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Rachel Mikell Nicholas God 🙏 | My hubs💍| Our Beckham 🚂 |Eden, Rue, Simon 🐾| Our Adventures 🎒 | Photography website ↙️
24 1 7h
This is my first year trying to cook with someone whose head reaches the counter. 🍗 I've got my head on a swivel Simon.
Paha #mylife
46 1 22h
Do I have a huge belly from all the pecan pies I can't stop eating?! None of your business...
He may hate vegetables but I don't mind how he feels about Greek yogurt...
19 3 1d
Do you put anything in it @rachelmikell_bblessedphoto ? I just bought a huge tub of vanilla and Tucker won't take one bite !
@daivanorton no just the honey flavored Greek gods kind! He won't eat it if I put anything in it!
They sit so pretty for pictures so you can't really blame me... #prettypuppies
31 8 1d
@michellerimmy i love it! I feel likes he's a big tiger or something hahaha @ashleydehart they need to be bribed hahaha they aren't that behaved
@rachelmikell_bblessedphoto you know I would love that but the plan is we will get one when we are finally home and have a house and Parx can help out. 🐶🏃 haha but I want one NOW!😫
My little shadow :) hasn't left me since the day I lifted his butt into my car and asked if he'd want to stay at our house for a week. #fosterfailure #squints
51 1d
Happy birthday to my beautiful little sissy, I wish I could go back to the tiny baby and squeeze you everyday forever, and never pick on you or hurt your feelings, but I've always been so proud and admired how hard you work at everything you do!!! And I'm so grateful B has you in his life ❤️ can't wait to be home and build forts with you @ahargis5
32 3 2d
HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful girl 👸🎈😘 @ahargis5 love you both!!
Thank you Ty!! Love you guys so much!!! @tykain
Pray that little sunny guy sticks around on Friday! ☀️☀️☀️
10 3d
My baby getting ready for his daddy to get home last year 💛 so grateful for my little buddy
14 4d
36 1 6d
He is perfect!!
My boys ❤️
26 7 1w
Of course! I'm offering lifestyle newborns! My website link is in my about me!
The stockings were hung over the TV with care... #iwishwehadachimney
31 8 1w
Where did you find these stockings? Hobby lobby ? I need to find some new ones they are so cute!! @rachelmikell_bblessedphoto
I just got plain burlap ones at hob for like $5! @briana_alderman
My babies little cozy corner 🌙⭐️he shuts himself in there when he wants to be alone ❤️
41 3 1w
Paha I know, I'm thinking I want to build one of my own @jordannicoal
It's ripping my soul apart that I can never go back and squeeze baby sized B 😭😭😭 look at his cute boobies
25 3 1w
Right! I was just looking at baby pictures of Evelyn 😭
Have another? :)
God gives us passions because we are meant to pursue them. What's the point of trying to be successful when you're doing something that makes you miserable everyday.
19 1w
Baby boys first time seeing snow! ❄️I forget our big 120 lb boy is still a puppy! #bigpuppy #rescue #lovesthesnow
52 4 1w
Tell me about it. We don't do snow. Or rain. Or sun. Or wind. She literally just wants to be inside allllll the time. I'm like I swear if you pee on my floor you will stay outside foreverrrrr!
He is soooo handsome.
Hubs wanted healthy breakfast today 🍌🍯
26 3 1w
Thank you Jess!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ so are you! @jestyjester
Oh thanks! You're sweet :)
My handsome baby 💛💛💛
38 6 1w
After this next week or two I won't have as many sessions so we can have pajama jams and do Christmas things @megan__gee
Yessss! Let the Christmas crafts commence!
Since were not having any more babies for a while I'm glad he has his puppies to play games with haha #puppybrother
23 7 1w
He's probably 50 pounds, his body is definitely more of the Shepard than mastiff. But he is the same way all gangly and awkward ha ha
So cute!!! Simon is tall like a Great Dane but he's like muscular so it's really weird @_rachel_ann_
Am I the only mom who has memories flash before my eyes before I get rid of old clothes?! B was wearing this when his daddy got home from Afghanistan 😭😭
25 2 2w
You have to keep! Your next boy can wear it!
My boys ❤️❤️
22 1 2w
We so wish that we was there with you guys