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Rachel Mikell Nicholas Indigo child | Devoted wife | Mindful Momma loving & learning with my favorite boys and our puppies. 👣🌲❤ 🐛⚡️🌻🐾🐝🙏🏼⭐️ (photography site ↙️)
I think God used all my favorite sounds to compose his little laugh ❤️🎶
57 2 18h
#itshappyhere #toddlerlife #motherhood #boymom #littlelove #dreadhead #dreadlocks #wonderlocks #ladieswithlocks
My wild little bear, I love you like crazy. So grateful for your sweet little spirit. #itshappyhere
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@shailey_ 😘😘 @captaindreadhawk thanks love!!! I'm still in love with yours! I will probably keep adding a row until they're all the way up eventually haha
Uhhh your hair looks Phenomenal!! And B looks pretty cute too!! 😀
My sweet boy ❤️🌻 he always loves doing something special for his gammas.
43 4 1d
Yes! Listen to black as Night first :)
@adrianavirginia yay thanks girl, I love homework like this
I've waited a long time to be home and have a BBQ ❤️🇺🇸
35 2 4d
It looks so amazing! Can't wait!
Ugh! You're just the cutest!
22 6d
Nothing in the world makes me happier than having my boys back together ❤️⭐️😍
42 4 1w
YAY!!!😍🎉 so happy for you guys!🙌🏼
When I said I wanted another child in the family I meant another baby not a man child! 😭 but I'll take it. ❤️😘
31 1w
Long mommy post: Within the last three years B has spent a lot of time sleeping in our bed, partly because he wanted to and partly because Sky spent a lot of nights training or on deployment or just working through the night and I felt more comfortable (or less lonely) to have B with me. Last night we set up his first "big boy bed" and I anticipated a night of back and forth and some negotiating, but once again my little love surprised me, he climbed right up into his bed, said "night night momma, night night toys" and fell fast asleep. Sky's about to be home for good this week, no more deployments or nights away. So last night instead of me feeling like B sleeping in his own bed was him saying he didn't need me anymore, it was more of him saying "you made it Momma, here's your bed back."
60 6 1w
Ok, I needed a Kleenex alert! So sweet! What a blessing to have hubby home and safe! My son tells me, "Mommy go bye bye. Night night. I love you." The first night he did that and went to sleep on his own I bawled my eyes out because I thought he didn't need me anymore.
Not every little boy gets to grow up with a daddy who makes sacrifices to take care of them, tells them how proud they are, loves on them and always keeps them in mind. My baby is one of the lucky ones. ❤️
38 3 1w
@novafaith he called to tell me he saw you! Haha he said you were keeping an eye on our little house. We miss you guys! Tell Ethan happy Father's Day!!!!
It's just so sad seeing someone else living there. He says thank you.
Just workin the outdoor movie.
39 3 1w
Oh my goodness. He is such a ham!! Please come back. Miss you guys.
My little water baby ❤️ I had his all to myself that year so I had everything on video to show his daddy and I'm so glad.
30 1 1w
This is soooo cute!!!!
Worked on this girls dreadies today. 😍😍 #girlswithdreads #wonderlocks
46 9 1 1w
Let's do it hahah I'm ready when you are:) @rachelmikell_bblessedphoto
@lalaholloway ;)
I told him dada would be here to play with him next week and then I heard him singing "DADA and TOYS oh ya... DADA and TOYS oh ya... 🎶"
43 2 1w
Can I just love him!! He is beyond adorable and perfect 😍😍 @rachelmikell_bblessedphoto
Too cute! I just bought Your Baby's First Word Will Be Dada by Jimmy Fallon for my husband.
Everyday I'm grateful that God chose me to be a mommy and I'm so incredibly blessed to be mommy to the most amazing, silly, loving little human ⭐️ #motherhood #handsome #toddlerlife #twoyearsold
42 4 2w
@daivanorton old navy! Super cheap and good for water in the summertime!
So handsome!
Taking this handsome to tour a #montessori preschool today ❤️ hopefully a couple days a week with mommy out of his hair he can make some little friends while hes doing some yoga 😉
30 4 2w
The little girls I nannied for back east did Montessori and they both were reading at 3!
@dyllgu3 No way, I love that! So cool! I don't really care if he's a genius I just want him to be excited about things like that.
Fossil excavating with gammy 🐚🔨
21 2w
Why does our society teach us that a woman's body, face, age, financial contribution, whatever else... Has anything to do with our worthiness of being loved? #irrelevant
32 1 2w
I always try to remember #iamworthy Thank you for this post 💓💙💓💙
Big buns and alliums 💜 #summer #dreadbun
41 1 2w
I love these flowers!! I have tried (unsuccessfully) to grow them several times.
Exactly what I needed today ❤️
14 2w
You're never to old to ride in the cart on shopping trips with momma ❤️
18 8 2w
@adrianavirginia yes!!! Finally, so if you ever need a hiking or coffee buddy I'm heeere
Yes!! Please :) are you in Ogden or where are you living? Do you do dog training then? my pups needs some classes haha. Maynard jumped our fence yesterday and got taken to the pound :( we can't get him back until tomorrow. Sooo sad. Poor little guy is probably sooo scared. He's the biggest baby.