baby loved the snow!
44 1w
Wrestling in the snow ❄️#snowday #bigpuppy #mastiff
35 6 1w
This is soooo perfect!💙🐺❄️
I love this pic!
Nobody in this house wants to go play in the snow with me! ❄️❄️😩
19 5 1w
Right???? This weather is perfect!
That face! 😘 Carter couldn't wait to go out!
Bums 💛 #bblessedphoto #clickinmoms
62 3 2w
#babyphotography #childphotographer #6monthphotos
We need one more shoot with you before my heart breaks
Big boy was getting way too big for our bed so daddy got him his own mattress. #mastifflove #bigpuppy #mastiff
37 7 2w
He's still to big for that to @rachelmikell_bblessedphoto
He is sooo cute!
My #forever #valentine ❤️
46 2w
I tried so hard to grow his hair out but he needed the sides trimmed up. #littlehandsome
34 2w
Morning #yoga with momma 🐛 #yogi #yogibaby
34 2w