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NICOLE💪 Proud, Fit Mom & Fiancé. Host of Naturally Nicole every Tuesdays on podcast🎤Nothing can bring me down💪💋 www.podcastone.com/Naturally-Nicole http://snookinicole.celebuzz.com
My gorgeous @veronica_kole taking pictures on set today while shooting her music video "Lose Your Love " Cant wait to see the video already, everyone i talk to has been talking about it @teamsnookimusic #TSM
47009 102 15 hours ago
Who are you, another pop star just what we need!!
This looks like a girl Trevor @trevormoran
Cruisin with my hunnie ❤️ @jlavalle5
229668 875 1 d ago
I can see that Dear.
I have a Nicole on my shirt. 🙈👍 #SnookiLove
172666 538 3 d ago
Snooki please follow this page a Fanpage
Meet you soon baby girl 💝 #countdown
245297 831 3 d ago
Awww yay cant wait to see her
Im in love with you
First pair of maternity shorts whad up 💁
142062 457 4 d ago
Omg @snookinic of Jersey Shore?!
Lorenzo practicing his wrestling moves...just like dada @jlavalle5 👍
113578 1092 5 d ago
He is so cute
Aww your son is soooo adorable!! Your such a great mom and i lovvvveeee watching you on t.v you came a long way since jersey shore!!! Love you
Legs feeling like a stallion 🐴 #fitpregnancy
180546 886 5 d ago
I know what your feeling girl
YES🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 #jerkoffs !!!
188991 4002 6 d ago
@florencelapratt lmfao xD
My girl @jennyannmccarthy joins me on my podcast this week ❤️❤️❤️ Download the episode at www.podcastone.com/Naturally-Nicole
76280 299 6 d ago
@shalonbone I thought Jenny was you!! Haha
Woah weird! @______rachel23
Meow. Leopard romper 💖
156433 509 1 weeks ago
Ideal you look so great with these piece
You are beautiful 😍😘😘i love you ❤
Um this is amazing. Can I just be a cartoon for the rest of my life?! @jlavalle5
158980 339 1 weeks ago
I don't do cartoon tho.. @pheila
This dewing reminds me do the little mermaid
With my prince ❤️
183318 434 1 weeks ago
@michelle3dwards don't do it
Snooki isn't a slut get a life @ryan.jacobs
That's me! 👰
145440 384 1 weeks ago
@vj111505 see. Looks cute but so not hand writing it.
@cely9296, yup def typing it. Love it though. .
Kisses in the am from my fur babies ❤️🐱 #tommy&vito
99288 285 1 weeks ago
Dm back
@annieeichers u both luv kats 2
Road trip! CANNOT WAIT for my bridal shower tomm 💞👰
185930 789 1 weeks ago
Now shes perf haha @anushka_patel28
You're so pretty love you so much
Gearing up for @b_capp new music video for Love & Music coming this summer!!! It's amazing #TeamBcapp #TSM
52969 180 1 weeks ago
Love my family ❤️
243314 782 1 weeks ago
@jessicadimaano how fucking cute is this child
My two handsome boys are in a friends wedding today and they look amazing. I'm a lucky mama❤️❤️❤️
249935 675 1 weeks ago
Naturally beauty! !!!!!!
Sweet little famy.......kusssyyyyyy......
My son kills it on the trampoline 👏👏👏👏👏
130345 1201 1 weeks ago
He is so cute
Working out with baby girl 💝 #thirdtrimester @anthonymichaelfit
63064 1008 1 weeks ago