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Someone "Bitch I might be" 😏👌😂Friends,Music,YouTubers,Dallas Mavericks (Small Overview of my life) 🎭
Ready for Camp back on Aug 03!
10 1 2 weeks ago
Kik jordantengan
Hung out with the most amazing person today!!!!! @alexdotpolkadot
17 4 1 2 weeks ago
Are you leaving tmrw for camp?
@whittemoree yes
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! #tbt to the first pic I have of @alexdotpolkadot to the last one.The time that I met you might have been short but there were amazing times.Thank you Alex for being my best friend!
15 1 1 2 weeks ago
Thank you so much. The day I met you I knew we would be best friends. You are an amazing friend and I am so glad we met. I am going to miss you so much!!! 😀😭😥😄
R.I.P @connorfranta 's videos on #O2L #ConnorFranta
18 1 3 weeks ago
So there was this awesome bike at the store
14 1 3 weeks ago
Cool did you get I ride it
At the hospital? 😁
17 7 3 weeks ago
What term are you going!
@halen.renee 3th
Swimming part two 😜
17 1 month ago
Days pass without seeing you...😶
13 2 1 month ago
follow me :)
Tbh: Sabine ur really pretty and ur coo and I miss u
12 1 month ago
Tattoo buddies with the bro (His said "Fuck,no!") (Mine was a cross and an infinity sign)
19 1 month ago
Ok, here it is the Instagram Family, @awesome_jellyfish though of 75% of the people in here.
21 7 7 1 month ago
@awesome_jellyfish @rushguy01 @cooper_425 we are siblings from different mothers and fathers 😂
hello friend @sabine_stratmann
#ilysm SUMMER TIME!!!
22 2 5 1 month ago
Gonna miss you guys so much. I will never forget my friends!! (DM me if you want me to tag you in this image)
20 4 6 1 month ago
ill miss youu!!!!!!!
24 2 1 month ago
With these children at #Forever21
19 2 2 1 month ago
Y'all are weird... 😁
Love ya! 😘 @awesome_jellyfish @sabine_stratmann
@ab._.normal 3hrs facetime-ing (Him and @_cheyenne_2134 made me tell someone I like them as a joke doe) (Funny but cruel)
27 1 2 5/25/2014
and u asked him out 😂
This is just like 1/6 out all the images that were taken. #Hacked
28 4 4 5/21/2014
Tbh~I look awesome in those pics#jk you cool✌️
Hanging with these lovely folks!!
22 2 5/19/2014
#fleemarket Liam's face doe (so smexy)
21 1 3 5/13/2014
TBH ur cool and in one of my classes and ya
Even the minor things in life can make you smile. #mall
18 2 1 5/5/2014
The bus is here!!!!!! @sabine_stratmann
Never mind it's gone now @sabine_stratmann