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Rachel Mikell Nicholas Lover 💛 | Seeker 🌌 | Wanderer 🍃 Embracing every adventure with the loves of my life.
If loving someone means setting them free then I'll let you be free to be yourself, without wondering if you'll be judged. Free to make your own choices and mistakes and know I'll always love you the same. #littlebear
46 1 9h
So cute!!! 😍💗
Looking for Utah friends interested in photo sessions while I scout new locations :) these sessions will be offered at a discount! More details are on Facebook :) #bblessedphoto
30 7 1d
And Abel's incision is finally healed so let's plan a day for puppies to meet and us see you guys ;)
Me, but I'm poor. :(
God made dirt so dirt won't hurt. 🐌
21 1 2d
#wordstoliveby! 🙏☺️
I don't like being led on pretty little writers. #soannoying
34 7 2d
I thought they were going to reveal who "A" is like three seasons ago, they didn't, I got mad and stopped watching the show 🙈🙈🙈 I think I made a smart decision 😄
Riggggghhhht?! So I'm now thinking that Jason has a twin?...
How many more days? I'm ready to have both my wild Indians back. #myloves #wwnicholas
34 4d
What the army has taught me... Missing my handsome ❤️ It would be three but I still can never leave my B.
25 3 4d
Go for it ❤️ @kianajlearn
Have you read much of her poetry? She speaks to my soul. She is everywoman.
Sweet boy played at the playground and kept growling at all the littles and didn't understand why they didn't play back with him. Some people never understand us like our puppies haha
35 5d
❤️ 🍃👣🌿
22 5d
Loving this sunshine ☀️
29 6d
Two is definitely trying... But there's nothing terrible about days with you. ❤️
30 6d
10 2 6d
#gentleparenting #motherhood
First day of Spring! 🌼 so excited for sunny days and new adventures 💛
28 1w
Tonight I'm having the hardest time with this moving process, finding houses is so hard for me because I get so attached to places and things. But I'm Trusting that I will fall in love with the one that is right for us.
24 1w
I love the feeling of waking up excited. #goodmorning ☀️🐛☕️👣🍃
31 1w
The start of a new adventure 🏡 :) #househunting #2015
46 6 1w
@jorrrdanjune anywhere!! We just want a big yard! Where do you guys live?!
He has the cutest clothes!!! @rachelmikell_bblessedphoto
Missing my comfy shoulder tonight. ❤️ #seeyousoon
54 2 1w
So cute! I want that hogwarts shirt!!!!!!
Perfect expressions; love it!!
20 1 1w
Love it! Thanks for sharing!
I found the perfect solution for the child leash debate, mom leash. He won't run away because he thinks he's walking me haha
29 5 1w
This is awesome
Lol! Nice! Well played mama!
My little bird decided he'd rather be my little bear today 🐻
33 1w
Hikes with my bear. 🐾❤️🌿 "The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hands of man."
31 1 1w
Gorgeous!! 😍