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NICOLE💪 Proud, Fit Mom & Fiancé. Nothing can bring me down💪💋 http://www.celebuzz.com/nicole-Snooki-Polizzi/
Somebody is over moms pictures today. 👶👶👶
212683 435 15 hours ago
Follow me please, new pictures everyday
This is my Easter basket ❤️❤️❤️
214186 614 16 hours ago
I ♡ this picture snooki... You have turned into a beautiful grown, independent woman and a GREAT mommy! Lorenzo is very lucky to have parents like you and Jionni! I love the woman you have become and hopefully one day you and @jennijwowwmtv can come to Wisconsin :) xoxo! @snookinic
What's up with that forced baby hair. Tad ghetto
Time to explore 👶
159145 300 16 hours ago
Friday workout with my sister in law ❤️ @vincenzo126
69302 827 1 d ago
@snookinic do you not have morning sickness at all? My first trimester is awful! I can't imagine doing a workout like that with this nausea
Snooki can work out while pregnant it's safe she knows what she's doing . @almightyleah
Making a yummy healthy desert for my moms Easter dinner ❤️
139238 473 1 d ago
That isn't organic!! If you really want you & your family to be healthy @snookinic you need to look into the difference. "Conventional" Strawberries have more pesticides pound for pound than any other fruit & vegetable. I know you are transforming into the healthiest person you could possibly be so I know that you will care about what is in the food you eat, where it comes from, & how it was produced.
How can someone so into fitness not look at the bigger picture of health?!!! Buy organic! You're a multimillionaire. No excuse. Plenty of us "regular" folk aren't that but still manage to feed ourselves and our families that way regardless
With my buns&guns women!!! @liabunzngunz @anthonymichaelfit 💘
76485 131 2 d ago
Just one or those days.... 😐
263044 2154 2 d ago
Amazingly, if you type "Snooki Sexy" on yahoo images, most of those pictures are when she was heavier, and I agree with that :/
@marifaverofra ecco così
Yay I can see! Filled my glasses up with my prescription ❤️ thank you NYS COLLECTION sunglasses💋
92747 390 3 d ago
What's your website?
I adore you ❤️👶 #typicalmorning #mylife
119365 912 3 d ago
@oldhollywoodpics 😅
So happy I'm stocked up on my protein muffins! Thanks @anthonymichaelfit !! Lorenzo's trying to steal them 😡😡😡
79888 202 3 d ago
Such a beautiful thing to see you grow into a respectable woman . Don't let NO one bring you down because of your past because you don't live there ! Happy Easter snooks <3
Come check out my artist @B_Capp performing @EngageFestival with @BigSean on April 25th Tsongas Arena! S/O to @Jzzy_jzz @Teamsnookimusic
25294 215 4 d ago
@jennadduci hey are you going??
Reunited and it feels so good! #mommyson ❤️👶
257125 929 5 d ago
He is fricken adorable!!!!!
Was so comfy in my dress tonight! So happy to have designed it with my designer! 💐
149731 470 6 d ago
work it!
Hiking with my woman #preggobesties ❤️❤️❤️ @jennijwowwmtv
180553 923 6 d ago
I watch your tv show can u follow me back
I watch your tv show can u follwo me back @snookinic
Waking oh feeling like a strong mama 😋
116967 331 6 d ago
Kijk @sues_mcgun , je vriendin is ook sterk.
My Saturday night. A feast and ordering movies. 🙌
138553 526 1 weeks ago
Tu culo @fdromled18
That's what I'm talking about! This woman is a true inspiration to all of us ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 👏👏👏👏
84987 1103 1 weeks ago
Flower kimono fringe kind of day 🌸❤️
143455 643 1 weeks ago
Wanted to shout out my family @teamsnookimusic! A year ago today we did our press conference in NYC and kicked off to doing big things @B_Capp @Veronica_kole @Breezenyc66 & Dad. I love you guys keep up the hard work xoxo #TSM
61474 121 1 weeks ago
I love your black hair
@xorosita black hair
Reunited with my DWTS fam ❤️❤️❤️ @sashafarber1
86669 177 1 weeks ago
PLEASE READ MY MESSAGES. I'm desperate and this is y last resort
OMG he's gorg