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Rachel Mikell Nicholas God 🙏 | My hubs💍| Our Beckham 🚂 |Eden, Rue, Simon 🐾| Our Adventures 🎒 | Photography website ↙️ http://bblessedphoto.com
He refused to sleep anywhere but moms chest. So this was a struggle! #bblessedphoto
42 7 1 d ago
This is one of my favorite photos of yours! ❤️❤️
It may be mine too! I wish everyone wanted newborns like this and not posed with hats and props and big bows :( that's not natural for me haha @brittany_halota
29 2 2 d ago
Good morning Monday ❤️ my hubs gets home this week! ☺️
Aww I can't wait to see your homecoming pics!
Forgot ribbon and a card, luckily my craft closet is piled high with half of hobby lobby.
21 5 d ago
We're about to leave and I just finished this room. Dangit.
30 1 5 d ago
love the back-splash!
All done! Whew. Not as bad as staining the deck but not the easiest thing I've ever done.
25 1 5 d ago
Why am I not surprised that you did this by yourself?
Surprising the hubby with a backsplash. Cutting tile is no joke. #bloodyhands #hebetterloveit
46 10 5 d ago
What?? 👏👏 I'd never know how to do that!
We're slowly making progress with words hahaha his little lisp like moms
25 2 6 d ago
Too cute
Hahahaha I love it!
I'll probably regret not letting him model 😍 #handsome #littlemodel
22 1 6 d ago
Ugh move to Colorado and take pictures of my little man and me! You never cease to amaze me with ❤️your photos! These are adorable!
My B. ❤️❤️ #bblessedphoto
50 1 1 weeks ago
Shut up so cute 😍
Another year with my beautiful baby. ❤️
43 1 weeks ago
Getting ready for B's 2nd birthday pictures!! ❤️🍁🍂 is my baby really almost 2?!
30 4 1 weeks ago
@megan__gee gah I know! @collakridge I buy him like two cute outfits and then the rest just crap because they always end up ruined hahaha
@rachelmikell trust me girl, I know the struggle. I fear leaving the house after putting Jaelyn in a new outfit. And getting out of the house before she messes up her hair should be means for a gold medal! ;)
Yay! It turned out so cute! The #bblessedphoto-mobile!
29 1 weeks ago
Just gotta hang on for two more days 😥... #comeonfall 🍁🍂
13 6 1 weeks ago
Haha yes!! Him and spencer were my only friends in our neighborhood for a while! @macadill I love them!!!
Yayyyy Fall is on it's way!!! 🍁🍂🍃
I'd think this toy was creepy if he wasn't so obsessed with it hahaha #jackinthebox
31 2 1 weeks ago
Lol! That's great!
Such a cute laugh!!
Since I'm not willing to fork over $500 to fix my mailbox collides with tailgate mishap, someone tell me this makes it less noticeable hahaha
22 13 1 weeks ago
Yes on foot! Lol! At a gas station! He was walking around the back corner. I still think he just slapped my car to scare me. He said he was fine...that or he was on drugs and didn't wanted to call the cops lol! I hightailed it out of there after I was sure he was ok lol!!
So I totally backed up into a car at Walmart with my brand new civic a few months ago!!!! And I have a back up camera too. And it gets worse, a few days ago I backed into a parked car with zacs brand new truck!!! I about crapped my pants when I had to tell him! Luckily his truck is fine tho :/ I feel your pain!
I was tagged by the oh so gorgeous @jessica_morrisonn to share ten random facts about my pregnancy, and since it was my favorite thing EVER here it is... 1. It was a huge surprise. 2. I struggle with anxiety anyway but it was insanely worst the first month or two. 3. My pregnant belly wasn't even round. It was actually very awkward looking. 4. I craved avocado like nothing else, and I hated avocados until then. (They're Bs favorite thing) 5.sky had to leave four the last 4 months and it made it hard to enjoy the rest without being able to share it with him. 6. We didn't agree on a single name. Until Beckham. His middle name is james after my grandpa and "BJ" for sky's grandpa :) 7. I never had a lick of heartburn. So don't believe that wives tale about the hair :) 8. I gained 3x the recommended poundage. Whoops. 9. I sang to B in my belly everyday, and that is one of the only things that helped him fall asleep after he was born. 10. I would have stayed pregnant forever. Unless I would have known how beautiful my little boy would be :) I taaag... @sarah_leona @collakridge @shailey_ @mccallbarker
35 4 1 weeks ago
You are the cutest! I didn't like being pregnant much, so you're very lucky!
@ashleydehart well baby girl was a chunky so I understand :) it's hard to carry all that in a little body haha
No sleep for us last night mean Mint mask and movies on the couch for this morning. #somuchgreeninonepicture
32 4 1 weeks ago
Haha that's awesome. I hope when I have a kid it's a boy!
I'm obsessed. But I've never had a girl, boys are just fun and messy haha @dallus_bosch
May be comin down with the baby fever. 💛 #bblessedphoto
25 2 1 weeks ago
Yes please! Do it so I don't have to
I think I need a couple years before I can really commit to the idea hahaha the toddler phase is wearing me out! @megan__gee
Why is he the cutest little person ever haha caught him reading
21 1 weeks ago
#goodmorning ☕️
20 2 1 weeks ago
Poppy seeds?
Chia seeds! Soo good for you! @novafaith