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Flight essentials ✈
1962 34 19 hours ago
Have a good time🎈☀️
I have the same lip balm! It's amazing 😍
Happy birthday to my dear Stella, thank you for your true and genuine friendship throughout the years. Love you from the bottom of my heart 💕 #thankyouforlastnight #somuchfun #friendships
1644 21 1 d ago
Beautiful picture!! 😘😘
Stella joon is such a lovely lady!!!! Please send my regards to her @shivasafai shiva jan 😘
I can see your halo 👼 @michaelcostello thank you again for giving me the honor to close the show with you! #grateful #backstage #hollyrod #hollyrodfoundation
3173 49 1 2 d ago
My lovee :))
Thank you to my dear friend @shay_todd for bringing a ton of swimwear for me to try on for my trip. And these beauties made the cut. #readyformytrip 👙☀😀
2011 36 2 d ago
@dandelion0107 are vaghan khosh behhalesh
@dandelion0107 are aji afsordegi gereftam
You don't need religion to have morals. If you can't determine right from wrong then you lack empathy not religion. #peace #spreadthelove #bekind #humanity #compassion 🙏💙
4016 219 3 d ago
Σας ειδα στο ονειρο μου σημερα το βραδυ.δεν σας γνωριζω προσωπικα μονο μεσω inst.η ωραιοτερη φωτο. Αιωνιοτητα και μια στιγμη. ....ποσο ιδια.with love from Hellas.
Someone had a rough day I guess.....😏 #giggy
4606 86 4 d ago
😊 very good.
@shivasafai beauty
Red dress kinda night💋
5345 98 4 d ago
@charliebymz this girl #goddess
World Cup champion Mesut Ozil just stopped by the house for BBQ 😃 #houseofhadid #worldcup2014 #mesutozil #happysunday
5020 181 1 4 d ago
@ayse__1903 I know it's so cool :O
@fakhl2i dokhtare iranie!!!
Shi shi and coco #houseofhadid #perfectsunday #loveher 💕
3769 23 4 d ago
@dandelion0107 on khoone ghadimitono migi??!!!♥♡♥;-)
Hair madness and selfies @chazdean thank you for my big wavy sexy hair (no extensions needed) 😁 @michaelcostello #hollyrodfoundation #michaelcostello
2136 14 3 5 d ago
@c.o.d is giving away a 56k account
Me and @michaelcostello closing his amazing show for the #hollyrod foundation last night. #michaelcostello #hollyrod
3590 64 5 d ago
@michaelcostello @michaelcostello31 my dear friend I can't thank you enough for choosing me to close the show with you. I'm deeply humbled and honored and so lucky to have a friend like you. #hopeImadeyouproud #hollyrod #michaelcostello 💋
2714 33 5 d ago
Blowing out someone else's candle won't make yours shine any brighter✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
4293 68 6 d ago
Khanome dostdashtani
Classic..you look radiant,perky and sexy fit ..😘😚
Thank you @noosheee11 for all your help💕 love you 💕 #gettingthingsdone
3221 35 6 d ago
I thought you fast. Are you a Muslim or not ? @mohamedhadid
@shokrojاين كه چه كسي باچه كسي تناسب داردياندارد،فلاني باهمسن پدربزرگ يا مادربزرگش ازدواج كرده ،تحصيلات افراد ،دنبال پول كسي است ،زندگي خصوصي انسانها به ماربطي ندارد،اين كه حواستان به انسانهاي ديگر است خوب است اما درست نيست در اين مورد باكسي صحبت كنيم يا حدستان راقضاوت كنيد ،زندگي خصوصي آدمهافقط به خودشان ربط دارد تا وقتي ازما كمكي نخواستند حق دخالت نداريم.
"Sheshaw" and baba can't wait to see your pretty face soon💕💕💕 #cocoiscoming #love #happiness
4149 50 1 weeks ago
Lovely ^___^
@marziatt87 موهات و این شکلی کن
Who's smile is bigger mine or #drake 's? 😁🙈 #espy #afterparty #houseofhadid Photocred my love @mohamedhadid
5207 122 1 weeks ago
@mandanabehzadi inam rafte khunashun :-o
Just few hours ago @ #houseofhadid #espy #afterparty @kbedrosian @tamaradarian @shahinsafae
2573 11 1 weeks ago
شیواجون چرا واس برد والیبال پست نمیزاری؟؟ والیبال دوست نداری؟؟
@paaar_paaar. Shiva jun na farsi balade ,nq volleyballe irano tahala dide , kheili kharejie azizm ;)
Love you to the moon and back my sweetest @lanzybear #espy #afterparty #houseofhadid
2121 15 1 weeks ago
So pretty. @lanzybear @shivasafai
I admire (and love) your love for one another. What a beautiful family and you are such a beautiful example to other families. @shivasafai @lanzybear
Nothing better to curl up with your man who adores you, while the crazy #espy #afterparty is still going on downstairs. #houseofhadid
2969 44 1 weeks ago
shiva jan azizam mage sana behet yozih nadad
its ur privatization pics
All dolled up for tonight! Soft makeup look by @patrickta 💋
5090 96 1 weeks ago
Que belleza!!
You are a flawless queen🌹