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NICOLE💪 Proud, Fit Mom & Fiancé. Host of Naturally Nicole every Tuesdays on podcast🎤Nothing can bring me down💪💋 www.podcastone.com/Naturally-Nicole http://www.thesnookishop.com
Gah just got my full shipment of #snookilove sent to me! Here's a few of them! All pieces will available to all of you soon @ thesnookishop.com 😍👗👖🎀
80455 302 1 d ago
When u wil do s4 of snooki&jwoww
Buns & guns , tryna jump start this labor 💪💪💪
100871 1762 1 d ago
@abigailcvalho20 fitt
@_y_e_y_a this should be me😩 but I'm to lazy lol😋🍕🍟🍞🍫🍪🍰
Wide awake at 12am asking baby girl why she's taking forever to make her arrival into this world. 😳
154055 493 3 d ago
Why are you making up lies snooki isn't kissing vinny they haven't seen each other for ages so what are you talking about you're so pathetic there is no pictures and she wouldn't do that to Jionni as there very happy @praise_shay
Don't put anyone down like that . Snooki isn't one at all . Don't comment if you're gonna insult her . She has done nothing wrong . She has changed so much since Jersey shore . She's matured . And turned her life around for the better . You are pathetic you should grow up . If you can't be nice then get off her Instagram she has no time for low bully's like you even now people still bully her how would you feel if someone bullied you like that . You're a nasty person get a life . At least she has done something good with her life don't judge people . @robbie2142
119361 327 4 d ago
Lol hast recht @jana251099
Just chillen in MY kitchen 😍😍 can't wait to start cooking feasts in here! If i can...🙈
162396 534 5 d ago
@rpezzolla check out that kitchen
Hi snooki me and my freinds always play snokki and jawow and I will always be u u are the so pretty I wish I was just like u
My best friend....❤️
62597 751 5 d ago
Lmao aw @lyssiemarie420
How ADORABLE is my bridal party?!? Love my women!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
220601 2121 5 d ago
@l0renz_ @sammirenee23 how freakin cute
@snookinic I putting together the same basket for someone, what was the EXTRA product your friends used ?!
Loving my office look so far! Not even close to done yet, but adding new things everyday is making my house feel like a home❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
140557 317 6 d ago
@danagh this does actually look nice huh?
Another day of unpacking at our house with this stud muffin. #mysoulmate ❤️❤️❤️ @jlavalle5
223002 735 6 d ago
Is he losing his hair?
Its crazy how much u Changed keep up good work
Can't believe it's been 13 years since 9/11. 💔 remembering, praying, and honoring all the souls that we love lost that day. Praying for the families who lost loved ones❤️ I remember all the acts of kindness we did for each other those weeks after this tragedy. Let's be kind to one another & tell you're loved ones how much they mean to you. RIP to all the souls lost, you are our heroes ❤️❤️
226904 869 6 d ago
Slaver wasnt the worst but what about the after math, slaves were.freed.in 1861 but finally got civil rights.50 years ago and.now they are.finally being treated like close to equals. America produced the Ku Kluc Klan. America destroyed Vietnam. America is too busy stickin her nose into.every other countries buisness without looking at whats happeing to her. @monicoco_
Just an end to another full day of moving furniture into our house! Me and babygirl are dunzo 😴😴😴😴😴
169497 349 6 d ago
How old or you
How did you get your hair this color??
This is a great pic of you two @JaySheezy & @ChrissySpratt xoxo! If this duo teamed up and did a song together ummmm HELLO #BillBoardChartsss @TeamSnookiMusic
45928 86 1 weeks ago
Thought it was jionni with a wig
jay sean 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Good morning from me and Buddha belly ✋
247254 666 1 weeks ago
@hollyhazell93 I'm obsessing over how freaking cute she is
@yassiisheeran_ for real she's pretty much having the baby any day now..
Here's some pieces from my fall SnookiLove💖 collection! Can't wait for it to be available for you guys!! Xoxo 💋💋💋
49219 206 1 weeks ago
@snookinic I so love her but why she.couldnt have plus.sizes
sold where???
Picked pine cones for fall decor!!! And I almost died because a spider jumped out😷😩😷😷😷😷
112638 320 1 weeks ago
He's so cute I love his shoes where did you get them my 2year old son would love them 😊😊😊 @snookinic
Thanks @lifeandstyleweekly for checking out my new #snookilove clothing line! You can see some of the styles by heading over to www.thesnookishop.com ❤️
42528 86 1 weeks ago
Today @mdollahs
I love the middle dress
Working on decor for the house! Now this is the fun part 😍😍😍
158897 454 1 weeks ago
@emilybirdy look at her candle things
She went from hot pink and zebra and leopard to classy and beautiful and unique antique
Starting to put my office together! Can't wait to move in!!! 💖💖
105402 199 1 weeks ago
Loving this picture of my two rising stars @B_Capp & @Veronica_Kole spending the day together in NY xoxo
63983 158 1 weeks ago
@luvnlife_u ur twin!!
Feeling Frisky this morning! #Meow My #SnookiLove line is now available at www.TheSnookiShop.com ❤️❤️
63023 220 1 weeks ago
@brotherontherun new BFF?
Your so pretty I want to meat you