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Sayde Shiroff 🚦Can't stop watching YouTubers🚦
71 4 1 4 d ago
Thanx 💋 @malfieri002
r u going to family fin night
We're so fancy, you already know
78 11 7 5 d ago
Oh, ok. I thought you guys got together and didn't invite me because I didn't know where it was from. Sorry. Haha 😘
@hailey.aspinwall you should've been there 😌
💐Miss you love💐
66 2 1 1 weeks ago
Awe I miss you so much!! We have to hang.!!!
Ik! 😘 @livgoldman
My second family 🏊
65 9 13 1 weeks ago
Jk I love it
What is this for
Camp visiting 🌲
63 7 1 1 weeks ago
Guy pants, overalls, and arm slings 😎
66 22 1 2 weeks ago
Get better Sayde😘😘
My longboards name is Roger 😎
73 20 2 weeks ago
And I don't know what you're talking about.
Do u want to b tagged? @yeastman_of_the_loaf
Road trip with this goober 🐶
76 5 1 2 weeks ago
Tbh: i don't know u at all but u swim for cb
Who the hell are u? @eric_degodny
Even soakin' wet we're hot 💦
77 9 5 1 month ago
Read description of photo it's for u @_bowman13_
K so @brodish12
Hey, you know who's cool? Stuart Sumner. @yeastman_of_the_loaf you're a beast.
88 7 3 1 month ago
tbh ur really pretty nd nice nd funny and deana now always sings that song u taught her 😂
уσυя fяιєи∂ѕ < му fяιєи∂ѕ
78 8 5 1 month ago
She ate you by the clean band aids ft red cold @marjorieb94
😂😂good times