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Rachel Mikell Nicholas God 🙏 | My hubs💍| Our Beckham 🚂 |Eden, Rue, Simon 🐾| Our Adventures 🎒 | Photography website ↙️ http://bblessedphoto.com
He has the cutest freaking face 😘
26 10 16 hours ago
Handsome boy! My Elwood looks so much like him especially in this pic!
Thanks! So is Simon!!! He looks so sweet
I found a Rue paw next to a Simon paw... And rubes weighs 70 lbs. 🐾 #biiigpuppy
11 2 d ago
I seriously love these. B had a bottle for an abnormally long period of time, don't judge, and wouldn't drink milk from anything else. But he LOVES these. Yay! 🐮🍼
25 3 2 d ago
@babyface3210 it's hard! That's what made him comfy to go to bed! He still has his binky though so that helped
I know, Melissa does too, that her comfort. How you get B of his bottle? @rachelmikell
I can't handle the handsome. #throwback #mybaby #perfection
48 2 3 d ago
Oh my goodness I want to do a grease shoot with him now! Lmao thanks @rachelmikell
@cmac3988 hahahaha he would be in heaven. He is seriously the best model
Baby girl hates the thunder but momma loves the cuddles ⚡️☔️❤️
16 3 d ago
This is pretty much my life. #dogpile #nomakeup #cuddlepuddle
26 1 4 d ago
Mine too! Minus the pups. ♡
Sometime I just need to slow down and take time for puppy cuddles 💛
17 1 4 d ago
Aww! #cuddlepuddle
Keeping up with our Saturday tradition. These will be gone in an hour. Sooo yummy! 🍩
32 5 4 d ago
I'm sorry @mattgibson_npc if you ran all the way here to get one it would probation even out haha
Haha k I'll have to do that cuz I am now craving a donut 😂 @rachelmikell
I was surprised he knew what the poop scoop was for, and then he got too frustrated and put it on the scoop with his hand. 😐 into the tub he goes
11 3 5 d ago
A for effort!
Decided I mayyy have gone a little too dark yesterday, yay for Sally's
42 8 6 d ago
Omg you're so good with hair, it looks amazing! How do you do it? Did you go to cosmetology school?
@exquisv haha no I've just been poor so I have had to learn hahaha
Well the last line is true at least :) #favoritemovieever #squints
25 6 d ago
Someone photobombed my new hair selfie 👩
57 13 1 weeks ago
Love you guys.
Awesome!!! Gorgeous lady & cute close up! 👍 💖 😙
My handsome baby and his thick gorgeous hair 😍😘
38 2 1 weeks ago
Lucky boy! Evelyn's still a bit challenged in the hair department haha
Gorgeous indeed! 👍 💌 😎 😙
Much better!
18 7 1 weeks ago
Craft time. This is my sanity when hubs has to leave
11 4 1 weeks ago
! @megan__gee
I wanna craft too! 😩
Puppy play dates 🐾
24 1 weeks ago
When I wrote that I didn't even have a camera, or any idea what I'd be doing to make money, we always had plenty and could always pay our bills but I wanted to make extra so we could do fun things as a family. And now I make what I'd be making if I had gone out and gotten a job, except this makes me happy and I get to be home with B everyday :) #mondaymorning #psalm37:4
37 4 1 weeks ago
So proud! I'm glad I have such a talented friend that's great with furbabies too! We need furfamily pictures soon!
Awe thank you my love! But yes!!! With all your cute puppy children! @jessika_lyn
I feel like we have a pet tortoise, Simon always leaves him somewhere random and I never see him do it haha
13 1 weeks ago
Got a couple of my babies, stopped for coffee and doughnuts and were off to ruby's favorite spot for a morning run :) #happy
20 1 1 weeks ago
She looks so happy!!
I'm so glad I get to stay at home everyday :)
49 2 1 weeks ago