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NICOLE💪 Proud, Fit Mom & Fiancé. Host of Naturally Nicole every Tuesdays on podcast🎤Nothing can bring me down💪💋 www.podcastone.com/Naturally-Nicole http://snookinicole.celebuzz.com
Buns & guns with my women!! 👊 @liabunzngunz @anthonymichaelfit
37595 207 5 hours ago
If you take instagram so seriously you should just get off and grow up
Waaauw you both look so good!
I'm HUGE. #babygirl 👶👶👶
203297 962 6 hours ago
Cute momma!
What a weirdo. @jlavalle5 😂
59150 483 7 hours ago
@gbabyy99 I can't stop laughing bahaha!!!
😂😂😂😂 you are sooo cute!!
I definitely have more fun with my sons toys than he does. #embarassingmom 💁
176905 349 1 d ago
So handsome
Lorenzo loves his birthday cape!!! 😍😍😍 @jlavalle5
104603 1141 1 d ago
@jrudaj is the 84 dinner
Happy birthday cutey
Waiting for the birthday boy to wake up!!!! I cannot believe my son is 2. Mommy loves you so much & so proud of you everyday. Happy birthday baby💙💙💙 @jlavalle5
238944 1980 1 d ago
Are you kidding? That's clearly Mickey Mouse you Dumbass @sarapanyko
@sarapanyko it's fucking Mickey. Stupid ass.
YES. ✋
103847 2432 2 d ago
@jordan_durazo1987 @hb_its_show_time @jessicow
Meow😸😸😸😸😻 #cardio
26029 128 3 d ago
Kicken it with my main squeeze. We riden dirty 👶🚴💁
181275 478 4 d ago
@scejavisuano Does that radio flyer look familiar? Lol.
Designing my living room 😍😍😍
65892 192 4 d ago
Check out superior upholstery for window treatments! Located in Toms River. Awesome fabrics and they do a great job!!!!
@snookinic check out this place in jersey...they have EVERYTHING!! Http://www.woodboardsandbeams.com. Tell them Janet sent u! Love u BTW. Xoxo
Nice to finally be dolled up 💁💁
164807 602 6 d ago
You looks gorgeous and so classy!
My goal when I'm preggo @plainblaine
I wanted to show everyone his project this morning at class but he wasn't having it. ✋✋
161536 555 1 weeks ago
Doesn't kaleb look like Lorenzo? Lol @caroldarlinggg
@jkeeno lol damien has that outfit
Woot woot just did cardio in these sexy thangs. 😍😍👟👟
124186 1116 1 weeks ago
Hahahah @brigid_niland
Everyone at MAGIC this year, check out my clothing line booth #SnookiLove by Nicole Polizzi 💋 thank you magic for having me, wish I could be there! XOXO
67187 174 1 weeks ago
Love you snooki! Way to go !!
When are you going to open your shop in Spain?
With my bunz & gunz girls 💜❤️ @liabunzngunz @anthonymichaelfit #fitpregnancy👊
72329 763 1 weeks ago
Andre mira!! @andre_contrerasl
@rosadojess cosi así vas a hacer tu preñaita!! Jaja
Working on my podcast for Tuesday✏️✏️ what do you wanna hear? 😘
129072 669 1 weeks ago
@simply_connor and u look like a douchebag with daddy issues so fuck off
8 months pregnant 👊 inspired by @rachelle_fitness 😘 LOVE fit pregnancies!!!
78256 994 1 weeks ago
On the bike with my Buddha 👶💝
95939 292 1 weeks ago
How much cardio do you do daily not being prego?????? @jennijwowwmtv
Got my baby girl nails 💝 thank you @nailsshow 💗💗
155730 365 1 weeks ago
Nicee *-*
So glad to be back at bunz & gunz!! @liabunzngunz @anthonymichaelfit can't wait to go hardcore after my baby is born!! 💪💪💪💪
165444 531 2 weeks ago
Watching jersey shore rn , just wanted to say , I love you ! ❤️ & your so gorgeous . 😘😘
@rennykah not gonna lie, I wanna be cute, fit and preggos like her!